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Edward was waiting for me in our bedroom when I stepped out of dressing room. He was wearing an awesomely designed tux tailored well to fit his body, he looked marvelous. My hands wanted to feel him all over through that fabric, explore every stitch and cut of the fabric. Kiss every visible part of his skin.

'Shit, Bella. So much for control. Today, you have a mission to complete. Don't let the desire, which shall never be fulfilled even if you spent every moment of our time together trying, ruin the plan for tonight.' I internally scolded myself as I entered the room.

With the click of my heels he turned to look at me, but I had taken extra precautions to keep him from seeing my attire, yet. A full length coat was covering my legs all the way to my ankles, and buttoned perfectly.

The shock and doubt was clear in his eyes, this was the first time I kept him from appreciating and complementing me. I always let him have a complete view from all possible angles to get his appreciation and the make out sessions that followed were incredible.

'But today is different.' I thought, trying keep my focus.

Edward took a step towards me.

"Let's leave, we're late." I spoke before he could voice his doubts.

He was taken aback; he stared at me for a while before speaking. "Yes, um, we are, I guess" he stammered a little before offering me his hand which I took immediately, and that was a mistake. My body instantly responded to his touch and I'm sure he must have felt me shiver. I'd never be used to his touch, his presence or his being mine.

Edward and I have been together for over five years, and we knew each other for three years before that. He and I went to college together, for different courses. I met him in our freshman year where we both had selected the same additional subject. Since then we've been the best of friends. He asked me out at our graduation, and I accepted his invitation in the same breath. It was so instantaneous that we'd both laughed hysterically at that moment, stopped only when our lips collided together in an amazing kiss.

After that, we joined different firms for training. Now, after five years, we work in same firm but within different departments. He's the legal head while I'm in human resources. Being in the same firm, we get a lot of time together. We attend innumerable parties, both personal and business.

During the first year of our relationship, our sex life had been unbelievably intense, what with three years of anticipation and desire built up and all. Our first year of hectic struggle, lack of time, and hard work added to the intensity. But, as our time together and work settled, our sex had lost the hunger and passion. Not that our feelings, need, desire, or love has lessened; but the bed had been too smooth for too long.

I missed the strong and needy Edward from earlier times. His occasional occurrences continue but not as intensely as my body required. Today, I planned to change that. I'd have him the way I wanted him. I smiled at myself.

Tonight, at our college reunion, we'd be seeing all our friends. Everyone, also the one person I was absolutely sure, if he was the same as five years ago, would rock my plan. The car stopped and I realized we were already at the community centre where the event was organized.

All through the journey I'd been lost in my thoughts. Edward stepped out of driver's side and came around to open my door. I took his hand, stepped out of the car and started to move forward. But he stayed where he was, and this forced me to bounce back into him.

"Love, are you alright?" his voice was strained as if he was in pain. My heart felt a kick; he was worried. I didn't mean to worry him. I swallowed the lump of regret building in my throat.

"Yes, I'm fine." I smiled warmly and blinked my eyes to assure him.

"I love you, sweetheart. But you have been so quiet and acting so differently all evening. You worried me. . . "He broke mid sentence. I hugged him.

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm okay. I promise I'm okay." As he was about to embrace me in his arms I pulled back. I couldn't risk my plan. It wasn't a plan just for me. "No ruining my dress mister."I threatened him playfully to lighten the air. He chuckled and pulled me closer, resting his arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the door.

As we entered the lobby, I went to the counter where the coats were to be checked in. Edward checked his. I had to work really hard to hold back the giggle that came as I looked at his expression while I took off mine. He was mesmerized, his body stiffened, eyes so wide they looked ready to fall out. I wore an ivory colored ankle length gown which had thigh high slits on both sides and was backless. The v-shaped neck was so deep that wearing a bra was out of the question. Edward loved the color on me, and the blush on my cheek was surely not because of the make-up. I shivered under his gaze. My eyes drifted to his Johnson, it sure was hard. I had no idea how we'd make it through this party.

