(A/N: Quick story concept that I got from a dream. Enjoy!)

One night in the beautiful city Venice. Just a completely normal night, nothing strange going on, just a night like any other night. Birds were heard chirping in the high trees, casting shadows of their silhouettes on the ground. The wind whistled through the branches of the very same trees, emitting an eerie noise and causing the trees to sway. Simply, a perfect night. All silent. No movements.

The silence was suddenly broken by a figure moving swiftly across a rooftop. It looked masculine, with a long, burly tail with a strongly built body. He moved both quickly as well as silently, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Eventually, he stopped and pulled out what looked like binoculars.

-''Alright, Bentley. You can set the charges now, I'm in position.'' The figure turned out to be a raccoon, and a pretty good looking at that. A high-pitched voice then spoke to the raccoon through the binoculars.

-''Alright, Sly. These bombs will release electromagnetic charges when they explode, so make sure you stay out of their range. After that, the security system will shut down, and the front door to the mansion will open. Push through the defences and then nab the black diamonds from the basement. And, of course, flee from you-know-who.''

The raccoon master thief, Sly Cooper, nodded and smiled when he thought about whom Bentley referred to.

It did not take long for the turtle genius, Bentley, to place enough charges on critical spots around the mansion that he had located before-hand. After placing the last charge on a wall of the building, he called over to a big, muscular hippo through the binoculars.

-''Alright, Murray. You can get into position now. The charges will go off any minute now. Rendezvous with Sly at the meeting point.'' He ordered him.

-''You got it! 'The Murray' will tear through the opposition like a knife through butter!'' Murray's voice boomed over the Binoculars, those known as the Binocucom. Bentley situated himself on a nearby balcony, overlooking the Rendezvous point between the two others. Sure enough, the electronic charges that burst from the small bombs did indeed disable the security system, causing the front doors to stand wide. Shortly thereafter, Sly and Murray met up.

-''You ready, little buddy?'' Murray roared and smacked his fists together. Sly smiled and leaned his cane over his shoulder.

-''Sure thing, big guy!'' he said with a cocky smile, before waving at the door.

-''After you, bro!'' Murray exclaimed happily. Sly obliged, charging into the hallway, knocking a few of the guards who had arrived to investigate. Murray followed closely behind.

-''Alright, Murray. Where's the basement again?'' Sly asked while slamming a guard in the head with his cane.

-''Well…'' Murray said, picking up a knocked down guard.'' I think it's down that hallway, to the left of us, and then down the stairs.'' He shoved the unconscious guard into another group of them. ''Dude, they just keep coming!''

Sly evaded an attack by another one and then countered by lifting him into the air, flinging him towards Murray.

-''Catch, Murray!'' he shouted as he threw the guard. Murray turned around just in time to catch the incoming guard, taking a firm grip of its throat. He spun it around a few times, knocking out two, and then finally tossed the body, knocking out another one.

-''Alright, I'm gonna pull into the hallway you were talkin' about.'' Sly exclaimed as he smacked yet another guard over the head.

-''I think I can handle these guys!'' Murray shouted back before swinging one of his powerful fists, knocking one out cold. ''Bastards just keep comin'!''

Sly ran down the hallway, taking a sharp left down the stairs, reaching a heavily fortified door. He pulled out a small package and laced it on the door. ''I knew that this C4 would be useful somehow…'' he mumbled to himself as he pulled back out, up the stairs, and then detonated the charge. The explosion was really loud.

-''Alright, Murray! The doorway's busted!'' he shouted back at the battling hippo, which seemed to get tired by the second.

-''Thank god! These guys are like ants over a cake! Get off of me!'' he screamed at a guard trying to climb up his back. Sly then took out a small item from one of his pockets. He looked at it for a split-second before tossing it in between the guards and the pink warrior. Smoke started to emit from where he had tossed and proceeded to engulf them all within its choking embrace.

-''This way, Murray!'' Sly shouted, making sure Murray could tell where he was by listening. He then saw the hippo emerge from the unusually large smoke cloud.

-''Whew!'' he panted. ''That was some fight! I'm all round up!'' Sly smiled at his friend's optimistic behaviour. Never being grumpy or sad, just angry sometimes. A really good quality of a really good friend.

