Sunday, June 24th

"Okay, here's my proposition." I took a breath, this was my last chance before Summer vacation started and I really wanted to go back to California and Tennessee in the two months I had off, not to mention the mall. "Parliment changes to the first of every month, except I think we go to the second of January for New Years." I bit my lip as I looked out at the members of Parliment. There was a general murmur of consent, everyone got their Sunday's back and only had come here twelve times a year. "And..." I absently traced over my growing little baby boy in my tummy. "I would like to nominate the position of Speaker of the house to open, close, and narrate Parliment." Some people looked confused, I glanced back at Shane who gave me an encouraging smile. "To be honest, I don't do anything here except narrate, and I'm halfway through my pregnancy, I want to visit my friends and family in America, I want to feel a little like a teenager while I can. It's you guys who make all the decisions, I just sit here wasting your time making jokes. I'm sure there are million people better suited to do this job whilst I try and pass school and figure out just how exactly I'm supposed to raise a baby at the same time."

"You did great, Babe." Shane grinned when we were back in the car. Parliment had agreed, it had been an old-fashioned hands in the air 'yay' or 'nay' vote. Now all I had to do was find someone to read Parliment and that was one less thing I had to worry about. I think they felt sorry for me, but whatever reason they had I'd take it.

"One more week of school and I'm free." I sighed wistfully, looking out the window as the scenery passed by. "When can I learn to drive?"

"What?" Shane looked at me slightly amused.

"In the States I learn to drive at sixteen, when's the age here?" I wondered with a shrug.

"Sixteen here." Shane replied and I grinned. "But, I'm not teaching you when you're pregnant." I pouted and he chuckled. "First time I drove I ran over three letterboxes and a streetlight, something like that could knock you into early labor."

"Not all of us need to be told to stay on the road." I grumbled and he laughed, kissing my temple.

"Not till Kiddo is outta there... Then I'm gonna wrap you in bubblewrap so nothing can hurt you."

"Anyone ever tell you you're way overprotective?" I mused playfully.

"I think someone might have mentioned it sometime after a group of people tried to kill her on fifteenth birthday." Shane shot back and my mouth dropped open, disbelieving that he'd actually bring that up.

Queen Miley

"Jonas." I threw out cheekilly, Shane rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Ray." Shane shot back, sticking his tongue out. This time I rolled my eyes as I scooped up some more ice cream. It was late at night and we were sitting in bed throwing around names whilst I ate ice cream because Kiddo was hungry... Good thing about being pregnant was I could eat anytime and blame it on the baby.

"What's wrong with Jonas? It's sweet to name him after your Dad." I whined, setting my ice cream down.

"I like Jonas for a middle name, but I never even met my Dad, and I don't want our kid to be stuck with a name he feels like he has to live up to." Shane reason, making me frown. "What about Anthony?" He moved on seamlessly. "Your Grandfathers middle name, my middle name, and it sounds Royal enough, I guess."

"I don't want a name because it sound 'Royal'." I even used finger-quotes. "What about S.J? Doesn't every guy want to name their son after themselves?"

"Hey, if I don't get my Miley Junior, you don't get Shane Junior." He denied, I swear some of the conversations we had were monumentally odd. "Anthony Ray Jonas."

"Naming a kid, let alone a boy one, after the mother is just weird, it's normal to name a son after his Dad." I argued, not understanding his aversion.

"I don't think your Dad would like him named after me." Shane tried smugly.

"He's our baby, Dad doesn't get a say." I pointed out, "speaking of which, though, are you gonna come to the States with me?" I pouted my begging pout. Alyssa said I could go for a month of the Summer vacation to spend with my family and friends in Malibu and Crowley

"You think I'd let you go without me for that long? I'd go insane missing you." Shane shuddered comically and moved over to lay down, looking up at me. "Three weeks last December was too long for me." I scrunched my nose up at the mention of that, back when I thought I had to marry Marcus and Shane swore I'd never see him again.

"Good." I smiled, laying down as well with a yawn. As soon as I was on my back Shane was half on top of me, cuddled up to me real close, his head on my chest and I smiled again. "Clingy much?" I teased when he nuzzled into my clothed breasts, one leg entwining between mine, and one hand resting protectively on the baby.

"Like clingwrap." Shane confirmed and I giggled. The baby moved and I groaned, he'd barely moved, Dr. Livingstone said he had sleeping patterns and I think I'd just woken him up. "Do that again." Shane said, suddely sitting up, both hands on my tummy.

"Do what?" I asked, confused.

"Giggle. Make him move." Shane insisted and my eyes widened, how did he know that the baby moved?

"I can't just giggle on command, Shane." I denied and he pouted.

