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Chapter 1

The moment I saw Zoe Nightshade some strange force kept telling me not to trust her. But the truth was not revield to me till I meet Rip tide. It was during the night before we entered the junkyard for the Gods. My patience was getting lower by the minute Zoe always whining so was Grover about stupid things. Then I almost get run over by a limo with Ares inside big headed moron.

Ares smiled cruelly, not so fast now are ya punk, get that sword outta my face or i'll shove it up your ass. The war god looked even madder but when he saw the others he said at ease people. This is a friendly, he dug the sword deeper into my chin, and of course I'd like to take your head for a trophy. But someone wants to see you and I never behead my enemies in front of a lady. What lady Thalia asked Thalia daughter of Zeus Ares mused, you're not hanging out with very good company. What's your

business Ares she asked who's in the car. I really lost care or reality when tried to think who would want to see me. So when he finally got ried of them he instructed me into the limo.

Get inside punk and mind your manners she's not as forgiving of rudeness as I am, ya right I said. When I saw her I was nothing more than a lost boy who found home. The beauty was wearing a red satin dress and her hair was in a cascade of ringlets. Her face was the most beautiful that i'll ever see and that gave her away. Ah there you are Percy the goddess said I am Aphrodite. Oh please forgive my rude behavior with Ares were not on agreeable stands. I don't usually act like this but hey I felt I had to be the gentleman. She smiled aren't you sweet, hold this please.

She handed me a plate sized mirror before she leaned forward to dab at her lipstick. Do you Know why your here She asked me, no I said trying not to sound to rude. Oh dear still in denial, outside I could hear Ares chuckling. Forgive me but i'm not sure what you mean, well then tell me why you're on this quest? Do you want the record or off record reason, do tell me both she said sounding like I gave her a seductive invite. On record to save Artemis off to truly understand what is going on with me. Oh Artemis please talk about a hopeless case, but what do you mean by the other mean. I have been getting angry easy and I have been especially mad at Zoe. I feel nothing but he need to fight and any other emotion is useless.

Even love Aphrodite asked I am sorry to say yes I have lost my love for others my mom, Grover, Thalia, Tyson, Poseidon, any other person close to me, and especially Annabeth. Well that can't do you can't turn out like those hunters you have too much going for you. She was quiet for a minute then her face turned to pure shock. Your heart has been sealed from me that have never happened before not even Hestia and Artemis have been able to do that. You are a true mystery your story just became a even better story than you were before.

Percy do be careful of my husbands territory he doesn't like thieves who take his junk. Suddenly my side door opened and Ares grabs my shoulder so out of reaction I grabbed his arm and drained the water out of his arm. He let me go as in my palm I held the water that I drained. I believe you should ask before snatching me out before seeing if the lady was done talking to me. No you may go Percy she said before giving me a pretty cool gift she kissed my cheek. Just remember once that wall is gone I don't plan to make your love life easy. Well thank you for your time and till next time m'lady.

Ares gave me a stupid talk about how he'd love to kill me but since i'll bring a great war he couldn't. Yeah he was more afraid of what I did to his arm to try anything. So later when I told them what happened they told me not to trust Aphrodite. Well I did leave some parts out, I trust her more than I trust the hunters I said looking around the junk yard. So were to Grover asked, that way Zoe said, then i'm going that way I pointed in the opposite and walked away. I search through

some of the stuff that I actually like. There was a sapphire speeder bike that after looking over was in perfect condition heck with the trident scar on it looked like it was made for me or dad.

The next thing I saw was a metal hand that looked like it didn't belong. So pulling it out and a whole futuristic robot fell on me. I pushed it off and saw something weird what looked to be it's brain had to be pushed in so doing that The robot came to life. It's eyes opened and then looked at me hello it said , hi. Ah who or what are you I am a nester NS5 my name is Sonny. Sonny why you in a junk yard, I am unique you know the three laws of robots, yeah, I can break them. Cool i'm Percy Jackson ...look aviosuey you shouldn't be here so you want to come with me?

I would like that thank you Percy; we got on my new bike and rode to the exit when I heard what I assumed to be Zoe yeald Talos. I turned around and drove as fast as the bike could carry us to see Bianca clime into the tin can and it coming down. I quickly got off and searched for her but Sonny said it's to late the sun rose and I felt grief I then noticed a little statue on the ground. I picked it up and put it in my pocket I could not believe she was dead and the last thing I said to her was that I didn't trust her. Bianca di Angelo was gone and I didn't do anything to save her. Sonny put a hand on my shoulder and said it'll be alright thanks sonny I said.

My bike transformed into a small capsule and after introducing Sonny to the others we decided we needed some rest. We set up camp and got some sleep while Sonny took watch. When I closed my eyes I found myself on the beach that was odd for a desert. Hello Percy glad you came to see me a man in a unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, swiming trunks, and designer shades he kind of looked like me twin. Who are you, I am Riptide if you prefer to use my english name anyway i'm the reason for the change. Why, because I want the one who hurt me to feel the same pain and so you don't get the same outcome as me.

I am a zanpakuto a sword spirit since you wield me you can use my powers but you must trust me so do you. Yes you saved my life so many times, draw your sword. I did as instructed, now say Ride the waves Anaklusmos, doing that my sword changed into a beautiful sapphire trident. Now my powers are great with water since i'm water Zanpakto and since you use me you can even save people from dying even Bianca if you hurry now, i'll lead you there. I suddenly shot my eyes open and dashed to the rubble and then I heard crying. I turned Bianca crying while a chain was attached to her chest. Bianca I said she turned to see me Percy are you dead she asked me.

No, but i'm here to save you from death, how she asked me, first where's your body? She lead me to her body and then cutting her soul chain I used the backside of my sword and she disappeared, I also did that with her body. Good now go on I can handle the rest she'll be back soon Riptide said in my mind before I walked back to the other. So why do you hate Zoe asked, she betrayed me so I do not trust her, and the others, they are just like her they'll betray you in anyway. Bianca didn't she betrayed her brother but she was good to you so be good to her in here and when she's released okay I said so Zoe betrayed him and he made me distant from others so I didn't get hurt.

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