-''Come on; let's get down into the basement. We need to get those diamonds and then get out of here!'' he said, seeing the smoke starting to disperse. Without another word, the duo proceeded into the basement, passing the blown-up door.

Meanwhile, a good amount of blocks away, there was also movement. It was a female fox, with blue hair, brown eyes and wearing police attire, was exiting a building through the front doors. She wiped a few sweat pearls out of her forehead and sighed.

-''What a hectic day… and that raccoon shithead has apparently been laying low today, seeing as I haven't been forced to chase his skinny ass all over Venice.'' She mumbled to herself. ''Bastard.'' She added after a few seconds. Suddenly, her walkie-talkie vibrated.

-''Inspector Fox, Inspector Fox, do you copy? Inspector Fox, this is Chief Barkley. Do you read me?'' a pretty low-pitched voice spoke. The fox lazily pressed a button and spoke herself.

-''I copy. What is the matter?'' she asked.

-''We just got an alarm from someone about a robbery going on at a mansion, east of town. I think I know who's behind this.''

The fox shook her head and swore. She did as well, perfectly well.

-''Alright, I'll take a look.'' With that, she let go of the walkie-talkie and then sat down on her motorcycle. She put her helmet on and revved up the engine.

-''Let's hope I can catch the bastard this time.'' She once again mumbled to herself.

Meanwhile, the mansion seemed empty and quiet again, at least from the outside. The foyer was completely empty, devoid of any life whatsoever. So were many of the other rooms, most of them simply having bodies strewn around the floor. All was quiet.

-''Alright Bentley, let's get out of here!'' Sly shouted as he burst out through a ventilation shaft, landing close to Murray who had done the same through a window. The intelligent turtle jumped down from his perch on the balcony, overlooking the point of break-out.

-''Alright, let's get out of this place. The van is just around the corner!'' he squeaked and turned around, wheeling through the garden of the mansion, the two others following closely behind. Just as they were about to round a corner, however, a very large and very bulky gorilla pounded down from above, landing on the ground in front of the trio. A growl built up in his throat.

-''So, you try to steal from ME! The mighty Coran! How dare you?'' he screamed at the top of his voice. Sly just put up with a smile and his best attitude for dealing with criminals.

-''Well, it wasn't so hard. Just find out about you, make a plan and wham! Steal all your stuff and return it to their rightful owners. And while we're still at it, why not turn you in to the cops as well?'' He said with a smirk and an extremely cocky tone. The gorilla snarled.

-''You're a thief just like me, eh? And that means you keep the things to yourself. Not be a stupid gentleman and return it to their previous owners.'' Sly just scoffed at the comment, the smirk refusing to leave his face.

-''And what's the honour in that? What's the thrill in stealing if you steal from innocent people who work hard for a living?'' He threw back at the gorilla. The gorilla growled deeply once again and pounded the ground in front of him.

-''I don't care about that! YOU will pay for stealing from ME!'' With those words, and with speed the raccoon didn't expect to be possible for such a large figure, he flung a punch at the raccoon, surprising him. He aimed badly though, and Sly easily sidestepped it. He countered the enormous ape with a strike of his cane. It seemed to have no effect.

-''Murray, rev up the van! Bentley, can you find a way to down this guy?'' Sly ordered his team. Murray protested slightly, but eventually he obeyed. The gorilla looked slightly at the direction of the others, but his attention quickly shifted back to the Cooper, just quickly enough to take Sly's cane to the face.

-''Agh! You're a stubborn one, aren't you?'' The gorilla seemed more furious by the minute. But Sly didn't feel fear. He almost never did.

-''Well, after all, I am a Cooper. We are actually known for our stubbornness. Just ask the officers at Interpol.'' The gorilla once again gave a snarl at the reference to the number one enemy of the criminal world.

-''Pah! Those idiots are too slow to catch anyone. Especially that bitchy fox. She's such a pushover.'' Coran commented. He was actually surprised to see the raccoon's ears twitch when he said that. As a matter of fact, one of the few things that really upset Sly was trash-talking of the woman he loved.

