Marshall brought the last of the boxes into his home and wiped sweat off of his brow with his wrist. His home looked so different now. So much more packed. Extra objects had been placed on the walls, furniture placed messily around the downstairs room and boxes littered whatever free space the room did have.

The vampire stretched and winced. His arm had gotten better, but scars from the third degree burns he had obtained ran up and down his arm and lightly on one side of his face. It was ugly to look at. Well, for Marshall it was. Sometimes if he closed his eyes, he could feel the light sting that still seemed to radiate through his body. Mocking him. Reminding him that it would never be the same as it used to be. Thankfully he could still play his bass and do other mundane things, but every time he reached out that arm and the scars showed, it was just a slap in the face to his pride.

Light pitter patter of footsteps echoed through the cave and a smile played on his lips. The burn disappeared from his mind and he floated towards the front door. The site made his feet touch the ground and his smile faded to a grin.

Fionna stood there with a smile on her face and a dreamy look in her eye. Cake and Lord Monochromicorn carried the rest of the boxes up to the house. Marshall floated above Fionna and over to the couple, taking a few of the packages.

"You better keep an eye out on my baby or I'll never forgive you, Marshall Lee." Cake jabbed his ribs with a finger. He let out an "oomph." Satisfied, Cake beamed and pulled the vampire into a tight hug. Surprised washed over Marshall and he wrapped his arms around the cat, smiling. "Don't worry, I will. You can count on it."

Cake let go and patted his head. Marshall watched Monochromicorn bring the rest of the boxes inside. "Thanks for helping us out, Cake. Wouldn't have done it without you."

The cat waved her hand and made a noise. "Anytime, baby cakes. Call us if you need anything."

"Don't worry, we have you on speed dial."

Cake beamed. Fionna walked up to the cat and bent down. The two sisters stared at one another for a long moment before snatching each other up into a tight embrace.

"I'm going to miss you, Cake. So much. Promise you'll visit?"

"I promise, sugar cubes. I'll always be here for you whenever you need me."

Cake let go and wiped a stray tear from Fionna's face. "I know the past few months have been hard and I am so sorry for not realizing how much it was hurting you. Instead of running away, you should have told me." Fionna looked away, ashamed. Cake tugged on her arm. "But I am proud of you for wising up and realizing your mistakes and finding what makes you truly happy." Cake glanced at Marshall.

Fionna stood up, sniffled, and smiled. "I love you, Cake. So much."

"I love you too, babe."

Cake whistled at Mono and the two turned towards the mouth of the cave. The cat turned and winked at the couple before she and her boyfriend took off into the night, leaving the vampire and the adventuress alone.

Marshall felt petite fingers find their way into his hand and he closed his own around them. The vampire turned and made eye contact with the blonde standing beside them. For a moment, they just took one another in. Marshall coughed into his fist, feeling a blush rising in his cheeks.

"Have you eaten?"


"Well, we have food in the fridge. Or we can run and get something if you like."

Fionna smiled and leaned into the vampire. "I'm tired of running. Let's eat in tonight."

Marshall felt himself grin. He leaned in and kissed the girl sweetly on the lips. "Fine by me."

The blonde led the vampire into the house and Marshall took a moment to glance at the mouth of the cave. A breeze whistled through the teeth of the tavern and brushed through Marshall's hair. He smelt the coming of fall approaching faster than it had the year prior. The year that a certain blonde bunny changed the course of his life.

Closing the door, Marshall turned and smelt the delicious sent of pink lemon aide, salmon, and velvet cake being made in the kitchen. Faint humming reached his ears and suddenly, he knew everything would be okay. Fionna was his. All his. And he knew that nothing in this world would make them run away again.