Sorry about how long it is taking to post stories, college and everything. I plan on posting more hiruma x sena and I also plan on delving into the world of Airgear and Naruto. Look forward to it. ^_^

Justice shuddered against the bed sheets, feeling the warm trickle of her own blood dripping down her shoulder, the heavy weight of the man on top of her. Her brain had short circuited, fried out, gone to the blue screen. Justice didn't fight as Hiruma pushed her onto her back, his lips a shade redder from her blood. Carefully, with great deliberation, Hiruma's tongue snaked out, licking her essence from his lips.

Justice gasped slightly, the heat had not receded, the flood still rushing through her veins but she had surrendered, surrendered to whatever god had in store for her. Justice arched her back as Hiruma dragged his tongue up her throat, a growl vibrating from deep within his chest. No, Justice corrected herself; she had surrendered to what the devil had in store for her.

"I am still very upset with you." Hiruma snarled, his hand clenching in her hair as he bared his teeth at her. Justice swallowed, the feral man on top of her making her body go liquid. "Hiruma," Justice murmured, "I wasn't attracted to that man."

Hiruma hissed and sat up, dragging her torso with him. "You will not refer to any other man while in my presence. Matter of fact," Hiruma purred he eyes narrowing to slits. "You will not do or say anything I don't give you permission to. Not just here, anywhere, school, you you'll seek my permission for everything, Do you understand?"

Justice swallowed hard but nodded, unable to look away from his flashing green eyes. "Yes, Hiruma."

"Good" he murmured moving off the bed. "Now, how should I punish you for your disobedience, I haven't even don't close to enough."

Justice tucked her legs beneath her on the bed, watching as Hiruma paced thoughtfully next to her. "Hmm," he murmured his eyes examining her as if he could see into the darkest dirties parts of her soul. "You're an extreme masochist" Hiruma cackled, "I can work with that."

Hiruma stalked back towards her, removing her handcuffs quickly, before moving back from the edge. "Watch me," He growled "Do not take your eyes off my body and do not move from your current position." Justice licked her lips and swallowed to try and open her quickly tightening throat. Hiruma stared at Justice watching carefully to make sure she fallowed his orders, reaching down he grasped the edge of the black sweater he wore. He smiled cruelly, as Justice leaned forward slightly her pupils dilating; slowly he drew the black sweater up, watched as she struggled not to touch him.

Justice moaned as Hiruma finally pulled the sweater over his head, revealing his corded chest. Justice shuddered; her fingers tingled with the need to touch him, her mouth watered at the thought of his taste. Smiling cruelly Hiruma stalked to the other side of the room and sat comfortably in an arm chair, one ankle crossed over the other knee, his fingers steepeled beneath his chin.

"Come to me." Hiruma whispered, the sound somehow traveling across the expanse of the room. Swiftly Justice pushed herself off the bed, her legs proving shaky as she tried to put weight on them.

"On your knees." Justice stopped, in mid step, locking eyes with the devil across the room. Slowly she sunk to her knees, her fingers sinking into the plush carpet she moved forward on hands and knees.

Justice could not see his mouth past his hands but she could see his eyes, they appeared to be glowing with their intensity as they were trained on her slow progress across the room. Justice paused a few feet away from him, her skin twitching in anticipation, her breath rasping against her throat.

Hiruma let her sit like that for a minute, enjoying the view, enjoying the power, before he spread his legs and beckoned her closer. Hesitantly she entered the space between his legs, her eyes trained on his chest, her tongue coming out to flick nervously across her lips. Hiruma cackled, settling his hands on his thighs.

"Taste me." He commanded, his words coming out guttural, "Stay on your knees and do not use your hands." Justice hesitated too long and Hiruma lashed out grabbing her by her hair and dragging her roughly up his body his mouth clamping across her collarbone, teethe piercing skin. Justice cried out hoarsely, hands clenching against his thighs. His mouth vibrated against her skin as a snarl broke out from between his lips.

Hiruma removed his mouth from her, but held her to him until he felt that she could handle her own weight. She stared up at him with muddled eyes, her breath even harsher than before but she fallowed his instructions. Bracing herself against his thighs she leaned forward. Hiruma's breath left him in a groan as he leaned back giving her more room to his body as she teasingly traced the lines of his stomach muscles with her tongue.

Hiruma let her play for some time, staring down at her with hooded eyes as she become familiar with his body. "Enough," he finally growled, "I want more"

Justice didn't pretend not to understand but instead moved directly to the fly of his pants, her mouth hovering just slightly as she looked up at him. "Do it with your teeth." He ordered, his eyes intent upon her.

Slowly Justice obeyed, her mouth closing around the zipper, the cold metal against her lips making the experience all the more real and exiting. Justice almost moaned herself as she started to drag the zipper down, her heart fluttering wildly in her chest.

Hiruma stopped her then, his mouth twisted in another cruel smile. Hiruma stood, moving behind her, he forced her to turn and support her back against the chair. "I'm done with playing." He growled his finger sliding across her mouth, "I'm going to take now."

Justice's eyes widened as Hiruma freed himself from his pants, his erection long and hard, bobbing slightly. Justice moaned at the sight, biting her lip to keep herself from making any more noise. Hiruma smirked, one hand wrapping snugly around her throat, the other burning in her hair. The pressure on her throat forced her to open his mouth to him, roughly without giving her time to adjust, he forced his cock into her mouth.

Hiruma growled at the sight of her lips wrapped around his cock, her eyes screwed shut as she fought to relax against the invasion. Hiruma lifted one knee onto the seat using that and his hold on her mouth for leverage as he started thrusting.

Justice hadn't know what it felt like to walk through fire before, but now she knew, now she could bathe in fire and know that she would survive. The feeling of him above her the feeling of him taking his pleasure from her was almost too much. Justice moaned, the sound ripped harshly from her throat at the sensations, the feeling of velvet and iron. Justice couldn't help herself as she positioned one hand on his thigh feeling the muscle flex as he roughly fucked her mouth, the other hand traveled down her body, and in the wild heat she could only hope that Hiruma would not notice that she was violating his orders by pleasure herself.

Hiruma couldn't have stopped himself if he had, had a gun pointed to his head, wouldn't have stopped for all the money in the world. Hiruma's lips peeled back from his teethe as he felt himself getting close. The feeling of a hand clenching on this thigh caused him to look down, the sight of Justice swallowing his cock, so obviously turned on and loving every second of him forcing himself onto her, almost sent him over the edge.

With a deadly snarl Hiruma yanked her arms up, pinning her wrists above her head, leaving only the chair for her to brace her head against, as he thrust harshly into her, forcing her to take all of him into her mouth. Hiruma threw his head back, his muscles straining as he came.

Justice's eyes popped open as Hiruma let out a guttural shout and she felt him cumming into her mouth, sliding down her throat. Justice shook with desire, her tongue snaked out, licking her lips than the drop of cum left on the tip of his penis as Hiruma pulled back, staring down at her.

Justice tensed as Hiruma leaned over, bringing them face to face. "As punishment for going to the game and," Hiruma murmured a finger tracing down her arm to her neck where he caressed his bite mark, "for trying to pleasure yourself when I had not given you permission I will not allow you to cum tonight."

Justice's eyes widened and she whimpered in protest but she couldn't stop Hiruma from handcuffing her to the bed allowing her zero access to her own body as he began to touch himself again, his hand gliding over his still hard cock. "This is going to be a very long night for you, and a very good one for me." He cackled.