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"Another archangel was called &/!*$e7."

Time Skip: 5 days.

~Want to be Close~

[Otonashi's/1st person POV]


/School Building – 1F Hallway

I walked the cold, empty hallway all by myself. The exam period has just over recently and SSS had nothing to do but wait. No battles, no meeting, nothing but simply wait.

"Huh?" at the far-end of the corridor, I saw someone, "Narukami-san?"

The latest addition to our group, Yu Narukami, is standing in front of a vending machine.

"Oh. Otonashi-san, right?" he greeted me politely.

"Buying some drinks?"

"Yes. Want me to get you something?"

"Key Coffee, thanks."

"Hang on… There's no coffee."

"That's strange. Some time ago I bought one from there…!"

"What's this ruckus all about?" a new voice said, annoyed.

A brunette girl around our age, wearing the standard honor student uniform along with a heart-motif choker on her neck, is walking toward us. Oh no, she's…!

"Y-Yukari Takeba!" my tongue slipped.

It's that new student who helped Tenshi before and has the power of Persona! She's not a part of GOATS or the Student Council, but she's definitely on Tenshi's side.

"Huh? How do you know my name? Have we met before?" she asked curiously.

"Uhh… No, I just…"

"Wait. Your uniform… I think I saw it somewhere before…"

This is bad… Make a good excuse, Otonashi! Fast!

"Takeba-san, it's nice to finally meet you!" Yu offered her a handshake with a smile.

Both myself and Yukari are in a disbelief. Yu, you idiot…!

"…'Finally'? Do the two of you know me?"

"Of course. You are very famous in the whole school, Takeba-san."

"Oh, please. You're just pulling my leg."

"No, it's true. I just transferred here a few days ago, and everyone I asked directions about talked about you."

"W-What? Seriously?"

"They said you're very cute, smart, and charming. I thought they were exaggerating until I see you in person," Yu flashes a killer smile.

Yukari blushes slightly, "S-Stop teasing me."

"I even read the latest issue of the school's paper, and it feature all about you, Takeba-san. I was simply telling the truth."

"Aw, stop it!" Yukari's blush deepens, "I-I'm not all that special. I'm a transfer student just like you!"

"My name is Yu Narukami," Yu re-offers his handshake, "As fellow transfer students, let's get along."


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Persona Beats!

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…And somehow, I, Yu, and Yukari ended up standing and drinking three cans of soft drinks together in this hallway.

"I'm in class 2-6. How about you, Narukami-kun?" Yukari asked cheerfully.

"I'm in class 2-2. He's in the same class as me," Yu covered for me quickly.

"You transferred here in middle of exam period, Narukami-san? Hey, why you wear other school's uniform?"

"This is from my old school's. There are some problems regarding my accommodation, so I haven't received this school's uniform yet."

"I see… That must be tough."

"Not really. Everyone in this school is nice."

"Oh, but let me tell you. This school has dangerous delinquents called SSS!"

THROB. *SPURT* burst of liquid came through my mouth.

"What's wrong, Otonashi-kun?" Yukari asked me, worrying.

"Otonashi-kun's tongue is really delicate," Yu answered for me with an innocent smile.

"Well, can't blame you. This Mad Bull drink has a strong caffeine flavor," Yukari smirked, "I heard it tasted better when you're eating takoyaki."

I wiped my lips and set up my best smile, "I-I need to try that. Hahaha…"

"Where was I…?" Yukari continues, "Oh, yeah! They carry weapons and cause havoc. They're just a bunch of losers!"


"But we have GOATS, the protector of our school! They're short-tempered, but better than those SSS who do nothing but loiter around and never attend classes!"


"I wanted to join GOATS, but normal students aren't allowed…," Yukari looked downward.

"That's such a noble deed, Takeba-san. Is there no other way?" Yu asked, smiling.

"Well… They said I could protect this school if I joined the Student Council, but…," Yukari frowns a bit, "That Student Council President… She's not a bad person, but I don't think I could get along with her."


"She's so cold and distant, that I barely able to chat with her. I'm confident in my archery skills, but…"

"I see… But shouldn't you try anyway?"

"True. But maybe I shouldn't worry about her, since she's most likely not in the council anymore."

That got my attention, "Takeba-san, what do you mean?"

"There are rumors that she got zero on all subjects in the exam… And it was true, so the teachers were pretty angry about it. I wonder what she was thinking."

"Wait… ALL subjects!?" I couldn't believe what I heard.

"Yup, all subjects. I think she was being lectured now at the faculty office."

Blood rushing in my veins, "I'm sorry!" I finished my drink and leave the two of them alone to dash into the faculty office.

After some running, I arrived in the hallway leading to faculty office. After I catch my breath, I immediately saw her.

"Tachibana!" I called out.

*screg* She closes the wooden door of faculty office calmly and walks into my direction.

"…What's wrong?" I asked her, "Did something happen?"

"Nothing," she answered while passing by me without looking.

I could only see her small back getting smaller into the distance; the teachers must be yelling at her, that's why she looked so painful and lonely…

"Why? We didn't complete the operation, so it should've been just 3-4 subjects-"

"The exam period is over, so shouldn't you be resting your brain?"

…!? That gigolo teacher from before… he appeared right behind my back! When!? I didn't hear the sliding sound of faculty office's wooden door…

"After the exam period, school life will get interesting," he said with an arrogant smirk, "Be sure to enjoy it as much as I do… ex-chosen one."

The gigolo teacher walked away from me with a creepy smile on his face. …What did he mean by that? And… what has he done to Tachibana?


Episode.09: Into the Heaven


[Yuri's/3rd person POV]

~Count the Medals!~

*After School*

/School Building – Anti-Tenshi Operation HQ

Inside the HQ, there is main Persona-users party of SSS: Yuri, Hinata, Shiina, and Iwasawa. They are fully armed and are currently discussing something.

"This is the last day of this week's training, everyone is okay?" Yuri is the first to speak.

"It's no problem," Shiina commented simply.

"I'm doing fine," Iwasawa let out a small smile.

On the other hand, Hinata is huffing and whimpering, "How could you're still doing fine!?"

"You're a sissy, Hinata-kun."

"How shallow-minded."

"This is the afterlife, so you should be fine like us."

Hinata roars, "Only physically! My mental energy is in shambles!"

"You summoned your Persona too many times," Yuri smirked.

"That's because you used me as bait!"

"Speaking of which, Iwasawa-san… You seem pretty chipper lately," Yuri asked.

"W-What? N-No, I'm doing just as always…," Iwasawa seemed embarrassed.

"Don't ignore me, Yurippe!"

"Suspicioussss… Did something good happen? Like…"

"N-Nothing happened!"

"Yurippe! Oy!"

"How shallow-minded."

Amidst the woeful chaos, Otonashi enters the room, "Am I interrupting?"

Yuri uses this opportunity to ignore Hinata and greet Otonashi with innocent smile, "What is it, Otonashi-kun?"

"There's something important I need to tell you, Yuri… It's about Tachibana-"

Yuri's eyes sharpen for a sec, before resuming her innocent smile, "Alright! Let's discuss it next time!"

"Eh? I haven't said anyth-"

"We're busy training our Personas, Otonashi-kun. So please leave for today."

Otonashi looked confused, "Training?"

"Listen to this, Otonashi!" Hinata wraps his arm around his best pal's shoulders, "These past few- or many days? We've been attacking GOATS soldiers in many places around school!"


"We beat two or three groups using our Personas and weapons, run away before backup came, rinse and repeat. Our wounds will heal fully the next day, but not with the mental fatigue!"

"Well… That's because Personas uses mental energy, right?"

"True! I'm exhausted but those three girls are fine! They're made of medals, Otonashi! Especially Yurippe- I'm certain she has a lot of Core Medals! [1]"

"…Hinata, does your head feel alright?"

"Of course not. He pulled an all-nighter watching Tokusatsu," Yuri sighs, "Shiina-san."

Shiina chopped Hinata's neck and he fainted. Iwasawa drag his body by collar, and they left after Yuri waved Otonashi a goodbye.

"…What was all that about?" Otonashi is doing monologue, "More importantly, did Yuri already know this?"


/School Building – Empty Classroom A

"997… 998… 999… 1000!" Irie finished counting, "Everyone, the paper cranes are finally complete!"

"Hooraaaaay!" Yui pumps her fists to the air, pulling Hisako's and Tatsuya's hands as well.

At the corner of the room, 1000 handmade paper cranes in variety of colors are sitting by. Some are in pink, a good amount in red, others in brown, another bunch in yellow, more in purple, and lastly hundreds in gray.

"I… I couldn't believe we spend almost a week making paper cranes…," Hisako breathes in heavily, "Without… any practice!"

"So do me…," Tatsuya replied flatly.

"My fingers! I couldn't feel my fingers…!" Sekine whimpered.

"I'm pretty tired too…," Irie tried her best to smile, "But it was fun, right?"

Sekine sighs deeply, "It's fun for Miyukichi because it will help her get closer with Narukami-senpai…"

Irie instantly turns red, "S-Shiorin! T-That's not all I've been wishing for! I really wished for Yui's friend to be cured-"

"So, you did wish for getting closer to him!" Sekine grinned victoriously.

Irie blushes even more, "S-S-Shioriiiinnnn!"

Irie began chasing Sekine around the room…

"Didn't they say they were tired…?" Tatsuya ponders.

"Geez, children…," Hisako shook her head a few times.

Yui tugs her from behind, "That makes you an old granny, Hisako-senpai!"

Hisako was pissed and gives Yui a strict headlock.

"I… I… I'm sorwwwyeeee…"

"Ungrateful youngster should die."

Tatsuya sighs and plays around with his pink zippo's lid, in order to distract himself from the oddness in this room.

"(These girls sure are weird… even more than Lisa and Ulala. At least Yukino and Eriko were normal… Wait, Maya was crazy*chuckle*)" Tatsuya thought to himself, "(Am I the only normal guy here?)"

Speaking of normal guy…

"(Where is that Yu Narukami? He hasn't come yet today…)"

*screg* The door has opened, "Everyone, I'm sorry I'm late!"

Speak of the devil; there is the bowl-shaped haired guy. He entered the room wearing orange apron and carrying a large food tray.

"N-Narukami-senpai!" Irie blushed and immediately get up from Sekine.

"Ugh, my back…," Sekine groaned in pain and slowly get back to her feet.

"I didn't expect you to ditch," Hisako release Yui from her grip.

"I… *exhale* am… *pant, cough* alive…!" Yui is clinging to her 'life'.

"I made almost two hundreds by myself, so I thought it wouldn't be fair for everyone else," Yu looked slightly apologetic, "That's why, I decided to leave the rest to you guys and made refreshments instead."

This took everyone interest, as Yu put the large food tray down. On it there are many dishes: shitake rice, fried chickens, mackerel miso, spicy gyozas, and potato salad. A large pitcher of mineral water is also available, complete with six glass cups.

"Woow!" Yui's eyes gleam with stars.

"Refreshments…?" Tatsuya grins sarcastically, "These are portions for ten people."

"Quite a show-off eh, Iron Chef?" Hisako teased.

Yu feel embarrassed, "Irie-san said to me that you guys eat a lot… Especially Yui-san with rice and Hisako-san with gyozas."

Yui and Hisako are death-glaring Irie, who is petrified with fear.

"What else did you two talk about? Eh? Eh?" Sekine is very interested.

"She said Sekine-san loves junk food, so I tried to serve a healthy salad and…"

"N-N-Narukami-senpai, that's enough!"

"Are you sure that's all you talked about…?" Sekine smiles evilly, "Narukami-senpai, if you want to know anything about Miyukichi, just ask me~ Even her embarrassing secrets~"


"That would be helpful. Thank you," Yu thanked obliviously.


"You guys, the food will get cold," Tatsuya sighed yet again.

"Right! Chow time!" Yui went ahead and eat.

