How to Tell if You Love Star Trek

Summary: These are 15 signs that you may be a Trekkie. You have been warned.

A/N: Star Trek is amazing. That's all I wanted to say. Review if you agree!

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1) You love Spock's pointy ears and you wish you had them.

2) You've always wanted a Star Trek pin to put on your shirt.

3) You know every one of Dr. McCoy's famous lines. "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a [insert profession of your choice]!"

4) You've spent hours perfecting the Vulcan Greeting, and when you meet strangers you sometimes make the V and say, "Live long and prosper."

5) You don't wear red shirt because everybody knows what happens to the guys in the red shirts…

6) You have the theme song on your iPod, and you listen to it on occasion.

7) You know your way around the Enterprise, and if you were magically transported there right now, you'd know exactly how to get to the bridge.

8) You've tried the Vulcan pinch on one of your siblings or your parents. (Not a brilliant thing to do, BTW. It doesn't work and the receiver of the pinch tends to get pissed….)

9) If someone asks you the date, you give them the Stardate.

10) You've answered your flip phone like it's a communicator.

11) You pretend all elevators are actually the lifts they use in Star Trek.

12) You own a Star Trek uniform. (Bonus: you actually wear it out in public!)

13) You've tried some of Captain Kirk's moves when you think no one's watching.

14) You've tried to make a Gorn cannon in your backyard. (Or, you just know what a Gorn cannon is.)

15) You saw the new Star Trek movie and thought it was epic, but that the original series is still kick-ass even today.

Bonus: How to Tell if You're Obsessed with Star Trek TNG

1) You say "engage" when you're about to hit the gas. (I've done this a couple of times in the car.)

2) You think Commander Data is way cooler than Spock.

3) You've put a hair band over your eyes so you look like Jordi.

4) You've tried to learn Klingon.

5) You watch the Big bang Theory and laugh at all the Star Trek jokes.


A/N: I passed both tests….embarrassingly….Anyway, hope this made you laugh.

-The Ember Raven