CHAPTER 6: Secrets to be kept

While he waited, Jake realized the insulation in these rooms had to be amazing. Which was a good thing since the bad guy's body hitting the wall then an electro shock missile striking it, hadn't drawn any unwanted attention.

He sighed and stared up at the ceiling for a bit. He had nothing to do and he hated waiting. Glancing down next to him, he studied Feral. The tom had been a surprise...a nice one.

Jake reached out a tentative paw and caressed the thick chest fur. He hadn't had much time in the first rushes of desire to just study his temporary lover. Feral had been incredible and he was miffed that he didn't get to experience the full effect such a tom could render.

He started in surprise at that realization. Did this mean he really had a thing for the Enforcer or was it just lust? Should he pursue this to see? Dare he risk it? What the hell would Feral think if he ever discovered who he'd had sex with and, anyway, did he think Jake was good too or had it just been the drug in his system? Wait, I'm wearing a mask so he'll think I'm Razor. Oh...this just gets better and better.

Why the hell am I asking these things anyway? He demanded of himself. re you that hard up for someone? The answer was a resounding 'YES'. And, because he's really fantastic in bed, he admitted to himself then snorted and shook his head. I have to be crazy thinking this but I want to find out what it could be like between us if we see this little scenario out. After that, who knows.

Sighing he shook his head again. Yeah, I must be certifiable to be even considering it but I'll try anything to get out of the funk I'm in...even taking on Feral in bed. A huge grin split his face as he thought, if Chance learns of this he'll think I've gone insane. Suddenly, a rumble of sound felt through his paw and heard with his ears, made him jerk his head toward Feral's face.

" head..." Feral groaned again, dragging his arm upward. Jake quickly removed his paw before the tom encountered it. Rubbing his face, Feral blinked and tried to get his bearings.

"Hello Commander," Jake said lightly. He looked past Feral to note the actor was still out cold and so was the criminal. That was good. Now he and the Commander could talk in private.

Feral blinked up at the masked face staring down at him. "What the hell happened?"

"You and Windborne were drugged."

The big tom's eyes widened then narrowed in fury. He struggled to sit up but his limbs weren't responding quite yet. Jake gave him a hand up then steadied Feral with an arm behind the tom's back to help him sit.

"Who are you?"

"Do you remember anything?" Jake countered.

Feral frowned in thought and rubbed his head. Then he eyed the tom beside him again. "Yesss ... a little ... uh ... Jason and I finished dinner, went dancing then things began to get muddled a bit ... but then I remember getting somewhat heated sexually which is unusual for me on a first date ... I should have realized something was up when Jason also began being a bit pushy for sex. He wanted me but he knew the rules ... but all my inhibitions seemed to have flown ... then we decided to find a room ... we spotted you and coaxed you to join us then we were here ...," his voice drifted off as more of his mind returned to reality. Things weren't adding up here.

His eyes narrowed as he began to realize the guy sitting next to him didn't behave drugged, there was a kind of authority around the tom that had led Feral to automatically report what had happened without stopping to wonder why he should be confiding in a stranger. He had the strange impression this fellow seemed to know more about what went on than he did and it didn't sit well with him.

"How is it you know we were drugged and why weren't you as well?" He asked, suspicious now and growing angry.

"Because I was in the right place at the right time to hear that guy on the floor over there and some other person plot to knock you" Jake raised a paw to forestall Feral interrupting, "...they didn't give your name but you were the only one in the dining room that fit their description of the victim. So the perpetrator put something in your dessert in the kitchen. He wasn't the one who served it to you. To insure you didn't leave the club, he'd added an aphrodisiac chaser."

"Huh? Why did they want to keep me here? If it was to implicate me in something undesirable that would humiliate me in some way, they certainly picked the wrong venue for it." Feral was quick to see the implications but it still left him confused.

"I agree because, hello, this is a sex club. So I had to do a little investigating to find the answer while you guys were knocked out." Feral blanched. "Yeah, I'm truly sorry about discovering that little fact about you but it gave me a solid clue as to what they could have intended and I got it confirmed when I questioned that chump on the floor. He admitted he was supposed to find this odd thing about you, photograph it, then place Windborne on you in such a way that what he was doing and where he was doing it showed the difference in you very plainly. Truly nasty bit of blackmail they hoped would force you out of office or at the very least, make you want to retire yourself," Jake summarized.

Feral looked disgusted. "They actually thought that would work?"

"Hey..." Jake shrugged, " one said they were smart."

The big tom scowled but there was a hint of unease in those golden eyes. "Did he learn what I am?"