"…And it looks like we won't be practicing anytime soon," Hisako complained, but start to eat as well.

"Let's eat~" Irie join in as well, despite the furious blush on her face.

"This is good!" Sekine who ate a small slice of the potato salad, praised.

Yu only nods lightly and begin to eat as well. They have a nice dinner together, chatting and sharing silly stories while trading each other's dishes. Until-

"AH!" Yui exclaims suddenly and hastily swallows her rice, "We need to hang the paper cranes in the infirmary…"

Stopping her chopsticks for a while, Hisako speaks, "Do it tomorrow, mid-day."

"Why mid-day?" Irie asked her senior.


"That way, the other two girls could join in, right?" Tatsuya cut.

Hisako pouts, "Are you a psychic?"

The whole room breaks into laughter, and the night continues-

"Wait, what about Noda-senpai?" Irie bring it up.

"That dumbass? Why?" Yui asked with uninterested tone.

"He was injured too, so-"

"This gyoza is spicy, but delicious~" Yu said happily.

"True, it is de- Yui! That one's mine!" Hisako roared.

"…," Irie quietly resumes her eating.

…And the night continues.

~Relatively Happy Day~

*Early Morning*

/School Grounds – Gym

It's the morning assembly set by the school; a stern-looking teacher in glasses seems to have an important announcement to make with Tenshi beside him, since the other teachers are assembled here along with the students. SSS crew is on the scene as well, albeit they took the rear row for obvious reasons.

"Therefore, Tachibana Kanade-san will be resigning from her seat on the Student Council as of today."

"What?" Otonashi exclaimed.

"Instead, Naoi-kun, the Vice President, will be taking over the seat as a deputy."

That teacher pointed to a small guy besides him, and the announcement continues. SSS crew began fidgeting.

"She's not resigning- she's being removed," Yuri said sheepishly.

"What's the meaning of this, everyone?" Otonashi is exuberant, "We didn't complete the operation, so why…"

"Indeed. We only manage to swap 4 papers, so it's just about half of the subjects," Takeyama said.

"Only half the mission is done," Takamatsu adjusts his glasses and set up a somewhat eccentric face, "I'll call that… half-boiled."

"What kind of line was that?" Takeyama complained.

"It's from a double-rider children's show [2] I borrowed last week from Hinata-san," Takamatsu returned to his usual calm manner, "It's quite good, you want to borrow it as well Takeyama-san?"

"I'm not interested. And, call me Christ-"

"Speaking of which, do you two know anything?" Takamatsu turned around to-

"Maybe one of the teachers is made of medals…," Hinata answered in tired voice.

"Maybe one of teachers was rejected in public by her…," Ooyama answered in depressed voice.

Both Otonashi and Takeyama sweat-dropped, while Takamatsu sighed.

"Alright, everyone! We shall have a celebration feast tonight!" Yuri yelled loud enough for her fellow members to hear, but not drawing attention.

"Eh?" was everyone's reaction.

"Now Tenshi a normal student without any authority, she couldn't stop us! Let's celebrate this victory by partying until sunrise!" Yuri continues.

"AWWWRIGHT!" was (almost) everyone's reaction.

"…We would accumulate Cell Medals by doing that," Hinata said nonsense.

"…I'm pretty sure no girl wants to dance with me," Ooyama is being negative.

"Yuri, but…," Otonashi is being boring.

"The party starts at 10 PM tonight at the school's cafeteria, folks! Be sure to not have dinner at all since we're having a major feast, and I will shoot anyone who ate less than ten plates!"

"Uhh, Yuri… I wanted to discuss about-"

"Be sure to inform everyone else! Anyone who's not present will suffer a penalty game! You got it? Dismissed!"

"…," Otonashi was ignored and left all alone, "Is it okay like this…?"


/School Building – Anti-Tenshi Operation HQ

"Alright, then…," Yuri is busy talking through her wireless, "Is that so? Good, good. What about the menus? Hmm… Okay, it's fine like that."

Five minutes later, Yuri has done talking and put away the tool.

"Tonight will be entertaining," Yuri smiles mischievously.

*After School*

/School building – 2F Hallway

Yui dragged two of her fans/friends, Mirei and Akiza, who just finished their part-time shift at JUSCO.

"Yuinyansan, you were making paper cranes for Takako's health?" Mirei asked.

"Why didn't you tell us? We could've helped…," Akiza said sadly.

"You two got work, so I don't want to bother. It's fine, that's why I asked help now!" Yui replied choppily.

In front of the empty classroom, Hisako, Sekine, Irie, Yu, and Tatsuya are already waiting.

"Tatsu-senpai! You came!" Yui chirped like a happy bird.

"…They insisted," Tatsuya said with a frown, playing with his zippo.

"If you're a real man, you won't complain," Hisako teased.

Tatsuya is slightly irritated, "A real man is someone who never falter from his duties."

Yu chuckles, "But I believe a real man shouldn't leave a girl who needs help."

Yu got Tatsuya there, while the girls except Mirei-Akiza laughed.

"How do we help you with the paper cranes?" Mirei asked.

"Since there's 1000 of them, we need more people to carry and hang them later at the infirmary!" Yui explained.

"I wonder if it's alright…?"

"Don't worry! Anything for a friend, right?" Akiza pats Mirei's shoulder.

"But you two should be careful not to rip even one!" Sekine warned, "After all, among them resides Miyukichi's wish for-"


Sekine and Irie got into a cat fight, while the rest of the crew ignored them and enter the room.

/School Building – Empty Classroom A

As they entered the room, everyone was struck with a big surprise. Inside, there is Takako! She is standing firmly while holding a bunch of paper cranes.

"These are very well-made… I wonder if the art club made them."

She is dressed in her usual school uniform, her favorite violet hairpins, and perfectly healthy!

"TAAAKAAACHAAAN!" Yui, Mirei, and Akiza yelled in unison.

The four girls now in a warm group hug, cuddling each other.

"Y-Yuinyansan? Mirei and Akiza, too…?"

"Stupid Taka-chan! When did you recover?"

"I woke up this morning and feel perfectly fine…"

"We were so worried, Takako!"

"Thank goodness, Takako…"

Hisako, Sekine, Irie, Yu and Tatsuya could only watch in awe.

"It really worked! Our wish came true!" Irie grimaced with Sekine.

"T-That was fast…," Hisako rubbed the back of her head, feel rather awkward.

"That's because everyone worked so hard on them," Yu smiled.

Tatsuya is silent, only smiling while flipping his zippo's lid up and down as usual.

"I figured Yuinyansan would be here, so I came… But what's these paper cranes for?"

"Dumb Taka-chan! We made these for you, so we can wish you to be cured!"

"Eeh!? You asked the art club help just for me?"

"Nooo! WE made them! By hands! All by ourselves! Taka-chan is an idiot!"

"S-Stop that, Yuinyansan! It hurts!"

"Y-Yes! Let's hang these in this room instead!"

Hisako couldn't help but to agree and the group spends the day decorating that empty classroom with paper cranes.

Meanwhile, outside…

"She has recovered… Good," Shinjiro whispers to himself.

"…Hmph," Noda let out a small frown,

"Aren't you going to join in?" Shinjiro asked.

"And why don't you?" Noda asked back, irritated.

"My break almost up. I still have a work to do."

"…Whatever," Noda swing his halberd lightly in irritation.

Noda seemed burdened with Yuri yelling at him back then… Shinjiro could see that much.

"Why don't you eat at JUSCO's food court? I'll give you one free bowl," Shinjiro offered.

Noda didn't answer, but follow him anyway.


/School Cafeteria – Interior

The time is 09.58 PM. Whole SSS members have gathered without anyone absent, thanks to the glorious food offer and frightening threat. For some reason, no other students, teachers, or even GOATS came by to check in or demolish this party. Also strangely enough, no chef or cleaning staff from the school is around. Despite that, the tables of luxurious food of all cafeteria menus have been laid and waiting to be devoured- complete with mineral water and large number of soft drinks to be swallowed.

"Yuri…," Otonashi asked, "How did you… set up all this?"

"With a little bit of clever planning," Yuri answered simply.

"Don't tell me you raided the school's food storage and broke vending machines-"

The time is 10.00 PM.

"Alright, everyone!" Yuri spoke through a megaphone, "To celebrate the demotion of Tenshi and our freedom, let's party until sunset!"


Everyone is raiding the tables and take whatever food/drink they could find.

"Cheers for our glorious afterlife paradise!" Matsushita raised… a chicken skewer.

"WHOOO-HOO!" T.K. answered, raising a roasted beef.

"Maybe we should do that too, Takeyama-san," Takamatsu suggested.

"It should've been with glass drink. And call me Christ-"

"HEAH!" Fujimaki swings his shirasaya downward a few times, "How's that!?"

Chaa, Saito, and Yamaoka ate the fresh sashimi Fujimaki just chopped (which caught by Saito of course).

"It's sweet, but the cut was off," Chaa commented.

"It's sweet because of the fish! You knew nothing of chopping a fish!" Saito is enraged.

"What!? Dare you say that again?!" Fujimaki gets in battle stance.

"Now, now," Yamaoka set them apart, "It's not that bad, actually. Shall we teach Fujimaki-san together, Saito-san?"

And they cool down. Meanwhile, on the girls part…

"Why are they here!?" Yuri roared.

There are Mirei, Akiza, and Takako- all invited by Yui to join in the party.

"They're not part of SSS (and they're NPCs), Yui!"

"P-Please Yuri-senpai…," Yui begged, "Just this once… I want to celebrate Taka-chan's recovery too (and I promise I won't befriend other NPCs), so please allow them!"

"Eh? What about Shinjiro-senpai and Tatsu-senpai?" Akiza whispered.

"Shinjiro-senpai was tired after cooking all day in food court, so he rest early," Mire answered, also in whispers.

"Tatsu-senpai said he didn't want to butt in a private party… Maybe we shouldn't have too," Takako whispered, also in whispers.

"What are you three whispering about~?" Yuri asked with killer smile.

"EEP! N-N-Nothing!" the three NPC girls quivered in fear.

"Oh well," Yuri sighs, "Fine. But only for tonight!"

"T-Thank you, senpai!" the three NPC girls bowed in gratitude.

"With that out the way…" Yui said, all of sudden holding a guitar and *tick-tick* snaps her fingers-

All of sudden, there are various colorful spotlights rotating around the room and a DJ table, where T.K. is standing.

"IIIITT'S PARTY TIME!" T.K. exclaimed before buzzing the disc and starts DJ-ing.

"Everyone, let's rock n' roll!" Yui yelled and play a mad guitar riff- scratch that; she's just strumming her guitar randomly.

BGM: A Hip-Hop music you like

Regardless, the whole cafeteria turned into a dance floor. Many do dance for fun, while the rest just eat and watch.

"*munch, munch*," like Yusa, who is watching from upper floor while eating a meat bun and drinking a carton milk.

Now that's the bright side of the party, let's take a look to the dim part of the party.

"I want a third!" Hinata slammed his beer glass to the counter, drunk.

"Sure, sure," Yamaoka who has switched role to a bartender, poured an orange drink.

"…You only drank orange juice, Hinata. Why do you get drunk?" Otonashi said, drinking his coffee.

Hinata didn't answer, finished his glass in one go, and fell asleep.

"He was watching Tokusatsu up till before the party, Otonashi-san," Ooyama said weakly, not touching his glass of mineral water.

"Why boys enjoyed watching such special effect show?" Iwasawa asked, only drinking half of her tea.

"Iwasawa?" Otonashi is surprised, "You're not playing with Yui and your band?"

Iwasawa took a quick peek to Yui, who is jamming her guitar and joined in by Hisako, Sekine, and Irie just a little while ago. Together, they do a mini-concert.

"…I wanted to, but if any school staff hears my voice, they'll find out," Iwasawa said sadly.

"Oh, right. I'm sorry."

"No, it's alright."

Yamaoka put four plates of fried noodles in front of them.

