Chapter 7

When Kurt took Blaine's hand into his own, he broke. Tears ran down Blaine's cheeks, and he all but threw himself at Kurt.

"Blaine," his boyfriend whispered in his ear, "Blaine what's wrong? What happened?"

"They lied to me," Blaine cried, "they all lied to me. They've been lying to me since I was born."

Kurt led his boyfriend to the bed and held him. Blaine tried to stop crying, but he couldn't. Kurt ran his hands up and down his back and whispered nonsense words in his ear. Blaine took a deep breath and relaxed into his boyfriend.

"What happened?"

Blaine rubbed his eyes, "Cooper-Cooper took me out of school so that we could talk," Kurt nodded, "we-we went to his friends place to talk and-and-" he stuttered and reached into his pocket. He handed Kurt the picture of Cooper and Linda. Kurt examined the picture. He looked confused.

"My parents aren't my real parents," his boyfriend gasped, "these are my real parents."

Kurt was quiet.

"Blaine," his voice was high and soft, "Blaine, this is your brother."

He nodded and curled a little into himself.

"Cooper's your father?"

Blaine feels his eyes stinging again.

"Oh," Kurt hugs him again, "Oh Blaine I'm so, so sorry."

"Why did they lie to me, Kurt?"

His boyfriend doesn't say anything. Blaine was grateful. He doesn't know how long they stayed like that. After a while he moved out of Kurt's embrace and leaned against the headboard. Kurt grabbed a couple of tissues and handed them to Blaine and waited for him to calm down.

"Cooper was only fourteen," he said, "Linda-my biological mom-wasn't going to keep me. My parents-" he paused, "Cooper's parents said that he couldn't raise a baby on his own so they adopted me and raised me as their own and Cooper was supposed to be my brother and-"

"Ok," Kurt held his hands up, "try and calm down," he leaned in. Blaine inhaled. Kurt looked at the picture in his hand again, "is…is that why your parents don't like Cooper then? Because he got a girl pregnant when he was fourteen?"

"Not really," Blaine said. "They were afraid that Cooper would tell me the truth. They were afraid that I would grow too close to him. That he would be like a father to me, not a brother," Blaine laughed, "that still ended up happening."

"Your parents know that you know then?"

Blaine scoffed. "Yea they do. They weren't really happy. They tried to make it Cooper's fault somehow- they tried telling me that I shouldn't believe him. That he was lying."

"I don't think your brother-"Kurt stumbled over the word, "would lie to you about something this big."

"That's what I told them," Blaine licked his lips, "then they said that they didn't want me to be confused," Kurt looked at him odd, "that if I'd known that Cooper was my dad, I'd be confused, and that they didn't want that," Blaine shrugged, "I just-I don't understand," he looked at Kurt, "I don't think I would have been confused if they had told me."

Kurt didn't say anything.

"What hurts the most is that Cooper wanted to be there for me. He wanted to take care of me, even when his parents adopted me," he looked down at the bed, "even when my mom was trying to keep us apart, he still took better care of me than my own father," he paused, "than my own grandfather."

Blaine stopped breathing, "Oh my God."

"What?" Kurt said, "What is it?"

"Kurt-Kurt I totally went off on my Dad."

"You what?"

Blaine fell back on the bed and covered his face with his hands.

"I yelled at my Dad, Kurt. I basically said he sucked, and that I preferred Cooper over him," Blaine sighed, "I feel bad-I do but it's true," he looked at Kurt, "Cooper was always there for me. He was the one to take me to the park. He took me out to ice cream. He always listened to me. He never made me feel bad for being who I was and my dad," Blaine let out a shaky sigh, "I always felt as if he was judging me…like I wasn't enough; like he wanted to mold me into something better." The bed shifted as Kurt came to lie next to him. "After I screamed at him, I thought he'd get mad at me but he didn't. He just got really quiet and left."

"What did your mom say?"

Blaine squirmed, "She told me that my dad loved me. That he had been so happy when they adopted me, because he always wanted more children."

"I see."

"I don't believe her," Blaine said, "I think my mom wanted more children, and my dad just couldn't think of a way to say no."

"No," Kurt kissed his cheek, "I don't think they lied about that, Blaine."

Blaine ignored Kurt. "Did you know that my dad kept threatening to take me away from Cooper?"

"How?" Kurt asked, "Didn't Cooper live with you and your parents?"

"They tricked him," Blaine's voice wobbled, "they tricked him into signing a closed adoption. Cooper didn't know. He said he just signed the paper."

Kurt nodded.

"Cooper said that when he started asking my parents to tell me the truth that-that my dad 'reminded' Cooper of the contract he'd signed. That he reminded Cooper that he technically shouldn't even be part of my life. That they were allowing him to live under the same roof that I was."

It still hurt. He doesn't understand how his dad could have thrown that back at Cooper's face. How he could have calmly informed his son that he could take away Blaine and make sure Cooper had no contact with him whatsoever. How could anyone do that to their own child?

"Cooper said that the last time my dad reminded him of the contract was after the Sadie Hawkins dance." Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand. "He told Dad that he should support me and Dad," Blaine bit back his sob, "Dad said that it was a phase."

