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WARNING: Explicit Scenes throughout story, extremely violent torture, and rape. If this bothers you this is not the story for you. RATED M FOR A REASON

SUMMARY: Sebastian Moran wants Sherlock to tell the world that he is alive. Sherlock refuses. Moran uses a certain John Watson to persuade Sherlock otherwise. How does John cope with his torture and finding out that his best friend and flat-mate are still alive? Post-Reichenbach **SPOILERS**

Chapter One: Lost and Found

John Watson was lost, in every sense of the word. It wasn't just that he was alone, because he had been alone for most of his life. This alone was different. Harsher. Because this time he was alone after having it all. Everything. It was like an enslaved man gaining freedom just to be enslaved again after only just tasting that sweet liberty. It was painful. He couldn't even say the name anymore.


Sometimes, he would see a tall man in a gray coat and allow himself to hope just for a moment, just to have that hope smashed, leaving only a gaping hole in his soul. His therapist suggested that he talk about it to someone. But the words always seemed to get stuck in his throat. She also suggested moving out of 221b Baker Street. But he couldn't do that either.

At first it was too painful to even enter their flat on Baker Street, but now it was like his Sanctuary. He never moved anything of his late flat-mate's; kept it all exactly as it was when the man had – left.

Left. That was easier to contemplate than "died." John knew somewhere in the back of his medical-filled mind that he was in denial and had been since that horrible day. Sherlock Holmes could not die. It was nearly unfathomable. The man was simply too clever and too damned stubborn for that. So, John left the flat exactly as it was for whenever his flat-mate decided to end the charade and come back home. He had even texted his friend from time to time.

We're out of milk – John

Haven't heard you playing your violin in a while. You okay? – John

For goodness sake, Sherlock! This is getting ridiculous! Come home already! – John

My limp is back – John

And it was back. It had gradually made an appearance about a month after his best friend had jumped. And how he hated it! More so now, because he knew the cause. He needed some danger. He needed it desperately. He needed Sherlock desperately. Little did he know that he was about to receive his wishes in the most unconventional way.

One Month Later…

Sherlock Holmes was not surprised easily. As a matter of fact, he prided himself on his ability to remain stoic and calm even in the most uncomfortable situations. However, there were a handful of people who had taken him by surprise. Until today, that list only had three names on it: John Watson, Irene Adler, and Jim Moriarty. Today, the name Sebastian Moran made its appearance on Sherlock Holmes' most-shocking-people's list.

The man that Sherlock had been after, Sebastian Moran, or as his friends knew him, Seb. The man had caught up to Sherlock despite the latter's exhaustive attempts of escape. Seb had been trying to get Sherlock to go public again – make it known that the only consulting detective in the world was not dead. Sherlock, of course refused – it put his friends, and more importantly, John, in too much danger. He would not let himself be exposed until he knew he could take down the rest of Moriarty's crime web, including, but not limited to, Sebastian Moran.

Sherlock's refusal did not sit well with the sharp-shooter, Moran. So, Seb hunted the man down. And that was how Sherlock Holmes had found himself in his present situation: chained, freezing, gagged, and alone in a dark holding cell. And thus, how Sebastian Moran had surprised the great Sherlock Holmes.

The door in the corner of his cell opened and Sherlock squinted at the sudden light that flooded the dark cell. Daylight.

"Well," Seb cooed as he sauntered slowly into the room. "Sherlock Holmes. I'd ask you how you were doing, but I have a feeling that you're a little tied up at the moment."

He took the gag from Sherlock's mouth, who promptly spoke.

"Is all this really necessary, Seb? Isn't this a little dramatic?"

"Well, I told you before, Sherlock," Seb sneered. "I always get my way."

"Oh, so you're still upset that I won't go public? I still don't see how chaining me up is necessary. If you are planning on filming me and showing the world that I have returned, it is completely possible to do so without chaining me to a wall."

Seb chuckled, darkly. "Oh, you had your chance, Sherlock – to, what is it? Come quietly?"

"So what now?" Sherlock sighed. This was all very dull. "You're going to torture me until I consent? Good luck."

"Oh, I won't need luck. I already have the upper-hand."

Sebastian pulled a remote from his pocket and pressed a button, making the wall opposite Sherlock slide open to reveal a thick window to the room on the other side. Through that window, with his back to them, stripped naked and hanging from chains that dangled from the ceiling, was John Watson, his back already lined with angry red welts from a recent thrashing. Panic shot through Sherlock. His wracked his brain, frantically looking for ways out; a way to save John. How? He came up with nothing.

"Okay," he choked out. "What do you want?"

"Oh, no, no," Seb chuckled. "No, Sherlock. As I said before, you had your chance. But, now, you've frustrated me, Sherlock. So, I am going to have a little fun."

"Fun?" He voice sounded strained, even to his ears.

"I am going to let you down now," Seb informed him. "And you aren't going to try anything stupid. Because, if you do, your pretty little army doctor in there will die."

Sebastian unchained him and headed for the door, Sherlock's eyes following his every move.

"Oh! I should tell you. You will be able to see and hear everything that happens in that room." He nodded his head toward the room with John. "He, however, will not be able to hear you. He will see you though. An excellent way for him to find out that you're alive, wouldn't you say?"

With that, Sebastian Moran left the room, only to reappear in John's room, and all Sherlock could do was watch, helplessly as the sadistic bastard headed toward his only friend.

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