"Each of us has a problem, but do not dwell in it. Have fun tonight, so tomorrow might be even better," Yamaoka said with a kind smile.

Otonashi, Ooyama, and Iwasawa look at each other and then smiles.

"What's that smell?" Hinata woke up, "Ah! Fried noodles! Let's eat!"

They could only grin and start eating together. In middle of the crowd, Yuri is happy to see this party she set up is successful- so much that she declares herself the party queen. One pair of eyes is staring at her frequently.

"You're not joining them?" Yu asked a certain purple haired guy.

Noda, who was hiding behind a wall while eating a salty roasted corn, shuddered for this new guy to find him.

"Shut up… I haven't acknowledge you yet and that Otonashi too!" Noda pouted.

"I got it, I got it," Yu talk slowly to calm him down, "How about some spicy chicken? It fits well with corns."

"…If you insist," Noda took some spicy chicken drumsticks from Yu's plate and eat away.

# The SSS members are enjoying their party of Tenshi's demotion. You could feel everyone's bond as a team has tightened…

*KACHING!* Rank up! The SSS Social Link has reached level 4! Your power to create Personas of the Fool Arcana has grown!

*Late Night*

Cafeteria, late into the night… 11.50 PM. Most of the activities has ceased down: almost every member has stopped eating, very few who's still drinking, and none is still dancing.

"HIP-HIP-HIP! WHOOO!" T.K. spins his head on the floor, before standing up and pointing a finger straight.

…Correction, one guy still dancing along the now turned down R&B music. The whole place is a mess with almost nobody cleaning up, and the remaining healthy people were just chatting.

"Whew… What a blast this party is, eh Otonashi?" Hinata leap up his arms with a grin.

"You were sleeping halfway through *yawn* but at least you're back to normal," Otonashi answered sleepily.

"…And that's how chords nowadays work, not that much different in G string, but as for the C string…," Iwasawa goes on and on about guitar trivia.

"I-I-Iwasawa-san… T-That's enough, It was fun but *cough* my head feel heavy right now…," Ooyama whimpered, drained all of his brainpower.

With the situation is pretty much past-zombie apocalypse, Yuri goes to stand on a table and screams through the megaphone:


"Y-Yurippe… I couldn't eat anymore…," Fujimaki beg for mercy.

"Even I'm almost at my limit," Matsushita is still eating, albeit slow.

"I ate too much meat. At this rate my training won't go as smooth," Takamatsu is looking at his muscles- yup; he's currently half-naked.


"You're kidding, right…?" Hisako was about to eat another gyoza, but drop her chopsticks instead.

"Don't give up… everyone…!" Yui is trying her best to swallow a spoonful of soup.

"She's… the devil!" Takeyama squeezed those words before fainting on heavy tummy.

"Ahem. Milady?" Yamaoka politely asks, "Wasting food sure is deplorable, but there aren't that many left. We should share them with other students."

"That's not it. We need to stay here longer," Yuri said quietly.

"What do you mean, milady?"

"…Any minute now…"

From the eerie dead silence, a loud banging can be heard from cafeteria's double door.

"What the hell!?" Noda put up his fighting stance.

Dozens of NPC students wearing yellow 'Student Council' armband entered the room without warning and surrounding the SSS members. Although they didn't carry any weapon, they're certainly not friendly.

"Damn…," a male SSS member raised his rifle, but Yuri stops him.

"They're NPCs."

Among the Student Council students, a relatively short guy with green hair and pointed hat came out, "That's enough."

He's that NPC who replaces Tenshi's position, Naoi Ayato.

"I have various charges against you all; but for the time being, I'll have you sent to the Introspection Room for violating school rules regarding activity hours."

Everyone especially the idiots are agitated, but Yuri silently orders them to stay put.

"Now I'm the Student Council President, you will not be left with an easy way out."

Everyone is anxious of what will become of them, but Yuri is calm.

"Take them away."

Secretively, Yuri let out devilish grin.

~Countdown to Revival~

*Early Morning*

/Breezeway – Below First Bridge

The SSS members have been released from the Introspection Room at last!

"Well~ sleeping on such place wasn't that bad," Yuri said cheerfully.

"How could you say that, Yurippe!?" Fujimaki complained as he straightens his sore neck.

"I thought this school was supposed to be our paradise if we tarnished Tenshi's name," Takamatsu reveal his muscles to public.

"What's wrong with that guy…?" Hinata asked sarcastically.

"Next time they come, we'll have our retribution against them, as well as Tenshi!" Noda suggested.

"They're NPCs, so you can't."

"But Yurippe-"



"But isn't it strange? Why NPCs force us to behave so suddenly like that?" Ooyama raised an interesting question.

"NPCs don't have souls, but they have the same emotions as humans. Among them there should be a cranky one," Yuri explained.

"Well, at least we came out in one piece. Anyone hungry?" Matsushita suggested.

"Are you kidding? I nearly become obese last night," Takeyama rejected.

"But thanks to last night's fiesta, we had enough filling to went through the night," Takamatsu stated, posing his body out.

Something clicked in Otonashi's head, "Ah! That's it! Yuri, is this why you were pushing us to eat a lot?"

"…EEEH!?" was everyone else's reaction.

"Y-You mean… You were expecting this and let us get captured on purpose, Yurippe?" Hinata couldn't believe it.

"I wonder," Yuri smiles playfully.

"Hey, hey, everyone!" Yui raised her voice, "Right now, we should think of what to do to that deputy Student Council President!"

"But he's an NPC, so we can't harm him. What should we do, Yuri?" Iwasawa ponders.

"That's easy, Iwasawa-senpai! Sex appeal!" Yui grins confidently.

Hinata snorts, "And where exactly are you hiding that?"

Yui is pissed, "What did you say?! Have you ever seen me nude?"

"I can imagine too much already with your clothes on."

"You ever touched them?! They have just the perfect softness, got it?!"

"How should I know!?"

"Humph! Only a real man like Tatsu-senpai would understand…"

"So? He's an NPC! N-P-C!"

"NPC that's totally hot, unlike cold stuff like you!"

"What was that!? Say that again!"

"How shallow-minded."


/School Building – Anti-Tenshi Operation HQ

Everyone has gathered here, as usual.

"So," said Takamatsu, who already put on his shirt, "What will our activities from here on be?"

Yuri is sitting on her comfortable chair, raising her legs atop the desk as usual. What's unusual was, she seems cheerful despite of what just happened.

"Attend class and make trouble as you'd like for a while. Don't bother the NPCs too much, and avoid fighting GOATS or the Student Council members. That's all."

Otonashi seems unconvinced, "That's all, Yuri? But doesn't the situation seem odd?"

"Odd? What do you mean?" Iwasawa asked curiously.

"We've been making such trouble, but only the Student Council came. The GOATS didn't act at all; even we're making such a loud noise at midnight."

"Maybe because we didn't use violence, so it's not their problem?" Ooyama tried to answer.

"Perhaps. But-"

"That's enough, Otonashi-kun," Yuri interrupted, "Everything's ready. We just need to wait patiently."

"Ready? What are you preparing this time, Yurippe?" Hinata feel uneasy.


"And she ignored me again… Fine."

Everyone left, except for Yuri.

"Otonashi-kun, hold onto this."

Yuri gave him a black wireless radio.

"Isn't this valuable? I know Yusa's Persona ability is more convenient, but-"

"Just take it. Oh, don't forget to buy its spare batteries at JUSCO later."

Finally, Otonashi left in confusion.

"Yoooshhh," Yuri crack her knuckles, "The plan has been set, now I got some free time."

/JUSCO – 2F, Grocery Department

Yuri decided to do some solo shopping this morning; most importantly, fresh cooking ingredients.

"Cucumbers… Carrots… Potatoes…," Yuri puts them one at a time in her shopping cart.

"Every time's good at your JUSCO!"

Yuri turns around and noticed a panda mascot humming the hypermarket's tune.

Yuri remembered reading about this: one of Yui's groupies, Akiza Funabi, is working part-time here as the panda mascot. But isn't she only start working after school- oh, this is Sunday. Skipping classes' everyday sure make you forget which day is which. Plus, she's seems exuberant since her friend has recovered.

"Every time's good at your JUSCO!" Akiza- the panda notices Yuri and cues her to get closer while keeps humming the tune, "Every time's good at your JUSCO!"

Now Yuri understood; she- it wanted to show her the bargain bin. Yuri definitely not wasting the opportunity for a discount (aren't every woman is?); …even some of the merchandise placed there looked odd.

# Obtained Ointment x 10, Medical Kit x5, Revival Gem x1, Amrita Soda x2, Dry Ice x2, Attack Mirror x1, Homunculus x2.

As if that panda didn't know Yuri, it walk away while humming, "Every time's good at your JUSCO!"

"(…She might be just an NPC, but she's nice)."

*After School*

/School Building – Rooftop

Yuri is heading into this direction to access the Velvet Room.

/Velvet Room

"Welcome to the Velvet Room," Theodore greeted politely as usual.

"It's been a while," Yuri is itchin' to fuse, "I'm gonna fuse a lot today!"

"Go ahead, by all means," Igor chuckled.

Roughly one hour of mix and matching…

"I am Nandi… Ride on my back and we'll protect everyone…"

The cow Persona enters Yuri's mind, "Oh, I don't have a Social Link for Star arcana yet…"

When Yuri is about to leave, Theodore stop her.

"What is it? Another request?"

"Indeed. I would like you to bring me some sun goggles; it's similar to sunglasses, but in form of a pair goggles."

Yuri flinches, "Why you… How did you know?"

"We're always watching your journey. Did you forget?" he smiles.

# Quest 2: Sun Observation accepted!

/School Building – 1F Hallway

Yuri stops by to buy her favorite Key Coffee from the vending machine, only to find none.

"Y-Yuri-senpai… right?" a girl's voice called, "T-That vending machine was broken last week, so GOATS repaired it and changes the drink list."

Yuri turned to see three NPC girls: Mirei, Akiza, and Takako speaking to her from a safe distance.

"Thanks for the info, but do you need something from me?"

Takako bravely steps forward, "W-We need to talk to you about Yuinyansan…"

/School Building – Empty Classroom D

The three girls lead Yuri here, an empty classroom which they said used to be a club room, but it has been disbanded a few months ago.

*screg* the door is opened by Yui, "Hello, everyone! Eh? Yuri-senpai is here, too?"

The five girls sit on the floor, Yui sits besides Yuri and the groupies in front of them. They face each other in horizontal fashion.

"So what are you three needed to discuss with both of us?" Yuri asks, folding her arms.

The three girls are whispering at each other nervously, until Mirei, the glasses one, stood up.

"Actually… we want to build a fan club for Yuinyansan!"


"EEH!? Really!?" Yui questioned excitedly.

"Go ahead and build one then," Yuri commented dryly, "Just don't bother our activities."

"The problem is, the school won't allow us to build such club. Especially since Yuinyansan is a delinquent," Takako said anxiously.

"I sounded bad when you said it like that…," Yui growled.

"That's why, we need someone who has power over school that rivals the teachers and GOATS!" Akiza joined her hands cheerfully, "It's you, Yuri-senpai!"

"(Was the bargain bin offering earlier a bribe?)" Yuri is starting to get bored, "Because I'm the leader of 'delinquents', right?"

The three girls nodded in agreement, "That too, but also… from allowing us to join the party yesterday, we know we can trust you… maybe. So please?"

"What a half-assed flattery," Yuri growled, "Let's see… No."

"EEH? WHY?" the three girls were surprised.

"Yui is the GDM's new leader, but she's just a spaz who's still a greenhorn in pretty much everything. A fanclub for such person seems ridiculous."

Yui's heart throbs, "T-That hurts, Yuri-senpai…"

"T-That's why! T-The fan club will push her even further into stardom of rock!" Takako tried to force the positive thinking.

"W-We will do anything from preparing club activities and events; except for keeping the club to exist, we won't bother you at all!" Akiza begged.