"Baby?" He leaned in close and spoke to my tummy. It felt weird sometimes when he spoke to my stomach, but usually it felt intimate; just me, Shane and the baby. "Are you there, Baby?"

"No, I think he went on vacation early." I snorted, rolling my eyes.

"Mommy's bein' a smart-ass to Daddy, Baby." Shane spoke in a childish voice. "But, it's okay 'cause it's a sexy little ass and-"

"Shane." I squealed, squirming and he looked up with a wicked grin. "Not to the baby." I scolded, the baby moved again and he suddenly looked back down.

"I'm your Daddy, Baby, can you hear me?" He whispered, his lips against my belly and I smiled again, my mild annoyance at his language forgotten. The baby moved again, kicking or pushing with his hands I think. "Daddy loves you." Shane looked up again, his eyes sparkling in the darkness of our room. "I can feel him." He whispered.

"He likes your voice." I murmured, watching him intently.

"Hi, Baby, I'm your Daddy, I can feel you moving." He kissed all around the bump and I smiled at his sweetness. Sometimes it was so easy to get confused with how this man so enamored with our unborn baby was the same confusin, frustrating, heartbreaking man from just six months ago.

"Here." I whispered, moving one of his hands to where I felt baby moving the strongest. "You feel that?"

"Yeah." Shane breathed, pressing hand a little firmer. "I feel you, Baby, Daddy feels you."

"He loves his Daddy." I felt the stronger butterfly feeling everytime Shane spoke. The movements inside of me were getting stronger, sharper. He was quite the little active unborn baby.

"His Daddy loves him." Shane mumbled, moving and laying down again, his head nuzzled on my chest, his hand on my tummy. "I love you, Miley, more than anything." He kissed the top of my breasts and I giggled.

"I love you too, Shaney." I kissed his head and laid back.

"So much." He whispered, continuing to kiss my smoldering skin. "So beautiful." He tugged my pajama top and started deftly unbuttoning it, his lips following the trail of exposed skin.

"Shane." I moaned when his head moved back up, his lips enclosing around my left nipple.

"Mmm... You taste so good." My nipples were hard and pebbled and I could feel myself getting wet for him. Shane pushed my top over my shoulders and his hans moved down and pushed off my pajama bottoms and pants so I could kick them away. "Let me just..." Shane started, kissing down, gently nudging my legs open. "Taste you...' He finished, nuzzling between my legs.

"Oh, God!" I gasped, my fingers flying to his hair.

Queen Miley

Friday, June 29th

The school year was finally over. Today was officially the last day of the year. As of tomorrow I was no longer Freshman. Jesus, so much had happened since school started in September, it made me dizzy, I'm a Queen of 13 countries, I'm married, I'm pregnant. And I'm not even half way through high school. Everyone was in the school theatre for the Seniors graduation and the principal was making a speach in a monotonous tone as if it was the same one he gave every year.

"And now, I would like to welcome this years Senior Valedictorian, Cassandra Cavanaugh." I clapped with everyone else as Cassie got up from her seat and made her way to the podium.

"Go, Cassie!" I heard a yell and turned to see Shane. To think, if he hadn't entered the CRS and gotten private tutoring for an early graduation Shane would be graduating now too. I might not have even met him. The thought was slightly nauseating.

"Thank-you, everyone." Cassie smiled warmly, looking stunningly beautiful in her blue and silver gown. "This is the day we've been waiting for not only for four years, but I think - for me at least - that we've really been waiting for twelve years." She joked and there were scattered laughs. "These last four years have been long, but at the same, they've flown past in the blink of an eye; never again will we have to sit in four Lines of desks, sing the Lines of the school song. The last four have been a garden, as a Freshman every class felt like a chore, a weed that you wanted to prune. But, now standing here, I'm going to miss everyone, my friends, acquaintences, even the teachers." She smirked and everyone laughed. "This place has grown on me, from little chore-like weeds to Vines that I'll always remember, miss and will always be a part of me now." Cassie looked down at her notes and I looked around, everyone was enraptured by her. "That doesn't mean it's all been easy, social cliques made friends, and tore them apart. Friends were made, first loves, heartbreaks... Assassination attempts." She added, looking my way and I blushed and shrunk down in my chair when several people looked my way. "High school really is a Trying Time; it tries your patience your friendships, relationships, social convention. You find out who people really are in high school, and now that it's all over and you might not see some of these people again it... It makes you thankfull you could experience, because it's not just about the excellent education, but also..." Cassie grinned, "the Lines, Vines, and Trying Times." Cheers errupted as she finished her speach and I grinned and I applauded too. It was easy to see how she was Shane's best friend.

