Candy coated dreams

[500 Themes: 296]

There was no helping the situation, really.

Barnaby found himself staring up at the ceiling of Kotetsu's small bedroom, vision blurred by the desire to simply sleep as much as the current lack of his glasses. Kotetsu's bed was small and the width of it somewhat cramped, but it was warm and at least marginally comfortable (no matter the occasional lump digging into his spine).

It was surprisingly even warmer with Kaede snuggled up into his side, one small hand clinging to his shirt.

He wasn't terribly surprised they ended curled up like this. It had been a long day with her visiting Sternbild, and after more or less chaperoning the girl all day through shopping and hair salon visits (to which she had been indulged, and now sported pink streaks throughout her hair). He was exhausted. She was exhausted.

Kotetsu's bed was the obvious choice.

"As cute as you both look, I'm startin' to wonder if I'll be on the couch."

The bed shifted beneath Kotetsu's weight as he came to rest upon the edge of it. Kaede shifted in her sleep with a murmur, face burying itself even further into Barnaby's shoulder, and Barnaby wished that his vision wasn't such a damnable blur. Kotetsu's expression had to be the softest and sweetest thing in the world right then, especially as he reached out, brushing the top of his daughter's head with such obvious affection.

"You can fit."

"… Scoot just a bit, then."

Barnaby did as much, and promptly rolled onto his side, gingerly gathering Kaede up with the movement to make room for her father. Kotetsu hit the bed with a practiced thump, stretching out upon the narrow space afforded him before he reached out, a strong arm draping its way over his daughter and lover alike.

"Last time I did something like this…"

Kotetsu's breath hitched a bit, and Barnaby's brow furrowed. Again, he wished he could see more clearly – it would have made it all the better to gauge what was in Kotetsu's eyes, the clench of his jaw. It would have made it easier to understand the way Kotetsu's arm tightened around both of them, tense and anxious.

"… You need a bigger bed," Barnaby slowly, awkwardly attempted, voice hushed, "but I'd be fine with doing this every night."

The tension was immediately gone, and Barnaby breathed the same sigh of relief as Kotetsu did when the older man leaned forward, lips brushing softly over his temple.

"Thank you, Bunny."