"A-And also, you shall be our club advisor. You will decide everything from when to meet, what event to held, and we will do the grunt work. So, please!" Mirei did her best to make a delightful offer.

Yui's heart feels warm, "Y-You girls… for me…"

# Your Understanding is high enough to allow you take account of their dedication.

"…Alright, I'll do it," Yuri said, though she might regret it.

"REALLY!?" the girls including Yui asked.

"But I'm the boss, so it's all up to me. The four of you should not disobey whatever I told you to do. Is that clear?" Yuri threatened.

"O-Of course we will!" the girls said-

Yui who knows how Yuri's crazy plans were, doubts, "B-But Yuri-senpai might-"

"We accept! Thank you very much!" the girls bowed down deeply, "We are grateful to you, Yuri-senpai."

Eventually Yui also bows, albeit hesitantly. Afterwards the girls raise their heads again.

"With this, Yuinyan Fan Club has been officially established!" the three girls exclaimed, raising a medium-sized white flag with YFC letters and Yui's face painted on it.

"W-Well…," Yui is getting excited, "I won't disappoint everyone!"

# You have been appointed the advisor of Yuinyan Fan Club. You feel a bond is formed between the five of you…

*THUMP-THUMP* the world around Yuri is frozen in time as a Persona card shows its back to her. It turns around, revealing a picture of a five-pointed star in blue night sky, along with number 'XVII' under it. Then Yuri hears a voice in her head.

Thou art I... And I am thou... Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of the Star Arcana...

The card shatters into buds of energy which wraps Yuri's body as a warm, blue aura.

# You has established the Yuinyan Fan Club Social Link of the Star Arcana! You may earn EXP bonus when fusing Persona of the Star Arcana!

"(What. They should've come to me earlier! Damn it.)"

As the other girls were discussing the possibilities of the club, Takako approaches Yuri.

"Umm… Senpai? I wonder if I could…"


"…Uh… N-Never mind!" Takako runs off.


/Basement – Old Guild

Yuri approached Chaa who is busy working with Saito and other Guild members, while Yamaoka observed sharply.

"Oi, Yurippe! We're busy here, but you can look around if you want."

[Spend time with the Guild.]

[Check Social Link rank.]

[Don't disturb them.]

# Guild Social Link, Rank 1. The Arcana is Hierophant, Personas of keen mind. You can see the power of wisdom, associated with the Hierophant Arcana…

\Notice/ Omoikane Lv. 6, Anzu Lv. 14, Shiisa Lv. 20, Unicorn Lv. 26.

# It seems further power lies hidden…

[Spend time with the Guild.]

[Check Social Link rank.]

[Don't disturb them.]

"Great," Chaa and the rest of the Guild looked happy =D

Yuri watched the Guild members working hard. …A half-hour later, she couldn't stand it and picked up a pile of dirt. Chaa decided to take a break and see her.

"What are you making, Yuri?"

"Oh, something classic."

# You passionately form the dirt… Your Diligence has increased.

Sometime later, the dirt on Yuri's hands is replaced by a spinning pinwheel toy.

"I'm still good!" Yuri praised her work.

As Yuri blows the toy cheerfully, Chaa laughs "Hahaha, I guess you're a girl after all."

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"Remember my wife I told you about? She's such a strong girl, yet still doing feminine stuff like that every day," Chaa looked nostalgic, "And when said that same thing I said to you just then to her, she replied exactly like you."

"For real?"

"Every word," Chaa smiles.

As the romantic tension builds up, a certain fisherman intrudes, "Yo! Lovefishes on mating season!"

"There's no 'lovefish', Saito-san!" Yuri growled.

"All fishes are lovesick doofuses when the mating season came, Yurippe!" Saito smiled cockily, "Even their eyes looked expressionless like this old guy here, their heart rages with flames of love!"

Both Yuri and Chaa do a face-palm, when Yamaoka came with a food tray.

"Whether it's love or friendship, an intimate talk between two people shouldn't be intruded upon, Saito-san," Yamaoka smiles gently, "Right, milady?"


["It's not love, I tell you!"]

["No comment!"]

"Glad to see you appreciate my opinion," Yamaoka (and Chaa) looked happy =D

Saito frowns a bit on Yamaoka's words, while this butler serves sandwiches and coffee.

Chaa stood up and clap his hands, "Everyone! Break time!"

All hells break loose and the dining table was swarmed by hungry workers. As the table was occupied completely, Chaa handed Yuri something.

"Don't forget this," Chaa gave Yuri her handmade pinwheel, "Don't want this 'masterpiece' to be broken, right?"

# Obtained Pinwheel x1.

"Hehe, right!" Yuri smiled back.

# You spend some valuable time with the Guild members. Your relationship is stronger now!

*KACHING!* Rank up! The Guild Social Link has reached level 2! Your power to create Personas of the Hierophant Arcana has grown!

Yuri spend the night by dining at the Old Guild- fortunately, Yusa didn't call her.

~An Angel is Born~


[Otonashi's/1st Person POV]

/School Building – Classroom 2-2

As per Yuri's instructions, everyone is supposed to be causing trouble in classes. But what I'm supposed to do? I look at what the others are doing:

Shiina is balancing multiple objects like broom, scissors, and a ruler on her fingers. Maybe she should try to challenge Guiness…

Ooyama is secretively eating potato chips under his table- since his expression were so happy each time he ate one, why he hasn't get caught yet?

Takamatsu is doing push-ups… I didn't count, but I'm positive he's above 200 by now. Noda is taking a nap using two tables, how stick out.

"Triple Bakuman!" Hisako revealed her tiles proudly.

"What gives?! You won again!" Fujimaki snapped in frustration.

"Why we couldn't win against a lone girl!?" Matsushita 5th feels ashamed.

"Come here, you party people!" T.K. tried to cheer them up, his way.

The teacher didn't bother us anymore, despite how loud we are now. It's been one day now, but they gave up so easily. Speaking of which, Yui isn't here today. I'm glad I don't have to hear 'Sensei, toilet!' every five minutes, but still… Hinata isn't here either since Yuri asked him for Persona training, so I have no one to talk to.

"(At this rate I will pay attention to the lessons and be obliterated. What should I do?)"

[Yuri's/3rd Person POV]

/School Grounds – Back Alley

In this empty alley, Yuri, Hinata, Shiina, and Yu have gathered.

"Listen up!" Yuri announced, "Today I will try a new formation, by replacing Iwasawa-san with Narukami-san."

"I'll do my best," Yu said modestly, holding a long katana.

"That's a long blade. Could you handle it?" Hinata asked.

"He'll be fine. I helped him train last week," Shiina answered instead.

"For real!? You survived a fight against Shiina-chi? How!?"

"Somehow, I lasted… I'm sorry Hinata-san, but I don't want to remember it."

"Quit chatting! Let's hunt some goats!" Yuri ordered and the training commence.

[Otonashi's/1st Person POV]

*Lunch Time*

/School Building – Classroom 2-2

Somehow, I lasted the morning period by staring out to the window. I believe I saw a blue flash of a summoned Persona, but I'm already used to it. I'm glad that Vice President didn't come by today, but now what should I do? Everyone else already left the room except for few girl NPCs and-

"(Tachibana)," I saw her small figure, sitting on her desk and tapping her pen against the book's page.

I know she's an angel and all, but… What's this nagging feeling that keeps bothering me?

"Let's see…," without giving it a second thought, I sat behind her desk, "Hey, are you hungry at all?"

"I'm not. Not at this kind of hour," she replied without looking, as usual.

"I see… But I heard this infamous mabo tofu at the cafeteria that nobody could eat. I'd like to give it a try, but I might unable to finish it alone."

Tachibana stopped fiddling with her pen. Did it work? Time to find out…

"If you're interested, I'll treat you. So, could you come with-"

Tachibana rose from her seat and walk towards the classroom exit, "Why are you still sitting?"

I quickly recover from the surprise and follow her.

[Yuri's/3rd Person POV]

Somewhere at the school…

"Gwoagh!" a GOATS infantry fell after Yu's Persona, Izanagi, chop away his armor.

"You're a natural, Narukami-san," Yuri praised, "Although… ARE YOU DEAF!?"

Izanagi dematerialized hastily in response to Yu's shock, "S-Sorry?"

"I was ordering you to finish off THE GUNNER ONLY! But you went and defeat all of them!" Yuri scolded.

"I-I'm sorry. I'm still not used to taking orders…"

Hinata smirks, "My, so usually you're the one calling the shots?"

"T-That's not what I meant," Yu is bewildered.

"Forget it, Narukami-san. I'm the leader here, so you should get used to it!" Yuri scolded.

Yu lowered his head in embarrassment, "U-Understood."

"How shallow-minded."

[Otonashi's/1st Person POV]

/School Cafeteria – Interior

I saw what's on my plate and hers. Plenty of tofu drowned in red pool of some substance which I believe is chili, mixed with green peppers. Gathering my courage, I took out a spoonful and insert it into my mouth.

"HOT! MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE!" I cried like a little kid.

To my opposite, Tachibana is eating those blobs of lava dish like your everyday rice. It's her third spoon already, and she barely broke a sweat or reacting at all.

"HOT! …Huh?" as I finished enduring the spicy pain, delicacy dances in my tongue, "This… is actually good!"

"Glad you like it," Tachibana said, not moving her eyes from her plate.

"Don't you feel hot at all?" I tried to make a conversation, "I heard people who tried to eat it uses rice as buffer."

"Is that so? I know it's spicy, but…," Tachibana swallowed her seventh spoon, "It's delicious."

"I get it. It's not so much you like spicy food, mabo tofu is just your favorite flavor," I commented, before gulping my mineral water in one go.

All of sudden Tachibana stop eating, "So I like mabo tofu? I never think about it."

"Why not?" I smiled after feel rejuvenated, "Each person has likes and dislikes."

"Since I'm an angel, I never thought about such things."

…! Did I hear that right? She-

"Tachibana-san." This voice is… "Eating food during break time is against the school code."

"Ah," Tachibana speak innocently, "I'd forgotten."

"Eeh!?" I was shocked; she really is forgotten as I saw innocence in her eyes!

Tachibana finishes her mabo tofu to the last spoon, before both she and I are taken away by the Student Council.

[Yuri's/3rd Person POV]

"Good work everyone," Yuri put away her knife.

Hinata and Yu are breathing heavily, tired from the training.

"Y-You're… not half-bad… Narukami," Hinata smiled between his breaths.

"You're quite good too… Hinata-san," Yu commented in middle of his panting.

"That's enough training for today. Rest up," Yuri commanded.

"Understood," Shiina vanished instantly at that command.

"Eh? We're not having evening drill today?" Hinata asked.

"No. Don't you know what day is today?" Yuri sneered playfully.

Hinata and Yu could only exchange confused looks.

[Otonashi's/1st Person POV]

/Underground Channel – Containment Shaft

I and Tachibana are locked up in a room sealed shut with a steel door, all for eating mabo tofu during break time. This place has nothing but a single bed and bladder facility; it's similar to a prison.

"I'm sleepy. I'm taking a nap," said Tachibana as she heads dozily to the bed.

I can't believe this girl, "H-Hey, why are you so calm about this?"

"It counts as reflecting upon our actions, so it's fine."

"Are rules everything? We humans have rights!"

"I'm an angel, so I don't know much about that."

I froze upon those words. She can't be serious…

"T-Tachibana?" my voice is filled with anxiety, "Y-You are… REALLY an angel…?"

My fears came true as she nods, "I am."

I took a step back, leaning on the cold steel door. No way…

"C-Come now, that joke wasn't funny, Tachibana!"

"I wasn't joking."

Impossible… I mean, we know she has mysterious powers and dedication to serve the school, but… We called her 'Tenshi' every time, but why does this seems so wrong?

"You-are-really-an-angel…?" my voice is shaking with mixed feelings.

