A/N: A short little Tag to my Legacy of Kain fanfic Hostile Takeover. Could be read as a stand alone fic but would make more sense if you read the other story.

The Rain Talks


Nature played a sorrowful tune into the midnight sky with the help of the wind and rain as they fell against Xalthu Castle; an ancient home shared by the spirit of Nosgoth and her three protectors. One said protector, Raziel, was up at that late time in the evening and walking the castle's central tower. He had only just gotten his memories back after yet another rebirth and needed time to think. There was yet another tower or more like a domed steeple in the middle. Unsure about his wings after not having them for so long, he decided to simply climb. He walked up to the stone spire and gently pressed his cheek against it. He was still human and therefore still had body heat which was currently flushed and felt unbearably warm compared to what he was used to. The icy stone felt good and the rain sent a chill through him as he ran a soft hand up the slippery wall, scrapping his vampiric claws along it; his body seemed to be turning back into a vampire but only pieces at a time. Pulling himself from the wall but with his hand still touching it, he looked up to the top as he dug his strong claws into the slippery stone and began to pull himself up. The climb took some getting used to between the weight of his soaked clothes and his new found wings; neither of which he was used to anymore and the fact that he was using a human body did not help.

It took a while but he finally made it to the top, where he stood tall to see the world around. Nature's tune began to change as thunder began to roll in the sky and lightning flashed across the sky, the song took on an ominous sound; it told him of dangers to come and to be ready. Smirking, he raised his face to the sky and spread out his arms; letting the elements sing him their full message. He had been feeling down about his new predicament but now with no one was around but him and Nosgoth herself, he felt strength and confidence come rushing back as he stood there on the tallest point of the castle. He knew he was weak at this point but soon that would change, it was changing already, then he felt like he could take on the world again. He was tired of feeling sorry for himself; there were far more important things to be worried about. Thunder crackled in the clouds above and Raziel snapped his eyes open to see the dark sky. Each raindrop that fell had something to say and he was more than willing to listen. Moving his neck back to so that he could see the world about him, he crouched down and stared out into the distance. If one looked hard enough from the tallest point, the world around them would them all they needed to know about what was in store for the future. Now Raziel was doing this, he could see how nature and magic twist together; fighting and compromising. There was much to still do and not even death could stop him from saving what he loved most but of course, he already knew that.