.That's A First.


Sam was running fast through the trees, branches whipping against his face and twigs snagging in his clothing as he scanned the surrounding area for his dad or Dean, or worst, the Wendigo's. He didn't mean for it to happen. Didn't mean to lose his family on his first hunt. But when the unknown appearance of a second Wendigo had made itself known, all three had taken off in different directions. Startled and unprepared at the second creature moving in from behind.

His heart pumped loudly in his ears as his eyes strained against the darkening forest. The next minute he was sailing face first into the ground with a loud 'oomph', compliments of the tree root that got caught up on his foot. Gritting his teeth as he clenched his hands into the dirt, Sam started to push himself up, but stilled himself when he heard a slight rustling of leaves behind him.

The flare gun lay about a foots reach from his hand, and Sam knew he had no choice but to reach it.

He lunged forward as fast as he could, hands outstretched for the gun as he twisted around landing on his back. The creature was moving at him now, as he slid his finger onto the trigger and squeezed tightly.

The flare erupted from the gun with a loud hiss, smoke streaming from the end of the barrel, as the flare planted itself into the centre of the creature's chest.

Sam smiled for a minute as his hand holding the gun flopped to the ground, a relieved smile, but none the less a smile. His dad would be so proud. Dean would be so proud. His first hunt and he'd managed to take down one bad ass creature.

His relief was short lived as the creature burning in front of him let out a feral roar, before falling to the forest ground. Normally Sam would be happy…the whole forest had to hear that. Dad and Dean had to hear that. But so would the other Wendigo.

Sam pushed himself slowly off the ground, dropping the empty flare gun next to the burning pile of ash in front of him. That was of no use, and now Sam was stuck defenceless. He began walking towards the way that he'd first been running from, in hopes of meeting back up with his family, when he heard the loud growling and snarling in the trees.

He was running now, away from the creature, listening to branches snap and pop against the ground behind him. Chancing a look behind himself, his eyes widened as the Wendigo got closer to him. He veered left quickly, moving himself out of the path and pushing his sore legs faster. I hard branch smacked against his face, almost making him fall to the ground, as he caught his stride mid step, and continued forward.

The throaty growl had him turning around again, watching the creature move in yet again, it was almost on top of him -and then he was falling. Wind was whoosing past his face as he stared down into the dark abyss. He met the ground with a bone crushing crunch, dusty dirt rising into the air around him.

Sam was laying face down in the dirt, chest tight and unworking, and it took all his strength just to roll his head to the side so that his mouth wasn't pressed against the dusty ground. He clenched his hand in agony, waiting for the wind that had been knocked out of his body to return, it took a few seconds, but finally he was sucking in a loud unsteady breath, before breaking into a coughing fit that left tears in the corner of his eyes.

Black dots were popping up in his vision, as he blinked his eyes, head hazy and confused. The first thing he registered was a pain in his right shoulder, and a numbness in the fingers on that hand. The next thing he noticed was the copper taste of blood in his mouth. He could feel the liquid seeping down the side of his face, and pouring from his nose, which was probably broken.

He brought his uninjured arm up to his face, rubbing the dirty sleeve under his nose, before swiping it down the side of his face. Smearing the sticky liquid against his cheek and into his hair.

He dug his good hand into the dirt, taking a deep steadying breath, as he started to push himself over onto his back.

"Mmnaahh" he yelped out startled as he quickly pushed himself to his shaky feet.

Next to him in the murky hole were two skeletons, ivory bones burning brightly against the darkness that surrounded them. He leaned his back against the wall of the pit, heart hammering in his chest, as he took a calming breath.

"Get it together, Sam." he murmured to himself. Before looking around the walls of his confines.

Sam looked up into the dark night…way, way up, the trees barely stood out against the dark night, and pretty soon the sky and trees would blend together forming one dark canvas of black. Feeling his way around the walls, he realized he literally was in a hole. Circle circumference that he figured with arms outstretched he could almost touch side to side. It was small and stuffy, and there was no way out but up.

"Daaaaaad!" he cried out from the bottom of the hole, the echo of his own voice ringing loudly in his ears.

"Deeeeaannnnn!" he screamed again, fingers digging into the side of the dirt walls, before he pulled his hand back and poked at the soreness in his shoulder. His arm was definitely dislocated, hanging limply at the side of his body, feeling as if not even attached.

Sighing, Sam flopped to the ground opposite the bones and slowly and painfully worked his way out of his sweater and t-shirt. Pulling the swiss army knife from his pocket, Sam flipped it open with a loud click and began to shread a piece of his t-shirt off. He disregarded it to the ground beside him as he tenderly fed his useless arm through the sleeve of the sweater, wrapping himself back up in the warm material.

Taking the cut fabric he tied a knot, using his teeth to help tighten it before he draped the material over his head and slowly brought his arm to rest in the confines of his hand-made sling.

"Daaaaaad!" he cried again from the ground, as his head flopped back against the dirt wall, tears slipping down his cheeks, because Sam was scared, Sam was hurt, and Sam just wanted to go home.

His body shivered, the bottom of the hole feeling damper, and colder then the earth up top. He drew his sweater around himself more, sniffing back a sob when he wondered just how his dad and Dean were ever going to find him, stuck deep down at the bottom of some random pit, in the middle of a huge forest.

Sam's head bobbed dizzily back and forth, vision blurring, before his body went limp and everything went dark.

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