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1. Elvish sword.

As always, Elvish is in italic!

The trees were warning me. Orcs. A lot of Orcs. Coming my way. They had caught my scent. Good. I needed a little blood that morning. Something to prove myself I was still of some use.

I took my sword by the hilt and pushed it on the ground, closing my eyes as I waited for the abominations to reach me.

Quiet. Peaceful. Ready to kill. Ready to save the forest.

Ysengard's forest had already been completely emptied of its eldest trees, and that day had been a torture for me. My link with the Ents was so strong I had felt their loss, their pain, and I had flown to Fangorn to stop the slaughter. I had established my camp not far from the new border, and waited impatiently to kill those who'd try to cut down some other elderlies.

I was an Elf. But not like any other Elf. I was a Maheran. A witch. Someone who could hear every part of the Earth speaking. Someone who could link herself with any form of life and become it. Someone the other Elves dreaded. A She-elf who could never go home. Even my own family kicked me out.

My name? Aniha. My bloodline? I'm a princess in blood and status. Not the kind of person you'd likely kick out of your life. Not in the Elves' world. I was an outcast. A pariah. And I didn't mind. I had been for the last 1400 years.

In Mirkwood, there had been an awful tradition since the dawn of time. Some prowerful Elves had become the most dangerous things on Middle Earth, and ever since then, the Maheran were sent away when their body was entering teenage. I had been one of them. Who cared I was Thranduïl's niece when I could blow the forest just by sending fire through my eyes?

The trees warned me again. Not far now.

I cut my thoughts from interfering and listened. I listened to what the ground could tell me. It told me they were twenty. They were strong, but not Uruks. They were afraid. They had scented I wasn't like any other Elf. They feared for their lives. And they were right.

Once the first one entered my blind vision, my lifted my sword and jumped upwards to land in a tree. It hadn't seen me. I waited for it to come closer, until I jumped down and cut its head in two. Its greenish blood tarnished my tunic, but I didn't care. I'd seen worse.

The others then spotted my presence, and as always, thought that being a lot to attack at the same time could prevent them from dying. Orcs. They were so predictable. I beheaded few of them, cut others in two following the hips, and cut two others' throat. As for the others, they were rewarded the honour of being killed with a cracked neck. I was buying time.

After a few minutes, I straightened up, hearing the trees silently applauding. I had killed them all. But there was something else in the air. Someone had entered the forest. Someone unwanted. No, not someone. People.

I pushed my hand on a close tree and started asking questions. How many? Which race? Dangerous? The tree answered, choosing the link with its brothers and sisters. There were four people. One was a man, one an Elf, one a Dwarf, and the last one, not travelling with them, was a wizard. A white wizard.

I growled. So, Saruman thought he could enter Fangorn without being harmed. Without being attacked. He was so mistaken.

I took my sword back where I let it, meaning in an Orc's stomach, wiped it with my already soiled tunic, and started silently running towards where the trees were calling for help. The White Wizard approaches. The White Wizard's coming. I calmed them down. I am here. Do not fear.

My sword met something as hard as rock. The brilliant light I had decided to attack some seconds ago was reteating, revealing a white figure. I let my sword down.

"Who are you?" I then remembered something and switched back to the common tongue. "Who are you?"

"I am the White Wizard. I do not wish you harm. Nor to your vegetal friends." His voice reminded me of someone, but I couldn't remember who.

"We do not wish you on these lands. We need to be alone. To protect Fangorn means fighting alone." I put my sword back in its place, at my right hip.

"I know, Aniha. The work of a Maheran is more important than anything else. Calm down, little one. I'm here on purpose."

I felt a wave of calm surrounding me and I welcomed it. It'd been so long since I had felt that peaceful.

"You know my name. I do not know yours."

"Unfortunately, I do not remember mine. But I feel like we'll know soon enough."

I could hear the three other trespassers approaching. The Dwarf was panting, the man was quietly looking for clues near the trees, and the Elf...

I could feel my eyes widening and my breathing quickening. I knew that scent. That Elf was someone I knew. I knew him very well. How long I hadn't seen him! Too many years had passed without someone of my kin to cross my path. This was going to be a great day.

They all started attacking the Wizard. The Elf shot arrows that were thrown backwards, the Dwarf threw his axe, and the man's sword became so hot he had to drop it. They all put a hand before their eyes to see past the light, and then I saw him.

Legolas Greenleaf. Prince of Mirkwood. Standing not far from me but still not seeing me.

My own cousin.

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