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Author's Note: This is 15 years before V blows up the Old Bailey and 5 years after the fire burned V's body. This fanfic has a lot of fluff and cuteness. It was a random thought I had and I ran with it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Please review!

Who Saved Whom

V walked through the shadows of London; doing errands of all things. He stopped, hearing a faint noise from a nearby dumpster. His eyes narrowed, as he pulled a knife and crept toward it. He listened carefully. He heard a faint crying. He almost dropped the knife.
Crying! Infant crying! He pocketed the knife and slowly opened the top of the dumpster. Inside was a newborn child. Not even able to lift its own head. He finally realized that the child ( a girl as it turned out ) was without clothing. Not even a diaper. He took off his cloak and placed it on the ground. He then carefully lifted the newborn out of the dumpster and carefully wrapped her in the cloak. He cradled the small bundle to his chest. Looking into her small chocolate brown eyes, he instantly loved the small girl in his arms. He quickly ran to the Shadow Gallery, stopping only briefly to "pick up" the essentials for Valkery. The name he had chosen for the little girl he had saved.

2 Years Later

Valkery frowned, poking the nose of his mask angerly. "No! You Daddy!" She made a puppy dog face and a little whining sound. She threw her arms in the air and jumped up and down. "Up Daddy! Up!" V smiled as he lifted her off the ground and tossed her intop the air. He caught her then brought her to his chest, before spinning in several circles, Valkery laughing in his arms. He suddenly stopped and said.
"V." He thought her diziness would get her to agree with him. But she saw through his ploy. Valkery grabbed his mask and brought him down to eye growled through her tiny clenched teeth.
"No! You Daddy!" V sighed as he tried to remove her hand from his mask. But her hand remained. Her eyes got large as she wondered at it. V's body tensed, knowing what was coming next. " Why wear?" Instead of answering with words, he slowly removed his mask.
Once it was off and his scarred face was exposed, he expected her to scream, cry, or run. But as usual, Valkery never ceased to amaze him. Instead she just smiled and hugged him. But what really melted the last of the ice around his heart was what she said. " All is beutiful in the eyes of God." V then did somethimg he could not remember ever doing before. He cried.