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After all going off, Amy and Rory to bed, Melody to shower and the Doctor to change back into his usual tweed, the TARDIS fell oddly quiet.

Melody took her time in the shower, getting to know her new body, so different to her last. Her fingers and hands danced over her toned legs from toe to thigh, then across her hips, her stomach, waist, breasts and chest, before reaching her wet curls. As glorious as this body was, Melody had a feeling it would take a bit of getting used to. A bit of hard work.

Especially the hair.

Still, the Doctor had seemed to like it earlier. Like her. Melody smiled to herself, her hand wandering down her body to the apex of her thighs. Maybe that had changed too. The things that felt so good before, so right. The things that got her off.

Behind closed eyes she thought of him, that dark intensity he'd try to hide from his eyes. The way he had looked at her earlier, blushing madly but unable to draw his gaze away.

Melody licked her lips, wishing she knew how it felt to have his tongue explore this new mouth. Explore her. She felt herself shatter at the thought, her hips spasming wildly against her fingers as her nerves exploded with her orgasm.

After her shower she stepped, dressed and dried, into her bedroom. She wasn't sure exactly when or how, but Melody suddenly realised she and the Doctor shared a room, and had done for quite some time.

As Time Lords, neither she or the Doctor slept much, or often; only really having a few short hours sleep every week or so, but as Mels, Melody had often woken to find the Doctor lying next to her, sometimes enclosing her in an embrace she'd appeared to have returned in sleep, sometimes offering her a mug of tea.

Shrugging that small revelation off, Melody grabbed her diary and walked to the library where she found the Doctor sprawled across a couch, reading a well worn Agatha Christie novel. She stepped to stand next to the arm of the couch, leaning over his head with a smile, murmuring, "Hello Sweetie," and bending down to press her lips to the corner of his mouth.

The Doctor smiled, placing the book to rest against his stomach as one of his hands delved into her hair, grasping the back of her neck and holding her to him. He kissed her softly and chuckled, "Hello,"

"Thank you," she told him, "for today,"

They shifted, the Doctor sitting up, allowing her to join him on the couch. She didn't however, choosing instead to place a leg on either side of the Doctor's lap, straddling him, her arms linking around his neck. Melody smirked as he blushed, stammering "You're welcome," before she took pity on him and lent in for another kiss.

His hands settled quickly on her waist then, pulling her closer. When they broke apart the Doctor's arms wrapped around her, and Melody let her head rest against the crook of his neck. He held her in silence, for hours, just the two of them, perfectly content to sit and listen to only the sounds of their own breathing.

"Doctor," Melody whisper in what could be considered to be the early hours of the morning. "I've been considering and I think," she paused, trying to gather her thoughts, "I want to go to university. I want to study,"


"I've read a lot of good things about the Luna University in the 52nd century," she told him, "They have a great archaeological program. I thought I might get a doctorate."

He smiled sadly, holding her a bit closer, "Now?" he couldn't hide the hesitancy in his voice,

"No, not now." Melody laughed, pulling back and kissing him, "But someday."

"Someday." He agreed with a nod, smiling brightly up at her. "You'll be amazing,"