The first time she came to him was when rain fell hard in all of Ooo. The clap of thunder rattled Marshall Lee's blinds and the flashes of lightning outside of the cave lit up the darkest corners of his room, the wind howled like an animal that had lost its young.

Resting on his couch, Marshall was partially sucked into his television set, partially sucked into his thoughts. Now and then the screen would haze up or cut out, the sound clear at times and indistinguishable at others, even with his vampire hearing.

It must have been around one or two in the morning when he heard soft pitter patter in the mouth of the cave. He dismissed it as the rain, but listened as the pitter patter grew louder and louder until it fell silent at the foot of his front door.

Marshall felt his hand slide around the neck of his base guitar. He knew no one would be foolish enough to walk right into his home. Unless they had a death wish, that is.

But Marshall was surprised to hear the front door gently slide open and closed shut gingerly, as though whoever his intruder was didn't want to make known their presence. Oh, what a moron.

He listened intently for his "guest." For a long few minutes, he heard nothing. And he wondered if it had all been his imagination. Just as he began to loosen his grip on the guitar, he heard the scuffling of feet on carpet.

Marshall closed his eyes. The steps headed for the ladder to his room. After what seemed like hesitation, the intruder retreated for the kitchen, circling around to come to the ladder again.

His eyes shot open as the intruder climbed the railings to the second floor. Marshal stood up, guitar in hand, and waited. His undead heart did a flip in his chest when he saw bunny ears pop up out of the hole in the floor following by two blue orbs.

"Glob! Fionna! You nearly scared me to life! I could have killed you!" He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her small body onto the boards of the second floor. Marshall observed the shivering girl. She was drenched from head to toe, bunny ears drooping on both sides from soaking up the rain. Her skin was pale, allowing the heat in her cheeks to pinken her face.

Fionna stood there, staring off into space. What had gotten into her? Marshall sighed, floating into the bathroom and coming back out with a crimson towel, wrapping it around his best friend. "Fi, why are you here? Does Cake know?"

Again, Fionna remained silent. She stared at the ground in complete concentration, her breaths long and varied. Marshall felt himself furrow his eyebrows, leading her into the bathroom.

" should take a warm bath. I'll find some dry clothes you can borrow. You can stay for the night. I don't want you walking in that rain. You could catch your death."

Marshall let the water run and set a towel out for her. He closed the door behind him, hearing wet clothes fall to the tile and the young adventuress carefully slide into the tub. He knew if he had been alive, his face would be red. But he had no time to think about that right now.

He searched his closet, settling on an oversized band t-shirt he never wore and some sweatpants his ex had given up once upon a time ago. He floated to the bathroom door, hesitating before setting down the clothing items in front of the bathroom.

Marshall counted the minutes in his head, only stopping when he heard the drain pop in the bathroom and the water rush out. He turned his back when the door opened. "You can borrow the clothes I've set on the ground for ya. I hope they fit."

After what seemed like forever, Marshall heard the distinct sound of Fionna picking up the clothes. He waited for the door to close so he could turn around again, but the only sound that echoed through the room was the pitter patter of feet. Marshall Lee didn't know what was more shocking, the fact that his best friend was just in a towel or the fact she had her arms around his stomach, hugging him from behind.

"Fi...what's gotten into you?" It took all of his might not to stutter and try to pry loose the tight grip the female behind him had on his body. Finally, tired of being gentle, Marshall firmly took both of her wrists and turned around. The towel was tightly wrapped around her body and the vampire had to fight himself from gazing down any lower than her neck line.

Fionna's long blonde hair fell in waves down her back, drenched from both the rain and the bath. The steam had brought colour back to her skin, face pinker than it had been before. He gave her the most serious look he could pull off without being terrifying, but Fionna didn't shrink back. She didn't look away or shiver or anything. She just mocked his look.

Marshall Lee, out of surprise, felt his hands loosen around her wrists. Fionna grabbed his sleeves and pulled him down into a kiss. The vampire took a few uneasy steps backwards, shakily finding the wall of his room behind him.

He found himself torn between pulling away and kissing back. Marshall felt his hand reach up for her waist, but stopped, hands awkwardly shaking in mid air.

Fionna tore her head back, inhaling deeply. "Fi, I-I don't think we...I-I don't think-" He watched as her face furrowed with anger, tugging his face down and kissing him fiercely. She dug her fingers into his hair, holding his head to her.

Marshall finally let temptation get the best of him and kissed back. His hands took hold of her toweled hips, letting the young adventurer snuggle up closer to him. Was it just a one time thing? Had something happened with Gumball? Would either one of them regret this?

Fionna jerked her head away and pushed him onto the couch. Clumsily, Marshall struggled to sit up, trying to make sense of the event unfolding in front of him. "Fi..."

The blonde girl climbed onto his lap, straddling his hips. Marshall Lee fought back a groan, eyes wandering the room dazed. Should he stop her? Should he let her continue? What would Cake think? Is he taking advantage of her this way? Was he wrong? Was she wrong?

He broke out of his thoughts when Fionna brought his head forward and kissed him again. She pinned his wrists to the top of the couch, bringing his lower lip into her mouth and sucking.

Marshall shuddered, kissing the girl back with as much force. He loved the feel of Fionna struggling beneath his lips for dominance. They both knew she could never win. He was a vampire. He was stronger. He was a guy.