Once again, she nods. Why now? Why not long before…? I can't think straight.

"T-That's ridiculous! I-If you're an angel, you would have wings and maybe a halo…"

"I'm not allowed to show my wings in public for no reason."

Tachibana's eyes meet mine; her yellow eyes are straight, yet seem soulless. It's as if she is really… a doll of-

"Not allowed…?" I'm going to regret asking this, "By who…?"

"God, My Lord."

My throat feels pain, as if I'm swallowing a large chunk of ice cube.

"Didn't all of you already know that? That's why you call me 'Tenshi', right?"

Rage is erupting in my brain, "WHY!? You should've helped us to cope with our lives, instead of forcing us to obey rules!"

"Because He ordered me so," Tachibana answered clearly, "I can't deny Him, for I am an angel."

My brain is spinning. Tachibana is really an angel? God does really exist and give her an order? I always had doubts in my mind that somehow that isn't the whole case. That even she's truly an angel, maybe it's just a misunderstanding and we had a better way to solve this. Why all of sudden she…? This is too much…

*BEEP, BEEP* the wireless in my pocket is buzzing. I took a deep breath to calm myself down and answer.

"…Otonashi here. It is you, Yuri?"

"Yup, it's me. How are you doing down there?"

"Not so good… You won't believe what I just- wait! You knew!?"

"Actually, you'll be fine since you ate… To pick mabo tofu was stupid though."

"Y-You saw it all? Then why-"

"Well, Otonashi-kun. We won't rescue you until very much later, for reasons I won't explain now."

"What was that? Yuri, you-"

"In the meantime try to molest Tenshi if you dare, but I know you're a wuss so just sleep or do whatever until you're set free. Toddles!"

"Y-Yuri! Wait!" …and she hang up. Who could sleep after all that?

"Zzz…," Tenshi is sitting on the edge of the bed, sleeping almost soundlessly.

~Birth of a God~

*After School*

[Yuri's/3rd Person POV]

/School Grounds – Sports Field

In the center of an empty sports field, a lone acting student council president Naoi stands. He tugs his hat in a cocky brat manner, emphasizing great self-confidence.

"Show yourself, already."

Responding to his taunt, a girl with purple hair and black hair band also known as Yuri of the SSS is marching to the center. Their eyes meet; both intellectual mind and a leader's charisma clashes.

"Do you know what I had in mind?" Yuri taunted.

"Conquering this world as your own?" Naoi responded cleverly.

"So we do think alike. I'll let you be my cleaning service."

"Oh, really? I don't even want you as my maid."

A halberd swings around in fury, as Noda steps in, "WHAT!? Yuri would look great in a maid outfit!"

"As much as I'm agreeing to that one… Please shut up!" Hinata hold him back.

Naoi smirks offensively, "You were such a great example for those morons."

Yuri laughs evilly, "I don't want to hear that from someone with a hand-me-down position."

Naoi lifts his right hand, and numerous student council members lined up behind him.

"Watch what you say. Hand-me-down or whatever, I could use it to end your pathetic lives right here and now."

"I doubt that," Yuri is grinning, "What do you guys want to do? Scold us to death?"

"Very well. Everyone, please check inside each one of your jacket," Naoi ordered his men.

The student council members do so, and-

"W-What!? Why do I have a gun in my uniform?" a male member panicked.

"M-Me too!? A-Ayato-san, what's the meaning of this?" a female member asked anxiously.

Naoi's eyes suddenly grow red, "It's fine. Now, you all will obey-"

*CLAP* Yuri claps her hands so loud that everyone turn their attention to her.

"Everyone! What time is it now?" Yuri asked with a suspicious happy tone.

All the student council members looked at their watch and-

"Oh! Now's the time!" a male member took out a goggle and wears it.

The other members do the same, and soon each of the student council members wears the same accessory: a black-lens goggle.

Naoi's eyes revert to normal in surprise, "What are you guys wearing!?"

"Did you forget what day is today, Ayato-san?" a female member explains, "Today is the goggle day!"


To Naoi's shock, the SSS crew appeared fully armed AND wearing the same black-lens goggles! Yup, including Yuri.

"You…! Is this your doing!?" Naoi asked with murderous rage.

"That's right!" Yuri mocks, "FYI, we already know way back about your plan thanks to Yusa."

"What do you mean…?!"

"That time when you shot that chef-whatever guy, Yusa found out about your hypnotism trick. Then we figured out you're a human just like us, but maintain your stability here by being double-faced."

"…! You already know that…?"

"More than that. Since Yusa gained her Persona, it's gotten easier to track your activities. You've been building a prison room for Tenshi, so you could take over this world along with it's entire inhabitants with your hypnosis."

Naoi is taken aback in shock. He never thought his long-term plan would be revealed so easily… Seeing this, Yuri's smile grew wider.

"Your goal is slavery, while ours is free utopia. So we need to plan on how to beat your hypnosis and strip you of your power. After some observation, Yusa found out that your hypnosis wouldn't work on people you haven't planted it before. Even so, you need to do eye contact in short distance to invoke hypnosis or control your victim and without any object to block the vision."

Naoi understands now, "I see… this 'goggle day' thing…"

"Right! We snuck some fake papers into the principal's office and tricked him into making this day a day where every student should wear goggles after school. Thanks to Yusa's Persona ability and the principal's dork-headedness, it was an easy feat."

Many curious whispers are among the student council members; they started to doubt Naoi after hearing all that, obviously. Naoi take cautious steps away from them.

"Not yet… Not yet…!" Naoi is staggering in cold sweat, "I still have-"

"-Your trump card, that blue boy? As we speak now, three of my members were heading to the secret room you locked him in."

Naoi is truly at a loss now. His plans have been acknowledged and foiled! All of his time spent on constructing it has been wasted in a single swipe. As he opened his eyes, the SSS members are slowly approaching him.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Naoi runs off to the side, taking out a silver gun in the process and pointing it on his right temple, "Stay away!"

"He's going to commit a suicide!" Ooyama panicked.

"It'll be amusing. Let's just watch," Fujimaki relaxes.

"Don't be so cold. Let's respect his last moment," Matsuhsita is sipping a ramen with chopsticks.

"I think you are way colder…," Hinata shrugs.

"Don't worry, he'll be revived anyway," Takamatsu stated calmly.

A good long distance from the sports field, three little girls are watching the events unfold by hiding behind the bushes.

"Yuinyansan… This is so intense!" Takako chirped happily.

"It's a live-action drama goes real!" Akiza said in awe.

"Right, right!? Even I can't participate, I often watch it for fun," Yui remarked proudly.

Behind them, Mirei is dragging Shinjiro the chef, "Hurry, senpai!"

As he is forced to join the sightseeing, Shinjiro sighs, "…You."

"Me?" Yui pointed to herself.

"Last few weeks these girls were nice and kind, but now they're watching a bloodbath. What have you done?" Shinjiro accused.

"Our group is doing cool fights, not random slaughter!" Yui reasoned, "Besides, there's no need for that. That acting student council president will commit suicide."

"Suicide?" Shinjiro take a look, "Huh? Isn't that…?"

Back to Yuri's company, the student council members were so confused that they don't try to stop Naoi or remove their goggles. Meanwhile, the SSS crew is getting impatient.

"Look, if you want to shoot yourself just do it already!" Yuri is pissed.

"Hahaha… I will become a God…," Naoi seems goes bit insane, but his finger is still on the trigger.

"He's being delusional," Takamatsu commented.

"Let's just kill him already!" Noda suggested.

"No. We should honor his last stand," Matsushita said while eating a pork bun.

"Where you kept all those food?" Hinata sweat-dropped.

Suddenly, a faint blue aura is wrapping Naoi. Only Yuri and Shinjiro (from afar) who seems to notice, though.

"This sensation… This is it…!" Naoi looked happy all of sudden, "Now, what was it called again…?"

Yuri instinctively took a step back, "This is… It can't be!"

Shinjiro came out of the bushes and yells, "YOU GUYS! RUN!"

But it's too late as Naoi speaks, "Per… so… na!" –and pulls the trigger.


/Underground Channel – Lowest Entry Point

"…!" Yu Narukami took a sword stance and glances around him.

"What's wrong, Narukami-san?" Takeyama asked as he adjusts his glasses.

"I think I felt something…," Yu scan the small area around him to find nothing, "Maybe it was just my imagination."

Yusa, who is walking ahead of the two boys, gave a signal to move onward.

"Let's go," Takeyama said before marching on together with Yu.

This place is a secret underground tunnel located below school, but disconnected from the main building and has complicated entrance structure. It was found thanks to Angerona's ability as Yusa's Persona, and now she along with Takeyama as the hacker and Yu as a bodyguard. So far, the tunnel consists of long and branching pathways. There are only few traps and no guards, which kinda make Yu's role non-existent. Apparently Naoi's Student ID is required at the entrance door to disarm them, but it's only possible after stripping him powerless- which is Yuri's group doing now.

"What was our objective again?" Yu asked.

"To free a boy with blue hair locked up by that acting student council President," Takeyama answered.

"I wonder who he is…?" Yu wondered.

/School Grounds – Sports Field

Strong energy emanates from Naoi's body and pushing the people around him aback, as his Persona has awakened! Atop Naoi there is a short, but somewhat large human figure adorned in gray cloak. His head has no eyes, instead covered entirely by a golden crown adorned with Roman symbols. His body is entirely made of clay- a good quality one that is- while each of his hand and feet are taking shape of horrendous monsters.

"I am Icelus, the one who control nightmares. You, my other self, who have known my true name, accept my power to rule over the mortals under your hand!"

After a little while, the energy stops and the Persona vanishes into Naois' body.

"A Persona…? How…!?" Yuri had no clue of this possibility.

"So a Persona came out after killing yourself, too?" Hinata said stupidly.

"No, he's alive. That gun is not loaded," Shiina stated what she has observed with her keen eyes.

Unloaded… silver gun? Yuri remember about that gun Irie found before- is it a tool for-

"Yuri, incoming!" Shiina warned, and Yuri's gang made a dash backwards as Naoi points the silver gun to his head again and-

"Obey me, Icelus!"

*BANG* Naoi's Persona came out once more and cast a low almighty spell: Megido. A burst of telekinetic energy hit both SSS and the student council NPCs mercilessly- while they didn't get hurt too bad, the magical force shatters their goggles!

"Oh, no!" Yuri gasped.

Naoi smirks as his eyes turn red again, and he turns toward the student council members.

"Now… OBEY ME!" *BANG* "Demos Hypnos!"

A flash of pale red light sparks from Icelus' crown, hitting everyone around 30 meters range. …After the light show over, none get hurt.

"Huh? Is it just a blinder?" Matsushita wonders when *bang* "Gwogh!"

"Matsushita 5th!" the male SSS crew yelled in surprise.

One NPC shoots Matsushita with his gun! Eventually other student council members raise their guns and point it at SSS crew! Their eyes are hollow and emotionless…

"You…! How did you summon a Persona!?" Yuri is enraged, "And, what have you done to them!?"

"Hahaha… Icelus boosted my hypnosis ability! Such a perfect Persona for a God like me…," Naoi commented his advantage, "Although… apparently it only worked for people I've planted hypnosis beforehand…"

Yuri noticed that although her team was also hit by the light, none of them is under Naoi's hypnosis. Still, this condition is bad as-

"Now let me properly ask you this: will you join me as my underlings?" Naoi waved his silver gun playfully, "Or receive your judgment right here?"

"…You have no right to judge us," Iwasawa glares hatefully at Naoi.

"Of course I do," Naoi said confidently, "I am this world's new God!"

"New God?" Hinata yawns offensively, "Please. You're just a curbstomp shorty!"

"Haven't you fools realized? This world exists to choose who is God. It's required that your past memories be horrible to come here. Why? Because that's the ticket to becoming God."

Naoi said a mouthful, but Yuri isn't interested by one bit.

"Becoming God? I will crush Him! And you're totally not Him, so quit messing around!" she retaliated.