-''W-What did you say?'' he then growled back at the criminal. His insides suddenly burned with hate. Like someone had set them on fire and given him every reason in the world to hate someone. The surprise in the gorilla's mighty eyes somewhat subdued, as he suddenly thought of the fact that that very fox was the one assigned to his case. He didn't really understand why he had said that, though.

-''Wait, what? Isn't she a cop?'' the gorilla asked with a curious tone in his voice.

-''Listen now, you dirt bag. I have one simple rule for you. Insult her, and I will kick your ass personally.'' The raccoon had a really ferocious tone in his voice. The sudden change of tone surprised the gorilla. Silence mixed with confusion reigned for a few seconds. Suddenly, a rock flew through the air, knocking the gorilla over. Sly looked in the direction it had come from. There stood Murray, in all his shining pride.

-''I heard you, you swine! No one insults my friends and lives to tell the tale!'' he roared at the top of his voice. He then lunged forward with a yell, right towards the gorilla.

-''What the-? '' the gorilla grunted as he got up from the ground. More he couldn't say. Murray was on top of him before he knew anything else. Starting of, Murray landed a few punches at the Coran who was doing his best to block the onslaught of punches. Dizzy, the gorilla got up from the ground once again. He was a little disoriented from the punch, and that didn't help him in the battle. He walked straight into a left hook from Murray. He fell to the ground again with a low-toned grunt. The strong Murray picked him up and flung him into a nearby lamppost, knocking him out cold.

-''Nice work, Murray.'' Sly said with an encouraging voice. ''Really nice work.''

-''That asshole deserved it.'' Murray said as he brushed the dirt of off his shirt. Suddenly, Sly's sensitive ears picked up a sound of an engine. He recognized the sound as a police cruiser engine, having heard it so many times before.

-''Hey, let's bust it! I think the law is on its way!'' he shouted to Murray. Bentley had seen what Murray had done to the brute and joined the other two.

-''Alright, let's get to the van. It's just around the corner.'' Bentley commanded. Murray quickly sprinted around the corner. And sure enough, the van was parked right there, literally around the corner.

-''You comin', Sly?'' he cautiously asked as he saw the raccoon still standing on the spot. He simply shook his head.

-''Nope. For now, I think being chased by a beautiful inspector is quite refreshing. I'll see you at the hideout.'' He said as he leaped up to a rooftop. Bentley simply shrugged and returned to the van. It drove away with.

-''Now, just to await her beautifulness.'' He said with half a smile.

Just half a block away, a motorbike pulled up on a parking lot. The blue-haired fox stepped off of it and unequipped the helmet. She then raised a shock pistol, holding it tightly close to her chest. She cautiously approached the gates to the garden of the mansion, eyes wandering from point to point. She then pressed a button a button on her walkie-talkie.

-''Base, this is Inspector Fox. I've just reached the crime scene. There's no apparent evidence of a robbery other than a person lying on the street just outside the mansion. I'm proceeding to check the perimeter of the mansion. Over.'' There came no answer. The fox angrily released the button and looked around some more before moving ahead into the garden.

-''Well, hello there.'' The voice started her. It came from somewhere above. She couldn't exactly place its location, but when she looked up, she saw a shadowy figure perched on a rooftop. She squinted and made out who it was, eyes immediately turning angry.

-''Cooper? What the hell are you doing here? Have you done that?'' she asked, motioning to the unconscious gorilla.

-''Well, pretty much, yes.'' Sly confirmed with yet another flashing smile. His teeth seemed to almost be glowing white in the moonlight.

-''Well, enough questions. You're under arrest, so get down from there.'' She did her best to maintain a steady façade, but she just couldn't resist the fact that her heart always seemed to beat faster whenever he was around.

-''I don't think so, my beloved Carmelita. Not unless you can catch me first.'' He said with a really teasing voice. The fox, Carmelita, snarled at his comment.

-''Can't you just stop with all the flirting? It's driving me crazy!'' she shouted, ignoring the heat coming off her face.

-''What would the fun be in that?'' the raccoon replied, jumping away just a split-second before Carmelita fired her shock pistol. The projectile hovered slowly towards the place where Sly had been a few seconds ago. With a gracious jump, she landed on the rooftop, starting the chase.

