Everyone, nice to meet you again. This is superecho, return in fresh condition. I had enough with my slumber back on 2011 and decided to get wild, more than the good old times. No more months of delay, no more over-packed chapters, no more of silly promises. It was all in the history as I'm about to write a new one. That's right, this my new story, as well as my very first cross-over ever made. A cross-over of "Angel Beats!" and "Persona" series...

Persona Beats!

Please enjoy the story.


Disclaimer: Angel Beats!, Persona series, and respective characters belong to Jun Maeda-Key-Na-Ga-ASCII Media Works and Atlus. I own the story idea and original stuff I add on my own.




"God had made Heaven and the Earth and all the Angels and all the extra important Angels, called Archangels."




I opened my eyes. The first sight entered my vision was dark blue sky of the night.

"Where... am I?"

I looked around, left and right. There are buildings, street lamps, the stairs, and a butterfly flying. I can't remember anything-

"Are you awake now?" a voice asked me.

I see a girl. A girl with purple hair- in a high school uniform of white and blue, a hair band with ribbon attached on the right, and... Donning a gun?


"Welcome to...," she cut my question, before turning her face at me and say:

"...The I-Ain't-Dead-Yet Battlefront."

The next few minutes are fuzzy. She said that I'm already dead and other nonsense things like kill an angel. An angel; who happens to be a small-postured girl with long white hair. I walked to that short girl who seems to be... normal.

"I'm not an angel," her voice was low-toned and a bit chilling.

"Obviously," that's what I thought, "Then-"

"I'm the Student Council President."

Figures. But then this short girl explains the same stuff about we're all dead and other nonsense. I asked her to prove it-

"Hand Sonic."



"I see... I see... Interesting...," one sinister grin.

"...Indeed," a warm smile.

"You guys done yet? That guy was just a fool," a sulky voice.




/School Building – Infirmary

I woke up again, lying down on a bed. Only this time a strong pain emulates from my left chest... I was stabbed by that Student Council President! But what scares me more that there is no single wound on my body. Was it just a dream? The bloody cloth on my right said otherwise though. I hurriedly put on my clothes and-

"So you're the punk who insulted Yurippe and declined to join the force?"

That was a light-purple haired boy- in school uniform, of course. He wields a gigantic halberd... I tried to joke on this one and bail, but-

"Die 100 times."

True to his words, he cut me 100 times with his weapon high up in the air. I didn't even have the time to scream.

Several minutes later.

Another magic happens; I woke up without a single wound, again. It hurts so much though, and my blood has made a small pool beneath me. Everything that girl said was right, but I can't simply accept it. So I run outside and look for an adult for a more sane explanation. No luck to even find one teacher, thus I ended up opening the Headmaster's Room. Out of blue, a giant metal mallet-




"...I was so amazed by his idiocy."

"Now, now. That's a fool for you. Before awakening, that is."

"Let's just believe."




/School Building – Headmaster's Room

I woke up again... I don't even need to think about it anymore. There are some students- male and female- and that purple girl, of course. They're seems to be having fun discussing stupid names before turning their attention to me. We argued a bit, about obliteration, souls, and water fleas... What? Then this purple girl explains everything in full this time. I can't help but to believe and joined their group:

SSS - Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront).


*After School*

/School Building – Rooftop

"And that concludes Lecture Hour."

This purple haired girl- Yuri, the leader of SSS, drank the last of her canned coffee after finished answering all of my questions.

So far, what I could swallow...

This is the world of afterlife, where everyone is already dead, so no one can die. They can suffer wounds, feel pain, and starve, but after they died of any cause, they automatically revived within several minutes. The only humans are us, the SSS who have souls. The teachers and other students are NPCs- Non Player Characters that lives as decorative, human-shaped 'robots'. They eat, walk, and do all that we can do, but they have no personality and mindlessly living as 'school residents'.

Those who joined them doing school daily routines will get obliterated- vanish from this world. But as long we fight Angel and rebel, we will keep on living- without aging as a plus. That's what SSS is struggling for, with doing revenge on God and taking over this world as the ultimate objective. Completely make-believe, but I was there. They let me to use their facilities and even give the password for Headmaster's Room, and also a uniform of their match. With weapons, we will fight Angel who strictly keeps this world in order.

"No God, no Buddha, nor angels exist."

...Another thing I gained by joining them; rather, regained. My name. Otonashi.



/School Building – Anti Angel Operation HQ

"Here, Otonashi-kun. This should work, even it's your first time."