I composed myself and spoke without a sign of the desire I felt. "I'm so excited to see everyone."

He sighed heavily. "Hmmm, so am I," he said and moved into the main hall. "Though, I can't wait for it to be done with, either." He spoke the words under his breath, I could hardly hear them. I smiled.

The party started; it was a sober event, a ball room reunion rather than a club event. We met up with everyone. I hugged every friend of mine. Especially those who had a romantic interest in me during our college years. Just as a part of the plan. Edward stiffened at my side every time. Yet, the evening went well. We talked, laughed and gossiped. All memories of college came flooding back.

Then the dance was announced. Edward asked me to join him on the dance floor but I avoided the question by saying I was thirsty. He was getting more confused and annoyed as the evening proceeded. That much was obvious. I was sure what was to come next would be the most important part of my plan. And it happened as I thought.

Just as Edward left to get me a drink he came, Mike, my most persistent admirer from our college years. He was constantly trying to convince me to go on a date with him, but I was never interested. I had no intentions of giving him false signals, as I was not interested in anyone elsebut Edward, but he never gave up.

Mike came over and asked to dance with me, and I agreed, for the first time in all these years. I had never danced with him, not even as a friend. But today was different. As we reached the dance floor, I searched for Edward, and as expected there he was, glaring at us. I smirked at him teasingly, and his anger deepened. I blew him a kiss, teasing further. Edward narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

But I needed him to be more jealous. I stepped closer to Mike, knowing him, he would obviously take advantage. He did as I expected, moving his hands on my back and caressing it. God, it felt awful. Just as he was about to reach my lower back Edward approached.

Before I could react in any way we were off the dance floor and out of the hall. I stayed where he left me when he went to get our coats. He escorted me to the car without giving a thought to the heels I wore. I managed not to fall and practically ran to match his pace. He held the door open, and I lowered myself into the car. He turned and was in his seat in no time. He started the ignition and drove out of the parking lot.

Edward was driving fast, like really fast. I had never seen him this angry and quiet, ever. Not for once had he looked towards me since dragging me off of the dance floor and leaving the party. But I couldn't look away from his face. And I made it a point not to notice the speedometer.

Once I was sure we were in a safe locality, where much traffic could not be expected, I placed my hand on his thigh. He still didn't look at me, thought I noticed the flicker in his expression. I started to caress his thigh, slowly moving closer to his cock, my eyes never leaving his face. This time he reacted, he stiffened in his seat and looked at me with anger, warning and doubt. The questions were too evident in that look.

Yet, he didn't speak. His eyes didn't scare me, instead I was amused. I wanted to see the outcome of this naughtiness of mine. I finally reached my destination, and I started caressing his cock though his pants. He stiffened further and growled under his breath.

Oh, I was so turned on by this behavior of his. I didn't stop, and he never looked back at me. I moaned loudly, and his cock responded actively; it must have been aching in the confines of his pants by then. I had unconsciously started to caress my center sometime ago and closed my eyes.

I didn't notice the car stop. When Edward closed his door harder than required, I almost jumped in my seat. He came around the front and opened my door. My actions didn't help in lessening his anger. I worried that he was angrier than I wanted him to be.

I stepped out of my seat and he closed my door. Without a word, he started to move towards the lift. I tried to match his pace but my heels made it difficult for me, and I gave up. When I reached the lift, he was already in and was holding the lift for me.

During the ride to our fourteenth floor apartment he never looked towards me. His eyes focused on some pattern on the wooden polish of the lift's ceiling. I was starting to worry; maybe I went too far teasing him. We both made our way to the apartment door. He unlocked it, and stood by the door waiting for me to enter. Just as I entered he closed the door and spun me around by my waist, and I was pinned against the door.

"What was all that about, Bella?" his voice was husky and the anger overpowered the lust in his voice and eyes.

"What was what?" I replied in a teasing tone. I had no idea how I got all these nerves to tease him to this extent. My hunger for his animalistic side must be stronger than I thought.

He was holding me by the wrists; his hold tightened with my teasing words.