"No...I stopped him in time and he wasn't told by the one who hired him who obviously does know."

"You know a lot about what was going on but why did you voluntarily take it upon yourself to rescue me? And why didn't' you just warn me if you knew? Further, how did you question the prisoner so well that he gave you answers? From the looks of him, he's a professional and not inclined to just give answers easily..." Feral paused and stared at the tom laying on the floor thoughtfully then eyed the tom beside him again, "...though it appears you got the upper paw so who the hell are you anyway?"

"To answer your questions from last to first ... look above the guy's head ...what do you see?" Jake countered.

Irritated, his head still pounding, Feral nonetheless did as asked and peered more closely at the wall in question. What he saw made him suck in a breath then jerk his head back to the tom now smirking at him.


Razor snorted in amusement. "Yeah, I really wished you had..."

Feral blinked in confusion a moment at that odd statement before a strange look passed thought his eyes, "...uh...bad timing?"

"Yeah, really bad timing. He conked out first..." Razor indicated Windborne, "...then when you were just about to do the deed, you keeled over. Very disappointing since you were so good up to that point even drugged as you were." His voice clearly showing how disappointed he was about that.

Feral blinked at the masked tom in surprise and felt a bit odd. Razor thought I was hot and liked what we were doing? Then he winced...crud my head is splitting. I can't think about that right now, the creep on the floor is more important. "Kat's Alive! Is there something here for a splitting headache?" He asked aloud.

"There should be ... just a sec and I'll look," Razor got off the bed and checked the cabinet nearby. "Ah hah!" He extracted a bottle and water, returning to the bed and extending them out to the suffering tom. "Here you go."

"Thanks." Feral gratefully took four tablets and downed them with water. He eyed the tom standing beside the bed and noticed for the first time he was still naked and really great to look at. Wow! He's built for someone so small but then he'd have to be. Enough of that, get your head back to business.

"Start from the beginning and tell me how you got involved in all this," he ordered. It took effort to not simply ogle the body standing at ease in front of him and to listen to the report instead.

"It was your lucky day I guess but then that's the story of your life, eh?" Razor snorted in amusement then went on in a more serious vein. He filled Feral in on everything that had happened since they both entered the club a few hours earlier.

" I took my date home and came back as fast as I could and you know the rest..." Razor summed up.

"Not exactly. You haven't covered the conversation you had with the punk on the floor," Feral pointed out.

"It wasn't much of a conversation per se...I asked what he was up to and after some persuasion he told me he'd been hired to find out what made you different, note what he found, and act accordingly. When I pressed him on how much his contact told him, he just shrugged and said, the guy might know what it was he was supposed to find but he never told him. And he wasn't about to give up the guys name despite my obvious threats."

The big tom frowned and stared at the far wall for some moments, in thought. Razor let him be though he felt time passing them by rather quickly and thought they should be figuring out what to do next before either of the other two males awakened.

"I can't for the life of me figure out who could be behind this," Feral admitted, more to himself than Razor.

"An old lover, perhaps?"

The big tom grimaced, but had to agree he was probably right. "Possible ... but ... guess I'm going to have to check old flames ... how annoying..."

"Though unlikely, it could have been a disgruntled relative or medico...however, I'm thinking it's a former lover since that's the usual instigator for something stupid and vindictive like this," Razor observed.

Feral paused in his own ruminations as something struck him ... Razor seemed to be far too familiar with how a criminal mind worked and sounded as if he'd dealt with such things before. Since he'd only seen the SWAT Kat fighting omegas and not stooping to interfere with normal criminals, just how did he become so knowledgeable? Had he been an enforcer? Or had taken such training and was kicked out ... wait! It was then he had an epiphany. He'd always suspected and was fairly convinced in the last few years that he knew exactly who the SWAT Kats were. This last bit of information nailed the confirmation.

He wanted to shout 'Ah Hah!' and pin the SWAT Kat down with the facts but, unfortunately, this other problem took precedence much to his disgust. So let me get this issue dealt with then we'll see what we'll see, he promised himself.

Pushing that from his mind though it was hard to bury his giddiness at learning he was right about them, he sighed and rubbed his still abused head. "I have no clue who that would be." Feral sighed and rubbed his head to ease the ache. The aspirin hadn't got to it yet. "Anyway, he didn't get what he came for so thank you for that," he said reluctantly, feeling strange thanking a SWAT Kat.

Razor grinned. "You're welcome. I know you want it kept private but really they have to be very stupid to think that alone would get you out of office."