Kurt cooed at him and cradled Blaine in his arms. Blaine didn't cry again but his chest felt tight and full. Blaine closed his eyes and let his boyfriend comfort him.



Someone was shaking his shoulders.

"Blaine, wake up."

Moaning Blaine blinked his eyes opened. Kurt was looking down at him, a fond smile on his face.

"Hey sleepy head…you fell asleep."

Blaine looked around him. The sky outside was getting dark. He rubbed his eyes and sat up.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Two hours," Kurt sat down next to him, "I didn't want to wake you up."

Blaine chuckled, "You should have. You must have been bored."

"Not really," Kurt said, "I caught up on some reading," he grabbed Blaine's hand and tugged. "Are you hungry? Dinner is ready."

Blaine bit his lip.

"Did-did anybody come up when I was asleep?"

Kurt nodded, "Dad did…I didn't tell him anything," Kurt shrugged, "I just told him that you were having some trouble with your parents, but I didn't tell him why."

"Thanks," Blaine stood up and stretched. He felt his back pop. Kurt looked at him.

"How are you feeling?"

"Drained," Blaine said, "a little better I guess," he dug his phone out of his pocket. He had two messages. There was a message from his mom reminding Blaine to come back home the next day and one from Cooper. Blaine didn't read that one. Kurt got up, crossed the room, and opened the door.

"Come on-I promise we won't talk about this during dinner, if you don't want to."

Blaine nodded and followed his boyfriend to the kitchen. Burt, Carole, and Finn were already there setting the table. Carole smiled at him and pulled him into a hug. Blaine hugged her back.

"How have you been, Blaine?"

"It's been a long week," was all Blaine said. Carole nodded.

"Well, we're glad you could be with us today. Go on have a seat."

When Blaine sat down Finn was already half way through his food. Burt kept shooting weird glances at him but thankfully said nothing. Blaine wasn't sure if he wanted to tell all of Kurt's family what was happening at his house. He didn't really want to burden them with his problems. After dinner Blaine followed Kurt back to his room. They talked a little more before putting in a movie. Halfway through it, Blaine received another message from Cooper. His brother wanted to know how he was doing.


He looked at Kurt, "Cooper sent me a text."

"Are you going to answer him?"

Blaine's finger hovered over his phone, "What do I say?" he put the phone down. "Hey Cooper, still coming to grips with the fact that you're actually my father, and my parents are my grandparents, but apart from that I'm doing great?"

Kurt scooted closer, "I think you should text him something. He's worried."

He passed the phone to Kurt, "Could…could you text him for me?"

Kurt took the phone from his hand, "What do you want me to say to him?"

"Tell him I'm at your house, and that I'm ok," he breathed out, "tell him I'll talk to him later."

Blaine watched Kurt text Cooper. He felt bad for not personally responding, but Blaine wasn't ready to talk to Cooper just yet. Maybe he would be tomorrow. They finished the rest of the movie in silence. Afterwards Blaine kept yawning so much that Kurt decided they better go to sleep.

"But it's early," Blaine said rubbing his eyes. Kurt smiled at him.

"You're falling asleep, Blaine," he pushed him until Blaine was lying on the bed.

Blaine smacked his lips, "Is your dad going to come up here and kill me?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and shimmied out of his pants, "I think you'll be fine, Blaine," Kurt took off his shirt and shoes and crawled into bed next to Blaine.

"No skin regimen?"

"Not today," Kurt said. He pulled Blaine close to him, "Go to sleep ok?" he kissed Blaine's cheek, "you need it."

"I love you," Blaine said closing his eyes, "did I ever tell you that?"

He could feel his boyfriend smile into his neck, "You might have mentioned it once or twice before," Kurt paused, "I love you too."


When Blaine woke up he was alone in Kurt's bed. Squinting he sat up and looked around. He heard the shower going. Humming, Blaine fell back into the pillow. A second later, yesterday's events came crashing back into his mind. Leaning over the bed, Blaine grabbed his phone. He had three messages. One was from Cooper and two were from his mom, reminding him to be back home at noon.

Blaine still didn't know what he was going to do when he went home. He can't deny the truth. He's not going to ignore the fact that his parents are his grandparents. He doesn't know how to talk to Cooper either. Was Cooper expecting Blaine to address him as a parent figure? Does he want Blaine to keep treating him the same? Groaning, Blaine pulled Kurt's covers over his head. He remembers what he told his father the day before and he cringes. Blaine doesn't know how he's going to face him. Maybe the reason his dad didn't react yesterday was because he was too shocked to.

"Hey," someone pulled the covers off, "are you ok?"

"No," Blaine moaned, "Kurt I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back home."

Kurt sat down and ran a hand through Blaine's stiff gelled hair, "Are you going to talk to your parents?"

"I have to," Blaine said, "We talked-" he paused, "ok I kind of screamed at them a little yesterday. They told me some truths but that was it. I don't really know what we're going to do now," he sighed, "I don't know what's going to happen to Cooper."

"I know," his boyfriend said, "what do you want to happen?"

