Mrs Figg and the Basilisk

Mrs Figg opened the door and stared down at the damp cardboard box on the door step. She lifted it into her arms and carried it inside. Carefully she pulled open the lid and saw what she thought must be a cat but, unfortunately she was wrong. There lying in the bottom of the box, was a snaaaaaake. She stared at it curiously for a while, before naming it Camilla, for it reminded her of a camel she had once met at a lovely place named Ridge. It turned around to face her, and she thought it was lovely. For a week, she cared for it and raised it, and told it she loved it and would never give it away. One day, it slithered out of its tube, and she was about to kiss it on the head, but next thing she knew, was nothing. (It had grown eyes!) She was dead, dancing naked with Dumbledore just as she had always dreamed.