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Okay guys, this is a re-post from the original in June last year (2011)! I don't know why I took his down when I was cleaning up my account, however after finding again, I'm going to repost. After going through and giving it some good editing mind you. Just something to keep you busy since college is making my other story hard to focus on, and this is quick and easy for me. After I've posted them all up, I might add some other chapters.

You know how it goes – each one is a one shot. Their situations/personalities will vary slightly in each. They won't link up. But they will mostly be about Jinx and Raven. No surprise there.

Raven leaned over the kitchen's breakfast counter, idly watching Jinx scurry about around her kitchen. No, Jinx didn't scurry. She waltzed, or sauntered. She was the cat, not the mouse. The demi-demon smiled at that train of thought. If Jinx was the cat, what did that make her? She defiantly was not the girl's prey. No. She saw in quite the opposite direction.

"How much longer are you going to keep me waiting?" Raven spoke up, announcing her presence which, so far, had apparently gone un-noticed.

Jinx glanced back at her lover, frowning slightly. "Cooking is an Art. Ask Cy."

"I'm not talking about that."

"Well, unless you're planning on helping me prepare our dinner, which would speed up things considerably, you're just going to have to wait." The meta-human retorted boldly, turning her back on Raven once more. Only she could get away with that nowadays.

The empath chewed on her lower lip as her eyes morphed into a small glare. Jinx had nicknamed the expression Raven's pout, since it was the closest Raven had ever actually gotten to pouting. "It's your kitchen. Wasn't that the deal?"

The mistress of bad luck smiled, still facing away from her girlfriend. "It's your dinner."

"Order takeout." Raven grumbled, pushing away from the counter's cool surface and walking further into the kitchen to peer over the cook's shoulder. "You haven't even started yet. Not really."

"How would you know – I thought you don't cook. And I am not having takeout again. Your hormones are just going to have to wait."

The demi-demon growled at that answer, and stepped into the woman until she was trapped between Raven and the kitchen counter. "We can eat afterwards."

Jinx smiled at the all too predictable move, all but ignoring the lips that found the pale skin of her neck as she continued to work on preparing their evening meal. "You know that's not going to work."

The empath pulled away, her face going into another almost-pout, before she made to stalk out of the kitchen.

"What? You're not going to help me?" Jinx turned to watch the woman leave.

"No." She paused to glance apprehensively at the kitchen utensils laid out in front of the pink haired meta-human. "I wouldn't even know where to start."

"I'll give you an easy job. Please?" Jinx fluttered her eyes a few times, plastering a forced and sickly sweet smile on her face. Nice just wasn't her. They had Starfire for that.

Raven sighed, before making her way back into the kitchen. "Don't blame me if it goes wrong."

So much for not being the prey.

Took a little influence from comic Raven for this one. She's known for being manipulative on many accounts. And badass.

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