"Way to go, Public Speaker." Shane grinned, hugging Cassie when she came over to us. I didn't feel jealous anymore, I knew Cassie now, and there was definately no threat of Shane leaving me for her.

"Not all of us vomit when we get on stage." Cassie teased making Shane blush and mumble incoherently. "Toilet breath."

"C'mon, Cas, not in front of Miles." Shane pouted whiningly.

"I think she knows by now you're a dork."

"Exactly why did you flush his head down the toilet?" I asked, I'd been currious about it for a while.

"There was a school dance and our mothers were dropping us off together." Shane answered, still slightly pink. "My Mom told me to tell her she was pretty and she didn't like that so she flushed me."

"You think he'd learn from that not to compliment girls, but I guess he did something right here." Cassie teased, making us both blush.

"I don't compliment her nearly enough." Shane said cheesilly, grinning down at me. "Especially for the love of my life and the gorgeous woman with my baby inside of her."

"Shut up, toilet breath, you're gonna make me barf." Cassie accused, punching him in the arm.

"So how does it feel to graduate?" Shane changed the subject.

"Finally free, Baby." Cassie replied.

"Yeah, yeah, everyone's graduated except me." I grumbled, crossing my arms petulantly.

"Yeah, but you look so hot in that uniform it's okay." Shane said with a shrug and I elbowed him. "Love you, Babe."

"Love you too." I muttered.

"Hey, Double C." An older boy came up and I inched closer to Shane. "Seniors party starts in half an hour. You gonna go Cowgirl again?" Cassie blushed as the boy walked away.

"Well, since you're ditching us to party, see you later, Cas." Shane hugged her again and we took a couple of pictures for memories sake. "So how does it feel to not be a Freshman anymore?" Shane teased as we walked back to the dorm room. After tonight I wouldn't have to be here for two whole months.

"It'd be better if it was all of school and not just one year."

"But, then I wouldn't get to see you in that sexy little uniform." Shane whined and I rolled my eyes.

"I hardly think it's doing anything good right now, I'm fat." I admit it did look good before, but now I'd gone up several sizes and it barely covered my growing tummy.

"You're not fat, Miles, you're pregnant." Shane sighed, tossing his keys on the dresser. "There's a difference, and it's hot."

"It's not hot." I denied, sitting down and rubbing my stomach.

"Trust me, Princess, there's nothing sexier than the woman I love having our growing baby inside of her."

"What about if I was thin and I could wear a bikini to the beach this Summer?" God, I'd be seeing my friends and most of my family - excepting Dad and Jackson - for the first time in almost a year and I was going to be fat and pregnant. And even when Dad and Jackson were here I wasn't even showing yet.

"Fuck." He swore, groaning and closing his eyes for a minute. "That's hot." We sat down on the bed, we had to go soon, we just had to pick up Trevor and then we'd leave. Dr. Livingstone wanted to see me before I left tomorrow, and he wanted me to see a doctor in the States just to make sure.

"What's the Senior party thing?" I asked curriously, realising that by the time I graduated my Senior year of high school, not only would I have a child, but he'd be over two and a half years old.

"Last day of school the Principal shuts down the auditorium and lets the Seninors go nuts." He explained, sitting up and watching as I went to the closet to get some clothes to change. "Since Prince Arthurs has such strict rule all through twelve years of school, three detentions in a week equal suspension, three suspensions in a term equals expulsion. One more detention when I was younger I would have been expelled." He revealed with a casual shrug. "Anyway, because of the strict rules on the last day the teachers shut down part of the school and let the Seniors go nuts for actually making it through without getting expelled."

"Don't you want to go? I mean, weren't in classes with all those people before you left?"

"Cassie was the only one I really talked to, and I can hang out and drink with her any day." Shane shrugged.

"Why didn't you have friends?" I found it hard to believe that anyone would not want to be around this beautiful, amazing man.

"Didn't get out. The only reason I was friends with Cassie was because our mothers made us play together when we were babies."

"But, you're sweet and sensitive and funny and smart. Tons of people should want to be friends with you." I pointed out dreamilly.

"The dark clothes, black hair that fell in my eyes, glaring at everyone and skull guitar also might have had something to do with it too." Shane grinned cheekilly.

"You're a dork." I smiled, coming out of the closet in jeans and a top that would have been cute if it weren't for my big fat stomach.

"Hey." He protested indignantly.

"A very loveable, sweet, underappreciated dork who I love." I kissed his lips lightly.

"Good." Shane pulled me down onto his lap. "I love you too." He nuzzled into my neck and held me.

See what I did there? Incorporating Joseph into the speach :P

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