I'm not Afraid

Summary:- 'I'm not afraid. Just because you have a red eye doesn't mean you are a bad person.' Tsuna looked up into the mismatched ones of the teen before him. 'You just have a special eye.' AU. 6927.

Chapter Nine

Estraneo Science Facility.

Slowly, onyx-silver eyes fluttered opened and blinked slowly, trying to rid the blurriness they were seeing before remaining open and looking round the room cautiously as pale hands reached up to grip at his head.

If Hibari Kyoya didn't know better, then he would say he had a hangover- but his memories of the previous day were quite clear.

'Damn bastards…' thought Hibari, angrily, as he got to his feet and looked round the quite bland room. 'Where is this? That Science Facility they brought the pineapple-haired herbivore to?'

Where he stood, he got tell the room was white, but it was still pretty dark so he couldn't see. He couldn't hit anything since he didn't have his Tonfas on him nor did he trust himself touching anything in the damn building in case this was all a prank.

[Hibari Kyoya.] The raven-haired skylark looked up as he heard the voice, his expression dark. [Welcome to the Estraneo Science Facility. We have a very special opponent we'd like you to test.]

"Not interested," said Hibari, letting out a yawn. "Take me back to Namimori, now. I have no desire to fight any weak herbivores today."

[Weak you say?] Chuckling and murmuring could be heard, and it pissed Hibari off a great deal. [We'll see about that.]

Hibari heard the voice cut off before he froze, hearing a light 'thud' behind him before whipping round, staring into mismatched orbs.

"… Kufufu~" Hibari frowned. This wasn't the same person. The Mukuro Rokudo he knew would defend himself, but he would never full out appear near him while showing… this much blood-lust. "Kyoya-kun, a pleasure to see you here~"

It wasn't him. Hibari raised his hands to cover his face when a trident swung down, only to find himself hitting the wall and a hand gripping his throat. How was he meant to fight when they hadn't supplied his weapon back?

His onyx-silver eyes flashed as he choked, staring into that blood-red one and watched as a kanji number appeared, indicating the number one before the room changed, taking the form of Namimori-High's food hall.

"This should be more to your liking~" said Mukuro, his voice sounding awfully smooth and calm as he jumped back, twirling his trident in his hands contently. "Try not to die too quickly, because if you do, then Daemon-sama will be too pleased. When he's too pleased, then I end up with more work than necessary."

Hibari then knew that this was the one fight that he wished he had never been landed in.

Namimori, Outskirts.

"Tsuna, slow down! None of us can move as fast as you!"

The brunette stopped and then looked over his shoulder, noticing Giotto continue running towards him, along with G and Chrome, who seemed to be used to running around a lot.

"But Giotto-nii, if I keep stopping then I don't know what will happen to Mukuro-san-"Tsuna was silenced when his brother reached him, wrapping his arms round the younger frame and hugging him tightly.

"I know you worry about him, but he wouldn't want you to be feeling like this," said Giotto softly, feeling his brother tense lightly before relaxing. "I don't know what may have happened to Mukuro, but you need to remain calm when you see him, 'kay?"

Tsuna bit at his lip and bowed his head, nodding slowly as Chrome and G appeared behind him, the purple-haired female seeming quite flustered.

"T-There's been a big power wave emitted by a cursed eye nearby," said Chrome, her face a slight pink from running. "I can tell the difference from the users simply because my power was derived from Daemon- so it must have been Mukuro-san's power that fluctuated!"

Tsuna's eyes widened before he turned and started running, despite the protests of his friends- and brother- and he kept running, darting through trees while thinking, even though formulating a plan was never his forte.

Estraneo Science Facility.

Laying on the ground, Hibari remained still, his head tilted to the side and his onyx-silver eyes half closed, showing the visible strain he was under as Mukuro loomed over him, trident pointed at his neck.

"Stupid, stupid herbivore…" mumbled Hibari, his eyes closing. "Letting someone else control you… is pathetic for someone of your standard."

Hibari knew he was going to die soon. This wasn't Rokudo Mukuro, this was more like a little minion of Daemon's, and Mukuro had shown no signs of hesitation that indicated he had control over his movements.

'Stupid, stupid demon.' Just as Mukuro raised his trident to strike down, he froze, that dull, upset sounding voice ringing in his head. 'I hate you, Mukuro Rokudo, you made my life a living hell, because of you, I was made to suffer; people hated me for being anywhere near you.'

The kanji number in his eye shifted and disappeared as he fell down onto his knees, clutching at his head and shaking it, giving Hibari the opportunity to roll away and keep himself somewhat safe. The skylark hadn't considered saying something like that could have triggered a memory, but it was keeping him alive, wasn't it?

"Plus, Rokudo Mukuro, if you let yourself be controlled…" Hibari felt those mismatched eyes looked towards him, the expression on the other teen unreadable. "Then you know your brother will make you kill him… Tsunayoshi that is."

As if expected, a chill entered the room, and Hibari simply looked as Daemon materialized next to Mukuro, placing a hand on his younger brothers' shoulder and chuckling lightly.

"I think that's enough, don't you agree, Mukuro-kun~?" Mukuro turned his head and then met the dark blue pools of Daemon's eyes, one of them only being slightly lighter than the other before he nodded, his eyes closing as he fell back, allowing Daemon to catch him. "Good boy." Daemon turned to leave, Mukuro's arm draped over his shoulder as he turned to look round, seeing Hibari glaring daggers. "Next time you decide to try and make my puppet see reason, then I will make him kill you. Just be thankful that I allowed you to live."

Just. He allowed him to live, even though he was nearly on the verge of it.

Estraneo Science Facility, Main Hallway.

"Daemon-sama instructed me to give you the best hospitality possible," Tsuna didn't seem believing as he kept his guard up, following the female secretary that had caught him within two seconds of entering the building. "He told me that he was doing some work in the main hall and to direct you there."

The woman was fishy, and Tsuna didn't like being around her. She kinda freaked him out, since he had a feeling that she was possessed right, but knew he could move fast enough to run away from her. She took him to a door before she bowed and left him, causing him to blink in confusion. Was that it? Really? Not even bothering to ask for entrance, Tsuna opened the door and walked in, only to freeze.

Daemon was just sitting there, Mukuro unconscious on his lap as he chose to run his fingers through his younger brothers hair, the boy not even moving in the slightest. Tsuna' heart sunk for a moment, the first thought that Mukuro might actually be dead popping into his head before he shook the thought away, keeping his resolution firm as he took a few steps forwards, never taking his gaze of Mukuro's 'seemingly' peaceful face.

"What did you do to him?" asked Tsuna lightly, a light tremor rolling in his words but his body stayed still, calm. "I'll kill you if he's hurt."

"Nufufu, he's perfectly fine and healthy~" Daemon continued petting Mukuro's head, chuckling. "The perfect little pet if you ask me. Would you like to pet him~?"

Tsuna's eyes flashed in fury as he appeared in front of Daemon, his hand smacking across the older males face before he grabbed Mukuro, dragging him out the way before flashing back, panic in his eyes as he let himself fall to the ground, shaking Mukuro gently.

"Mukuro-san?" Tsuna blinked when mismatched eyes flashed open and stared at him, confused.

"Tsunayoshi… kun…?" Mukuro stayed still, as if not trusting his movements before closing his eyes again, making Daemon chuckle and Tsuna grit his teeth.

"Let us begin the game, Tsunayoshi-kun~"

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