Yuri gave me a handgun, thus my first briefing began. Yuri explains this "Operation Tornado". A mission to... Steal other students' lunch tickets. I as one of the barricade team has to halt Angel, while that redhead Iwasawa and her Diversion Team will... I don't know. Am I going to be fine?


/School Grounds – Second Bridge

I was stationed here, the easy point, while the others are around School Cafeteria.

Song: Crow Song

Suddenly a deep, fast-rhythm music hit my ears. It is sourced from the inside of cafeteria, where the others are. Hmm. I feel I've heard this singing voice before-

She's there. The Angel. She's coming for me, the weakest link in current battlefront. I hesitated, but finally shoot a round. Fresh blood spraying over her honor student uniform, but she remains expressionless- Shows no sign of pain.

"Guard Skill: Hand Sonic."

It's that blade arm again! I panicked and shoot several times, but she parried them all with that blade- Effortless, in fact. Her yellow eyes are cold, piercing at my soul without any trail of mercy.

*KLANK!* The Angel parried a halberd thrown at her. A halberd-

"Crap, I missed."

-That belongs to Noda. Then Hinata, T.K., Fujimaki, and Matsushita come to my aid. Everyone including Takamatsu and Ooyama the snipers gather in line and ready.

"Guard Skill: Distortion," was the line Angel said as she's standing there unfazed.

An invisible coating wraps her tiny body, and all but me open fire. Every bullets and weapons thrown at her were deflected by that invisible shield. I only froze in both shock and amazement.


"W... What on earth...? You can't be serious! She-"

"Calm down, now."

"Truly marvellous. I see no point why we would say 'no' after this."


The cross-fire continues. The melody from inside of cafeteria tunes down, and tickets are raining from the sky. Instinctively I held out my right hand as one dropped on my palm- Beef Udon, 300 Yen.

"That's what you want? Let's go!" Hinata rubbed my back as everyone else retreat and I followed right behind them.


/School Cafeteria – Interior

"Here's your Beef Udon," said a young voice.

A bowl of tasty looking noodles and meat is sitting upon my food tray. As I about to grab it and leave, a chill lunges on my spine. I turned my head, but no one is staring at me. ...That or I missed them. The chill is gone, and I found myself staring at the Beef Udon bowl, lost in thought.

"Are you feeling well?"

A voice cut my thoughts, made me realize that I was the only one left in the cafeteria counter. I look at the voice's source- a woman.

"You keep standing there instead of taking your meal. Are you sick?"

"N-No. I was just... Daydreaming."

She is quite young, perhaps around 20 or less. She wears a white apron over her white dress, which her long white hair reaches into. All white.

"Hmm. Then I suppose you're new here, thinking about this new environment will treat you. Transfer student, huh?"

"Y-Yeah. This school is so big and I'm confused of various things..."

"Everyone here calls me the Lunch Lady. Want a grub, go get me."

This NPC smiles and offers me her right hand.

"Pleased to meet you, transfer student."

I raise my right hand-

"Hey, Otonashi-kun!" that's Yuri, she looked furious, "Hurry to the dine table you moron!"

I grabbed my tray- And I remembered that I was supposed to give this Lunch lady a handshake. Then Yuri step forward and took my place.

"My new friend here is still a bit disorganized from his yoga session, so please forgive his act of idiocy," Yuri put a fake smile.

"...Okay?" the Lunch Lady is confused.

"Oh my! I never see you before; you must be the new Lunch Lady! We will look forward to your cooking throughout the year."

With that, Yuri shook hands with the Lunch Lady.

"Bye now," Yuri darted off.

"...Sorry about that," I bowed to the Lunch Lady. She drops a meatball on my bowl. It is small, but looked delicious.

"Don't tell the others," she blinked.

"T-Thank you very much."

Then we left her without another word.

"You're a smooth talker," I praised Yuri.

"Don't get too close to NPC. Got it?" she is still pissed.

"Why would I do yoga session?"

"Shut up and eat."


I finally took a seat opposite of Yuri; everyone else but her almost done eating. She must be waiting for me.

"Is it all right for us to be eating here so carelessly? Won't she come after us?"

...She didn't answer. She is holding her forehead.

"What's wrong?" I'm sure that her face was dark.

Yuri shook her head slightly a few times, before looking at me.


"I was asking you something... And you went pale."

"Just a little headache. I really need to eat," she waved her hand reassuringly, "So what was your question?"

