Justice scowled, I am not scarred, I do not have problems, and I sure as fuck do not need to see a counselor. Justice angrily slammed the last box of her possessions on the floor of her new apartment before settling dejectedly on the edge of her cot.

Justice surveyed her small apartment with smoky blue eyes that stared out of a lightly tanned face which was framed in short choppy dirty blonde hair. She had an extremely athletic build. She wore a black corset top that laced up in the back with black ribbon and low slung blue jeans, paired with high heeled black boots. She has a tendency to tousle her hair in the morning so it constantly looked slightly messy and she admitted to herself that her clothes did sway toward the slightly reveling side.

Justice sighed before shoving herself back to her feet, time to go to her first day of school.

"Class we have a new student today, she has transferred from America and doesn't speak Japanese very well, please welcome her warmly. Her name is Justice Mayoke."

Justice gave the class her best innocent smile before bowing Japanese style to the class. "Please take good care of me." She murmured softly in hesitant Japanese.

"Mayoke," The teacher murmured softly but firmly, "It is customary to wear your uniform when you come to school." Mayoke simply blinked innocently at him as if she did not understand. Truthfully irritation was sweeping its way through her veins, like she was going to wear that disgustingly modest thing. Matter of fact she was quite proud of her outfit, she had went out of her way to make it as demure as was in her vocabulary. The shirt was two layers with a tight black tank top underneath and a loose see through black shirt over the top; it had short sleeves and only stopped an inch or so above the waist band of her jeans. Practically angelic. The teacher frowned then simply motioned for her to take a seat, one that was far in the back of the class, last row and second to last in the row.

Justice carefully walked to the back of the class keeping her face smooth and blank, she didn't bother to look around the room at the other students, she didn't plan to get to know any of them. She silently took her seat and stealthy out of the corner of her eye looked to the student on her right, it was a girl built more on the robust side for an Asian than normal. She was very pail with frazzled hair and dark circles under her eyes, she kept sending frightened glances Justice's way. Inwardly Justice frowned before realizing it must not be her the girl was terrified of.

Justice shifted slightly to get a view of the student to her left, the desk was pushed as far in the corner as possible and she had to move more than she would have wished to bring the student into view. Justice's heart hammered as the boy came into view and she felt the blood rush from her face. He was obviously quite tall with the slender build of an athlete but not a body builder. His arms and chest spoke of tightness, not an ounce of fat. He had blonde hair that was spiked in a threatening manner and on his oddly pointed ears were two metal hoops each. His eyes were extremely sharp and were a jade green color; at the moment he was casually cleaning a large gun he held comfortable in his lap.

He looked in command, dominant, and extremely dangerous. Dangerous to my mental health Justice thought to herself, unconsciously clenching the edge of her desk until her knuckles went white. O, yes she thought, I will have to stay far, far away from him.

Justice set edgily though the entire period and was ready to bolt by the time the bell finally rang; the rest of the class seemed to have the same idea as they all hurried away. Justice forced herself to maintain some composure as she started packing up but she almost squeaked when the large black gun thudded down in front of her.

Justice forced herself to take a deep breath before calmly looking up into the green eyes of the man looming over her. He had a demonic grin exposing his very sharp teethe, upon seeing them Justice had to consciously fight to keep her breath from hitching and a blush from rising to her cheeks.

"Fucking American." He growled in only slightly accented English.

Justice repressed the quiver that threated at the rumble in his voice and determinedly looked him square in the eye. "Fucking elf." she replied in a deep voice meant to resemble his own. His eyes snapped and the next thing she knew her head was being forced up be the barrel of the gun he had transferred to under her chin. "Don't mock me," he growled "O I will fucking blow your head off." Justice laughed lightly and quirked her lip in a mocking half smile and decided to take advantage of the heat that was washing through her.

"Sexy," she purred in the back of her throat, rewarded by the slight expansion of his pupils. Holding his eyes the entire time she leaned forward slightly, letting her tongue slip out just long enough to taste her lip. Emotionlessly he continued to watch her, his entire body tense.

Justice reached up and wrapped her hand around the barrel of the gun, underneath her chin, then started sliding her hand down the barrel suggestively. He gave no indication that he saw her actions but Justice had no doubts that he was fully aware of her hand. Justice moaned lightly in the back of her throat as the gun slid through her hands, making the noise just in time to cover the snick as she engaged the safety on the rifle.

His ears twitched and his eyes fell to the gun, Justice didn't wait for his reaction but grabbed her back and slipped from her desk, just barely missing touching him as she hurriedly left the classroom. Justice walked quickly while trying to look calm when into the girls bathroom and locked herself in a stall where she let the flush she had been fighting to sweep over her in a wave of heat. She clenched her teeth to keep herself from making any kind of noise as she remembered his power. "Your so disgusting," she whispered to herself.