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Cody P.O.V

I woke up and I saw Noah smiling at me. "What is it?" I asked. "I want you to meet my famliy." He said. "Really that great I can't wait let me guess you let me meeting all your family that's supernatural because the rest of them at India?" He nodded. I smiled at him. "I knew it." "Ok now take a shower plus Duncan and Gwen are coming." I was shocked. "You told them?" He nodded. "Don't worry I turned Duncan a vampire and Duncan told Gwen not to tell anybody." "Why you let him to be a vampire but not me?" He sighed. "I turned him because I want you to be safe." I smiled at him. "Now hurry we going to play baseball or football." I get up and get dress to meet Noah's family.

When I was ready Noah and I went to their house. We knocked at their house and somebody open it. "Oh hey you must be Cody Noah's boyfriend." Noah rolled his eys. "Ok come in." She let us in and it was really nice. "Wow nice house. Are all you guys are vampire?" The girl nodded. "I'm Emahi where's your sister Noah?" She asked. "She coming." "Ok everybody in the living room come with me." We follow Emahi to the living room. "Hey Cody!" Gwen said. I wave to her. She walked to me. "I'm happy for you dating Noah. I never knew Noah is a vampire and a wizard which is so cool I only have a vampire boyfriend but you have a vampire wizard boyfriend." She smiled at me. "Well I guess we lucky people." She nodded. Then later Jasmine poof here. "Hey everybody!" Jasmine said. "We was having fun until you came." Noah said. "Man fuck you bitch!" Noah rolled his eyes with a smile. "Oh hey Fool!" Jasmine said. "Hey Jasmine plus I'm no longer gay." Jasmine was shock. "WHEN? I'm about to have heart attack!" Jasmine shouted. "Since I'm going out with a girl." Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Hey Jasmine I miss you I have not see you since 2 years ago." The boy said. "Hey Jacob what's up and your girlfriend still going out with that rat?" Jasmine laughed. "She is not a rat ok? She a werewolf." "Do..?" Jacob rolled his eyes. This girl came. "Hey Noah's gay boyfriend." She said. "Acturally I'm bisexual." I said. "Oh so you still like girls makes serious." She rolled her eyes. "Candy don't be so mean ok? Or Noah beat your ass like he did to Duncan which it was comedy." Jasmine said. She rolled her eyes and walked away. "Ok let's..." Jasmine got cut because someone came. "Sorry I'm late!" The boy said. "It's ok Damon you just in time before we play baseball or football." He nodded.

We decided to play football Gwen and I didn't play it that much but we was having fun watching all the vampires running and stuff. We was having fun until these evil vampires came. "Hey Noah." The boy winked at Noah. "Oh my god Jason what are you doing here?" Noah said. "It's nice to see you too Noah. Plus I heard you have a boyfried once again. And he is human." Jason said. "He is a human and he's better than you. He don't cheat on me." I smiled at him. "Whatever he's lunch." He tried to eat me,but Noah attack him. "Listen back up or else." Noah said. "Whatever." They left. "Come on Cody." Noah grabbed my hand. "Duncan it will be best if you bring Gwen with you too." Emahi said. "Ok come on Gwen." Duncan and Gwen followed us. We was riding on a truck and went back to our rooms.

"Noah why are we leaving here you know Chris is going to be worry about us!" I said. "I know, but I rather lose this game show instead see you eaten." He help me pack my cloths. I stopped pack my cloths. "Really you rather lose this game instead watching me eaten?" I asked. He nodded and put his hand on my face then kiss me. "I can't let him eat you because I love you. You the best thing I never had." I smiled at him. "That's why I love you." He smiled at me. We was about to leave until we saw Courtney. "Where you guys going? You're can't leave because the challage is about to start." She asked. "Courtney we explain when this over, but we have to go now." Noah said. "Why Noah you belong with me Noah not him."(I hate NoahxCourtney) "No I belong with Cody because Cody understand me that's why I love him." He kissed me. "Ugh! I can't believe this!" Courtney ran off. "I knew that make her leave." I smiled at him and left the place.

It took us a week to drive where they was going I was worry about Noah because who drive us to some place we going is Emahi. We was here at last because now I didn't really feel good. We was at this hotel and Emahi and Damon was in the room. Later Emahi have a vison. I was drawing what the vison looks like. And then someone called me. I went outside to answer it if it was my friend Trent to see where am I. "Hello?" I said. "Listen Cody come visit me or else your friend here Trent will be eaten." Then that person hang up on me. It was Jason calling me about Trent. I must save Trent or else he be eaten.

I ran without telling the others so I could save Trent. Later I was here. "Trent where are you?" I shouted. I heard Trent voice so I ran to it, but I didn't see him. "Hello." Jason appeared. He was smelling my blood. My heart was racing because a vampire is trying to eat me. "What do you want from me?" I said. "Oh nothing just your blood." I started to panic. He was about to bite me until I put some spary on him. I was trying to ran away from him but then he ran up to me and throw me to the wall. I was blooding on my head. Later he bite me on my arm and then later I heard Noah's voice.

Noah P.O.V

I heard Cody is in trouble. I went there as fast as I can. Later Jason biten Cody's arm. Later we started to fight. Emahi and Jasmine is helping Cody to make him alive until they saw he got blood on his head. They couldn't do anything. Later it was up to me to save him. While Emahi, Jasmine, Damon, Jacob, Fool, and Candy taking care of Jason I was saving Cody's life. I bite the spot when Jason bite him trying save his life.

Cody P.O.V

Later I woke up in the hospital and I don't remember what happen. "What happen why I'm at the hospital?" I asked. "Dude you falled down the stairs I'm glad that Noah saved you." Trent said. I looked at him and go back look at Trent. "Dude you can't be in contest now." I was shocked. "Why not?" I asked. "Because you lost alot of blood everybody was worry about you Courtney told us that you guys were going somewhere." I nodded. Can't tell Courtney nothing! "Well from now on I'm NEVER telling Courtney shit!" Trent laughed. Later Sierra came. "Cody! I was so worry about you!" She hugged me. I whisper to Trent. "Help me." "Ok Sierra he need to be with Noah now." Sierra and Trent left. So glad that Sierra left. Noah opened his eyes because he was fake sleeping the whole time. "Hey Cody feeling ok?" He asked. "Yeah I am thanks for you. You save my life Noah from Jason. If you wasn't here for me then I will be eaten." I said. "It was no problem I did it for love. I couldn't loss you Cody." I smiled at Noah and he smiled at me back. "Noah I love you." "I love you too Cody." He kissed me on the forehead.

After a couple of week I have a broken leg but atleast I could go to the prom. "Cody are you sure you want tell everybody?" I nodded. "Ok then whatever you say." He holded my hand and walked to the prom. We went inside of the prom and everybody was shocked, but Courtney she was just upset. But then everybody clapped at us and contiune dancing. Noah takes me to a privay place when few couples was up there. We slow dancing right there. The few couples left and went inside. "Noah will you please make me a vampire for you." He smiled at me. "Well then I will." He kissed my neck. "It not quick there just be happy that you with me." We was still slow dancing and having fun.

The End...

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