Hi everyone. All of my stories so far were LuffyxShirahoshi fics so I thought I might attempt a LuffyxNami fic since I am a fan of that pairing as well. It just that I support LuffyxShirahoshi just as much as Luna but because there are so many LuffyxNami fics out there already I don't bother. I have had this idea for a while but I don't know how people would respond. This fic is a crossover between Naruto and One Piece. However no character from Naruto is going to appear in One Piece. It merely borrows a good chunk of the Naruto Shippuden plot and applies it to One Piece.

The New World has been harsh on the crew and as a result, Nami in anger says some EXTREMELY hurtful things to Luffy. Sanji being the ladies man that he is agrees and the rest of the crew, tired and exhausted from the New World and Luffy's adventures also agree. Luffy feeling like he has failed the crew and as a captain leaves the crew quietly. The crew finally realizing what they did wish to apologize only to find that he has left the crew. While they all feel bad, Nami feels by far the worse.

After searching to find their wayward captain and apologize and invite him back they discover something terrible. Luffy during his absence has joined the revolutionary army and became renegade. Discovering the truth about the D, along with his mother, still grieving from the death of Ace and the stress of feeling like he has failed his nakama has lead him to become significantly colder and darker. He becomes a powerful revolutionary under his father Dragon.

Dragon with his son on his side becomes bolder and decides to finally put his aster plan into action to overthrow the World Government. He wishes to unleash the final ancient weapon, the powerful divinge beast Uranus. Being a D, he can hear the voice of all things and as such can read the poneglyphs discovers the location of Uranus. However according to the poneglyph, Uranus is locked underneath Raftel and requires the 9 keys to unlock from its prison each of whose location is on a poneglyph. Also Uranus being a weapon of the ancient kingdom only obeys a D. As a result no one not even Poeisoden can control it. Only a powerful D like Luffy or Dragon can command it.

Dragon assigns Luffy to gather the keys while he using his connections makes it easy for him to travel. The crew upon discovering the terrible truth upon what Luffy is doing wish to do everything they can to stop him. Nami in particular wishes to save him from the dark path he is taking. It is a race against time to prevent the powerful beast Uranus from rising and Nami discovering her true feelings.

This fic is inspired greatly by Naruto. The relation between Luffy and Dragon is almost the same as Sasuke and Madara. Uranus is based on the 10 tailed demon and the 9 keys inspired by the 9 tailed beasts. Luffy would be similar to Sasuke but not murderous, psychotic and homicidal. Dragon would be major overpowered and manipulative. Nami wishing to save Luffy is similar to Naruto wanting to save Sasuke though Nami because she loves him and because he saved her from Arlong and her darkness. It is similar to how Naruto sees Sasuke as his best friend and wants to save him just as how he was saved by Iruka etc. You don't have to read Naruto to understand it. Just that Naruto fans would quickly pick up the similarities

Do not expect appearances from the Warlords or Yonkou or a good chunk of the characters as this would mean I'll have to compete with Oda himself. Nor expect a war or guys coming back to life. Also most of the character of One Piece like Coby and stuff wouldn't really appear since they didn't have much role in the story. You wouldn't get may appearances of Luffy. He only appears when he confronts one of his ex nakama or an important character. This is an AU by the way after the fishman island arc.

Please review and depending on the reviews I might go through with it. Most people love Luffy because of his relationship with his nakama so most people might not want this story to go through.