"You're going to be punished. And you have no idea how hard this punishment is going to be," he said in the same tone, but his eyes became more intense and the hunger became more evident.

"Mmmmm, I'd love to know about that, Edward. I can't wait. Punish me already," I moaned. His face was hardly centimeters away; I leaned forward and licked his lips shamelessly.

He pushed me harder into the door and growled. "Oh no, you're not to initiate any action today, you tease, if you want me to act and not tease in return." I whimpered at that.

"Oh Edward, you nee…eeed to act or I'll cum before you start. I know you don't want that." I wanted to tease him but the lust entered without permission and my voice croaked. I pressed my pelvis against his throbbing one. He moaned for the first time this evening. And that did it.

I came so hard, I was sure the front of his pants must be wet. I moaned heavily and his mouth was on mine instantly. He moved his hands down to my ass and picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck to maintain my balance. He was more intense than I expected, harsher than he had ever been. I had forgotten this feeling, I craved for it for so long that ecstasy took over me and my senses gave up. Eyes saw nothing, ears were sensitive to only our sounds, and he was all I could smell.

When we crossed the threshold of our bedroom, he balanced my weight in one hand and used the other to switch on the bedside lamp. He dropped us on the bed without letting go of me. As soon as we were on the bed, his hands left my ass and then they were everywhere. He squeezed my ass hard enough that it should be painful; he dug his fingers into my waist, pinched my nipples, and stayed there for a while circling and squeezing.

He broke our kiss and both of us were equally breathless. I dropped my hands to my sides, and he held them tightly there. He kissed down my jaw, to my neck, then my shoulder. He bit down hard on my shoulder and kissed me there to soothe the pain. He moved down to my left nipple and sucked it hard. I whimpered at the painful sensation. He moved to the other one and sucked it harder; this made me scream his name. The fast yet relaxed motion of his hand and mouth all over my body soothed every nerve of my body in a way which words could not define.

Then he raised his head to look at me, I must have been red wherever he had touched me, already. His eyes were dark, and I could drown in the lust they carried. I raised my head to kiss him again but he grabbed my hair to pull me back, and this annoyed me.

"What the..." I began to say but he put a finger to my lips. He had his playful smirk on.

"Sshhhh, did you forget already? I said you can't initiate anything today. Not a kiss, not a touch."

"Oh yeah?" I questioned.

"Yes, and you have to beg me for anything you want, and you'll have it if you convince me enough. You came for me, already, without me touching you. So, as a reward, you get to come any number of times. But mind you, coming is all you get without begging." He held my hands over my head and spoke further. "You don't get to touch me today for being such a slut all night. That asshole Mike got to touch you where only I can, and damn you slut, you caressed his back like you loved it. So, you don't get to touch me at all, you tease." He spoke these harsh words with feather like politeness.

"Kiss me, Edward. Talk dirty while you work on me, please. I want you Eddie." He smirked again.

"Beg is what I said. You can't request and achieve tonight." He spanked my ass.

"Please, please kiss me like the animal you are, Eddie. Be my Eddie, please? I'm begging you to be the animal I fell in love with."

He released my hands, and I thought he was allowing me to use them. But he got up from the bed and I groaned at the distance. The cold hit my skin like a sting as he moved away from my body. But as I was about to question him, he started to undress himself. Slowly, lovingly he pulled me off of the bed and undressed me.

"You want your Eddie, huh?" he asked, naughtiness dripping from his expressions. I nodded in response. "You always get what you want, Bella." He growled and teased my pussy with his groin and engaged my lips with his in a wet open- mouthed kiss. With that, my night of pleasure and satisfaction went on.

I must have moaned, whimpered, and cried but I heard none of it. I was too deeply drowned in the sensation of him and the way he drilled into me. The way he fucked me couldn't be legal. I came so much, so hard, keeping counts of my orgasms tonight was totally out of question. I know I'd be sore and bruised in the morning but I couldn't care less. I still wanted him to be closer and closer, but that was hardly possible. He spoke a lot while fucking, about my teasing, about Mike touching me, his hand on my ass, but also that he knew all of that was for this. Sometime during this, he released my hands but I had no strength or sense to use then now. He kissed me senseless again, and with that I felt my climax approaching. I tightened around him, every muscle of my body taut, and I gripped his hair hard enough to pluck some out.