"Is it all right for us to be eating here so carelessly? Won't she come after us?" I repeated.

"We're only eating," she answered as she sips her noodles.

"So that's how it works, huh?" I looked down.

(With this much insight and power, they should be capable of doing anything. And yet, they're leading a plain life right now, eating like everyone else. There's really one enemy. Just Angel. They're really only fighting against her. But, will I somehow justify this behaviour? No, it's too early for that. After all-)

"I'm taking that, thanks."


It was Yuri. She snatched my meatball.

"That's for not eating your meal sooner," Yuri ate the meatball instantly.

"...Hahaha," I laughed in emptiness. Soon after, I put my chopsticks aside and continue my thoughts.

(After all... I don't remember anything.)



"...," it was Yuri, dropping her chopsticks at the table. Her face is dark again.

"Are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine. I think I should go to bed early...," she held her forehead again.

Yuri stood up in a very frail movement. She slightly hit both the table and chair that it makes squeaky sounds. Everyone turned their eyes to her, for the noise and that she leave early-


...And she collapsed. Fell hard to the floor, face first.

"Yuri!" I panicked and quickly check on her.

I shook her body, but she didn't move. Her whole body is sweating.

"Y-Yurippe?" Hinata's voice is filled with fear.

"OH MY GOD!" T.K.'s hands waves in daze.

"Yurippe!" Noda screamed.

"Move!" unexpectedly, out of everyone it was Iwasawa who dashed to her first.

She shoved me and stares at Yuri with terror in her eyes.

"Take her to the infirmary! HURRY!" Iwasawa yelled at the top of her lungs.

Hinata step forward, "Let me-"

"YURIPPE I"M HERE!" Noda pushed him out.

Without further instructions, Noda lifted Yuri on her back and run forward.

"NONONO! The infirmary is this way!" Ooyama yelled while pointing at the opposite direction of where Noda headed.

Noda turned around fast and dash. All of us abandon our meals and follow. Meanwhile, Yuri is unconscious...



*piano plays slowly*

superecho presents

Cross-over story of "Angel Beats!" and "Persona series"


Persona Beats!

© 2012 superecho


*piano plays smooth *

On one of those bright sunny mornings

Tidy up your uniform

Enter our classroom as usual

And we dashed with our chin up

Wind of darkness blows through days like those

*piano plays faster *

I'm sure we heard them

I'm sure we feel them in our hearts

Our other selves within the shadows

*piano goes climax*

I felt them coming-

Those millions of stars from the sea of our souls

I watched them

*piano goes calm*

Rest in peace,

Wave my hand goodbye,

Till we meet again

~Our Souls, Persona Beats!~

Small modification of "My Soul, Your Beats!", by superecho


Episode.01: Deviation


It is black.

BGM: Poem for Everyone's Souls

"...?" Yuri is slowly opening her eyes.

Yuri was lying crumpled on the floor, face first as she collapsed before. She lifted her head, rubbed it slightly, and putting some strength to her legs to stand up.

"This is...?" Yuri realized that she wasn't in the cafeteria anymore.

There are several blue windows on a blue wall. The blue ceiling is really short, only about 2 meters in height. Moreover, the blue floor is constantly trembling at a leisure pace. Is this-

"...A train? But how-"

"My, my."

"-Who's there?"

Yuri turned to the other end of this 'train' and spots someone. He is an old man with long nose, dressing in a tuxedo, and sitting on a blue train couch. In front of him there is a small blue square-shaped table and a blue chair.

"This is truly unexpected *chuckle*"

"...Who are you?" Yuri asked with wary.

"My name is Igor. I am delighted to make your acquaintance."

"Where is this place?"

"This is the place between consciousness and unconsciousness, dream and reality, mind and matter... The Velvet Room."

Yuri looked around once more. Now that old man mentions it, everything in this place has blue color. Except for... those white clouds seen through the window.

"Please do not be alarmed. You are fast asleep in the real world... Or to be precise, the afterlife world."

Yuri gasped and took out her gun, "You know something about the afterlife world?"

"Calm down, it is my duty to know everything about you... You, who is supposedly... our guest from this time forth," Igor didn't even flinch about the gun pointed at him.


"That is correct. Now please, take a seat."

Yuri put her suspicion aside, disarms her gun, and sits down on the chair.

"Now, let me explain about the contract."


Igor swings his hand lightly and a thin book appeared magically on the table. It opens, revealing a white paper which looks like a contract document.

