[24 Hour Themes:12 AM]

At the start of everything, Kotetsu stealing his phone and filling it with idiotic, ridiculous pictures of his face contorted into odd positions was simply annoying. Barnaby wanted to smack him, really – smack every silly smile off of his face and he often contemplated throwing his phone at Kotetsu's head in hopes of encouraging him not to put his face anywhere near it again.

That changed, months later, when Barnaby found himself taking pictures of Kotetsu himself.

He felt like something of a voyeur.

Barnaby couldn't lie to himself any longer when he found himself snapping a picture of Kotetsu's back when they were in the locker room, half-dressed after a long day's work. God, he was pathetic, wasn't he?

But Kotetsu just wouldn't see him like that. He wouldn't look at him like that. He thought for sure, after that night spent drunk in his apartment, Kotetsu would at least…

… consider him.

Thus, why his fingers didn't even shake when he pressed that button, and silently, Barnaby saved the pictures that he secretly took.

Well. Maybe, eventually, it wouldn't be such a secret, and he'd have a picture of Kotetsu's stupidly grinning face instead.