Chapter 11-Rolling Thunder

News spread of Uchiha Sasuke's attempt at abandoning the village a second time after his failed attempt with his accomplice Hatake Kakashi to take the seat from Tsunade using the Sharingan Eye the Copycat Ninja possessed to nominate Sasuke once she retired. The action was considered an act of treason against the Hokage, followed with Sasuke being charged with desertion of his village as a whole, and was killed during his attempt at escaping by Naruto himself. As for Kakashi, he was killed by Tsunade publicly in front of the village, and it was no surprise to the Hokage a good portion of the village protested the act. Kakashi himself had been sent to Ibiki to ensure every Jutsu he learned in his life was recorded, how to use them, and any other dirty secrets the man kept while serving under the late Sandaime Hokage. Naruto himself had come to deliver the killing blow to the man, the crowd was booing him of course, saying he was a monster, and had no right to kill the Yondaime Hokage's last student despite Naruto himself being the Yondaime's son.

Fools all of them.

Still, Naruto paid them no mind as he moved to bring his Wrath Hammer down upon Kakashi, who glared up him defiantly with his one remaining eye due to the loss of the Sharingan in the other after Tsunade ripped it out, and crushed the optic organ prior to his execution day. The crowd had gotten louder and more active when Kakashi was about to be killed, some Leaf Shinobi were among the crowd too, and were old ANBU friends of the Son of the White Fang. They silently stirred up trouble for Naruto and Tsunade by whispering into the ears of people to make them protest this action.

"Its not fair" some of the Shinobi whispered to the people around them. "Kakashi was loyal to the Sandaime. Was loyal to the Yondaime. Was the Yondaime's student. He shouldn't charged with treason. The demon brat should be killed." It kept going on and on until the crowd was believing what was spoken in secret and tried to rush the execution stage.

The end result was Naruto swinging his Wrath Hammer down on the ground in front of the swarming mob of people, causing the massive earth shaking moment to literally make everyone trip under their own two feet. With the mob of people now silenced for a good long moment at seeing the boy turned man whom they all hated unleash his power on them. It still shocked them even now that the brat would have the actual nerve to stand up against them since they clearly made it known how they felt about Naruto and gave the distinct impression that they would always be better then him. They also believed Naruto would turn on them due to the conditioning the Sandaime Hokage had secretly assured people would prevent the brat from ever using that power on the village. Or rather, to be more precise, on the village populace, and that they could put the boy down so long as it didn't cripple his purpose in defending Konoha from outside threats. When Naruto had proclaimed himself Emperor, many felt secure knowing that with the brat away from the village, yet in a position of power they could control, the village was safe, and all their past sins against the brat would be wiped clean.

They should have known better after all this time.

Naruto had not forgotten nor did he forgive them either. It was simply a means of biding his time and acting on his terms. While he would have liked to wait a little longer after killing Kakashi for his multiple betrayals, now was as good as any to get the message across to Konoha, and would be one they never would forget for centuries to come.

Don't mess with Uzumaki Naruto or anyone of his bloodline.

Naruto had been merciless in his killing of the people that had dared move against him in his act of killing the traitorous Konoha Shinobi. The Emperor of an ever growing Empire had torn through them all, leaving none alive that dared to oppose him, and made sure the deaths these people suffered were bloody and violent. When it was over, Naruto calmly walked back to the execution stage, his body now drenched in blood, and covered in gore while looking at the terrified Hatake Kakashi currently shaking in fear of him.

"Do you see now Kakashi? Do you see why it is unwise to anger me? To provoke me? To manipulate and spurn me like you along with a good portion of the village did when I was a mere child? You knew I was the Yondaime's son. You knew! And yet you chose to follow the Sandaime Hokage's actions in trying to control me. You chose to train Sasuke all those years ago over me when I needed your help for the Chuunin Exams. You had the nerve to think I would fail and your reputation deserved to be spared that humiliation you thought would be felt when I fighting to Neji. You just assumed I would lose, never even considering the idea of training me regardless of the situation, and saying 'At least I tried to train you' before you threw in the towel. No! You jumped the gun. You cut your losses and in the end you lost twice over with me achieving so much in such a short time. No thanks to you," said Naruto calmly while Kakashi looked up at him with his one pleading eye.

"N-Naruto please. Y-You have to understand I-I had to do what I thought w-w-was best for me in that situation," replied Kakashi while Naruto's crimson eyes glowed with an almost primal fury.

"You chose poorly in the field of making choices Hatake. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time this happened," stated Naruto, as he brought his Wrath Hammer up above his head, and Kakashi knew his end was seconds away.

"Naruto I'm...I'm sorry. I really mean it. I should have...I should have been a better sensei to you. A better person. I should have...I should have done what was right and not what the Sandaime wanted," stated Kakashi while staring up at his sensei's son and saw him looking down at him for a second before bringing it down on the Jounin's skull.

"Apology accepted...Hatake Kakashi," replied Naruto before leaving the execution stand and heading home in Konoha to wash everything off his body.

(Akatsuki HQ)

"We have news about Konoha and what is going on inside their walls," said Pein with the other remaining members of the Akatsuki having assembled for this meeting.

Sadly for them, all that remained of their highest ranking members were Itachi, Kisame, Pein, Konan, Zetsu, and Tobi appearing in the holograms that allowed them to be their no matter their current location.

"What news could be so important that we need to meet? Konoha doesn't have what we need and their Daimyo of this growing Empire has acquired several Jinchuriki under his command from other villages," said Kisame irritably with Pein looking at him for a few seconds before focusing on the collective group.