"By signing this contract, you will be our guest as we lend you our assistance."

Even for Yuri, this is much more unbelievable than the world of afterlife. Yet she is patiently listening, without getting agitated like before.

"A great darkness has taken its interest on your world. Should you unable to fight against it, everything in your journey would be lost forever. That is why you need to develop your 'potentials', and you will require my help to do so."

Yuri read what's written on the contract: "I chooseth this fate on mine own free will."

Soon enough, Igor hands her a feather pen, and she writes her full name- Yuri Nakamura, on this 'contract' without second thoughts. Instantly after that, Igor swings his hand once more and the thin book disappears.

"We asked you no return for our services but one thing: that you will bear responsibility for your actions."

Igor keeps saying 'we', but Yuri didn't spot anyone else. Also for an unknown reason, Yuri is unable to open her mouth and keep agreeing to whatever this old man said.

"Time marches on in your world... We shouldn't keep you here any longer."

Suddenly Yuri feels sleepy, as everything is becoming white...

"Until then, farewell..."



*Late Night*

*Early Morning-Morning-Afternoon-After School-Evening-Late Night*

/School Building – Infirmary

Yuri slowly opened her eyes again. This time, the ceiling is cream-colored.

"Yuri! You're awake?"

The voice belongs to Otonashi, who is sitting down on a chair beside the bed Yuri is lying upon.

"What happened...?" Yuri mumbled weakly.

"You collapsed during dinner and we brought you here," he explained.


Noda was about to jump on the bed- if Matsushita didn't lock his arms.

"You finally woke up. I was really afraid, you know," Hinata grinned with a sigh.

"BABY, don't leave me," T.K. danced in happiness.

"Thank goodness...," it's Ooyama this time.

"Stop worrying us like that!" Fujimaki looked pissed- fake pissed.

"Yurippe is still alive," Yusa stated with blank face, disappointment is detected.

"...*deep sigh* I'm glad...," Iwasawa's reaction was somewhat uncommon.

Shiina and Hisako simply smiled a bit. Irie and Sekine grimaced in joy.

"...Why is everyone here?" Yuri sits up.


"You shouldn't be making noise in the patient's room," Matsushita tighten his grip to Noda.


Hinata lost patience, "Just throw him out."

...And Noda was thrown out. Matsushita had to keep watch.

"What's with the fuss, seriously? It was just a headache," Yuri shook her head.

"You slept for almost two days with a lot of sweats, it's completely normal for us to worry," Takamatsu tilted his glasses.

"T-Two days? But we can't get sick in this world!"

"Exactly our point," Takamatsu again, "We had to take shifts watching over you-"

"And out of those two days, Iwasawa-senpai was the one who wiped off your sweats! IWASAWA-SENPAI DAH BEST!"

...Hisako throws a pink-haired girl out.

"...Who was that?" Otonashi flinched.

"Don't mind her," Yuri stares at Iwasawa, "Iwasawa-san, you...?"

"...," Iwasawa looked away.

"We had to skip practice because Iwasawa-senpai wouldn't bulge," Sekine grinned.

"...!" Iwasawa looked away further.

"...Back on topic," Takamatsu speaks again, "Why did you faint? Did you remember anything?"

Yuri closed her eyes in reminiscence. She vaguely remembers a dream...

"I remember... blue-"

"SOITWASYOUDIE!" Noda throws his halberd at Hinata through the window.

"Why me!" Hinata ducked.

*SMASH* the halberd hit Fujimaki on the head. He's out cold and Ooyama dragged him out. Matsushita smashed Noda's head to the floor and throw him into the trash bin.

"...Forget this. I don't remember clearly about the cause, but I'm fine now. Thank you for watching over me," Yuri smiled warmly.

"Hahaha, don't sweat it," Hinata rubs his nose.

"Alright everyone, let's just let Yuri rest for tonight. I'll keep watch this time," Otonashi suggested. Everyone else but him agreed and leaves.

"...What about everyone who's knocked out?" Ooyama appeared.

"Just leave them lying on the hallway," Takamatsu is cold.

"How shallow-minded," Shiina is colder.


Everyone has left, Otonashi fell asleep on his chair, but Yuri is still awake. She wonders about the dream before and it's getting clearer. Igor... Velvet Room... Contract... It must be a dream, but she can't help but to picture the image exactly as it was. How could it feel so realistic if it just one crazy dream? ... After a few more minutes of thinking, Yuri brushed it off and sleep.