"We, who have known true pain in life, are the only ones who have the right to become God. And I have attained it," Naoi smiles arrogantly, "I fail to see why you don't understand that."

Yuri's memories are drawn back to when her siblings- …No. It's not the time for that. Slowly, Yuri raised her gun.

"Do you dare to rebel God?" Naoi threatened.

"You're just a wannabe-God," Yuri countered.

"Even I will give peace to you all?"

*BANG!* a bullet grazes Naoi's left cheek, which is now dripping blood from the scratch.

As small smoke clears up from Yuri's handgun, she declares:

"The only way to give us peace… is to defeat God and everyone who is on His side!"

Calmly, Naoi wipe the blood on his cheek and reaches for his silver gun again.

"That's a 'no', alright. Too bad."

Yuri's Persona users group stands in the front, while the others ready to support from the back. Suddenly the sky is filled with black clouds and everything darkens. As a red aura engulfs Naoi, rain pours and lightning strikes. Thus-

"Face God's punishment!" *BANG* -the battle begins.


"You girls alright?" Shinjiro, who has taking initiative, asked.

"…N-None of us hurt…," Mirei answered weakly.

"What was that!? That acting student council president has a Persona!?" Yui freaked out.

"No, he just coincidentally awakens it. What bad luck you guys have…," Shinjiro bit his lip, before taking a silver gun similar to Naoi.

"S-Shinjiro-senpai? What are you going to do?" AKiza asked sacredly.

Shinjiro look at the four girls with warmth in his eyes, "Listen. Get to safety, as far as possible from here. Hide somewhere and don't come out until I return."

Takako is against this, "You're going to fight, senpai? We can't leave you behind!"

"I don't want to sound mean, but none of you will help even you come with me!" Shinjiro looked so serious, "Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just make sure you four safe."


"I said, GO!" Shinjiro yelled loudly before dashing to the scene.

The four girls are left alone in cold rain, confused of what to do.

~Fighting without Killing~

"Yuri…," Iwasawa tries hard to avoid the gunshots, "I couldn't dispel their hypnosis, so how will we fight against him?"

In this battle under rainfall, SSS crew is on the defensive. Their opponents this time are hypnotized NPCs, so they couldn't afford to hurt or kill them. Naoi fully take advantage of this weakness, by hiding behind walls of NPCs and attacking safely with his Persona.

"Maziodyne!" *BANG* Naoi summons his Persona yet again, who casts a gigantic thunder storm.

"Owaah! Ugaaah!" more SSS members are down, leaving the NPCs to shoot at them freely.

"Tch…," Yuri hissed mournfully before crushing a card, "Nandi, escort them safely!"

Yuri's cow Persona stomps at the ground and creates a small tremor, stopping the NPCs from making further advances. Takamatsu, Fujimaki, and Matsushita (who has been bandaged) are taking the unconscious members away from the battlefield.

"Yurippe-san, we can't keep going like this!" said Ooyama, who has been firing nothing else but warning shots.

Shiina uses her Persona's wind magic to blow the NPCs back without harm, but this is nothing but a temporary stall, "He's right, Yuri. Your orders, please!"

"Ugh… can't we just chop them to bits and get that brat!?" Noda is getting tired of enduring this one-sided battle.

"Noda! How many times do I have to tell you!?" Yuri scolds loudly and harshly, "Even NPCs don't have a soul they are just as alive as we are! We shouldn't harm them no matter what!"

Noda nods in defeat, "…I get it! ARGH!"

Without Noda noticing, four NPCs were behind him and shot him down!

"More to the party!?" T.K. being surprised rocker style.

True, more and more NPC students are coming out from the school building- even ones that's not part of student council. Each of them carry a gun and have blank eyes. Apparently, Naoi's Persona capable of preventing them from wearing the goggles in the first place…

"Ugh," a bullet finally grazes Shiina's waist, "Yuri! Your orders!"

"(Damn…! What should we do…!?)" Yuri has to come up with a new plan, fast!


A big horse-riding Persona sends a strong shockwave to the front of SSS crew using its great physical strength. A large ground tunnel is formed, separating SSS with the NPCs.

"That was too sudden, Yurippe!" Hinata criticized.

"Blame that guy!" Yuri points at a guy with a beanie.

Soon after doing that attack, Shinjiro come rushing to the SSS crew, holding both Evoker and a frying pan.

"…Aren't you the chef from JUSCO?" Iwasawa is confused.

"Didn't expect you to join us so quickly, Aragaki-san," Yuri teased.

Hinata is even more confused, "Yurippe, this guy…?"

"He's a human like us… and a Persona-user too, obviously."

"EEEEEEHHHHH!?" was Hinata and other SSS members' reaction.

"You already knew didn't you, Yurippe-san?" Takamatsu tilts his glasses.

"Of course. But it's uncertain which side he will pick, until now. That's why I didn't bother to recruit him yet," Yuri explained.

Focusing completely on the battle, Shinjiro speaks, "Listen up. These hypnotized 'NPC' as you call it, are now like stray shadows: moving by pure instinct."

"They are being controlled too, you know!" Noda is angry after healed by Hinata, "And, don't get too close to Yurippe!"

As Matsushita holds him back, Yuri and co. took the opportunity to step back some good distance from the NPCs for further planning.

"Shadows? I don't know what that is, but you're saying even being controlled, they move by instinct?" Yuri asked.

"Yes," Shinjiro nods, "Even following orders, they will achieve it using instinct, not brain. Know what I'm getting at?"

Yuri thinks for a second, before signaling Hinata and Shiina to come closer.

"Even another delinquent joins, you stand no chance against God!" Naoi taunted from afar, enjoying torturing SSS with NPCs only.

"…You got that? Let's do it!" Yuri said.

"Don't screw this up!" Shinjiro warned Hinata as they charge forward together.

"Newcomer has no right to say that!" Hinata countered.

Shinjiro and Hinata charge ahead at the NPCs who're closing in after taking a detour from the gap in the ground, seemingly doing suicidal attack.

"HHAAAAHHHH!" the two guys let out a battle cry-

"-AAAAHHHHHH!" …as they pass through the NPCs sideway, ignoring them completely.

Naoi laughs at this, "Heh, what fools!"

"Now!" Yuri said the cue.

As Shinjiro and Hinata are behind the NPCs, they both unleash their Personas *BANG* to attack the ground with brute strength!

"HAAAHH!" they both cried out, and their Personas launch their bodies to the ground, creating a deep hole below the NPCs.

"What!?" Naoi is surprised.

Half of the NPCs fell down, and wasting their time trying to climb back up. While the remaining NPCs keep on moving forward, ignoring what just happened.

"Kuno-Ken!" Shiina summons her Persona, which unleash a small, harmless storm.

The storm pushes the remaining NPCs into the hole, and all of them are trapped here. True to Shinjiro's words, they keep on marching forward mindlessly like zombies even it's humanly impossible to climb up.

"How do you like that!" Hinata throws his fist to the air in celebration.

"Phew. Finally," Shinjiro let out a sigh of relief.

Yuri, Hinata, Shiina, Iwasawa, Shinjiro, and the remaining minor-wounded SSS members are closing in toward Naoi without any resistance.

"My, my. Those NPCs were useless," Naoi smirks arrogantly.

"Hand over your Evoker and we may let you go after a beating or two," Shinjiro stretches his right hand threateningly.

"Evoker? That unloaded gun?" Hinata asked.

"It's a tool to summon a Persona, isn't it?" Yuri concluded.

"True. It is shaped like a gun, but it's the only tool for summoning Personas…," Shinjiro look over to Yuri and friends, "-Until I see you guys use tarot cards that is."

"Hahaha. Do you guys think you have won?" Naoi taunted.

"We don't mind to kick your ass first," Shinjiro barked confidently.

Naoi aims his Evoker to his right temple again, which prompt the SSS and Shinjiro to take a battle stance.

"Icelus… Mabufudyne!" *BANG* Naoi summons his Persona again, which launch an attack…

…not at SSS, but to the hole NPCs were in!

"What!?" Yuri is shocked.

*CLANK!-CLANK!-CLANK!-CLANK!* many large ice cube were materialized from the ground upwards- knocking the NPCs bodies to the air! Their knocked away bodies are scattered around outside of the hole now.

"…You monster!" Iwasawa summons her Persona out of rage.

Naoi side-steps the attack easily, "Relax. I reduced my power, so they won't die."

True; the hypnotized NPCs were heavily wounded, but they're alive… And with their limping bodies, they still marching towards the SSS with guns raised! Even a few of them who have a broken arm still doing it!

"H-How is that possible…!?" Fujimaki commented the unbelievable sight.

"With my hypnosis, I made them not feel pain. Even their arms chopped off or their legs cut up, they will hunt you down to the ends of the earth!"

"Why you…!" Yuri's Persona card comes down and she crushes it, "Stop this at once!"

Before Urduja could slash Naoi, Icelus uses Bufudyne at a female NPC… Who is launched up high to the air by the large ice cube and land directly in the path of Urduja's attack!

"No, stop!" Yuri commanded her Persona, which stop its blade in track.

Naoi smirks and uses this chance to pummel Yuri's Persona with Icelus Bufudyne!

"Argh!" Yuri groaned in pain as Urduja get hit by the magic and vanishes.

As Shiina helps Yuri to stand up, she asks, "Yuri… What is your order now?"

~Fist of the Cold Star~

Now SSS is completely surrounded by swarm of NPCs who pointed guns at them, and Naoi, who is using an NPC as a shield.

"Have you understood that I am God?" Naoi smirks arrogantly.

"Rrrgh!" Hinata took out his handgun and aim at Naoi-

*bang* "Argh!" but an NPC shoots Hinata's hand and his handgun flew quite far.

"Please stop the futile resistance," Naoi speaks as if he has won.

"…How could you…," Yuri roars angrily, "…DO SUCH A THING!?"

"I am a God. To a God, these NPCs are nothing but disposable tools of creation," Naoi is full of himself, "I'll give you one last chance to obey me and be spared."

"Like hell!" Noda answered for his teammates.

"How unfortunate," Naoi fake sighing, "Now, my tools… Obey your God's order: kill th-"


A fist so hard and cold hit Naoi's cheek straight. Naoi landed down the wet school grounds, completely taken by surprise.

"Hah… Hah…," the puncher is panting heavily- who turns out to be Takako!

Everyone in the SSS is surprised, especially Yuri, "You…!?"

"Stupid! I told you not to come!" Shinjiro scolded.

Noai is slowly getting up, rubbing the pain in his cheek as he stands.

"…After school every student should return to the dorms," Naoi try to play student council, "Go home."

"Screw you!" Takako shouts, "Why I should obey someone like you?"

Naoi tries to stay calm, "As the acting student council president, I order you-"

"Stop saying nonsense!"

*SMACK!* Takako punches Naoi again; this time straight in his face.

After Naoi recover from the punch, he's looking at Takako in amusement, "An NPC rebels? That's very rare. Still, I have no time to waste on you."

Naoi's eyes turn red, ordering the female NPC beside him to shoot Takako!

*BANG!* the female NPC was shot in the leg and drops down.

"What!?" both Naoi and whole SSS crew is surprised.

"M-My gun!" Hinata saw it- the shooter!

The shooter is in a short distance away, a short girl who is shivering from both the cold rain and fear, while holding a smoky gun in her hand… Akiza!

"…NPCs like you dare to stand up against God?" Naoi is more amused.

"If we are NPCs, then so what!?" Takako's voice breaks the noise of rainfall.

"Like… Takako said…," Akiza is trembling, yet points her gun at Naoi, "It doesn't matter… if we're NPCs…"

*BOOM* a smoke ball is thrown towards the group of hypnotized NPC, giving the perfect chance for SSS to get out of the lock! Yuri immediately orders Shinjiro and her team to pull out and took some distance to-

"Yuri-senpai! Over here!" Yui called out from the bushes.

