A/N: Just like I promised, here is the first chapter of my new story. Sorry its a little short, but I had the murder happen kind of quickly. I hope you like it and I will upload the next chapter as soon as I can. Like always, read and review:)

Chapter 1- Retired and Shot

To be retired, and living in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia was, in Maxwell Kyle's opinion, heaven on Earth. Or at least it was for a man who had worked for the FBI for thirty-five years of his life. The quaint and quiet streets of Richmond were much more inviting for him than the busy Quantico streets. With his bag of golf clubs slung over his shoulder Maxwell gave his wife Kristy one final kiss before heading towards the car. The golf course was calling to him, just like every other day since his retirement began. Sadly he would never reach the golf course, for just after he placed his clubs in the backseat, as he reached for the driver's seat door handle a mysteriously faint popping noise ripped through the air.

The mysterious popping sound should have been a warning sign for Maxwell, because just as he heard the sound he was hit with the wind's deadly object. Paralyzed by the unexpected piercing pain Maxwell didn't even have a chance to speak or scream as a second later a second pop sounded, piercing him again. No thoughts passed through his head as Maxwell collapsed to the pavement, dead, blood pouring from the two bullet wounds in his chest. Releasing a blood curdling scream into the air Kristy Kyle ran over to her husband's dead body. Tears streaming down her cheeks Kristy knelt down beside her husband, shouting frantically for someone to help, even though it was too lateā€¦