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Captured Hearts

Chapter 21 - fin.

"Indeed Bella." Voldemort laughed and tuanted the twins, " I keep what I kill, including Ginny. She will be entertainment for my wizards. I don't think many have raped a pregnant women before. I wonder if the baby will survive the onslaught. Mrs. Harry Potter will spend her life on her back and if her child is born I will end the Potter line myself"

Fred and George were trying to fight against the wards and each blow was being knocked back at them. Kingsley, Angela and Alicia tried to control them. Several of the Death Eaters were laughing including Walden Macnair and Teddy Nott.

Ginny turned to Snape, "I should have known you were lying. You promised safety for my child…you made an oath you bastard."

Mulciber held her back as she tried to scratch and kick at her former professor.

"You shouldn't make promises you can't keep Severus." Voldemort hissed.

"I didn't my Lord." Snape replied smoothly. Everyone took it as Ginny was lying but Hermione had been there. She knew he made the promise. She was going for her wand when her phone rang. It was Alexi. The call was spotty.


"Jace and Bleda have turned, we are under…FUCK!" The call went dead. Her phone was killed completely. Only Quinella had access to shut down their like that lines. Hermione hoped Alexi was still alive.

"My Lord! It's a tra..."

Bellatrix moved quickly, so quickly Nott never had a chance. The slicing hex tore him apart. He lay on the ground twitching with pain as his life poured out of his body and the blood pooled around her feet. The call had been a cue. Racina and her guard stepped away. Hermione pulled her wand and stood between the soldiers and the Dark Lord.

The fighting broke out and it became clear this was all planned. The sides were obvious and the remaining Death Eaters didn't have a chance against the traitors.

"I have been waiting a long time for this Walden." Mulciber went after Macnair, letting years of hatred fuel his wand. Lucius and Draco had squared off with the Carrows and several of the High Guard flanked them joining the fight.

Narcissa went after Rowle. She knew Mulciber hated what had happened with Bella but Rowle had not made amends. Nott was dead and he was the next best thing. Racina was ready to join in but after seeing Narcissa's attack she decided to leave the witch to her revenge and watched the battle.

Severus and Revan had gone after Dolohov, easily felling the wizard. Hermione was a slave and her priority was to protect her master. It was built into everything she was. Voldemort turned to her and saw her defensive pose.

"Kill them all slave, even your witch."

"As you wish Master." Hermione let the anger at being betrayed override her other emotions and she fell into the familiar role of killer. She went after the High Guard. Taking out several of them before Revan and Snape intervened. She found herself battling both of them and Bellatrix and she was being pushed backwards.

The Order could do nothing to help. They were stuck watching as the Death Eaters turned on themselves and their Lord.

Voldemort killed the four guards Racine brought and had wounded Lucius. Alecto used his injury to try and kill him sending an Avada his way. Draco pulled him down, the green light shooting inches away from his ear. Draco fired an Avada back and Alecto fell. The two High Guard wizards took down her brother. Draco healed Lucius and the two men and Narcissa turned towards Voldemort raising their wands and joining the fight.

Hermione was losing the battle. She couldn't bring herself to cast hexes at Bellatrix despite her collar and her desire for self preservation and now several of the High Guard had joined them. Draco sent a curse her way and she deflected it, sending one back breaking his ankle. She was now taking on seven wizards including the Malfoys and Revan, Snape and Bella. They were too much for. Hermione was hit with a stunner and she was blown back.

Snape and Revan hit her with multiple hexes before she could recover. Her wand was taken and Bellatrix hit her with an incarcerous, a silencing spell and a petrificus totalus. She was taking no chances with Hermione. She leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I am sorry baby, it's the only way."

Hermione was paralyzed completely and could only watch as Bellatrix, Revan, Racina, and Snape joined Lucius and Narcissa facing down the Dark Lord. Draco limped over and sat down next to Hermione.

"Fuck woman you did a number on my ankle. He was going to destroy us all and you know that."

There was a scream to their left but Hermione couldn't see what it was.

"Mulciber took out Macnair. He is bringing Ginny over to us."

The two sat down near them. Hermione could sense and hear them but she could not see them. She was frozen in place watching the woman she loved facing down her Master. She wished she had a way to warn them he couldn't be killed without destroying the Horocruxes.