-''Cooper! Get the hell back here!'' she screamed angrily. The raccoon was around 10 meters ahead of her, jumping across rooftops. She then saw how he stopped, waved and without any forewarning, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

-''Goddamnit´.'' She exclaimed. He had just gotten away from her again, even faster than before.

Sly was now at street level, constantly sprinting for the hideout. ''She already gave up? That's too bad. Ah, well.'' He thought for himself. The hideout wasn't far away.

-''What am I doing wrong?'' Carmelita talked to herself. ''What do I need to do to catch the bastard?'' She angrily stomped away along a street, too many angry thoughts clouding her mind for her remembering to go home or at least back to Interpol HQ. She was really pissed, although a really small piece of her wasn't really angry, just curious. She actually wanted to find out a little more about the sort of childish thief. She thought that maybe if he wasn't a thief, they could become friends. They could spend time together, they could to things together. They could even share an apartment…

''My god, what are you thinking, woman!'' her thoughts stung and made her float back to the majority of her that simply hated him. She shook her head, ignoring the blush creeping up on her face and instead took on the stone-cold face expression that always made her look angry, or even evil.

-''I'm possessed! That's it! I'm possessed by something and that's what's keeping me from capturing him!'' she suddenly shouted loudly, randomly, like she didn't have anything to do. Luckily, there wasn't anyone around.

-''I can't even think straight. I need to go somewhere else. Maybe I should just go home. That'd probably be the best.''

Making that decision would soon lead to several events that none of the two, the cop and the robber, ever could have predicted.

Carmelita made a shortcut through a park, imagining that the beautiful scenery would allow her to vent her anger. Of course it didn't help. She sat herself down on a park bench in yet another futile attempt to calm down. She buried her head in her arms and sobbed.

-''I'm wasting my life on that idiot… Why am I doing that?'' she said, a bit more calm, but still pretty angry. She got up from the bench again, trying to dispose of the growing energy inside her. It didn't do much, but at least she could think straight again.

''I'll just go home… I need to sleep.'' She mumbled to herself, stroking her temples, trying to clear out the dizziness. It was then she saw it.

A figure jumping across a rooftop, very gracefully, not taking a single fault step. Once again, Carmelita was split apart. One part wanted to take off and chase him, but the other wanted to wait silently and follow him. Maybe she could discover their secret hideout. The latter part won the mental struggle and Carmelita sneaked after Sly, silently and swiftly jumping up on the very same he had run across a few seconds later.

The chase through Venice actually didn't last very long, just a few blocks away from the starting position. Sly shifted from a fast striding pace to a slower, strolling one. He approached a very small house situated just beside an extremely large one, half lying in a forest. Carmelita actually realized that she hadn't ever noticed the building before. Well, it kinda figured; a master thief wouldn't want to draw attention to himself. A small house with enough room to live in and with nobody noticing did just fine. You would probably want to keep a low profile.

Ignoring the size of the house, Carmelita sneaked up to the façade of the building, looking through a window. It didn't take long for her to realize whose room it was. The blue sweatshirts hanging of hangers were enough to tell the tale. The door then swung open, causing her to instinctively throwing herself out of view. The windows soon swung open, forcing her to duck down and crawl up against the wall of the building. A grey-coloured raccoon poked his head out the window and took a deep breath, ended by a quick ''Ah''. Carmelita's heart was racing; if he looked down, it was over.

Thankfully, he didn't. He pulled back his head inside and hummed a tune that Carmelita didn't recognize. She slowly rose and looked into the room once again, seeing the raccoon root around inside a wardrobe, hearing him say ''Now where did I put that shirt..?'', causing her to giggle slightly, amused of Sly's frustration. He eventually pulled out of the wardrobe, holding a white T-shirt in his arms. He walked over to his bed, unrolling the cover.

-''Sigh… Another day, another chapter in my life…'' Sly mumbled, oblivious of Carmelita's presence. He dragged off his current blue shirt, baring his upper body. All those years of training and heists had given him quite a few nice muscles, featuring among others a nice 6-pack. Carmelita found herself thinking about a less than appropriate situation between herself and the raccoon. Discarding the blush and the image in her head, she continued to observe Sly, who had now put on the white shirt. She thought that he was just going to bed and end the night, but when he didn't, and instead walked over to a small cabinet just to the left of Carmelita's hiding place, she grew curious. He pulled out a small wooden frame holding what seemed to be a sheet of paper. It was a photo.

