Balancing matters of the body, mind and spirit

[24 Hour Themes: 3PM]

The strawberries were gone.

Barnaby stood in front of the fridge, grip on the door white-knuckled as he ground his teeth and positively glared at the spot where his basket of the things should have been.

He had been craving those damned things, too, especially after a long day of work – a long day of work that Kotetsu had been relatively absent from, the slacker. From the moment he set foot outside of Apollon Media's office building and made it to his car, he had begun plotting ways in which to melt chocolate, ways in which to dip said strawberries into that chocolate and then perhaps sprinkle them with sugar afterwards for something entirely too decadent and sweet –

There was no excuse for such a travesty, but there was only one explanation.


Kotetsu was the only one with the passcode to his flat. Of course, it would be Kotetsu who had snuck in and eaten every single last one of them.

Oh, he was going to suffer.

"Bunny! You got home faster than I thought!"

The blond whirled from the refrigerator, tight-lipped and sharp-gazed as he stared at the idiot that had simply waltzed into his apartment as if nothing was wrong.

"Kotetsu." A terse greeting.

The man in question blinked, and it was only then that Barnaby realized he was carrying something. A bag of something. Perhaps the remnants.

"… What's that look for?"

"What are you carrying?"

Kotetsu blinked once, and then with a shrug, dropped the entire package down onto Barnaby's granite countertops. "Okay, okay. Sorry, I forgot you don't like surprises, but I saw these and figured you'd like them a lot better than the store-bought stuff."

And with the brown, paper coverings unwrapped, Barnaby found himself staring at was apparently a relative harvest of huge, plump, delicious looking strawberries.

"… What – "

"There's a market just out of the city," Kotetsu explained, a hand lifting to rub the back of his head. "It took me longer than I thought it would, but I figured this would be worth – "

The rest of the words didn't come. Barnaby didn't allow them to – instead, he lurched forward, lips sealing over Kotetsu's: warm and soft and instantly devoid of any of the stressed, tense irritation he had felt only moments before.

Only Kotetsu could dissolve everything away like that.

"… We're sharing them," was his quiet conclusion once he broke away, and Kotetsu grinned, openly pleased with himself.

"I'll make a note to skip out of paperwork days more often, then!"

"Don't push your luck."