Shinjiro glares at her, "While we appreciate the help, why did you-"

"They won't listen! They insisted on helping and forced me to stay here…," Yui whimpered.

"…Her," Yuri see who has thrown the ball.

Another NPC girl- this time with glasses- Mirei!

"Since that incident on the roof, we searched things through and discovered that we are not real humans… but mere 'decorative' humans called NPCs," she said calmly.

*BANG* Naoi clears up the smoke with his Persona and orders his NPC army to stick together. Now, it's three NPC girls against a whole army.

"So? Why aren't NPCs like you just being 'decorative' as your duty instead?" Naoi asked with a sneer.

Yui is panicking, "Y-Yuri-senpai! We should help them-"

"Yuinyansan, whatever happens do not come over here!" Mirei, Akiza, and Takako yell in unison.

"Oh?" Naoi looks at Yui, "So it's her?"

BGM: Theme of SSS

"Yuinyansan… knew from the beginning that we're just NPCs, yet…," Mirei is reminiscing.

"…she sings and plays music for us… and just for us!" Akiza reminisces too.

"While she's with us, she's laughing… crying… being angry… and she's not faking it!" Takako reminisces as well.

"All the days we spent with Yuinyansan were real!" Mirei shouts.

"We feel happy and alive just being with her… And it's our true feelings! It's the real deal!" Akiza shouts even louder.

"It doesn't matter if we don't have souls or hearts! We will protect Yuinyansan… to protect our bond! That's what we believe in!" Takako shouts the loudest.

Yui's tears are spilling, "Y-You three…"

Mirei, Akiza, and Takako are turning to look at Yui with a smile… and to Yuri.

Mirei speaks, "We realized our true feelings…"

Akiza speaks too, "…and decided to stick by Yuinyansan forever…"

Takako speaks as well, "…it's thanks to you, Yuri-senpai."

Their face shows no regret of hesitation. Their face is the face of someone who is willing to give their all for their precious loved ones. With that determination, they turn around to face Naoi head on.

"…What an amusing soap opera," Naoi offends, "How do you plan to take me on? Beating all of your NPC friends?"

*BANG!* Akiza fires out another shot- which pierces through a male hypnotized NPC's leg and render him immobilized on the spot!

"We are NPCs too, so we have no problem hurting each other," Mirei revealed the plan.

"We won't let you harm our precious friends!" Akiza threaten with her gun.

"Even we have to beat every student in this school… we won't let you hurt them anymore!" Takako clenches her fists.

Naoi is laughing angrily, "What stunning will! …Fine, I'll give you a quick death!"

Naoi commanded the entire NPC army to attack the three NPC girls- and those three alone. The SSS crew and even Shinjiro could only watch as they're stunned by what just happened. The three girls are doing their best to wipe out the NPC army… But alas, they're not as strong as they think, and they're greatly outnumbered.

"Owaah!" Akiza's hands were scraped with bullets and she drops her gun.

"Ogh!" Mirei is run out of smoke balls, and get shot in the stomach.

"A… Agghhh…!" Takako couldn't stand up anymore after many bullets pierced her body.

"No… Noooo!" Yui screams.

BGM: off

Hearing that, Hinata and Shinjiro could no longer stay still, nor Yuri and the rest of SSS. They come to their aid-


Naoi's Persona appears again and gives a Megido spell to SSS crew. They are thrown ten meters away, hurting quite a lot.

"You guys shall watch this… as the punishment for those who disobey God!" Naoi spoke angrily.

The three girls could no longer move, they're like lambs who's about to be slaughtered anytime by the NPC army who has surrounded them.

"Amusing NPC girls," Naoi called out to them, "Any last words before I execute you as grotesquely as possible?"

Silence ensues, until a few seconds later…

"We will…," Mirei spoke, even with her hurt stomach.

"…protect Yuinyansan and everyone…," Akiza spoke too, despite her hands hurting so badly.

Takako, despite many bullets are still inside her small frail body, stood up straight and say:


As that voice pierces the clouds, Mirei and Akiza go limp and motionless on the ground. And all of sudden, those two-

*SRING!* -are engulfed in blue aura!

"T-This energy…!?" Naoi couldn't believe this.

Yuri who has recovered from Naoi's attack saw it too, "That… Could it be…!?"


Meanwhile, in a dark room something is happening!

"D-Data Sample 04 is acting up wildly! W-What's going on!?"

*CRASH!* the 'Data Sample 04', which is sphere hologram of light, breaks free of the glass tube and flies away.

/School Grounds – Sports Field

Blue aura engulfs Mirei and Akiza, and they're transformed into two blue orbs of light!

"Mi-Mi-chan…? Aki-chan…?" Yui is confused.

BGM: Persona 4 The Animation True End Climax Music (sorry, I don't know the name)

At the same time, all bullets lodged in Takako's body came out! From the holes in her body, random numbers of digital data flew out… Yet her face shows no pain.

"MIREI… AKIZA…," Takako speaks in a robotic version of her voice, "LET'S PROTECT EVERYONE."

The two blue orbs of light flew and enter Takako's body, engulfing her in a warm blue sphere of light. It emanates such great power, that Naoi and his NPC army are pushed back.

"What's happening here…!?" Naoi doesn't know what's what anymore.

Inside the blue sphere, Takako's whole body is changing. The digital numbers from her body return and seemingly to alter her 'data'!

"The three of them… combine," Iwasawa concluded.

"Combine…?" Yuri realized something, "…! I see now…"

As Shinjiro watches this, the holographic 'Data Sample 04' passes by him. Everyone else saw it too, as a sphere of light. However, Shinjiro see it differently. He saw someone inside the hologram… someone he knew real well.

"…Aki…?" Shinjiro muttered.

Mirei Satou. Class 1-1, Student Number 1.

Akiza Funabi. Class 1-2, Student Number 2.

Takako Hitoda. Class 1-3, Student Number 3.

That ABC Puzzle from before… The reason why they're lined up in such fashion was because each girl's name consists of three word fragments.

Mi-re-i Sa-to-u. Class 1-1, Student Number 1.

A-ki-za Fu-na-bi. Class 1-2, Student Number 2.

Ta-ka-ko Hi-to-da. Class 1-3, Student Number 3.

The 'Data Sample 04' enters Takako's body as well, as if to complete a transformation. Her hair turned light gray and grows a bit longer, her muscles slightly tightened, and all of her wounds are healed.

"…! Look, everyone!" Hinata pointed to the sky.

A large number of small objects are flying from inside the school to the grounds.

"T-Those are…!" Yui knew what those are exactly- paper cranes.

The 1000 paper cranes Yui and everyone else made before each flies down as if they're alive. Pink, red, brown, yellow, gray and purple… All of them flew down towards Takako, wrapping her body. Takako's body is now wrapped in red shirt, pink vest, yellow skirt, and purple shoes- while both her hands are covered in brown gloves. All of them are formed by the 1000 paper cranes filled with hopes and tender feelings of Yui and friends.

"Who… Who are you actually!?" Naoi asked in fright.

As the transformation is complete, the sky is clear and the sun shines again. Takako- no, she's no longer just Takako, but Mirei, Akiza, and Takako all fused together. She opened her eyes, which are colored pure clean gray. Her face is mixture of the three girls' facila features, along with a certain guy's nose…

"My name…," she speaks, her voice is clean, pure, yet strong, "…is…"

If you used the class numbers a hint, you would discover if the three names are picked fragment by fragment in ABC order, they will form a new name…

Class 1-1, Student Number 1.

Class 1-2, Student Number 2.

Class 1-3, Student Number 3.

Mi-re-i Sa-to-u.

A-ki-za Fu-na-bi.

Ta-ka-ko Hi-to-da.

"It can't be…," Shinjiro couldn't believe who he just saw, "M… Mi…"

"My name is…," she declares, "…Mikiko Sanada!"

This confirmed Shinjiro's suspicion, "…Miki…!?"

Miki… the girl Shinjiro used to play with all the time… the younger sister of his best friend… who has died in a fire at young age… now is standing there as a full teenager!

"He knew you…?" Naoi fears the worst, "Then that means… No… It can't be!"

NPC army is charging at Miki. She stretches her left hand to the side.

"…! My pocket…?" something in Yuri's pocket is glowing blue, "The silver gun?"

As Yuri took out that Evoker, it flew on its own to Miki's left hand! As her body is engulfed in blue aura she raised the gun, aimed it horizontally to her left temple and-

"Helen!" *BANG!*

A Persona come out of Miki- it has the same name as the one Takako summoned out before, but this one is different. It's a figure of athletic woman, adorned in gleaming blue crystal robe along with simple iron breastplate. She wears an open Trojan helmet on her head, which shows her beautiful face clearly. On her arms are leather gauntlets inscribed with Roman words; on the right gauntlet reads: 'Castor', on the left gauntlet reads: 'Polydeuces'. Around her waist there are hand axe, dagger, short sword, and a hammer.

"I am Helen, warrior of Sparta. If you need the power to protect allies and vanquish foes, let's march into the battle together, for we are one and the same …"

[Masukunda] an invisible spell is casted by Helen toward the NPC army. Their movement slows down, all the bullets they fired misses, and some of them even trips down.

"Helen, Herculean Strike!" *BANG!*

Helen uses both of her fists to send powerful physical force which knocked all the NPCs down, leaving the path to Naoi wide open.

"It's not possible!" Naoi panicly took out his Evoker and fires at his head, "Icelus!"

Icelus come out and casts a strong electric spell: Ziodyne!

*CRASH!* the lightning hits an empty spot on the ground, since Miki dodged it with ease and fires her Evoker again as she dashes forward.

"Helen, Bufula!" *BANG!*

Medium ice pillar impaled Naoi straight at his stomach.

"AGGGHHH!" Naoi groaned in pain, "T-This is not enough to defeat me-"

Before Naoi finishes talking, Miki is already in front of his nose!


Miki's three punches which consist of two left-right jabs and ended with a left hook send Naoi flying, far, far away. Naoi's hat fell down, and he landed so hard on the concrete floor. Naoi get hit so hard, he could no longer maintain his hypnosis focus on the NPCs.

*thud, thud, thud, thud* the NPCs fell down asleep one by one, free from Naoi's influence. The SSS crew marches on closer to them to confirm this- which is true: Naoi is defeated!

"She did it…," Yuri found it hard to believe.

"THEY DID IT!" Yui jumps and hugs Miki happily.

~Midnight is Just Around the Corner…~


/Underground Channel – Middle Entry Point

"…Don't worry, Yurippe-san and the others pulled through," Yusa announced after using her Persona, Angerona.

"Phew," Takeyama looked relieved.

"Thank goodness," Yu also relieved to hear that.

All this time, this group goes up and down in this long tunnel underground. They hear the news from outside through Yusa's Persona. A few times Takeyama and Yu wonder if they should return immediately after hearing the crisis, but Yusa ensures them that this mission needs to be cleared. Now a miracle has saved Yuri's group, these three could proceed on without hesitation.

"…He's beyond these doors," Yusa said, pointing at a set of metal electric lock doors.

"Leave it to me," Takeyama prepares to hack away.

Yu does his bodyguard duty by scouting the nearby area, ensuring that there's no threat. After little while, he see a big stairs leading up.

"I thought this was the deepest part of this channel," Yu wondered, "I wonder if there's more room upstairs?"

CLICK! Takeyama seems to finish the hacking, as the door slowly opening.

"Let's ignore that for now and move on," Yusa suggested.

/School Grounds – Sports Field

Without SSS noticing it, the sun is slowly setting. Still, they pay no heed to that but focusing to one girl instead.

"Mi-chan! Aki-chan! Taka-chan! You did it!" Yui hugged Miki tightly.

"T-Thank you, Yuinyansan… But now just call me Miki," Miki struggles to breathe.

The SSS members could only watch in both amazement and confusion.

"Umm, could anyone explain what's going on here? I saw everything, yet I'm still confused," Hinata mumbled.

