All I can say is that I've been playing too much Arkham City. So I was bored and came up with this idea of who would the Bleach characters be in the Batman world. I've assigned a few characters already, and have a framework for a few more chapters yet, so hopefully if life doesn't get in the way, there will be a bit of meat to this story.

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As a side note, this work was inspired by the Batman comics, recent movies and Arkham games, so forgive the hybrid universe I'm making if it doesn't match up with Batman canon. I will likely tweak things to suit the Bleach characters.

It was raining.

Water cascaded down the side of Karakura City's skyscrapers. The imposing structures standing silent vigil over the myriad streets that ran a spider web over the surface of the great city. On those streets, people rushed about, eager to get out of the rain, making their way to their favourite bars and restaurants. The night was young, and rain or no, the Karakura nightlife was just about to kick in.

High above it all, Batman stands, on the edge of the Kurosaki Inc. Tower. The rain does not bother him, nor does the threat of falling from his precarious perch. Stoically, he observes his domain, the territory he won back from the crime and corruption of the Karakura underworld.

But it's a constant battle. A battle he fiercely waged every night. At least when he could, when the duties and responsibilities of Ichigo Kurosaki didn't hold him back. Like tonight, he was supposed to be attending a charity gala thrown by Mayor Yamamoto in the Karakura Theatre in Old Karakura Town. The place held too many bad memories for Batman, the site of his first and greatest failure. As far as he was concerned, Ichigo had died there with his parents.

So instead, he sent Toshiro to escort his little sister Karin and a sizeable check to make up for his absence.

Batman's scowl deepens.

One of the drawbacks of being a member of the uber-rich Kurosaki family was the social obligations that came with the name. The charity was about helping the homeless, a cause that was close to the heart of his mother, and it was expected that her children support it. Karin had raised hell about going to the 'stuffy-boring-lame-dance', as she put it, but had shut up quickly enough when he informed her that Hitsugaya would be taking her. At all of eighteen, she and Yuzu were about ready to enter the adult world, and unfortunately, that seemed to include crushes on uptight, smartass, snow-heads with a chip on their shoulder. At the very least, Toshiro would be able to defend her; he had snuck in earlier and hidden his Robin costume and gear in an old locker in the basement. A precaution Ichigo had insisted on. Old Karakura Town was next to the Hueco Mundo district, home of the 'Hollows', as the press called the gangs of Karakura.

More often than not, Batman's patrol would end up there, cracking skulls and leaving presents for Commissioner Inoue and the KCPD.

And speaking of Inoue, the Bat-signal flickered to life, illuminating the heavy clouds with the call for aid from atop the Karakura City Police Headquarters.

Batman stirs, measuring distance and trajectory before leaping from the building, wind rushing past his pointed ears in free-fall. Waiting, judging for the right moment to…


Suddenly, his cape flares and stiffens, pulling him from his plunge, sending him gliding between the buildings of his city. In the evening rain, the citizens below cannot make him out against the dark clouds. Batman soars like his name sake, the moment stretching, freeing him from his demons, if only for a moment. A ledge rushes up on him, the lip of an apartment building. While ordinary men might have been concerned by this, Batman was master of his domain, and the expert at navigating it. He whips out his grapple hook, aims, and fires in an instant, tugging on the cord, using his momentum to pull himself over the building and propel himself higher in the air.

Batman continues in this fashion, until he lands on the roof of KCPD-HQ where Commissioner Sora Inoue is waiting for him.



Ichigo had adopted his gravelly 'Bat-voice' as Yuzu so cutely described it. A far cry from the carefree, suave and arrogant 'playboy-tone' as Karin mocked it. To complete his identity, he was wearing his trademark scowl.

Sora adjusted his umbrella as he fiddled with the dispatch in his hands.

"It's the Joker again."

Batman's scowl deepens, if possible. Ichimaru had been a thorn in his side pretty much from the beginning of his time as the Bat.

"What's he doing now?"