*Early Morning*

"Mmm...," I rubbed my eyes. What time is it?

It's seems to be early morning, with the sun just rising like that. Hmm, Yuri is still asleep. I guess I should-

*SCREG* the door opens, revealing Iwasawa.

"I brought Yuri her breakfast. You can rest now, Otonashi."

"Oh, thanks! That was nice of you."

"I was just worried."

"Worried about Yuri?"

"...Never mind. Just go take a shower. You smell foul."

I smelled my skin, "Whoa, you right! I better go!"



/School Building – Anti Angel Operation HQ

Yuri seems to be healthy now, so we will commence our next operation. To replenish our ammunition and weapon stock, we will go underground through the basement to the SSS production factory- Guild. Codename: Operation Guild Parachute. ...No, I won't comment. Yuri told them to disable the traps as we go later.


"The time has come at last!"

"We are ready. Give your command."

"Support her no matter what. That is all."



*After School*

/School grounds – Gym

Who would have thought, that under the school's gym lies a bunker heading into the basement? Only the Combat Division is going, but the tension is all the same to me.


/Basement – Passage to the Guild B1

Thanks to Noda's 'sacrifice', we discovered that the traps are reset- because Angel is here! Now we have to brave the deadly traps as we head there.


/Basement – Passage to the Guild B17

Boulder trap, laser trap, ceiling trap, bridge trap, drowning trap, and a puppy trap... We went through them with plenty of sacrifices. Takamatsu, Matsushita, T.K., Ooyama, Hinata, Fujimaki, and Shiina... They all fell on those traps, one by one. Now it is just me and Yuri. As we walk in silence, she slams her fist to the wall.

"If this had been a real platoon, and I just let everyone die, it'd be over soon... Some leader I am..."

Afterwards we took quick rest for drying our clothes. That's when I saw Yuri's other side- her painful past where she lost her three younger siblings in 30 minutes, at the hands of robbers. She failed to protect them. It was a sad, cruel, unfair life. It is the source of her strength- her determination to fight against God for putting her through that merciless life. Such a tragedy happened to her, yet she still fights. If it was me, I would've given in and get obliterated... but not her. She is so strong. That's when I think- That I can believe in her.

After a little more walk, we reached a giant bunker. ...However, something's not right. The bunker is already opened and- There are traces of blood! Yuri rushed to get in and I follow suit.


/Basement – Deepest Recess of the Guild

When hearing 'weapon factory' I imagined something like giant gears, clogs, steams, and metals clinging together by each second. But this-

"W-W-What is going on?" Yuri was so surprised to the sight before us.

No sounds of gears or metals- it is just air. Hot air emitted from flames, not steams. Flame that consumes the entire guild structure... And everyone in it.




All of the machines are destroyed and melted in flames. The gears are broken and scattered everywhere. Even more eye-catching, the Guild members are being slaughtered- by Angel.

"H-How Angel reached this place before us?" I'm totally lost it at the sight of blood.

Down there, a man with beard picked up a rocket launcher, "Tch... Damn you! Take this!"

Angel dodged the rocket just at the right timing and lunges directly at the man's chest.


"Chaa!" Yuri can't stand it anymore and jumped down.

I only watch as she run towards Angel and fires her handgun. Angel throw that man named Chaa to the side and-

"Guard Skill: Distortion."

Yuri's shots were blocked- thus she discards her handgun and switch to knife. She slashes swift and strongly, yet Angel able to parries her assault. I only watch as they dances around, clashing blades at each other.

"Guard Skill: Delay."

Suddenly Yuri's slash hits an alter-image as Angel moves behind her.

"Yuri!" I regain composure and head downstairs, but-

*KLANK* Yuri's knife was disarmed from her hand, and Angel is ready to stab her.

"No!" I took my handgun as I reached the bottom level and fire-

*BANG* my handgun flies from my grip.

"What the-"

"Ms. Angel! Are you alright?"

"Sorry we're late!"

Angel turns her head to them- Two men in strange white suits. They've fired their guns to disarm me. Yuri used this moment to evade Angel's stab, but her expression remains grave.

"Who are you guys?" Yuri bombards a question at the mystery duo.

The two men's faces remains hidden beneath their steel white mask.

"We are the God Observation Army TunerS- GOATS!"

"We were sent by God to assist Angel to keep order in this world!"

