Another one for your pleasure...

Six months after Sherlock's death, John tried to spread the truth about his best friend the only way he can. His blog.

I know a lot of you expected some sort of… truth about Sherlock Holmes to be my next post here, and I suppose it is. But I don't think it's going to be what you were looking for. Here is the truth: Sherlock Holmes was a good man, no matter what the papers say. Sherlock wouldn't lie, not to me, not to the press, hell, not even to his own brother, unless it was for a damn good reason, and I know that Sherlock would not see his suicide as a good enough reason to lie.

He told me once that he's never seen the point of lying, and he asked me 'why would I lie when the truth is so much easier to remember?' And now, reading what the papers are saying about him, I think he had a point. If everyone in the world just told the truth, it would be a much better place to live in.

And do you know what else? Sherlock Holmes is, and always will be, my best friend.

So this blog won't be a place to slander a good man's name. This will be a place where I will tell the stories of the best man I've ever met, and maybe, one day, the rest of the world will follow the example of Sherlock Holmes.

There are a lot of things that I've left out of my previous entries, mostly because at the time, there would be no point in writing about the numerous times Sherlock insulted Anderson, Lestrade, Donavan and pretty much every other person working at Scotland Yard. (Although the Anderson insults would have to be by far the funniest.) There would be no point in writing about the time Sherlock and were sitting in Buckingham Palace, with Sherlock wearing nothing but a sheet, or how he stole an ashtray from said palace, causing us the laugh the whole taxi ride back.

These things are the side of Sherlock you never saw, but the side you should before you make up your mind on what kind of man Sherlock Holmes was.

Short but sweet...ish.