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So, this is a Klaus/Caroline story, because I find this ship rather interesting, and it inspired me to start writing again. It is based on the TV show, not on the books. Also, this story starts where episode 3x15 ends, but from there on, I'm planning to use my own storyline. Events that happen on the TV show from now on, are not going to affect my story. So if Klaus turns into an alien on the next episode, that doesn't necessarily mean that the same will happen in this fan fiction.

Seeing as I'm trying to keep everything as in character as possible, Klaus won't be the nice, caring guy all the time. After all he's Klaus. He does not go to the animal shelter to cuddle with kittens in his free time. You get the point.

Last but not least; English is not my first language, therefore feel free to point out my annoying mistakes.

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Prologue: Bad Guys

Big trouble. Two words that perfectly described the situation that I, Caroline Forbes, was in at this very moment. I should start by making this clear; love will never go without trouble. Ever. One moment everything is fine, and the next... Everything is one big disaster. What a horrible thing love was. Always happening at the wrong time. Or even worse; happening with the wrong guy. A bad guy.

Of course, I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't always had a weak spot for bad guys. To be honest, I had dated quite a few of those. But still, there were bad guys, and then there were really bad guys…

Back when I was fifteen, I had dated Dan Johnson. Dan would steal his father's cigarettes, and smoke them at school during lunch breaks. He would skip school in order to avoid important tests. He ate a lot of junk food. Back then, I didn't know any better, and I considered him a true bad guy. As did the rest of the school. Boys wanted to be him, girls wanted to date him. And I was one of the lucky girls who had managed to get his attention. Dating him was pretty cool, until he went a little too far, got kicked out of school, and started working as a mail delivery man. No one has heard of him ever since.

Then a year or so ago, I'd had this thing with Damon Salvatore. Badass vampire with a big mouth and a bad temper. You can see my point; Compared to Damon, Dan Johnson had been nothing but a saint. Both bad guys, but on a whole other level. And yet… Damon Salvatore did have a heart. And as much as I hated to admit it, that heart was probably somewhere in the right place.

The same thing could be said for Tyler Lockwood. Werewolf. Somewhat aggressive at times, not particularly good at sharing his emotions. But nevertheless, a guy capable of love, capable of caring for someone else. Capable of caring for me.

So I guessed that, as long as there was a heart… As long as there at least was some humanity...

Which is exactly the thought that brings us to the most horrible type of bad guy. A man without a heart, without a soul even. A man who didn't even deserve the word 'bad', because it was too nice a word. This man deserved words like 'monster' and 'devil'. Possibly 'jerk', although that one was probably too friendly as well. This was the kind of guy who had tried to kill your friends, your family. The man who had separated you and your boyfriend, by taking away his free will. Someone who had ordered your boyfriend to kill you, but then took it back by saving your life. The Original hybrid who had ruined your life in more than one way. And despite all that, it seemed that he did have this one tiny part of humanity left in him. And whenever he unleashed it on you… You simply couldn't help but feel attracted to him.

The worst part about all this? Even more than you hated him, you hated yourself. You were disgusted with yourself for feeling that way about him, about a man who was your enemy. But there was nothing you could do about it. After all, love could never be controlled. Ever.

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