"Shut up, idiot! We're having a moment here!" Yui blurted.

"You dare to call your senpai an idiot!?" Hinata snaps and pulls Yui into a headlock.

Ooyama let all the weight on his shoulders fade, "They sure are energetic."

"…Yes. I think it's truly just a skinship for them," Miki agreed.

Ignoring Hinata and Yui who are doing 'skinship', Yuri stands up right in front of Miki, eager for answers. While Shinjiro who is behind her, don't know what to say.

"So… Miki-chan," Yuri speaks up, "You really are something."

All of sudden Miki's bravery ceased down and she's looking at her feet nervously, "I… I'm just… trying to help…"

"You're actually one human, not three NPCs?" Shiina, out of everyone, asked.

"I… I mean we ARE three NPCs, but… when we fuse together, we become one person…," Miki is bad at explaining, "I don't know how to explain it…"

"Oh well, you can explain later. Aragaki-san, now it's your turn," Yuri cued.

Shinjiro steps forward, looking at Miki in eye, "…Miki, is really you…?"

"Yes. It's been a long time, Shin-chan. W-Wait, I think now I should call you Shin-niichan…"

"It's really you…? How is it possible? I mean you died at childhood- No, never mind."

"It's alright, I realized it too moments ago… That I'm already dead," Miki is smiling wryly, "I don't know how I suddenly grown up, though… I never learned boxing either, but suddenly I could do it…"

Shinjiro recalls what happened: a hologram ball, which is shaped like Aki is fused with her as well. But he decided not to bring that up now.

"Well, umm…," Shinjiro doesn't know what to say, "You sure have grown…"

Miki rubs her head nervously, "D-Do I look cute, Shin-niichan?"

"Huh? O-Of course you do," Shinjiro is blushing.

"Heehee, thank you. Shin-niichan is as kind as always," Miki blushes too.

"But man… you resemble your brother so much, it feels awkward…"

"Oh, don't say that Shin-niichan!"

Fujimaki's face pops out, "I don't want to disturb the oh-so-lovely reunion, but we need to tie up that brat over there."

Miki and Shinjiro calmed down, while Yui and Hinata are still at it. Yuri ordered Fujimaki and Matsushita to capture Naoi, when-

"…Stay away!" Naoi stood up again!

"Can't he just die already!?" Noda growled and prepares his halberd.

"I didn't punch him hard enough?" Miki clenches her fists.

"Nah, let me do this," Shinjiro lift his frying pan.

*BANG* quickly, Naoi fired his Evoker and summons his Persona again. Yuri and the others prepare to summon theirs, but…

"Hah… Hahahah…," Naoi huffed heavily as his Persona just cast red light like before… and vanishes.

"You have no more NPCs to control," Iwasawa pointed the obvious.

Naoi didn't answer, but instead collapse down from tiredness.

/Underground Channel – Secret Chamber

After taking a few long upward stairs from that sets of doors, Yu, Yusa, and Takeyama reached the room where the blue boy is held. It's quite surprising that after all that going down, it leads up again. It was dark, so Takeyama turn on the lights…

"It's so smelly…," Takeyama holds his nose.

The room itself is quite spacious, but aside from a bed and an almost empty bookcase, there's no more furniture. What stands out the most are food leftovers on the floor; dozens of empty burger wrapper and spilled sauces made the room messy. Heck, there's even a big mountain of burger wrapper in the corner of the room.

"The boy should be on that bed," Yusa pointed to a simple bed near the window.

"Narukami-san, it's your responsibility to carry him," Takeyama said.

"I understand," Yu nodded.

Takeyama slowly take off the bed cover to reveal… nothing.

"Huh?" Takeyama is confused.

"Weird. He should be in this room," Yusa is confused too, albeit she has no expression, "Let me use my Perso-"

"…!" Yu felt his wild senses tingles up, "Yusa-san, look out!"

Yu quickly shoves Yusa to the wall- avoiding a spear thrust! Yu's waist slightly sliced up, while Takeyama stumbles backward and fell down, avoiding his head being pierced.

"…There," showing no emotion even after that close call, Yusa points to the wrapper mountain.

There, a single arm holding the spear sticks out. Without any noise, the arm returned inside and-

"Everyone stay back!" Yu quickly lift his katana up to parry a sudden axe chop!

From that axe chop, the mysterious figure came out of hiding. He is a teenager boy, has short blue hair, wearing a black school uniform that's different from Yu, and has silver headphones wrapped around his neck. Behind him are golf bag, holding many kinds of melee weapons.

"Uugh," despite the boy's slim posture, Yu had trouble of fending off his axe, "…Who are you?"

As the boy's eyes flashes red, he took out a sword from the bag and slashes away at Yu together with the axe!

*clang, clang, clang, clang, clang!* "AAAGGH!" Yu is having trouble fending off those slashes.

Yusa and takeyama had no choice but stay back and head to the door-

"…!" the boy suddenly drops his sword and axe, thus pull out a bow and arrow and fires at Yusa and Takeyama.

"Watch out!" Takeyama pressed Yusa's shoulder so both of them could duck.

"Thank you," even after an arrow passed by her head, Yusa still shows no emotion…

Yu is relieved to see they're okay, "Thank godne-"

*SMACK, SMACK!* the boy took this chance to wield knuckles on his hands and punches away at Yu.

"Ghoah!" Yu's face get jabbed hard twice, but he's trying hard not to fall down-

-while the boy threw away the knuckles, re-pick his sword and axe, thus slashes away at Yu again with ferocity!

*clang-clang-clang-clang-CLANG!* Yu could parry them all, but just that took great deal of his stamina while the boy shows no fatigue whatsoever.

"Who are you really- Huh?" Yu realized that the boy's attack pushes him closer and closer to the window, "Wait- AAAHH!"

/School Grounds – Sports Field

Matsushita and Fujimaki finished tying up Naoi with ropes, also confiscating his Evoker. The victory is already in SSS hands, but somewhat Yuri feels uneasy-


"…Huh?" Yuri looked around, "Did you guys hear that?"

"It's a sound of glass shatters," Shiina looked up, "From there."

Shiina points to a segment of the school building, a room where the window has break and… two people fell down from it!

"Oh, no!" Yu, who is positioned downward, don't know how what to do-

-While boy, despite falling down, calmly took out a silver gun from his pocket and aimed it to his right temple.

"Per… so… na."

Realizing what he's trying to do, Yu summons his tarot card-

"Persona!" –and crushes it.


Upon hearing that loud noise, Yui and Hinata stopped fighting.

"Huh? What is that noise?" Yui asked innocently.

*THUMP! THUD!* a male teenager sent flying downward from the force into the concrete floor of the school grounds.

"Narukami!" Hinata rushes to him, followed by Yuri.

"Ugh…," Yu groaned in pain from the collision of Personas.

"What happened, Narukami-san?" Yuri asked, when-

I will burn my dread

…a song is heard from above

Burn my dread

Everyone soon turns to the source: a blue-haired boy, descending slowly and gracefully from the sky, in safe carriage by his Persona. His Persona is a young man with white hair and white garments, behind him there are wings, around his waist is a set of coffins.

"He has arrived…," Naoi speaks; even he's currently tied up, "My last trump card… Minato Arisato!"

"What!?" Shinjiro is shocked, "Don't tell me… You controlled him!?"

Yuri realizes, "…the red light you unleashed for the last time…!"

"Hahahaha! Too late!" Naoi laughs maniacally, "You all will die!"

I was running away from the God of Fear

As the boy named Minato lands at the ground without any injury, white feathers are falling from the sky, setting the mood to ominous. In his right hand, lies an Evoker…

"Guys, get serious. I know this guy… We're really going to die if we don't give it our all against him!" Shinjiro stated, setting his fighting stance nervously.

"Shin-niichan, do you know him?" Miki asked, but set her fighting stance anyway.

"I felt it, Aragaki-san," Yuri sets her fighting stance as she trembles, "He… has many inside him!"

"Y-Yurippe, I never saw you this nervous…," Hinata sets up his stance as well.

"Those who are not Persona-users, fall back and take the injured NPCs with you!" Yuri ordered loudly, "Hurry!"

The hypnotized Minato lift his head, revealing his unnatural red eyes and-


[Megidolaon] Minato's Persona lifts its right hand, thus three big energy spheres collides down from the sky and *BOOOOOMMMMMM!* creates a giant explosion.


The whole SSS crew is blown away helplessly as everything fades to white…

To Be Continued


Author's Note

Thank you for reading till the end of this 60 pages climax scene! The secret of the three NPCs revealed- they are actually one as Mikiko Sanada, Akihiko Sanada's deceased little sister! How did Miki ended up in afterlife, as three separate NPCs, at that? What's the deal with 'Data Sample' thingy? Why Kanade declares herself as an angel? Will SSS survives the fight against P3's protagonist, Minato Arisato? The answers await in future chapters!

Thank you for everyone who has been reading and reviewing this story thus far… I couldn't have made it without you! Special thanks to Axel Yamamoto, who's bugging me for making Minato to appear. Also Fakety Mcfakename for the detailed reviews. Thank you for bearing with my overly long chapters… Starting chapter 10, I will split it onto two for a more tolerable reading experience. I will keep doing my best to improve more and more for you guys!

That is all! Thank you very much, and stay tuned! XD



[1] A reference to Greeed, monsters in Kamen Rider OOO.

[2] A reference to Kamen Rider W (Double).


Persona Users

7. Mikiko Sanada


Melee : Gloves (Strike)

Ranged : -

Arcana : Star

Evoker Style : She grips the Evoker with her left hand, raised it besides her left temple and aimed it horizontally, then fires.


HP: C+, SP: B+, St: B+, Ma: B+, En: C+, Ag: B+, Lu: C

Persona: Helen of the Star Arcanum [superecho]

Strong: Ice. Weak: Fire.

Focusing on physical and magical offense, with debuffs as support.

Starting Skills: Bufula, Herculean Strike, Invigorate 1, Diarama, Masukunda

Next Level: Mabufula, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Compendium Info:

"Also known as Helen of Sparta, she is the sister of Castor and Polydeuces. Without shame, she trained arms and hunts together along her brothers. Her strength and beauty caused her to be abducted by Paris, which led to Trojan War."



- Ayato Naoi (I am this world's new God!)

Weapon: None

Persona: Icelus of the Fortune Arcanum [superecho]

Strong: Ice, Elec. Weak: Wind, Light.

Description: "Known by most as Phobetor; son of Nyx and one of three personifications of dreaming. He could shape-shift in mortal realm and gives people nightmares by controlling their subconscious domain."


Social Links

0. Fool - SSS

Rank 4: SSS threw a party for Tenshi's demotion.


V. Hierophant – Guild

Rank 2: You hanged out at the Old Guild.

- Chaa

Founding member. Skilled craftsman who creates fine weapons.

- Saito

A member of the Guild. An expert fisherman who's also skilled in guns.

- Yamaoka

Recently joined the Guild. An old, but a reliable butler.


XVII. Star – Yuinyan Fan Club

Rank 1: Yui's fans begged you to be their club advisor.

- Yui

New leader and rhythm guitarist of GDM. A spaz girl with hyperactive vibe.

- Mirei Satou

An NPC Yui's close with. Shy, but intelligent.

- Akiza Funabi

An NPC Yui's close with. Open-minded and cheerful.

- Takako Hitoda

An NPC Yui's close with. Short-fused, but loyal.

- Mikiko Sanada

Persona-user formed by the 3 NPC girls. Brave, but oddly timid.


[Persona Beats!] Next episode preview

"Isn't it an angel's duty to answer the prayers of men?"

"Arisato-san, open your eyes!"


"Soar to the night sky!"

"We have no need for traitors."


"We beg of you, save us."


"Minato-san, please save everyone with this."

"Even in the afterlife, I heard it… everyone's… voices…"

[Persona Beats!]

Episode.10 Take My Hand