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CHAPTER 9: Ready For Lesson Two!

Inuyasha sat on the ground watching in terror as his mate screamed in pain. A moment later Kagome stood on shack legs, her arms hanging limply at her side as she stared up at the morning sky. Her brown eyes dazed and tears starting to fill them. Inuyasha had made it to his knees when another flash swept Kagome as her eyes shifted to bright blue, while cute dog ears and tail flashed back into existence. Tears rolled down her checks as she collapsed to the ground, her world slipping into darkness.

Inuyasha sat staring for a moment before ignoring his wounds and rushing to her side. "Kagome! KAGOME!"

"What smells like blood?" Kagome muttered before passing out completely.


Kagome's eyes fluttered open before her hand came up to block the mid day sun. She sat brushing her hair out of her face before looking to her left to see Inuyasha kneeling beside her. "What happened? Why are my jeans all ripped up?"

"You don't remember do you?" Inuyasha asked his face serious. "Great... so now instead of her sitting me and being pissed for an hour, I have to worry about her losing control and killing something or someone... or trying to kill ME! If Kagome ever killed someone... there is no way she could handle it."

Kagome looked blankly at Inuyasha for a moment before smiling. "I got a hit on you and..."

"And then?" Inuyasha asked as he stood up, ignoring the pain from the wounds on his arms and body.

"I... I don't remember. I think I jumped at a tree... did I fall?" Kagome asked her ears twitching as she spoke. "Why do I feel like something bad happened?"

"No, you let your youkai side take over." Inuyasha crossed his arms as he watched Kagome stand up. "You tried to kill me, like you didn't know me . Then you purified your damn self and passed out."

Kagome's face was grim as she hung her head. "I'm sorry..." Kagome looked at her hands smelling the scent of blood under her nails. "I'm a mess... I only know how to be a human... not a hanyou." Kagome sighed. "How do you control it... tell me."

Inuyasha reached out touching one of Kagome's ears, earning a flinch before she relaxed. "It probably doesn't mater. The last few times I've gone youkai I haven't really lost my freaking mind like I used to. Maybe it just has to happen a few times. Maybe you just have to get stronger." He moved his hand to pull Kagome into a hug. "Ether way I don't think it maters much when you just lose it over getting mad."

Kagome pulled away walking towards the scent of fresh water. "I hate this... and I don't like smelling like blood. It makes me sick." Kagome took a half step before planting her foot and leaping through the air in the direction of the stream.

Inuyasha watched her as she landed taking a few short steps before leaping again keeping her momentum up. "She learned to run the right way..."


Kagome knelt by the rivers running water over her hands for a while before sighing. "Now I get why Inuyasha looked so upset that time... the scent doesn't come off with just water... I don't want to smell like I tried to kill Inuyasha... I want this blood smell gone." Kagome whined as she gave up out of frustration as she she still smelt blood in her hands. She looked down at the dirty and ripped jeans. "I think I need to find something better to wear." she muttered.

She could see Inuyasha sitting in a tree watching her. "Is he giving me space because he is mad? Or does he just think I can't be trusted... what if I hadn't stopped... what if I had hurt someone?" Kagome clinched her teeth, the thought that she could be out of control to the point she didn't even remember turned her stomach.

"Maybe if she had a weapon to control the youkai side... or a subjugation charm..." He sat with his back against the trunk of the tree as he nodded to himself. "She needs something to wear that doesn't fall apart, at least something that will mend itself. While her stupid old man isn't here something has to be done about her youkai side. Maybe I can tame it... she is my mate after all... Her instincts will know to obey her mate... Probably not. Her blood sure didn't have any problems attacking me." Inuyasha thought as he sat in the tree letting one leg swing back and forth. His eyes follow Kagome's every move making sure nothing was wrong with her. "Ready for lesson two!" He called as he dropped from the tree.


"I've already tried to kill you, are you sure this is a good idea." Kagome muttered. She was sitting in a tree watching Inuyasha pace around below her.

"When your youkai side takes over you're like a different damn person. But if you think I'm scared of you, think again. Sure you're fast and strong as hell but you don't know how to fight at all. You just claw and jump wildly..." Inuyasha pointed to a tree a long way from Kagome. "Plus you aren't fighting me... just jump to that tree. If you mess up and fall I'll catch you don't worry."

Kagome sighed before bring her legs under her. She readied herself and pushed with all the power in her legs.

Inuyasha couldn't help but laugh as the branch she was on broke out from under her, leaving her to flail in the air for a moment before tumbling to the ground just barely landing on her hands and feet.

She stayed crouching for a moment before glaring at the laughing hanyou. "That wasn't FUNNY!"

"Yes it was." Inuyasha chuckled as he walked towards her.

"I could have broken my NECK!" Kagome yelled.

"Yeah right... with as hard headed as you are the only thing you could have broken was the ground." Inuyasha watched Kagome's fist shake in annoyance and her eyes started tint red. "Kagome relax."

She started to growl, as her ears lowered. Her hands clinched until her nails drew blood.

Inuyasha slowly walked across the gap between them grabbing her shoulders. "I said get control of yourself." he kept his voice firm. "You have to stay ca-"

Kagome shoved her forearm into the hanyou's chest send into stumbling back. "You think I don't know THAT! Stay away from me before you get hurt." Kagome's eyes blazed red as she glared before she turned swinging her a claw hand into a near by tree ripping a chunk out of it. "I can smell you all over me... I hate it."

"You don't like my scent?" Inuyasha stared at the growling female as wind whipped through the tree.

"Your blood idiot... If you're stronger why can I smell your wound. I won't have a mate that I outclass." Kagome spun around stalking away "Why did I just say that! What is going on with me. Inuyasha I'm sorry I don't want to be near you like this... if I'm stronger I could hurt you... why can't I think straight, everything feels fuzzy, I just want to be alone. Why would i be with a weak mate..." Kagome began to run, bolting away from her mate.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha yelled as she began to run. "Hey get back here!" Inuyasha sprinted after her taking to tree limbs as he followed. "Maybe she just needs to run herself out until she calms down..."

Kagome kept sprinting until each stride was separated by a long glide trough the air. She jumped, clearing the tree tops before crashing through branches as if they were not there on her way back down.

"Guess her youkai side knows how to run and jump... at least keeping pace with her is easy..." Inuyasha kept his jumps low and focused on sending him forward. His hair stood up on his neck as Kagome increase her speed and he lost sight of her for a moment. "Great so she got all of her old man's speed. She thinks she's stronger than me. Moron can't even tell an opponents strength by feel..."

Inuyasha slide to a stop as he came around a tree to she Kagome swatted out of the air and through a tree by a massive bull youkai. "KAGOME!"

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