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Jinx watched her lover in disbelief, Raven oblivious to the stares as she focused on the ball of wool in her lap and the old cotton wheel she'd stuck four needles in. She held a larger fifth needle in her right hand. Raven weaved the silvery-grey wool round the four needles, then pulled the wool over each one with the fifth needle in a seemingly endless, repetitive motion. Round, lift, pull. Round, lift, pull. Round lift pull.

The TV had been completely forgotten by Jinx, though every now and then the empath's eyes would dart up to the screen, keeping track of the program. It was one of those fictional crime series her ex-leader had been so fond of. Raven had little patience for them herself, seeing how un-realistic their interpretations of time lines were, but Jinx enjoyed them.

The thief eventually broke the silence between them. "You know, if you want something to do…" She motioned down her body with her hands as Raven looked up, making the woman smile. "Seriously, even my grandmother wasn't this… grandmothery. I don't think she even knew how to knit. Or sew. Or do whatever the hell you're doing."

"Cyborg compared me to his Grandmother once, and one Christmas as a joke brought me several yarns of wool. By the time his birthday came around, I'd knitted him a large rug for the floor of his room. His expression was priceless when he opened the present." Raven grinned at the old memory. "Actually, so was everyone elses. Azar only knows what he did with it. If memory serves, Beast Boy stile it and used it as a blanket after he came down with a bad case of the flu and couldn't keep warm. It'd been French knitted, so it was thick."

Jinx shook her head in disbelief. "How long did it take you to do that?"

"A couple of months." Raven shrugged. "I did it out of his sight – wouldn't have been as fun if he'd been expecting it – so that hindered how much time I spent on it."

"Only you would spend months on a joke." She shook her head again. "Alright, two questions. One – we've lived together three years this September. How come I've never seen you knit before? Two, that aint knitting as I know it, so what the hell is it?"

"I started knitting in the Temple Of Azar. It was an alternative to meditating all the time, and something – one of the few things – I could sit and do with my Mother. Now I go through phases. And it is knitting." She lifted up the cotton wheel, showing Jinx the length of knitted tube she was gradually adding to, sprouting out of the hole in the centre of the cotton wheel.

"And exactly what use is that?" The thief asked, frowning.

"Well, I can either make the required length for a knitting pattern to replace the basic yarn or I can sew it into a desired shape…" Raven shrugged. "I didn't start it with a goal in mind."

"Then why did you start it?"

"I finished my book and decided to give reading a break."

"Right. That's it." Jinx announced as she switched the TV off, before standing up and moving over to stand in front of the empath. She grabbed the wool and cotton wheel and threw it aside. "If we're going to be bored, let's be bored like people in our age group." Jinx straddled Raven's lap, smiling as she ran her hand through Raven's thick violet hair before grabbing a fistful near the base of her lover's skull, tilting her head back slightly. She lowered her lips to Raven's, hovering a few teasing millimetres above to say, "and that doesn't include knitting" before claiming those soft lips.

It didn't take long for things to heat up between the couple, but when Raven tried to stand with Jinx to head for the bedroom, the thief gripped hold of the back of the sofa, stopping her.

"Not this time babe. We haven't done from rounds of the apartment for a while." She smiled against the warm skin of the ex-titan's neck. "And what's the point of having an apartment if we don't take advantage of it?"

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