Feral rolled his eyes and the two shared a look of understanding and disgust at how dense the criminal element could be.

"So have you been able to do something to keep the creeps mouth shut on the subject even though he really doesn't have a clue as to what he's keeping secret about?" Feral asked, a hint of humor over the situation lacing his voice.

"Yeah, he doesn't want to cross a SWAT Kat, however, I couldn't get him to give up his contact. Apparently, fear of retribution from that direction is stronger than my threat of instant death." Razor seemed put out about that fact.

"You can thank your reputation of non-lethal fighting methods for that," Feral chuckled darkly.

Jake just rolled his eyes though Feral couldn't see it behind the mask. "So what do we do now?"

Feral frowned at the pair of still unconscious toms. "Hmm, I would have thought Jason would have been waking by now..."

"He either got more of the drug or its just because he's lighter than you that he's still out," Razor observed. From the floor there was groan. "Our prisoner, on the other paw, is waking up." He went over to the guy and squatted down to check him out.

The prisoner's eyes opened and he scowled at the remembered face that had put him here in the first place. "Would have thought I'd be in Enforcer custody by now," he growled.

Razor didn't answer, glancing up at Feral instead questioningly.

"Yeah, probably should except I don't want Jason caught up in any scandal. Wasn't his fault being here, after all."

"I could go out and summon help from the staff?" Razor offered. "They know how to be very discreet, especially if they know what went on and why secrecy must be maintained."

"Good idea and you're right. They are very good at that. Go ahead. But how are you going to keep from becoming known as well?"

Razor snorted. "They don't know it's me. I'm just some tom with a mask on. I certainly didn't come in here in my g-suit." He went to the closet, got his clothes, and quickly dressed.

Feral watched him and had to admit he didn't look like anything more than a nicely dressed and good looking tom with a mask but it also gave him even more proof of who he truly was as he'd seen Clawson dressed that way before just earlier that evening.

The tom might not have thought Feral had noticed him in the restaurant but he had and noticed the date Jake had said he'd been with. As an Enforcer with a lot of enemies, Feral made it a habit to check out any place he went for trouble. Obviously, Jake did the same which is how they both knew the other was there.

This eased his mind at allowing Jake to handle this problem with the club staff. Though he and the tom still had a bad history between them, he knew they'd forged a bond of near friendship between himself and their other personas. They no longer saw each other as enemies which he was glad since this situation was dealing with things of a very personal nature and he knew Jake would not blab about it to anyone not even his partner if Feral didn't want him to.

Trying to relax so his head would feel better, Feral sat slumped shouldered, paws between his bare thighs, and breathed slowly in and out. He did, however, he glare, with annoyance, at the fool on the floor. Who could have put this idiot up to doing this? It bothered him some ex-lover could be that pissed with him. He couldn't recall having any bad breakups...this was going to bug him for a while. He decided questioning the prisoner wouldn't get him any new information. If Jake couldn't scare the contact's name out of him then Feral didn't' think he'd have any better success which was the pits because it would take a long time for him to figure out the true culprit in all this.

"You seem awfully calm, Commander. Aren't you worried I'll tell the press about you and Razor?" the tom on the floor commented, wiggling a bit to ease his cramped limbs.

"No one would believe you and there's nothing else to get excited about. Whatever the fool who hired you thought he was getting out of this, he failed miserably and it wouldn't have mattered if you'd succeeded either. I wouldn't have liked it, but it wouldn't have made any difference. You just wasted your time."

The prisoner rolled his eyes and smirked. "No, he wasted his time. I got paid and that's all that matters to me but there's always a chance the press might believe me about Razor."

Feral narrowed his eyes at the criminal who simply started back unafraid. He seemed genuinely interested in knowing what the Commander would do if he blabbed. Sighing, Feral wanted to simply smack him one but answered instead.

"No one saw him here. As he said, he's not in his g-suit so who would know he's anything but a tom in a mask? There are a lot of people wearing one you know. And even if you told, I could innocently report that I had no idea of his identity until after I regained consciousness, which is the truth."

The criminal nodded his head. "Then I won't say anything as it won't gain me any profit."

And that was apparently that, much to Feral's bemusement. But professionals had their own set of rules and breaking them lost them business because no one would trust them any longer. So he knew the creep wouldn't say Razor was here nor would bother to tell about the contract he'd taken. This relieved Feral's mind. The guy was definitely a profiteer and not part of whatever his contact's grudge was about. That made things a little easier and manageable all around.

Now he just needed to get dressed and get himself and Jason out of here quietly. The odd business between he and Jake would have to wait for later when they were alone.