Both I and Yuri were silenced by their statement. An armed group to assist Angel? Is this some kind of joke? But if that's true-

"Please do not speak such thing," the Angel calmly scolds them.

"We apologize."

Angel looks behind them, "Where are the others?"

"They are still recovering after taking the traps. We're the only ones left for now."

Of course... That makes sense. This group helped Angel to overcome the traps like we did- So Angel will arrive here faster than us!

"Please capture the delinquents. I will handle these two," Angel ordered without emotion.

"Yes, ma'am!"

The two men went to collect the fallen Guild members. Yuri grits her teeth.


Yuri dashed towards the two men- without any weapon. On bravery alone, she dodged their attacks and lands a hard kick on one of them.

"OWW!" the man grunted.

"Yuri, look out!" I warned her.

Angel had already behind her, slashing away. Yuri managed to duck, but then Angel kicked her far away from the Guild members.

"Yuri! Are you alright?" I come by her side.

"Damn... If our weapon supply gone is still fine, but if the members with the knowledge are taken..."

"Yuri, what are you talking about?"

"In this world, new life is never created, but create things is possible. With knowledge of the theory and method, one can make various things from dirt."

The Angel steps forward. She points one of her blades, the right one- at us.

"Creating weapons is prohibited in school. We have to punish you."

Yuri grits her teeth harder. She is definitely angry at this situation, yet I can't do a thing. Have we lost this battle? We lose, just like this?

"That's BS! None of us will submit to you for any reason! We will defeat you for sure!" Yuri screams.

The Angel pleads silent. One of the men speaks.

"Look around! Your factory has been smashed, and your craftsmen have been captured. What else can you do but surrender?"



The men are busy putting the Guild members into a metal cage- which came out of nowhere. Only a few remaining, including Chaa since he was far away. The Angel stepped up even closer to us.

"Please admit your guilt to the teachers and accept your punishment accordingly."

I don't know what to do at this crisis. Yuri needs me the most, yet I...

"Give up...? After all we've been through...?" Yuri murmured under her breath.

Flashbacks of her first meeting with Hinata, Ooyama, Cha, and others... Forming SSS... Risking pain and suffering to get revenge against God...

"No... No. NO! I can't give up... I can't give up this fight! It's not just my fight... It's everyone's fight! I refuse to fall here! I... I..."

"Y-Yuri...," I feel so powerless, "I'm sorry..."


Suddenly Yuri holds her forehead again and closes her eyes. Her expression is dark and she feels dizzy.


*THUMP-THUMP* a voice rings in Yuri's head.

"Thou art I... And I art thou..."

Angel notices Yuri's condition, and signalled to those men that we could no longer fight back.


"From the sea of thy soul I come forth..."

Yuri's sweats increases. She seems to be in pain.

"Y-Yuri! What's wrong?"


"The time has come..."

"They have surrendered. Please don't be hard on them."

"Yes, ma'am!"


"Open thy eyes..."

The two men have finished captured the rest of the Guild members, while Angel is about to head towards Chaa who is still moving a little. So these men came to us...

"DAMMIT!" I protested in vain as I held Yuri tight in my arms.


"...And call forth what is within!"


Yuri opened her eyes, and her sweats have stopped. She felt a strange sensation on her right hand's palm- Only to find there is a card there. A blue card; embedded with picture of a strange mask.

I don't know what's going on anymore, "Huh? Card-"

Yuri flipped the card- reveals a picture box with nothing drawn in it. The card shines as Yuri gazes at it...

"Huh? What are you two doing?"

Yuri gently pushes me away from her. She is still gazing at the card and- smiling.

*SWOOOOOSSSSHHH* fiery blue energy surrounds Yuri. The energy is so enormous, spreads around her in 3 meters radius which left the men no choice but to step back.

"W-What power...!" the men are scared.


Yuri's mind is so clear. She stands up. Her smile won't fade, her excitement won't stop. She herself doesn't know what's happening, but her lip is already on the move.

"Per... so... na!"

A picture of someone appeared magically on the picture box. The card is engulfed with blue flame on Yuri's hand. She lifted her hand a bit and crushes the blue flame- only to make it flicker wilder than before.

"HAAAAAAHHH!" Yuri let out a battle cry.

The blue flame grows bigger, knocking out the men with great force.

"GOOOAAAAHHHH!" the two men are thrown so far away, they landed on the flames of factory remnants and goes unconscious.

