#1 - Confusion (Kamanosuke)

When I decided to serve Sanada, all I wanted was Saizou dead.

To feel the visceral joy of my scythe inside him, to see his eyes burn with the ecstasy of pain before fading from life forever.

Yet, I now want Isanami dead too.

Stranger still, for some reason, this desire to see her dead even outweighs my desire for Saizou's death. And I am not sure why.

That bitch clings onto Saizou all day, calling his name with her screechy voice with every other sentence. She eats like a pig and is an airhead with little morals.

But she is such an easy kill, it insults my scythe to have her blood on it. Yet, I feel this burning urge to kill her.

I wonder why that is so, and it bothers me.

Perhaps I should just kill her so that I won't have to think anymore.