"Come, Edward, come with me. Please, Edward, I want you to explode in me as I come. Oh, Edward, please pleeeaaase…" and then we came, very, very, very hard.

The sheets would need cleaning, we needed cleaning. But I couldn't care less about them, I didn't care about anything. I loved the person all over me the most I could.

"I love you, Edward. I missed my Eddie so much. I love you. Kiss me when. . ." And he kissed me like my boyfriend, not Eddie, but my Edward. We both stayed intertwined for a while and then he got up,

"I'll be back, wait just here. " He kissed me on forehead and left.

I was so intoxicated with bliss that I didn't even see which direction he went. After several minutes he returned and offered me his hand to get up. He took me to the bathroom.

What I saw when I stepped into the bathroom took my breath away. The sight in front of me brought tears to my eyes. He noticed them and moved to lace his arms around me from the back. I sank into his chest. He bent to rest his chin on my shoulder and sighed. He kissed below my ear and trailed kisses down to my jaw and back again, and I melted into his touch. I could feel his breath on my neck while I took in the sight. The Jacuzzi was filled with warm water with roses floating within it, on the side stool was a beautifully iced fruit cake and two glasses of wine.

I turned in his arms to kiss him; he kissed me for just a second. Then, his tongue entered my mouth and something cold came and hard bumped against my teeth. Whatever it was, he left it in my mouth and pecked my cheek with a smirk on his swollen lips. I raised my hand to take out whatever it was.

And my heart skipped a beat while my vision blurred because of incoherence. Was it. . . Was he. . . Was this true? A ring? Emerald with eight diamonds circling it? Color of his eyes, a part of him, it felt. It was just past midnight, the 14th of Feb. Already, VALENTINES DAY. . . Was this a Valentine's Day gift or . . . Oh god, the seconds ticked by. I knew I had frozen instantaneously, and I felt his arms tighten around my waist.

"Isabella Marie Swan, will you grant me the precious opportunity to call you my wife? Do you trust my love for you enough to let yourself be mine forever?" His eyes tried to read me, every emotion and change that came and went while I absorbed this moment, the most important moment of our relationship. Then, he lowered his face to meet my gaze which still stared at the beautiful ring in my hand. It was the color of his eyes, eyes that brightened my life like diamonds, brought together to symbolize us. And now, it would tie us together. "Marry me, Bella?"

I couldn't respond to his question with words. I was speechless. So, I kissed him earnestly. Then, I rose up on my toes and whispered into his ear, "I… I'd love to. I trust you more with each breath. Make me yours, anyway you want to." Then I kissed every part of his face and stopped when my lips reached their destination.

This kiss was new. All fears and possessiveness had left, now he kissed me with authority 'til I started to feel lightheaded. I broke away and rested my forehead against his chest.

"I love you Bella, I love you more with every moment I spend with you. Come on, let's relax now."

With that, we entered the tub. We lay there with our limbs intertwined while warm water soothed every pore of our bodies. We didn't talk for a long while. I rested my head on his chest and felt his chest rise and fall. After some time, he moved and we sat up.

Edward reached for the tray of cake and brought it in front of us.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Miss Swan," he said with his most naughty smile. I couldn't take my eyes off his face in that moment. It was like everything was new, now.

"You, too, Mr. Cullen." I took the knife from the tray and gestured for him to hold my hand.

We cut the cake and exchanged bites. He put some cream on my lips and kissed my lips to lick away all of it. We played that way 'til the little cake was devoured. When he put the tray back, he picked up the wine glasses. I took a glass from his hand.

"Thanks," I said.

"To our new life together." He raised for a toast.

"For our new life together forever," I agreed.

We stayed in the tub and calmed ourselves down.

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