At the dawn of the next morning, it may seemed that the tiresome ordeal which lasted through the previous day had subsided. The refreshing sunshine gracing the balcony and windows added an alluring touch of charm upon the old building.

Inside his suite, he braved himself to face his reflection in the mirror. In the midst of the crisp silence, he stared straight and uttered thoughtfully, "You're still here..."

He lifted his hand to that sensitive scarred spot on that left chest, considering heavily the visible changes that have been taking place. It was truly astonishing to the point that he almost could not readily accept this unimaginable progress. Taking a deep breath and looking away to the side, he then put on his shirt. While buttoning it up, he promised himself that he would do all he can to make up for the burdensome remnants of his unnerving past.

Abruptly being brought to mind a particular instant from the previous night, he could not stop from recalling...

She crossed her arms, her confusion suppressed a tad bit, "I don't know...All I could remember are those relentless heartbeat coming from nowhere that I was almost tricked into believing they were for real?"

He noted her unsettling expression. Placing down the backpack, he paced towards her. Xiao Mai did not bother to look directly at him. Reaching her side, he questioned earnestly, "Is it really a fuss for you to just be able to listen to them?"

The endless possible implications of what he asked caused her to momentarily feel uneasy. After some long seconds of consideration, she simply shrugged, still without lifting her gaze up to him.

End of flashback...

Straightening his cotton shirt, he grimaced and pressed hard against the wooden surface of an antique dressing chair next to the mirror, struggling to push away all gripping emotions, "Why,...won't you ever leave me?"