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"Ehehe~!" a young Miku giggled as she held Rin and Len's hands. Love does not exist here; there is no perfect feeling in this life. You will find that out soon enough, Len thought with a sly smile. Len snapped his fingers and a bag over Miku's head appeared. The bag stayed securely in its place by a metal circle around Miku's neck. On both sides of the circle, there were metal poles, one on each side, attached to smaller metal circles which locked around Miku's wrists.

Miku tried to scream but nothing came out. What's happening? the young Miku thought to herself nervously.

The normal Miku awoke and saw the room she was in when she was having tea. How can I see…? There must be a hole through the blindfold… Miku looked around the room to see Rin and Len laughing and smiling.

"Did you see her rose? I think it might be very important. There's something powerful about it, but I can't quite put my finger in it…" Rin told Len. "It may be…" Rin's voice spoke too low for anyone to hear except Len. Miku couldn't hear what she said, but she could see what she was saying. Ohh… What was she saying about my rose pin!

Miku then realized the Jack o' Lanterns, lit from the inside, cast shadows on the wall. No…! Those have always frightened me… Miku glared at the shadows in fear. They looked like… little versions of the blond twins.

An image popped into Miku's head: She was young again, hugging little dolls that represented the young Miku's favourite people: Rin and Len. The little Miku laughed and smiled as she hugged the dolls gleefully.

"My, my, you bad child—why have you awaken so early?" the blond boy scolded with a plastic, sincere smile.

Rin giggled. "Should I have to blind you myself?" Rin asked. She leaned in closely, her lips centimetres away from Miku's ear. She whispered, "I don't think you'd want that." Rin pulled away and giggled from her place beside Len.

Miku's eyes widened with fear. She pictured herself in several scenarios where Rin would blind Miku. Miku did a shaky, breathless laugh making it look like Rin's "joke" was funny. Inside, Miku shook with fear. Miku knew that she wouldn't be able to leave—to escape this trap. One minute, they give her hospitality and the next, hostility. Miku was confused whether Rin and Len wanted her to suffer, or to enjoy her time with them and have fun.

"Awe, how cute! You're laughing," Rin said. She sat down on the bed in front of Miku and lifted the corners of her mouth so it would look like she was still laughing. Rin giggled.

"But, we still need something from you…" they both said in their melodic voices. "So go back to your slumber…" Miku's eyelids fluttered shut and she lay on the bed.

Then, she was surrounded by blackness. It was still and quiet for a moment, until a feminine voice broke the silence. "Hey… Give me that…" the voice demanded softly. "Hehe~!"

Four golden eyes appeared above Miku, standing out in the blackness. Miku shrieked at the two pairs of eyes. Miku put her hands over her own.

To make sure if the eyes were gone, she uncovered them to see the pairs of eyes still there, but smaller and in front of her… on the faces of Rin and Len.

"Why are you trembling like that? What is frightening you?" Len asked curiously with smile, his golden eyes holding their gaze on the shaking Miku.

A flash of a young Miku hugging two little, blond dolls disappeared as fast as it appeared.

One word popped up in the shaking Miku's mind: Milk… When Miku was younger, her parents would always give her warm milk, when she was scared, to calm her down. For some reason, milk had always soothed Miku.

"Hmm? Milk is what you want? …It helps to sooth you?" Rin asked, acting like a mind-reader. How'd she…? Rin giggled. "I know everything." She edged toward Miku, her golden eyes piercing through Miku's body. Rin smiled. Miku felt like she melted under the gaze of her eyes.

All of a sudden, Rin and Len had disappeared. Miku looked left to right, wondering where they would pop up. Just then, Rin hugged Miku from behind and played with Miku's rose pin on her dress. "I'll just take this now…"

Len appeared in front of Miku again, grinning warmly and holding out his hand. "Give it here, quickly," he urged nicely. "You don't need to know why. You don't need to be afraid either…" Len put his hand down and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a few sweets wrapped in shiny cellophane. "Eat these…" he pleaded in his influential voice. "They tempt you into believing hospitality…" It looks like we need it… She doesn't seem like she's in a hypnotized state, when she should… Len thought, a little scared that the plan might go wrong.

It may be a source of strength for Miku… That's what Rin had said. Miku had realized it now.

"Just give it, quickly!" Rin demanded, not bothering to be nice anymore. Miku, all of a sudden, felt like time slowed. Rose petals floated around her. Her life flashed before her eyes. Her hallucinations played like a slideshow quickly in her mind. That was all Miku remembered…

Miku's body lied against a tree… with a small blood stain where her rose pin used to be, blood also dripping from her mouth. Two little blond dolls stayed on either side from her, one holding a small blade with blood stained on the tip.

A giggling voice echoed off the tall thick growth of trees. "Hehe~!"

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