"You are fools, just like Potter. You can't kill me traitors."

"I absolutely agree with you that Potter is a fool my Lord. If he wasn't he would have figured out that the Prophecy meant he was a Horocrux and he had to die for you to die." Snape said silkily.

The High Guard, Aurors and a few of the Death Eaters and Order members gasped. They had been unaware of the dark magic that Voldemort had used.

Severus, Bellatrix and Revan each pulled out one of three items. It was the cup, the diadem and the locket. All had been destroyed.

Once they had betrayed him, Voldemort knew his Horocruxes might be in trouble but he had not expected the locket to be with them.


Bellatrix knew what he was referring to, "You told me you brought it home. You were right, almost anyone including the Order would have never been able to get to it but Severus, Cissy, Lucius and I could. You have grown weak and foolish in your years. Your plans would have destroyed us all."

"And now the five of you battle me?" he said furious at their betrayal.

"No. Just me. It has to be me. Warriors rules. The slave belongs with me." Bellatrix coolly stated.

"You couldn't beat me if you weren't pregnant. You foolish bitch I will kill you and your child. You really think you can beat me in a duel now?" he took a dueling pose. Her wand would be no match for him, especially pregnant, and everyone knew that.

"No. Not with a wand." He didn't recognize what was in Bellatrix's hand until it was too late. He felt pain through his body and heard what sounded like thunder. His last thought was of where he went wrong.

Bellatrix walked over to him and kicked his wand away. Severus checked him thoroughly.

"Well that was a bit anticlimactic but certainly effective. He is dead. Do put that down Bella."

Bellatrix dropped the Glock 19. She had emptied the magazine into her former Master. She turned back to a still frozen Hermione.

"Element of surprise. Jace was nice enough to give me lessons. You keep what you kill."

She unfroze Hermione and removed the other spells.

"I don't know if bringing a gun to a wand fight fits within the warriors code Mistress." Hermione purred as she felt her collar changing. The change was amazing; it had never been like this before. She could sense Bella in every nerve, feel her essence claim her body. In all her time she had never heard of a claiming like this. Her collar turned black with Bellatrix's crest in bright red.

"Fitting for a Black slave." Bellatrix noted as she ran her hands along the collar she finished the blood rite. Hermione was hers.

"So now what?" Kingsley interrupted. They had been unable to do anything through all of the events due to the warding.

"Now nothing. The war is over. I will be continuing where Master Li left off, not where the Dark Lord did." Bellatrix pronounced.

"You really expect us to walk away from this? To do nothing?" One of the American Aurors asked.

"Yes. A secondary force of Aurors has been assembled in Los Angeles. They are taking the Auror's offices actions as treason. You are about to have a civil war. I can stop it with a few words and of course you returning home. If we fight the muggles, they might win, but we can do a lot of damage before they do. The war is over." Bellatrix smiled.

Hermione had given them leverage over the Americans when she cut her deal with Amy Madison. Quinella used their contacts to split the Auror office and get the secondary force over. The Americans were now worried about the local strife and couldn't have a rogue Auror office. The Aurors grumbled amongst themselves and decided she was right. With the wizarding community staying cloaked there would be no issues.

"And muggleborns?" Kingsley asked.

"Those within my territory will be most likely collared. Just as with Master Li. Training them seems preferable to the Dark Lord's policy of killing them. Look how useful this one has been. We will leave them be in the Americas for now."

The Aurors shrugged apologetically to the Order members and shuffled off to the apparition point.

"This isn't over!"

"She killed our whole family!"

Fred and George were furious and trying to get to Hermione.

"Actually I killed some of them. Give credit where credit is due. Percy is still alive. He will be released back to you." Bellatrix said.

She knew nothing would keep the two from the fury and she turned to Kingsley.

"Take them and go. Go to the States and stay there. As long as you stay out of my sight we will no longer hunt you. You cannot win England back and the rest of the world will find its way to one side or another."

She motioned and Mulciber to let Ginny go. Ginny knelt down before Harry and kissed his forehead and then joined her brothers, pulling at them.

"No more fighting. No more death. Please."

Mulciber tried not to show how heartbroken he was. He left her with a parting message, "Ginny, my offer stands if you ever change your mind."

