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Raven glanced up over her book – an in-depth account of someone's encounter with what they believed to be an imp; an old creature known for loving mayhem that usually ended in bloodshed - and looked towards the kitchen as she picked up on the spicy aroma that had slowly started to fill the apartment, curious as to what her lover was cooking. Unable to see much from the sofa, she put her book down and walked over, leaning against the breakfast counter as she watched Jinx add something finely chopped and bright green in colour to a deep sided pan. As she waited for the hex caster to notice her, she tried to recall what Jinx had called it. Raven almost wanted to call it a wok, but a nagging feeling in the back of her mind was telling her that wasn't right.

"You might as well go back to your book." Jinx spoke up without looking around. "It's not going to be ready for at least another fifteen minutes."

"May I ask what it is?" She moved up until she was stood directly behind the woman and peered over her shoulder into the pot.

"Macher jhol."

"That wasn't English."

Jinx grinned and pushed Raven back several steps so she could move over to one of the kitchen cupboards, pulling out a small frying pan before she moved over to another cupboard and grabbed two spice jars. "It's a type of fish curry. I fancied cooking something a little different."

"Curry?" Raven moved back over to the oven and looked at the content of the pot again. "It doesn't look like curry."

"That you're used to eating, sure." She shoved Raven to the side and placed the small frying pan on one if the hobs. "Do I have to tell you not to hover in my kitchen while I'm cooking again?"

Turning to hob on, she added a few teaspoons of the spices, dry roasting them for a moment, before taking them off the hob and carefully moving them to a simple, white ceramic pestle and mortar and grinding them. Raven moved back towards the breakfast counter, out of her girlfriend's way.

"We've been living together for about two year now." Raven noted.

"Yup." She glanced back at the woman. "Two years an' you haven't even cooked me one meal."

"You should be thankful for that, but food wasn't what I was going to talk about."

"If this is one of those 'you should probably meet my family now' kinda conversations, you can stop right there. There is one half of your family I definitely don't wanna meet, and I'm pretty sure me an' your dad wouldn't exactly get along either."

Raven laughed slightly, shaking her head. "Idiot. As I was saying, we've been living together for about two years now, and I still don't know anything about your life before you joined H.I.V.E Academy."

"Okay… And what brought on this? You've never asked about it before."

Raven shrugged, despite the fact Jinx had her back to the empath and couldn't see the motion. "I suppose curiosity has finally gotten the best of me. After all, you know everything about my past."

"Damn right. Besides, your past is interestin', being a demon and all that. You don't wanna hear 'bout my boring, mundane life prior to kicking titan butt."

"I can think of many words to describe you, and 'boring' and 'mundane' are not two of those words."

Jinx looked back at Raven, her head tilted slightly to one side. "You know, I used to wonder quite a bit why you'd never asked about my life before, even though I'd constantly be throwing questions at you."

"I never felt the need to you. I know who you are now and that is enough. Who you used to be doesn't really affect me – or us, so I left it alone. Had you brought it up, I might have asked about it sooner."

The hex caster turned back to the meal she was cooking. "It really isn't that exiting for the most part. I know most people expect criminals to have some… messed up background but I don't, not really. Ignoring one or two more spectacular events. I'm actually Indian, believe it or not." She looked back, wanting to see Raven's expression, smiling slightly at the sight of Raven's arched brow.

"Indian, huh? Well, I wouldn't have guessed that."

"Yeah. Most people don't. I lived in India until I was nine, in a small town called Balkundra. I have an older brother and younger sister though I haven't seen my brother since I left India. He left to do his compulsory service in the army when I was about seven and must have liked it, since he stayed on. When me and my sister wasn't at school, we were learning how to cook, or looking after the goat we had; you know, just general stuff. My family weren't exactly wealthy – in fact they were pretty poor – and my parents had an agreement with a local, wealthier family that their first-born daughter would marry that family's son. I mean, saying that now definitely comes across as weird, but marriages are arranged for all sorts of shit over there. Obviously I was born looking like this, and with my horoscope saying what it did, the other family cut off the agreement."

