Writer: Ark Angel HFB

A/N: You know this type of fic hasn't been done right in a long time. Hell I'm not sure I'm going to do it right ether but I'll give it a shot... Story is set after Naraku... I'm trying a new summery style so this story doesn't spend four chapters on back story. XD

CHAPTER 1: Prologue


Writer: Ark Angel HFB

A/N: You know this type of fic hasn't been done right in a long time. Hell I'm not sure I'm going to do it right ether but I'll give it a shot... Story is set after Naraku... I'm trying a new summery style so this story doesn't spend four chapters on back story. XD

PROLOGUE: What I Really Wish? (Edited due to a gross amount of grammar mistakes)

"I won't make fun of you." Kagome sneezed. "Great now I'm sick." Kagome sighed as Inuyasha crossed his arms turning his head. "You know, if you would talk to me about it maybe you'd feel better, I would understand."

"Feh, like hell you would. Kagome, a human wouldn't get it." Inuyasha turned walking towards the forest.

"You know for all that talk about mates being connected you sure seem to be fighting connecting!" Kagome said turning away and walking towards the well. "I'm going back to my time."

Inuyasha spun around watching her walk. "Why?"

"You won't talk to me, SO I'm NOT talking to you!" Kagome stomped off. "I'll be back tomorrow... around mid day."

"Whatever." Inuyasha turned his head but watched Kagome out of the corner of his eye as she picked up her yellow backpack and bow.

She placed one hand on the well before looking back at Inuyasha who snapped his eyes away as if he hadn't been looking. "You know I don't know about youkai, but humans talk to the ones they love about what is bothering THEM!" Kagome's face was flush with anger. "And when they won't talk it makes them feel like they DON'T LOVE THEM!"

"Damn it Kagome! I love you moron! But a human just wouldn't get it!" Inuyasha exploded as he yelled back at her.

"I know it was bad, I just wish you would talk to me. I want you to tell me how you feel!" Kagome yelled back.

"No you don't!" Inuyasha pointed at her. "You really want to know how I feel you'd have to wish your were a hanyou!"

Kagome blinked a few times reaching up to hold the jewel that hung from her neck. "Wish..." she whispered softly. "I really wish..."

"Don't!" Inuyasha yelled his eyes wide.

"You would SIT!" Kagome watched Inuyasha slam into the ground. "baka... I accepted you for you. So how about you accept me for me and start talking to me about how you feel!" Kagome let herself fall over the wells edge pulling her backpack and bow with her. "Baka!"

"WERCH!" Inuyasha's muffled yell barely reached Kagome's ears before the flash of light engulfed her.


(Ok this is NOT how I normally right but I had this whole back story and it was... well toooo damn dark and too long for what should be a kinda happy fic... so I'm just going to tell it instead of my normal take five chapter to make it a story. XD)

Kagome sighed as she slipped into the tub. "This feels great." she closed her eyes as the hot steam floated from the water. Her mind drifted to the events of the last two days and tears began running down her face into the water.

Her and Inuyasha had gone east to help deliver herbs and medication to a village. Kaede had received a message saying an illness was causing problems. Sango and Miroku were busy dealing with a group of villagers who wished to be trained to fight youkai and so they had begun rebuilding Sango's old village.

Shippo stayed behind to, as he put it, "protect Rin and the village".

This had left Kagome and Inuyasha to deliver the herbs. Kagome had thought it would be nice to go on a trip alone with Inuyasha, but it had all gone wrong once they reached the village. The village was in such bad shape that they had become desperate... blaming anything they could for the sickness...

The village leaders had blamed two neko hanyou's who had been in the village. Said, they had poison the water or food since they had been the only ones who had not become sick. They had tortured them, finally binding them to poles in the middle of town and taken whips to them.

Kagome pulled her knees to her chest hugging her legs. "If we had only gotten there sooner.."

The younger neko hanyou, a boy, had died. His older sister, the female hanyou, had barely survived. In a sick twist, the village's elderly healer had died and the female hanyou had been her apprentice. The female hanyou had been the one to send word to Kaede and was the only one who knew how to correctly mix the herbs.

She had been hurt so badly that by the time Inuyasha and Kagome had rescued her from the villager she wasn't even able to guide Kagome in how to make the medicine for three days. Inuyasha said they should just leave with her but Kagome didn't want the whole village to suffer for what the leaders had done.

When it had taken longer than expected the village leader had started accusing Kagome of stalling to harm the village. It had only taken a few insults before Inuyasha had struck the man, breaking his jaw and very nearly killing him.

That had only worsened the whole village's mood, even though not long after Kagome had finished the first batch of medicine.

Inuyasha had also almost constantly been treated poorly for being a hanyou. The worst being the mother who wouldn't even let her children take the medication until Inuyasha was outside the hut for fear he would somehow corrupt the cure.

By the time Kagome was able to tell make enough for everyone over half the village had died or gone mad and tried to kill themselves.

Kagome couldn't help it as she sobbed. Kagome rubbed shampoo into her hair trying to shift her thoughts. "I wish was a hanyou, at least then I could have gone through it with him instead of just watching them look at him like he was a monster."


The next day Kagome went shopping for Inuyasha's favorite noddles and a few special flavors she knew he hadn't tried before. She stopped of at a candy store for a few treats for Shippo and Rin.

When she got home she packed it all into her yellow bag and start for the well. "I think I'm going to need concealing after that trip... maybe I can make Inuyasha feel a little better with some new kinds of ramen."

Kagome placed her hand on the rim of the well and sneezed. She felt dizzy and for a moment she held the side of the well to keep from falling. "Maybe I should just stay here until I'm over this cold."

Kagome waited a moment until her head cleared, I'll get Kaede to make me something. She lifted herself over the edge of the well and dropped.

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