The blue flame around Yuri dissipates and focusing on her- thus forming tall, woman warrior figure above her. She is floating above Yuri, flickering between real and not. But even I could feel the strange power this creature emits.

"That is...," Angel cancelled her trip towards Cha and locked her yellow eyes at Yuri.

Yuri looked up at the creature. The figure of a long purple-haired woman warrior holding a spear, sword, and axe behind her. Her armor is that of traditional one but has modern colors to it. The figure vanishes- changes into the blue card earlier- only this time a symbolic picture is on the box, with writing 'III. Empress' below it. When the card reaches her eye vision, it broke into blue energy that wraps Yuri with a warm sensation on her soul.

# Yuri has awakened her other self... She has obtained the mask to withstand afterlife's struggle, the Persona Urduja!

The Angel returns to stand in front of Yuri. That's when I noticed something near me- a gun.

"Yuri!" I throw the gun at her. She effortlessly caught it with her right hand.

"Thanks. Angel, be prepared!"

"Guard Skill: Distortion."

Angel puts up that invisible shield again. Yuri however, does not shoot but instead stretch her left arm forward. That's when a small blue aura emits below her left hand and forms into the Persona card, which spins rapidly.

"Urduja!" Yuri cried her Persona's name and she crushes the card with her left arm in fist-like motion.

Blue aura forms around Yuri once more, summoning her Persona above her.

[Holy Break]

Fog of darkness pierces at Angel. There is a cracking sound like something's fall apart, but the Angel is not harmed in any way.

^Divine protection shattered!^

"...?" the Angel is unsure of what just happened.

Yuri's Persona disappears, and she raises her gun.

"Now!" *BANG*

^Critical Hit!^

"...!" the Angel was surprised. Yuri's bullet went through her shield and knocked her down!

"Now's the time, Otonashi-kun! Grab Chaa and retreat!"


Otonashi make his way to Chaa. He moaned in pain.

"Are you alright?" Otonashi lifted him on the shoulder.

"This way!" Yuri lead them into a small tunnel.

Several seconds passed, and Yuri's group has escaped successfully.



/Basement – Old Guild

"Phew... We made it," Yuri sighed in relief.

After put Cha to rest, Otonashi looked around him. There are numerous furnace with piles of dirt nearby.

"How many years has it been? There really is nothing here. *laughter* Hilarious."

That was Chaa, the head of Guild and a professional weapon craftsman. He hardly look like a high school student, that he looks much older than his age...

"How are your wounds?" Yuri asked.

"After she stabbed me? Just hit my head on a brick, that's all."

"That's good, then."

A silence drifts by. Cha is look lonely.

"So it has come to this, huh? We haven't had the time to blow up the Guild..."

"Blow it up?" Otonashi is surprised again, as expected of a new guy.

"If Angel about to found our guild, we would blow it up to erase evidence," Yuri patiently explain.

Chaa's face is grim, "...How's my crew doing?"

"They have been captured," Yuri bit her lip, "Forgive me."

Chaa grins, and laughs loudly.

"Heh. Those guys will be fine; they have their pride as craftsmen. Besides you were able to save me, so none of the blame is on us."


"Come on. Who would have thought God will send such weirdos to help Angel?"

"...You're right. Who were those guys really are?" Yuri holds her chin, thinking.

Otonashi was left behind the conversation, so he can't hold it much longer after a few minutes.

"S-So, what are we going to do now?"

Yuri and Chaa stares at Otonashi in disbelief.

"I-I mean, the Guild has been destroyed... we can't create any more weapons, so how could we win this fight?"

Yuri and Chaa stares at each other. Then, they both laugh hysterically.

"W-What's so funny?" Otonashi made a glum face.

Yuri stopped laughing. Her face is filled with determination.

"Isn't it obvious? We will defeat that group and Angel!"

"Huh? But-"

"This Old Guild might have no machines or whatnot, but we have all the dirt we want," Chaa has calmed down, but he's still laughing albeit less loudly.

"But the Guild members-"

"We will rescue them," Yuri put her hands on her waist, "Until then, we will compensate for them."


Yuri took out a red radio from her pocket and starts speaking loudly.

"Are you awake, morons? We've abandoned the Guild. Angel and her new group have destroyed it."

As Yuri speaks, the others have been revived.

"Everyone, gather at the Old Guild. For a while, we will help creating weapons there. Before Angel and her group recovers, everyone make your way to the Old Guild!"

One by one, they get back up.

"Ask the details later when you arrive. I repeat: Hurry up you morons!"

