My Brother, my Angel

Summary:- This is based on the movie version of the Kite Runner. I love that movie, I heard the little boy whom played Hassan and had to leave his home so that he could be save, anyway, please enjoy! :) this is what i wished the rape scene in the movie had gone down :)

"Goddamn you, Hassan, why do you have to be so damn loyal!" Amir thought as he peeked around the alley way watching Hassan stand with one hand on the kite, while Wali and Kamal surrounded him, and Assef was smirking. He wanted nothing more than to save his friend, but he couldn't because Baba would be upset if he lost his kite. Besides, it's only a Hazara, right? Amir thought to himself. He bit down hard on his knuckles, while Hassan whispered some words to the wind. "Amir Agha and I are friends" He said. Amir's eyes widened and he started to cry from guilt. He couldn't stand by and watch Hassan get hurt. But what could he do? Seriously, how he could do was that Assef wanted to hurt his friend, the boy whom he fed from the same breast of the woman. Assef continued to avance upon Hassan, who shut his eyes, and picked up a rock. "Last chance, hazara," Assef said threateningly, Hassan only cocked the rock up higher. He walked towards the small boy, smirking. "Fine. As you wish," Assef said, looking to Wali and Kamal to surround the little boy. Amir clenched his mouth tighter, not daring to say a word. "I'll let you keep it so that it'll always remind you of what I'm about to do." Then he charged onto Hassan and flung him to the ground and started kickin' and punchin' him all over the place. Amir could bare it no longer, he went out of the alley way, cryin', he could see Assef kickin all over Hassan and Hassan was doin' nothing to stop it. Amir sat down, then he taught to himself, "what am I doing, Assef is my friend and I'm lettin' him get beated up!" he roared and then he pulled out a large rock from his pocket and some string and he tied it around the string, he got the idea to make a slingshot like Hassan did to him when Assef came over first. (Author's Note:- Yeah like they DIDN'T know that scene would have consequences in the movie)

Amir went flyin' towards the alley way where Assef was undoing his pants and Hassan's brown curdoy pants lay on the floor. "STOP!" he screamed, raising the slingshot up. Assef turned around in shock again this was the second time some one had threatened him with the slingshot. "Amir" he said. "how nice to see you" he retorted, smirking. He smiled and then Wali and Kamal surrounded amir as well. Amir was not afraid. "Amir agha," Hassan stuttered. "Hassan, it's Amir, just Amir, my dear." He said. "Ok" Hassan said. Amir was straining against the rock. Assef grabbed Hassan round the neck. "Don't come any closer," he quipped. Amir let go of the rock as he jumped forward.

He screamed while he did it to show Assef that he meant business. The rock hit Assef in the face and Amir jumped on top of him. "COME TO PAPA YOU DIRTY FUCKERRRRR!" He shouted while he kicked the other boy up. Wali was snakin' up on them but Amir turned around and Hassan placed a well-aimed kick to his shin. He fell to the ground and Kamal helped him up. "GET HIM!" Assef snarled. They both jumped onto Amir and held his arms. Amir continued to kick ass and take names, mainly Assef's so he could tell his dad what had happened afterwards. Amir was bloowin punches left right, and center, kinda like what the guy on the Snickers Ads does, you know. "I PITY THE FOOL WHO TRIES TO RAPE MY FRIEND!" Amir shouted. "COME ON YOU DIRTY WHORE!" He said in reference to Assef. "what'd did you just call me?" Assef said. "I called you a DIRTY WHORE because that's what you are!" "DON'T SAY THAT!" Wail shouted. "I'll say WHATEVER i like, come on if you think your hard enough!" Amir shouted while he cracked Assef on the face causing him to fly into the wall. "COME ON, ASSEF, COME ON!" he shouted to the unconditional lump on the floor. He picked up a rock and held it. "LET'S DANCE YOU DIRTY SKANK!" He roared while he grabbed Assef's collar and flung him to the ground. Assef kicked Amir in the face! :O (Author's Notes: I have nothin' against the guys who was Assef in the movie im sure they all rock :) this is for the characters; i hope you get that ok? cause its pretend and i wouldn't attack the actors if i saw them ok) "OH COME ON!" he shouted while kickin' Assef again and again.

"lets break for it" screamed Hassan and they ran away. "And i DON'T WANNA EVER SEE YOU AGAIN!" shouted Amir.


oh and hassan said "thanks for savin' me and amir said "no problem my brother, my angel" and they hugged.