The Order left them to clean up the dead except for Harry. They took his body with them. Bellatrix told them they would have time to bury him and his grave would not be disturbed. They took him back to Godric's Hollow to bury him near his parents.

As the last of the Order left the grounds Hermione turned to Bellatrix who was whispering with Narcissa. The High Guard had taken the perimeter and they could talk freely.

"How long have you been planning this Mistress?"

"He was right to worry about me….and Snape. He was worried about one of us turning but it had never occurred to him we both could without you stopping us. We were both dissatisfied before you came along, as were many of the others. He spent years chasing a boy, he tortured us and treated us poorly and he raped and tortured more than a few of his loyal followers."

"Once it became clear what would happen if we went after the muggles dissention started throughout their ranks as well as ours." Revan added. "When we discovered they were bugged it really unnerved the Death Eaters. They didn't know such technology existed and they were worried about facing and unknown threat."

"The Dark Lord's petulant response and the way Yaxley was so easily defeated was the tipping point for most but it took Bella's…well it took that for Narcissa to accept it and I will follow her wherever she leads us. Even if it means my son is spending his time playing with mudblood toys." Lucius admitted. Draco rolled his eyes. His parents had accepted his relationship with Quinn but it was still a sore subject.

"Once your captains were clearly as dissatisfied as we were it was easy enough to get them to turn on that bastard with us as long as you and Alexi would not be collateral damage. They do seem quite fond of you Granger. Jace even convinced Gambino to stand down with the knowledge he would have a new business partner." Snape said.

"You went after Percy to plan this?"

"Look at that, you are the brightest witch of your age after all" Snape walked off leaving a parting dig. He had a hot blond at home to celebrate with.

Bellatrix picked up Hermione's hand and led her to the apparition point, "You are mine now. Along with everything else that was his. You will have your work cut out for you fixing everything the Dark Lord fucked up."


"Oh fuck!" Hermione grunted as the cock impaled her. Bellatrix reached over and pulled at the clips on her nipples. The jagged teeth dug in as the sensitive nubs were tugged on. She reached up yanking on Bella's hair. She loved the way her witch fucked her. "Please Mistress…more."

The slap was hard. Hermione moaned and hung on to the headboard as Bellatrix let her hands deliver the pain that Hermione wanted so badly. The next blow was a punch to the ribs and Hermione shifted as the pain hit pushing the cock deeper into her.

A hand went to her throat. Hermione loved this. Bellatrix began to constrict the flow of air as she pushed in harder.

"Mine! You dirty little mudslut. I decide if you live or you die. You are mine! Your pussy, your body, your soul, your air."

Hermione climaxed, unable to scream as Bellatrix choked her. Bellatrix pulled back a little and let her catch her breath.

"I am not even close to done muddy. Flagellus."

The whips floated above them and began to strike Hermione. The spell was very controlled and the whips would avoid hitting Bella, only attacking where Hermione was exposed. Bellatrix grabbed her hips and ground into her hard, pounding into her as her lover was brutally whipped. Hermione was close again. She slapped Bellatrix hard.

The pain pushed her Mistress to the edge and the two came together. Bellatrix barely had the strength to end the spell and silence the whips before they drifted off to sleep.

Later that morning Hermione was curled by the fire head resting on Bellatrix's feet. Bella held a leash which was attached to Hermione's collar. When the sounds of crying from the nursery filled the silence Bella unclipped her.

"I already fed him. He needs a diaper change."

Hermione smirked. Bellatrix was able to handle most of motherhood amd world domination but diapers were not part of that skill set. Fortunately she had her Sword to do it. They had a slave who served as a nanny as well. The young girl, Eliza, had been on the street hustling. As a witch from a family too poor to support her, she had to trick herself out to stay alive.

She had tried to hustle Revan and ended up in a collar for her efforts. She proved herself to be an excellent caretaker and Cygnus adored her. Severus had stayed hands off saying Hermione was a better father than he would be and Hermione found herself as a parent as well as the Sword.

After finishing up changing her son's diapers, Hermione returned to find Bella asleep. She was in her first trimester and even with the potions she tired easily. Cygnus did end up with Snape's nose so more than a few people had guessed where he had come from although it was never made public. This one would be Hermione's.

