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V sat on one of the couches in the TV room, reading, when he heard a series of small giggles from behind it. He was slightly annoyed at first, having already put his daughter to bed. He should have know she wouldn't sleep long without him in bed with her. But, he found it hard to be irritated when her giggles were so infectious! He ignored them, pretending to not hear them, to make 5 year old Valkery think she had the upper hand. but, instead of catching her by surprise, he was caught off guard by getting a pillow in the face; still hearing the giggles.
" Now my dear, you understand that this means war!" V said in over dramatized tone, donning his own pillow, before lightly wacking Valkery in the side. She lost her pillow in the process, which was snatched off the floor by V before she could reach it, wacking her in the head. She screamed in delight, running away from him in mock terror. V, having rather long legs, walked after her slowly, following her to the kitchen. He dropped the pillow when he saw her under the dining table, silently approaching her from behind. He carefully yanked her from under the table and set her on the top, proceeding to tickle her sides, mercilessly. She laughed and screamed, begging him to stop. When he finally did, she jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.
" I love you Daddy! Forever and ever!" She shouted. He cringed at first, her yelling into his sensitive ears, but then chuckled, picked her up and cuddled her to his chest.
" I love you too, little one. Forever and ever." He whispered as the little girl fell asleep in his arms. This time laying down with her and falling into a fitful sleep himself.

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