Blaine shrugged, "Honestly? I don't know," he laughed. "Right now I'd settle for being able to talk to my parents without losing it."

"Do you have to go home today? Can't you convince your mom that you need a little more time away?"

"No," he said, "If I try to convince my mother, she'll get upset and come down here to get me. Not to mention that she'll probably go and try to hunt down Cooper. That would end in disaster."

"Ok," Kurt got up, "do you want to take a shower?"



After Blaine had showered and dressed, Kurt led him downstairs. Finn was eating in front of the TV, but Kurt's parents weren't anywhere. His boyfriend sat Blaine down in the kitchen.

"I'll make you some pancakes." Kurt opened the fridge and took out the milk. Blaine smiled.

"You're the best."

As Kurt prepared breakfast, Blaine thought more about his situation. He needed to think about what he was going to say to his parents once he got home. He needed to think about what he wanted to do now that he knew the truth. One thing Blaine knew he wanted was for Cooper and his parents to get along-or at least tolerate each other. However, Blaine doubted that would ever happen. After so many years of being pushed away from his son by his own parents, Cooper probably doesn't want to do much with them. Not to mention that Blaine's own parents still held so much resentment towards their son. Blaine was somewhat confused about that. He could understand why they got mad when Cooper got his girlfriend pregnant so young. Blaine could even understand why they got mad when Cooper suggested they tell Blaine that he was the father. What he can't understand is why they've held on to their hate. Why they would alienate their own child in exchange for their grandson.

Kurt set down a plate full of pancakes covered in condensed milk and strawberry jam. Blaine licked his lips.

"Dude," Finn wandered in, "are you making pancakes?" he pouted. "How come-"

Kurt pushed a plate of pancakes dripping with syrup into Finn's hands. The taller boy grinned and went back to the living room to watch TV. Kurt sat down with his own stack of pancakes and started to pour syrup on them.

"Have you thought of a plan?"

Blaine cut up his pancakes and shook his head.

"I know what I want…but I don't know how to get it," he popped a piece of pancake in his mouth, "I mean-"

"Chew, Blaine," Kurt rolled his eyes, "and then swallow."

Blaine grinned. Kurt pointed a finger at him, "Don't even think about it."

"As I was saying," Blaine said, "I know what I want. I want my parents and Cooper to get along. I want them," he waved his hand around, "I want Cooper to-" he sighed, "I'm still mad at Cooper. I'm still mad at my parents, but I want them to get along. I love them."

Kurt sighed and nodded. "But what do you want out of them, Blaine?"

"I…" Blaine started to say, "I don't understand."

Kurt dropped his fork and came closer. "Say Cooper and your parents started talking to each other again. Say they got to the point where they were actually happy to see each other and you were no longer in the middle, what do you want out of them?" Blaine looked confused. "What I'm trying to say is that…do you want to keep treating them as you have all your life? Do you want Cooper to still be your brother? Do you still want your parents to be your parents?"

Blaine picked at his breakfast, "It's all I've ever known," he shrugged, "True…Cooper has always been kind of like a second father to me. More so when I was younger," he bit his lip, "but I've always seen him as my brother who was my father figure. I've never seen him as my father," he looked at Kurt, "and I don't think I can look at my parents as my grandparents. I mean…despite everything that's happened, they've raised me, Kurt. I love them."

His boyfriend nodded, "I know," he touched Blaine's hand, "I think it's very important that you talk to your parents about this-and to Cooper as well," he paused, "However, I think that maybe you should be careful with Cooper."

"I know."

Despite what happened yesterday, Blaine knows that he and his parents could find some middle ground. He knows that eventually, the whole thing will blow over. It wouldn't be so easy with Cooper. His brother had wanted to tell Blaine the truth for years. Blaine wasn't sure what Cooper wanted from him. Did Cooper want Blaine to treat him more like a father? Blaine didn't know.

After they finished breakfast, Blaine took a quick shower and gathered all his things. Kurt saw him out the door. He kissed Blaine and wished him luck.

"Text me later, ok?"

Kurt ran his hands up and down Blaine's back. Blaine wished he could stay at the Hummel's a little longer, but he knew he couldn't.

"Ok," Blaine stepped back, "bye."

Blaine walked to his car and opened it. He threw his bag on the backseat before getting into the front. Kurt was standing outside the door, leaning against the frame of the door. He waved at Blaine, and Blaine waved back before starting the car. He took a breath and turned on the car. Within seconds, he was on the road and back to his house. On the way there, Blaine thought of what he wanted to say. He wanted to let his parents know that he was upset that his family lied to him. He wasn't really upset that his parents are his grandparents and his brother his father, even if it does sound like one of those telenovelas Kurt swears he doesn't watch. He's just wants to understand.

When Blaine reached his house, he hesitated at the door. His hand hovered over the door knob, shaking. He looked back at his car. Part of him wanted to run back to the safety of Kurt's house but Blaine knew he couldn't run forever; not from this.

"You can do this," Blaine told himself, "You can do this."

Taking a breath, Blaine opened the door and went into his house. He walked into the living room and came face to face with his dad.

"Blaine," his father's eyes looked red, "we need to talk."

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