Hermione hoped their daughter didn't get her hair. She knew from the spell books it would be a daughter. Hermione might be one of the two most powerful slaves in the world but she was still a slave. She wanted her daughter to be thought of as the daughter of a Black and not of a slave. In the end though, even if she took after Hermione she would still be feared and respected.

She summoned Eliza to look after Cygnus and returned to their bedroom. She kissed her sleeping Mistress tenderly, dressed and went to check on their latest project. She walked to the study. Bellatrix had done away with the throne room and all meetings of their captains, including the newly appointed Death Eater captains, took place in the study which had been converted to a mission room. She walked in to see Alexi and Jace fighting over a donut while Draco tried to avoid the flying jelly.

"You are supposed to be the leaders of the greatest army in the history of the world not to mention powerful witches and wizards." Hermione waved her wand and more donuts appeared.

"Principle!" Alexi came over and started playing with her collar again.

"Alexi, how many times have I told you to stop playing with it?" Hermione said, exasperated.

"In all my years I have never seen anything like it. It's a mystery and I want to unravel it."

The collar had stayed black and runes and symbols had appeared along the length of it in red. Bellatrix's seal had been adorned with a sword marking Hermione's now official position. None of these things were part of the original spell work.

Those weren't the only changes. The bond between the witches was stronger than any bond created by a collar in history. Hermione had developed an empathic connection to Bellatrix. She could feel when her Mistress needed her or was in pain. She could also sense her pleasure.

"We need to talk. It is hard to do our jobs if my sister is going to have a tantrum when something she doesn't like happens." Naricssa snipped at her.

"Well we just need to keep foreign heads from flirting with Hermione. That Minister wasn't well liked anyways" Lucius laughed. He knew his wife hated the connection between the slave and her sister. Officially Hermione might be chattel but unofficially the mudblood was her sister-in-law and soon to be mother of her niece.

A treaty negotiation went south when the Minister of Yemen decided he appreciated Hermione's assets and wanted to know if he could borrow her.

"You know your sister is very possessive of her toys. Are we ready to start now? Where is Mulciber?" Revan joked

"You didn't hear?" Quinn was excited to be able to share gossip. "The Weasley twins and some of the remaining Order members had another slug fest with our forces in the States. George lost an ear. It apparently was the kast straw. Ginny got tired of war and came back here."

"To Mulciber? I can't believe he wooed her!" Narcissa exclaimed.

"He kept writing her, I guess eventually she started writing back."

"And the child?" Hermione asked.

"Is with her. It looks like you won't be the only new daddy."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Quinn.

"Enough goofing off where are we?"

Draco looked up from a stack of papers. "Slave sales are doing well in our European expansion and the drug supply lines are at full capacity everywhere. Gambino has taken over almost the entire North American drug market now. He wants to expand slavery over there considering how popular it is here. The galleons are rolling in."

"Alexi what is the real time table on increasing our American holdings?"

"The American Ministry and Auror department has been significantly weakened. We have been moving our own people in. Amy Madison has created absolute havoc through her connections and they stretched themselves way too thin." She nodded her head to Hermione knowing the witch was behind the significant increase in dark magic in the Americas.

"We will have a regime change in the States in less than six months. With your new program to infiltrate their intelligence agencies the muggles will never even know it happened. Our agents in the CIA say they have heard chatter of terrorist actives but nothing has been connected to magic and all evidence has been hidden. They are moving the pieces around so we will have complete control soon. " Snape said flipping through his intelligence files.

"Joan and Arthur do good work. We have cleaned up their Wilcox problem for them haven't we?" Hermione asked.

Jace laughed, "A proud nation will mourn the loss of such patriots."

"Good. Once we control the States we will have enough leverage to make everyone else play nice."

"I can't believe that within a year Bella will actually be the puppet master to the whole world." Narcissa looked worried.

"Mistress Malfoy, you know she will not make the same mistakes as her predecessor. The world is now ours to mold and shape as we please." Hermione assured her.

"And it will be all of ours." They looked up to see Bella in the door. She walked up to Hermione and nuzzled into her neck wrapping her arms around her. "I killed him, it's my throne, but he was a fool for not listening to counsel and for not sharing his fortunes with those that served him well."

She looked to each of the Captains in the room. They had turned the empire around and then expanded it beyond even Li's imagination. "The world will be ours." She kissed Hermione's shoulder, "all of ours."


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