"We just received reports of him taking over the Mayor's charity ball. He and his goons have taken hostages. We've surrounded the place; I'm about to head there now. Thankfully some of the guests were able to escape in the confusion; I have officers debriefing them now while the paramedics look them over."

Batman kept his poker face, but inside, his mind was racing. His thoughts were interrupted by the incoming communication in his headset from Orihime.


Sora flinches at the mention of his sister's alter ego. He still hadn't fully forgiven Batman or himself for what happened to her.

"Ichigo, you need to hear this, it was broadcast form the Karakura theatre two minutes ago, and is playing on all the major news media."

"I'll put you on speaker, I'm with the Commissioner"

"Playing it now"

"People of Karakura, Shuuhei Hisagi here, reporting live from the Karakura Theatre where Joker has taken over and taken hostages. I've been given permission to send this report to let you all know that he is serious-"

"I would hardly say I'm ever serious. Hilarious, handsome, happy, but never serious, I can't be, it doesn't start with H see… H, just like your name Hisagi, hahahahahahah"

"…Right, He has taken hostages, the Mayor included. His goons have surrounded the room with tanks containing what he tells me are lethal doses of his laughing gas. The Joker is making only one demand."

"Bring the big, bad Bat out to play… Hahaha, see, there I go again with the alliteration."

"He's calling you out." Sora growls.

"He'll get me. Have your men keep the perimeter. Joker has never been the most rational of criminals, even by their standards. I'll get in, disable the bombs and get the people out. Be ready when I give the signal to move in. Have his regular cell in Dangai Asylum ready."

"You know it's a trap."

"Best spring it then, before more innocents get hurt."

Sora looks back down at his dispatch for a second and when he looks up, Batman is gone.

'I hate it when he does that.' He thinks.

Batman is speeding through the streets in the Batmobile. Dodging traffic, he checks in with Orihime.

"Did Karin and Toshiro get out?"

"Karin did, Juushiro is on his way to pick her up. Little Shiro stayed behind and suited up in the basement, I'll put you through to him now."


"Batman, I'm waiting in the basement, I counted 15 of Joker's goons and six canisters of his gas. They look easy enough to disarm. I figured you would want me to wait for you to arrive."

"Good. I'll be there soon to personally assess the situation."

"What? My assessment isn't good enough?"

"Not now Shiro."

"Robin! When I'm in the costume, my name is Robin. I always call you Batman on-the-job. Karin's fine, by the way, since you asked."

Rather than respond to the verbal barb, Ichigo shut off the communication and concentrated on the road. What was it about the Robin suit that made them such smartasses?

Batman's communicator goes off.

"Ichigo, I just got a text from Uryuu. He said that he heard about the theatre and he's coming to help."

Fantastic, Nightwing was coming to the party. He and Uryuu hadn't spoken to each other much since Batgirl was shot by Joker. He blamed Ichigo, and Ichigo blamed himself, it was one of the few things they agreed on. The day Orihime left hospital, Uryuu wheeled her to her car, helped her in then proceeded to tell Ichigo where he could stick his Robin costume and trust issues. He left for the neighbouring Bounthaven the next day, where he took on his own role as a crime-fighter. Ichigo could count on one hand the number of times he had spoken to Nightwing in the two years since he left. Orihime kept in regular touch with him, so for her sake, they tried to keep it civil when they did talk. She remained hopeful that the two would reconciliate, but the three of them knew better.

Batman shook his head to clear it of these distracting thoughts. He had a job to do. He had to save the civilians, defuse the bombs, subdue the henchmen and somehow keep Nightwing from murdering the Joker.

As the Batmobile races away, Rukia Kuchiki lowers her binoculars, losing sight of her beloved. Her ninja assassins surround her on the rooftop, ignoring the chill of the rain, awaiting her command. Soifon, her personal bodyguard, asks the question.

"Would you like us to pursue him?"

Rukia ponders this for a second, then smirks.

"No, I know where he's going, there's no rush."

It was true. She and her father had waited years for a worthy successor. A few more hours wouldn't hurt.

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