Otonashi stares at Yuri, confused.


"Are we going to be okay? Fighting Angel is fearsome enough, yet this new group-"

Yuri chuckles.

"Have you forgotten, Otonashi-kun? I have obtained a new power as well."

"Oh right. That Per-so-na thing, eh? How did you get it?"

"Who cares?"


Yuri pumps her fist high.

"As long it helps us to fight Angel, it doesn't matter. This power will cover for our firearms and help us prevail!"

Otonashi twitched. Yuri laughs again.

"I assure you, this power is not from God."

Otonashi is silent for her brave, courageous statement. As Yuri is talking to Chaa for a new weapon-making plan, Otonashi is lost in thought.

(I saved her without thinking much. What the heck am I doing?)

Otonashi remembers Yuri's story of the past. Her determination. Her fighting spirit. Before he knew it, Otonashi smiles.

(You're really amazing. It's no wonder why everyone follows you.)

Yuri's face is shining, brighter than ever in Otonashi's eyes.

(You're being a great leader.)

"Hey Otonashi-kun, get to work already!" she ordered, bossy as usual.

Otonashi can't help but comply. Then-


Yuri's face goes blank, and she is trembling. Her legs goes limb, and-




To Be Continued


Persona Users

1. Yuri Nakamura


Melee: Knife

Ranged: Handgun, etc.

Arcana: Empress

Invoke Style: She stretches her left arm forward, the Persona card appears below her left hand, and she crushes it in clenching-fist motion.


HP: B, SP: B, St: B, Ma: B+, En: C, Ag: B+, Lu: B

Persona: Urduja of the Empress Arcanum [superecho]

Normal Resistance.

Versatile in both physical and magic skills.

Starting Skills: Holy Break*, Cleave, Agi, Tarukaja

Next Skills: Dia, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Compendium Info:

"The legendary warrior princess of Pangasinan, Philippines. Leading an army composed of men and women, she bravely took part in wars and duels with other warriors. She will marry no one but him who defeats her in battle, and thus other warriors avoid fighting her for fear of being disgraced."


* Holy Break: Wind of darkness pierces even the purest of hearts.


Author's Note

While planning and working on this story, it took me to realize how much of a slug I was before. Both "Angel Beats!" and "Persona" series are amazing, deeply touching stories of high school students who struggle over life, death, and also mysteries. Why no one ever merge them before? That's what I'm doing here. I decided to prioritize this one as if I wait, this idea will get snatched by others.

This story is what drives me to be a much more productive writer. After this story reached a few chapters, I'll continue my other stories. For this first chapter, I had to cut a lot of parts in Episode 1-2 or it'll take too many pages to reach the awakening scene. For the next chapter it'll be more detailed like in the original episode.

By the way, it is Yuri who holds the 'Wild Card', not Otonashi. ...Tricked you, didn't I? Admit it, I got you good. Hahaha :D

Before you ask any questions, I'll give a few pointers:

- The Persona series used are mainly Persona 3-4. Persona 1-2 is also there if you're keen enough.

- Other Shin Megami Tensei series also in here, but rare at best.

- No OC in this story. Not even one. If you think there is, something's wrong with you.

- No yaoi, yuri, and the like.

- Other stuff like system and Persona will be explained as the chapters go.

- The Personas tagged with [superecho] are the ones I add on my own (doesn't exist in the games), and they're not made up. Don't believe me, Google it.

- I only add BGM or songs when it's necessary. If you want more, do tell.

- The new opening song just a small mod to fits the story's theme better. Sorry if you didn't like it.

- I used 'Angel' instead of 'Tenshi' so it's easier to grasp. If you don't like it, tell me and I'll change it.

- The perspective changes from 1st person, (Otonashi) to 3rd person (Yuri); and I did that on purpose. If you don't understand why, that's good for me.

That is all. Hope you enjoyed it, and please review! Any critics and suggestions are welcome.


[Persona Beats!] Next episode preview

"We, GOATS, will keep order this world as the Angel's troops!"

"Hey, can I use a Persona too?"

"A ballad? Good."

"Call me Christ."

"Thank you."

"It's where Angel lives."

"You should smile more often."

"Another great high-tempo song is 'Alchemy', but..."

"Amnesia boy, catch."

"Let us teachers handle this."

"Don't touch it!"

"Iwasawa, that song...?"

"This card... is..."

[Persona Beats!]

Episode.02 Sad Song