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This story is VERY loosely based on the movie "Support Your Local Sheriff". I will be using the idea of the movie; but, I intend for most of the dialog to be mine. I will also use the names of the people we know and love. I hope you like it.

I got the idea from a conversation some of us had at "Bones Theory" a few months ago. This idea just wouldn't go away so let me know if it's interesting or not and worth continuing.


He had been a cop on the Philadelphia Police Department for a few years and realized that he was bored. What he really wanted to do was to taste the adventure of the last frontier. He had found a book at the local library on Australia and had been fascinated that such a place could exist. The idea of animals with pockets in their bellies, small little bears that lived in trees, people that could throw sticks and have the sticks come back. It just made Seeley Joseph Booth's mind just itch to see such things. Yes sir, he was going to Australia and no one was going to stop him.

He quit his job with the Police Department, bought a horse and with his life savings, started his trip to Australia. The only problem was he kept finding more interesting places to see before he finally made that final trip out of the country. Yes sir, he had to go see the badlands of the Dakotas and Niagara Falls had called his name; so, he had to go take a look. New Orleans had beckoned for a time and so did Houston. He really was going to Australia and by God no one was going to stop him. He just had to make sure that he saw the little things that could still surprise a fella in this country first. That and he needed more money. It was expensive traveling to Australia and lord knows he wasn't rich. Yes sir, he was on the way to Australia, the last wild frontier on this too civilized planet and no one was going to stop him. It just might take longer than he thought it would.


Booth had heard of a gold strike in Colorado. If there was a chance that he could do a little mining and come up with the ready cash, he could then finally leave for the land of his dreams. Arriving in Calendar, Colorado, Booth had found a very wild place. There seemed to be no end to the shooting and rowdy behavior in the streets and in the town saloon.

The town had mushroomed up over night and in less than a year a tent city had become a town with clapboard and brick houses and businesses. The town had a mayor and a town council. They had Madame Montenegro's house and Keenan's General Store. They had a restaurant, a livery stable and a few other businesses. The one thing they didn't have was a Sheriff. For one reason for another, they just couldn't keep a Sheriff. It was a real head scratcher and it just drove the mayor nuts. The fact that they had three Sheriffs in two months was just a little mind boggling. Hell, it was down right disheartening when you thought about it.

Booth had rode into town on a sunny Tuesday morning. The streets were wet and very muddy because of the heavy rainfall the day before and it seemed to bog down anyone brave enough to step in it. Booth had ridden along the edges of main street, weaving his horse in and out of pedestrians and wagons. For a small town, it was very crowded.

Arriving in front of the saloon, Booth decided to get a drink. Walking into the saloon, he found the place to be packed. That seemed kind of strange to him as it was just a Tuesday morning. Walking over to the bar, Booth ordered a shot of whiskey. Paying the bar man, he took the glass in his hand and turned to watch the poker tables. He had thought he might join in on a hand or two, when he saw two men rise from their chairs and exchange words. Both drew their guns and one fell down dead.

Tim Sullivan, the winner of the quick draw claimed self defense. Booth guffawed.

Taking exception to the obvious disbelief, Sully said to Booth, "Is there a problem?"

Smiling Booth said, "That was hardly a fair fight. You feinted with your left shoulder and then drew a gun with your right hand at the same time. The poor fool drew right after you started the feint. You drew first and the fight wasn't fair."

Shaking his head, Sully said, "What business is this of yours?"

Holding up his hand, Booth said, "None. I'm just saying, don't claim self defense when you and I both know that isn't true.

Walking closer to Booth, Sully said, "Hey, I'm Sully Sullivan. You better remember my name if you plan to stay here. You don't mess with the Sullivan's or the Wyatt's and live to brag about it."

Shaking his head, Booth said, "Sure, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to remember your name for the rest of my life. I'll just think about you all of the time."

Puzzled, Sully shook his head and said, "What?"

Shaking his head, Booth drank his drink, realized that the drink was the worse whiskey he had ever tasted, gave Sully a disgusted look and left the saloon.

Sully scratched his head and watched Booth leave.


As it was lunch time, Booth rode his horse down Main Street looking for a place to eat. Finally, he found what he was looking for and stopped at the local restaurant, the Royal Diner and dismounted his horse again. The sign on the window said homemade pie. That was good enough for him. Walking into the restaurant he found a sign that said breakfast $3, Lunch $3 and Dinner $3. That was pretty steep prices for a meal; but, the sign also promised apple pie with each meal.

Sitting down at a crowded table, Booth waited to be served. A woman came along with an arm full of plates in one hand and flatware in the other. A second woman walked behind her with a pot in one hand a ladle in the other.

Coming upon a seated Booth, Tammy said, "Three dollars."

Nodding his head, Booth pulled out three dollar coins and passed them onto the woman. She nodded and gave him a plate and a fork. Sue, who saw that he had paid, came up next and ladled a heaping portion of stew on to his plate. Walking away, Sue continued on to the next customer.

Seeing that he didn't get his pie, Booth called out, "Hey, where's my pie?"

Turning, Sue smiled and said, "Eat your stew and when I make my second round you'll get your pie."

Smiling, Booth said, "Thanks."

Booth had been eating the rather tasteless stew when his neighbor pointed to the sign that gave the cost of the meals. Both men watched the $3 being turned into $8.

Shaking his head, Booth said, "Wow, I don't think I can afford to live in this town, not if prices are more than doubling right before my eyes."

Nodding, Ben said, "Yeah, well, there's jobs around if you need them or you can mine. You can make a lot of money if you're willing to get dirty and some money if you aren't."

Nodding his head, Booth said, "Where can I find out about the non dirty jobs?"

Smiling, Ben said, "There's a jobs board in front of the General Store."


After Lunch, Booth walked down the very busy main street towards the General Store. As he got close to the store, Booth found a very interesting fight going on. Two teamsters had got into a dispute over the right of way on the very muddy street and had started to beat each other. As far as he could tell the fight had turned into a free for all, which included several men and one young woman. All the people in the fight were covered in mud and were hitting each other with either their fists or boards. Not wanting to get involved, Booth skirted around the muddy arena and made his way to the front of the General Store. Stopping to stare, Booth was fascinated by the sight of the woman holding her own. She was hitting men right and left with her board and was causing just as much mayhem as the men.

Shaking his head, Booth stood and watched until the woman looked over and saw a very attractive man watching her. A little angry, Tempe waded through the mud and confronted Booth, "Why are you standing there looking at me? If you want to take sides then let me know."

Shaking his head, Booth said, "You are a very strange young woman."

Irritated, Tempe said, "Hey, you know what? You appear to be too clean to me. Let me fix that problem." Swinging her board at Booth, she missed by a few inches.

Ducking, Booth said, "I'll pass on your offer ma'am. Thank you."

Shaking his head, Booth turned and continued walking towards the General Store.

Tempe, a little puzzled at the feelings she had for a man she had never seen before, dropped her board and walked home. She needed to think about it. She couldn't figure out why the sight of a total stranger, yes, a very attractive total stranger, a very attractive total stranger dressed in tight jeans, black boots, a lovely light blue shirt…. Losing her train of thought, Tempe shook her head and continued towards her home. Those chocolate eyes, that wonderful Roman nose. "Wait," Tempe thought, "What was I thinking about?"

Shaking her head again, Tempe sighed and walked into her house. Looking back towards the General Store before she closed the door, Tempe sighed again and finally closed the door.


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