Fionna broke away from his mouth and trailed kisses down his neck. Marshall Lee shuddered, resting head back against the wall.

The vampire felt the girl hesitate around the bite marks on his throat. He closed his eyes, feeling her breath tickle his skin. Finally she laid a long, gentle kiss on the marks before proceeding down to his collar.

A moment flew by where nothing happened. Marshall wondered if she finally had second thoughts on this. On everything. Her reason for being there and kissing him. He felt her hands leave his wrists. Marshall couldn't help but feel disappointed.

When he began to open his eyes, shock filled his body when two small hands vigorously began to unbutton his shirt. Marshall's eyes flew open and he grabbed her wrists, feeling the coolness of the night air on his bare chest. "Fi...I don't think-" "Don't fight it Marshall."

Marshall felt the shock leave his body, staring into Fionna's flustered face. Her blue eyes stared at him so intensely with a look he hadn't seen on her before. It scared him. The vampire felt his grip loosen on the female and fully let his arms drop to the love seat.

Taking deep breaths, Fionna shakily reached for Marshall's shirt, sliding it off of his muscular arms and tossing it aside. She took in his toned chest and Marshall realized that it had been the first time all night Fionna had a look of uncertainty on her face, a shy blush creeping across her cheeks.

She brought her hands to his shoulders and sliding it down inch by inch, taking in his features. Marshall Lee loved how one minute she had been so confidence, and with one little thing she reverted back to the Fionna he was used to. The Fionna who let her guard down around him. The Fionna who was so strong for other people but became timid when it was just him and her.

Bringing her face back up, Fionna gave Marshall a look she had only given to PG years ago. He felt himself choke up. Fionna bent down and placed her hands on his cheeks, pulling him into a kiss that melted every fiber of his being. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she rested her hands on the back of his neck.

Pulling away, Fionna stepped off of Marshall, trembling. She stood a foot or two away, bashfully looking at Marshall's feet. Before Marshall could ask what she was doing; Fionna let her towel drop.

Marshall stared, mouth hanging open. He hadn't expected that. Oh god, what will Cake say? Fionna held her arm, staring at the ground, face as crimson as the towel she had been wearing moments ago.

Taking his silence as a rejection, Fionna stumbled, picking up the towel and trying to cover herself. "I'm so sorry, Marshall. I shouldn't...I...I need to leave..." She turned to retreat into the bathroom. The adventuress was quick, but Marshall was quicker.

He reached out, grabbing her arm and turning her around. She fell against his chest and Marshall held her to him. "'re beautiful." Marshall felt the girl cling to his naked torso, running his fingers through her hair.

Gently, she pushed him back onto the couch. She climbed onto his lap. Hands trembling, she fingered the zipper on of his Levi's, tugging on the metal object. As if the zipping sound had stolen her shyness, Fionna didn't let a second pass and tugged off his jeans. Marshall Lee bit back a moan, feeling Fionna slide off of his legs and tugging his pants off one leg at a time and tossing it behind her.

" this really smart? Did something happen? I-" She cut him off with a finger to his lips. One look into her eyes and he forgot why he was protesting again.

Fionna brought her lips to his throat and trailed kisses down his collar, leaving marks on his chest and belly. Marshall allowed a small groan escape his lips, closing his eyes. He reached for her. But Fionna pinned his wrists back on top of the couch once more.

Marshall Lee was a strong guy. He could easily snap Fionna in two if he wanted to. He could break every bone in her and kill her with one blow to the head. But the way she touched him, the way she kissed him, the way she refused to let him have his way made him feel so damn weak. He was on the fine line between loving it and hating it.

Fionna slid his last article of clothing off, so now they had nothing but air separating them. The two stared long and hard into one another's eyes, daring the other to make a move. Any move.

The adventuress leaned down, taking the vampire by the lips. That night, she made love to him, not allowing him to hold her or kiss her. Marshall Lee gave her the control she wanted. Whether Fionna really was there because she loved him or not, Marshall didn't want to think about that. He closed his eyes, head back, feeling the thousands of kisses the blonde girl planted on his cool skin. He felt himself shaking under her hands, gasping for air he didn't need.

The room was filled with silent words. Words they didn't have to say. Marshall couldn't figure out if he were saying her name in his head or out loud, but her name never sounded sweeter. Fionna rested her head in the crook of his neck, cleaning to him as if he were the world's anchor.

Whether it had been minutes ours, days or centuries, Marshall didn't dare open his eyes until he felt the girl collapse to him in exhaustion. Trembling, he pushed all of her stray hair behind her ears and held her waist, shaking.

When he woke up hours later, Marshall found her gone along with the clothes she had worn in the night. A blanket had been strung around him and the vampire couldn't find the will to sit up and make sense of what had happened. Would things be different from now on? Would she come back? For him? Would she leave him for Gumball now that he had given her what she had wanted?

He swore, weakly pounding the couch's arm. How could he have allowed himself be seduced like that? Marshall had let his feelings for Fionna get in the way of many possible realities. He saw the pink prince in his vision and he never had felt that angry towards someone before in his life.

But Marshall couldn't let his anger control him. PG was his bud. His friend. His homey. And he couldn't hate the person Fionna cared about the most. The vampire closed his eyes, feeling a sob rip from his chest but no liquid escaped from his eyes. He weakly turned over, closing his eyes and burying his face into the couch, falling into dreams about a blond adventuress, her name escaping his lips before allowing darkness to take him.