Encouraging growth of the psychic self

[24 Hour Themes: 5AM]

Barnaby, in his current situation, was reminded so very, very acutely of why he never asked for Kotetsu's help.

It had started innocently enough.


Who was he kidding? The request hadn't been innocent at all.

Asking Kotetsu to unzip the back of that damned undersuit was always a mistake, but today, it was the worst request Barnaby could have made. Kotestu didn't even hesitate – he never did, and he even made some easy, teasing joke about how it was a good thing he was around, because Bunny would get his pretty little curls stuck in the zipper if he wasn't careful –

Barnaby tried not to think about how his knuckles were surely white with how tightly they clenched in front of him.

He stared straight ahead, over the rims of his glasses in an attempt to make the rest of the world blur entirely. Kotetsu was behind him, casually and clumsily pushing his hair up and out of the way – his hands a calloused, unpracticed drag up the back of his neck and Barnaby bit his lower lip to keep back a shudder as his hair practically stood on end from that simple touch alone.

How much more of this could he even take?

Not much, his body taunted as Kotetsu hummed underneath his breath, deftly unhooking and then tugging down – slowly, ever so slowly – the zipper in question. Barnaby could feel the drag of his fingertips over his flesh and he would have whimpered if not for the grinding of his teeth, the pointed bite of his own tongue.

He could just imagine what those hands would feel like against him properly – splayed against his waist, dragging over his ribs, gripping him by the hips and tugging him closer, closer – or, on another train of thought, if Kotetsu was the one shoved into his bed, those hands could claw through his hair, down his back, leaving marks like Barnaby wished he desperately would right then

His knees nearly buckled with the combined gravity of all of those thoughts. He was hot – flushed and only just not trembling, with heat washing over him in waves and twisting in his groin.

"There you go!" And Kotetsu's hands stopped, pulled away so suddenly after lingering at his lower back, and Barnaby wanted to scream for him to keep touching him. He had memorized the man's fingertips by now, after day in and day out of this same ritual – it simply wasn't enough anymore.

"… Thank you." Barnaby's next exhale was a shaky one. When had he ever wanted another person so badly in his life?