"Horoscope?" Raven frowned.

Jinx nodded, adding a few neatly cut, small fish fillets to the pot. "Yeah; not these stupid things on the internet. It's kinda like an old tradition to get your kid an in-depth horoscope after their birth, and I mean real in-depth. Tells you what type of personality you can expect the kid to have, when they're gonna have a prosperous year or a bad one… They're confusing as hell to read, but taken seriously by some families, mine included, and my horoscope didn't exactly read well." She laughed to herself and turned round to look at Raven as she waited for the fish to cook. "Long story short, I'm born under the planet Saturn. In Hindi, that's the planet of Shani. If the planet gets into the right alignments during your horoscope, it basically means you're looking at a year of bad luck. A person with the influence of Shani over them is believed to attract poverty, thieves, and any husband/wife taken during that time is suppose to die or somethin'. The fact that Saturn IS my planet and the fact that I was born with this appearance and had a tendency to break things without touching them really upset the locals. They all believed I really was cursed or some shit. My parents named me Dhanya because one of its meanings is 'lucky' – I'm sure you've heard people from the H.I.V.E call me that. They loved the irony. Anyways, my family just kept getting poorer, so I started stealing stuff, to help us along. A friend of my Mom's taught her English, and she decided we should get out the country – start afresh somewhere else. They believed in the horoscope and all that shit, but they didn't hate me, and I think they got sick of people looking at our family in a bad light. Obviously we didn't have the money to migrate, so we hid in some large shipment of stuff heading for America. Thanks to whatever deity was watching us that day, we got into the country unseen, got some documents forged and attempted to make a living."


"Well, my dad got work at a factory but it was minimum wage, and no one would employ Mom. Because we'd lived in the middle of nowhere, she didn't exactly have any qualifications. I guess what everyone used to say about me had made some impact, because two years later I packed up and left one night. Not because I didn't like my family, or because they didn' like me. Just because what if they were right, an' I was cursed by some Hindu god or other, and my family's situation was all my fault? I don't know whether it like, did anything to help them or not, because I haven't seen them since. I'm not sure that I want to. I mean, if they did well after I left, then great, but if nothin' had changed… man, that'd be as embarrassing as fuck." Her cheeks coloured slightly as she glanced down at her shoes. "Hell, I still feel embarrassed now that something as stupid as someone's opinion could affect me that much. I mean I don't even believe in all that religious crap. Not really"

Raven stepped forward and lifted the woman's chin up with two fingers to make Jinx look at her, offering her smile. "If it's any consolation, I believed the Monks when they told me it was my destiny to become the portal for my father – that there was no other way around it. In the past few years, I've started to think that maybe it had been avoidable, that if I hadn't believed them and kept trying, I could have found some way of stopping it. I know what it's like to grow up in a community that judges you from the moment you're born. Everyone would like to believe they aren't affected or that they can ignore judgement from others, but they are affected in some way, and I'm sure everyone's done at least one thing they're embarrassed about because of what others have said."

"You don't think it was just me bein' stupid?"

Raven shook her head, and Jinx smiled. The hex caster leaned forward and quickly kissed the tip of the empath's nose before pushing her backwards, her smile widening.

"Get out my kitchen, before you distract me and make me ruin dinner."

A/N: Just to say I am NOT Hindu, neither am I or any of my family from India – most of the info I used come from my best friend's mother who is Hindu and my best friend (she isn't religious but obviously she's picked a lot of stuff up from her parents/grandparents,) therefore sorry for anything that isn't right (please note the bit about her Indian horoscope was adjusted slightly, but still fit within the actual beliefs. Having the shadow of Shani is supposed to be a bad thing, and attract poverty and thieves, however neither me or my friend's mother has found anything saying being born under Saturn is a bad thing). May I also say that Macher Jholis GORGEOUS, particulary when paired with a Lassi drink, and you haven't lived until you've tasted 'traditional' Indian food (not the stuff that's been adapted for western countries.) The sweets are particularly tasty!