Carmelita got a better view when Sly sat himself down on the floor, just below the window, and observed the photo. It made her heart jump.

It was a picture of her, a big smile on her lips and her brown eyes of course, glowing brighter than ever.

-''Hi, Carm...'' Sly began slowly, causing Carmelita's ears to shoot up into the air. ''It's really good to see you.'' Sly stroke the chin of the photo with his thumb. The curiosity of the vixen grew by the second.

-''It's been a rough day, huh? I'm really sorry for causing you so much trouble... If I could only compensate for all the trouble I cause... It rocks me in the core every time I think about the fact that you get scolded by the chief because you haven't been able to catch my sorry ass, or every time you get harassed by your co-workers. If I could, I would go there myself and pound the hell out of them. That probably ought to give them a lesson. It should be against the law to cause harm or anguish to any beauty of your kind...''

Carmelita's heart beat faster than ever before. Sly had just said a really sweet thing, a word that every woman would want to flow through their ears every day by men who truly loved her. She eagerly pressed her ear toward the glass of the window, wanting to hear more. When nothing sounded for a few seconds, she thought that he had stopped talking and gone to bed. She slowly and cautiously poked her head up, reassuring her that Sly hadn't quite yet. More words were to come.

-''If I only could tell you how I feel for you...'' he continued, that single comment causing Carmelita to gasp quietly. ''If only I could tell you that I want to spend every day with you, that I want to listen to you talking about your day. That I want to be the shoulder you could lean on when you were having a hard time. That I want to be the one who comforts you when you cry...'' Sly slowly, but also surely, lowered the volume in his voice. Carmelita picked up a sound that reminded her of a small child.

A really, really quiet sob.

-''How can I tell you without you being hurt? How can I tell you the truth? How can I...'' Sly paused for a few moments with another silent sob. ''How can I tell you that I love you?'' He finished with a deep sigh and another sob. Carmelita just simply stared for a second or two, slowly taking in the information she had just heard. She felt really strange suddenly but in a way that was good. A man had openly, and also obliviously, confessed to her that he loved her. Her knees felt like jelly just by the thought.

The feeling shifted suddenly, and just as suddenly, a full scale war of emotions broke out inside her. One part wanted to forget about their different professions and just try to form something between the two. One other half just wanted to jump through the window and arrest him on the spot. A third fighter simply wanted Carmelita to leave and forget that this happened. When the first part eventually won the struggle, she positioned herself back just below the window and continued listening. There were no sounds, but simple crying for a few minutes. Carmelita slowly looked in through the window and, to her surprise, saw that he was lying on the floor, shaking slightly. Soon, everything was quiet.

-''Well, I guess that it doesn't pay off any way by crying. I should just get some sleep. I do need that.'' He eventually whispered with a coarse vice that also trembled slightly.

Suddenly, Carmelita felt something move on her arm. When she looked on it, she saw a small insect, no bigger than a small pebble. Being an extreme insect phobic, she couldn't help herself from screaming. It was a pretty quiet scream, well, rather a shout of surprise and discomfort than a scream. She quickly brushed off the hideous creature and then pressed herself to the wall just under the window. Not a very good hiding pot, but it would have to do.

-''What was that?'' she heard his voice speak, also hearing quick footsteps coming over to the window.

''Oh, god no!'' she thought to herself and closed her eyes as she heard the footsteps cease. She calmed down considerably when no sounds were heard.

-''That was kind of close...'' she whispered, but her hopes were cut short when she heard his voice yet again.


(A/N: Pretty epic, ain't it? The second part is coming soon, however... I think that this is a pretty all-over story and that I'll let my readers decide what the ending will be like (What will happen between the two etc.). This is NOT a fan-interactive story, as it's not even sure that I will pick one of your endings. In case you want to submit an ending, send it via PM, (NOT review) and I'll take a look. If you post by review, I'll take action thereafter. If I get no suggestions, I will post the ending myself.)