Ridding partnerships or relationships of negativity

[24 Hour Themes: 2AM]

It never took much to drag Kotetsu into the bedroom, but that didn't mean he wasn't worth the extra effort.

Thus, Barnaby, stepping from said bedroom with black thigh highs skintight against the length of his legs, narrowly held up by a pair of garters that disappeared beneath a too-short skirt and rounded out by a button down and tight vest, rather enjoyed the wide-eyed stare that he received as a response.

It was worth teetering on stilettos for a half hour.

"… B… Bunny – "

"Shut up."

And Kotetsu shut up, even though he stared, somewhat slack-jawed, as Barnaby prowled forward in long, deliberate strides. Barnaby knew where Kotetsu's eyes were – they were on the long, lean expanse of his legs, every inch of sinew flexing so easily, so visibly beneath formfitting black.

It was then that Barnaby reached out – not with his own hand – but with the length of a crop previously, deftly tucked at his side, and tapped it beneath the older man's chin to tilt his head up.

"Shall we?"

Kotetsu all but lunged from his seat, reaching for him, and it was with a sway of his hips that Barnaby easily avoided him. It was a dance without a single attempt to be as much – a sidestep here, moving backwards, and on occasion, a bit unsteady because who could wear stilettos this high and this narrow and not feel their ankles twist from time to time –

It was when Barnaby felt his back hit the bedroom door that he gave up any and all attempts to be coy.

"You like what you see, then?"

And Kotetsu was against him, then – all eager, hard lines, the press of his body a heated, insistent slide against his own as Barnaby found himself trapped all too pleasantly between his lover and the equally unrelenting pressure of the door itself. "Yes," was Kotetsu's low growl against his throat, and the crop still within Barnaby's hold was abandoned to the floor, the blond's hands far more eager to grasp at Kotetsu's hair, his back, wherever his hands could find to touch.

If he wasn't swaying on those damned heels, he was now.

"Are you even… going to let me strip for you?"


Barnaby learned, then, why Kotetsu was so fond of skirts and their 'easier access.'