I'm not Afraid

Summary:- 'I'm not afraid. Just because you have a red eye doesn't mean you are a bad person.' Tsuna looked up into the mismatched ones of the teen before him. 'You just have a special eye.' AU. 6927.

Chapter One

"I heard there is a demon child living among us!" screeched a blonde-haired girl, gushing out nonsense to all the friends around her. "He had blue hair, and then he has a blue eye and a red one!"

"Oh, isn't that Rokudo Mukuro?" said another. "I'm sure he's not a demon, he only has a red eye after all!"

"But people say he can see things! Like ghosts and what-not! Plus, people say he knows six of his past lives!"

Tsuna sat at his table, blinking as he struggled to listen to what the group of people were saying while drawing a robot on a piece of paper. It was going around a lot recently, about a demon child who walked the streets at night who had a glowing red eye. It was kind of hard to believe, that there was a demon child lurking round the corner, but due to Tsuna's over-active imagination, lots of pictures had appeared to him- such as the robot he was drawing.

He knew that this Rokudo Mukuro wasn't a bad person, his intuition told him that, but the thought of meeting a boy who just didn't socialize at all scared him. This Mukuro boy… had a lot of bad rumours about him, such as fighting with first-year-student Hibari Kyoya, or that he 'apparently' lures away females, such as that Dokuro Chrome, but in reality, Chrome had only moved away to Kokuyo.

When the bell rang, Tsuna packed up his picture, his head bowed as he looked at the clock. School had just finished, but his mom had forced him into going into an after school club where people got together and talked, played and had fun. Too bad Tsuna thought the whole idea was going to be the death of him.

Trudging through the hallways, Tsuna stopped when he saw every single kid at the window, pointing and laughing at something.

"Look! The demon child is fighting with Hibari Kyoya again!"

"I bet ten bucks that Mukuro will lose and get crushed again!"

"Nahh, I bet fifteen that the demon kid is gonna die today!"

Tsuna ran over to the window, pressing his hands against the glass as he stared outside, eyes wide as he saw the with a pineapple haircut block every attack aimed at him with his bares hands, barely wincing when steel metal met with his arms.

Even though Tsuna was only ten, he could tell that would hurt. He kept staring watching as Mukuro ducked and then swung his leg, knocking Hibari over for a few moments before continuing the same pattern of getting hit by metal.

The thing that stood out was Mukuro's eye. It was bleeding, as if it had been struck sometime earlier on. Both of the fighters didn't even seem to notice they had an audience, nor did they care. All they wanted to do was kill each other, and it was making Tsuna nervous. How could he just stand here and watch as both of them were in obvious pain but refusing to stop due to pride?

Tsuna squeaked when Mukuro got smacked in the face, flying through the air slightly and skidding across the ground. The boy already looked bloody and beaten before this, and now it really seemed as if he had been attacked everyday of the week, like the rumours had said.

Turning and running out the room, Tsuna bolted out the fire-exit, despite his teacher shouting at him for it and appeared at the back of the school, covering his mouth in horror when he saw Mukuro being booted in the side by the raven-haired skylark, who looked furious.

"Hey, stop it!" Hibari's head snapped to the side as he shot Tsuna a glare and Mukuro's turned slowly as he tried to push himself back off the ground before falling back down, earning laughs as he chose to block another boot from Hibari. "You're hurting him! This isn't fair! H-He didn't do anything wrong!"

Hibari booted the pineapple-haired boy once more before walking off, nonchalant as ever. Tsuna nibbled his lip before running over, kneeling down and grabbing Mukuro's arm, shaking it lightly.

"Hey, are you ok?" there was no response, causing Tsuna to nibble at his lip once more, shaking harder. "You can't fall asleep here, you'll get cold, and it isn't very comfy to lie here…"

Still no response, so Tsuna chose to pat the boys' cheek.

"Come on, wake up… wake up…"

"I don't get why you brought him here Tsuna, I'm probably going to get the blame for the state he's in," muttered a voice, causing Tsuna to bow his head. A boy, the exact replica of him except with blonde hair and gold eyes, looked over Mukuro as he focused on patching him up. "Anyway, you do know who this is, right?"

"Of course I do! J-Just not well…" mumbled Tsuna, before sighing. "Giotto-nii, I was worried about him, everyone else wanted him to die over a stupid bet! And they kept saying that Hibari-san had full intentions of clawing his eye out!"

"I wouldn't be shocked," replied the twin, yawning as he rolled bandages of Mukuro's eye, cleaning up little scratches before covering them with plasters. The boy remained quiet, his breathing normal as he stayed still. A blue eye fluttered open moments later, and then Mukuro tensed, unsure on where he was.

"Oh, you woke up!" said Tsuna, grinning from ear-to-ear as Giotto sighed, sitting down and muttering on about the difference in maturity, even though they were the same age. "How are you feeling? Your eye must hurt, right?"

Mukuro glanced to the side, not really recognizing Tsuna at all before closing his eye once more, fully exhausted from the fight he had with Hibari before wincing, his eye burning.

"I'd say he needs to go to hospital," murmured Giotto thoughtfully, before frowning. "But then again, taking him to hospital with bring questions and-"

"Can't we look after him, Giotto-nii?" asked Tsuna, his eyes pleading. "I don't want him to leave here; he'll get hurt again…"

"I need to go," murmured Mukuro suddenly, sitting up. "Father will be worried about me, as will mother."

"So you do have a family!" said Tsuna, not even thinking about what he was saying as Giotto mentally face palmed. His brother really should think more before just speaking, but he knew that wasn't going to happen any time soon. "Okay, Giotto-nii, can you get the phone?"

A few minutes later, Mukuro was sitting up, holding the phone away from his ear seeing as shouting could be heard, presumably his father, over how late it was. That rant went on for a full ten minutes before Mukuro was allowed to speak again.

"I'm sorry father, but I was attacked again-" Mukuro went quiet once more as his father went on a rant again, only managing to butt in minutes later. "You have to understand that I can't prevent these things-" another few moments of silence. "Yes father, I'll be back home soon. Tell mother that I am sorry for worrying her."

There was a short 'beep' sound before Mukuro got up, wobbling slightly.

"I'll see you two another time," said Mukuro, closing his blue eye and letting an unexpected chuckle rip from his throat. "Kufufu~"

Tsuna paused before smiling; honestly thinking that Mukuro was chuckling over being happy while Giotto narrowed his eyes, but ignored it. If Mukuro wanted to chuckle evilly, then he could chuckle evilly all he wanted.

"Be careful," said Giotto, walking out the room. "It's dark, and who knows who may be lurking round the corner."

Tsuna paused, as did Mukuro, but the boy with mismatched eyes brushed the warning aside. He had enough faith in himself that he would be able to get home in time again, so he let another chuckle leave him.

"Thank you for tending to my injuries…?"

"Tsuna. Sawada Tsunayoshi," said the brunette happily, causing Mukuro to smirk. "And my brother is Sawada Giotto, you should thank him, he's the one who patched you up, I only brought you here."

"I see, kufufu~" Mukuro looked round before opening the window, causing Tsuna to squeak uncertainly. "Well then, I'll see you some other time, Tsunayoshi-kun~"

He jumped out the window, and as Tsuna looked out, the child with the red eye had already slipped into the shadows. Tsuna smiled, before shutting the window and closing the blinds.

When would be the next time he would meet Rokudo Mukuro?

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