"Uchiha Sasuke and Hatake Kakashi are dead. Killed by the Kyuubi Jinchuriki himself," stated Pein while everyone stayed silent and all eyes turned to Itachi.

"How?" asked Itachi calmly though there was an edge in his voice.

"Apparently, your brother conspired with Hatake to take the position of Hokage using the Sharingan in the Copycats eye to cast a Genjutsu that would make her appoint Sasuke the next Hokage upon retirement. When that failed, Naruto hunted down Sasuke when your brother attempted to flee, and the brief fight resulted in the death of the Uchiha. Kakashi died days later on the execution grounds along with civilians and some Shinobi protesting the action while going into a riot. A riot which the proclaimed Emperor of the Elemental Empire put down personally by killing them all before Kakashi was the last to die by his hands that day," explained Pein with Itachi's eyes narrowed and his fists clenched.

"I see. My foolish little brother made a foolish move on his end," replied Itachi while he cursed Naruto for doing this to him and ruining his plans for redeeming his clan using Sasuke to wash the hate away.

"Yes and he's paid for it with his life. No heirs to his name. Apparently, your brother felt the idea of having progeny that would one day surpass him was stupid, and wanted to become the only Uchiha in existence with a lifespan of an Immortal God," said Pein with Itachi saying nothing for a moment.

"So he died a virgin too. That sucks on multiple levels. Dying is one thing, but dying a virgin regardless of your sexual preferences is just...sad," remarked Kisame with Itachi glaring at him now and made the former swordsman flinch.

"Tobi isn't a virgin! Tobi is a good boy and gets laid many times! With many women!" exclaimed Tobi excitedly.

"Enough Tobi! The loss of four of our members in the time since the Kyuubi Jinchuriki ascended to the throne of Daimyo and then Emperor has caused us many setbacks. If we don't change things soon, the chances of us achieving our goals will be lost, and that is something we cannot afford. Therefore, we must focus on the main threat now, and work our way down to the others since they will not cause us as many problems in the future. Itachi! Kisame! You two will target the Kyuubi Jinchuriki yourselves. You were able to hold your own against him years ago before Jiraiya came and interfered in with your mission. With your combined strength and proper teamwork, I am confident you will succeed in defeating him," said Pein with Itachi and Kisame nodding.

"What about the Kyuubi itself? I heard some rumors about the brat absorbing it into his body and merging with the Biju. Will it make extracting the beat difficult?" questioned Kisame with Pein being silent for a moment.

"Unknown. It might make it easier or harder. We won't really know for certain until the Jinchuriki is brought here to extract the Biju. Now go!" commanded Pein with the two nodding and left with their holograms dying out.

When the meeting ended, Pein walked back to his office with Konan beside him, and it was clear the woman was concerned.

"You have yet to decide on whether to take the Elder God's offer or not to kill your own cousin," stated Konan with Pein stopping and turned to look at her.

"I know. Even if I do, there is no guarantee the Elder God Raiden will honor the deal like I think he should. For all I know, he will simply raise the dead, and leave me with undead kinsmen walking around. The Gods of the past are known for making promises, but fulfill them in their own twisted way, and to assume otherwise would not be the smart thing to do," replied Pein before het kept walking.

"So the answer is no," stated Konan with Pein not stopping this time.

"Correct," replied Pein in a tone that told her to drop it.

'Good. That means there is still something left of Nagato behind this form he calls Pein,' thought Konan while walking beside him.

(Lightning Country-Kumo-Weeks Later)

"The brat invaded Lightning Country?!" exclaimed A the Raikage of Kumo angrily while one of his ANBU in the room nodded quickly with his current appearance looking like he just escaped a war zone.

"Yes Raikage-sama. I just barely escaped the battle. The Namikaze revealed what you did and found several of the nobles in Lightning Country were pilfering funds from various villages in need of financial support. Added that those places were in need of food, clean water, and getting dangerously low on medical supplies reached the Emperor's ears. He felt it was more then enough of a reason to invade and apparently found evidence of the Lightning Daimyo allowing it in exchange for being bribed a nice sum from the funds taken by the nobles," explained the Kumo ANBU and saw the Raikage looking pissed off about this.

"Where is Bee?" asked A with the ANBU looking nervous.

"He was fighting the Emperor one on one when I last saw him. They were really shaking things up around them Raikage-sama. I would have stayed, but Bee said to come back here to give you a report on the situation," answered the ANBU with A gritting his teeth in anger.

"How was he fairing?" asked A with the Kumo ANBU looking uncertain.

"Its hard to tell Raikage-sama. They were really hitting each other with everything they had. The Emperor himself looked like he was enjoying the fight and in a way...I think Bee was too. At the time, the battle could have gone either way between them, but to be honest Raikage-sama...I think the Emperor will win," answered the Kumo ANBU with A's fists tightening to the point where his fingernails drew blood.

"Prepare all Kumo Shinobi for battle. Everyone! From ANBU to Genin. We are going to fight and take this Emperor down now! Even if I force him to retreat for the moment, it will show that Kumo, and Lightning Country are not easy to take from its owners," said A with the ANBU bowing at the order and left.

(With Naruto and Bee)

Naruto grinned, as he tackled Killer Bee into a wall, and began punching the man in the ribs while hearing them crack under the power of each blow. Killer Bee countered with his own hits to Naruto's face and stomach that sent the Emperor back several feet. The swords Killer Bee used were scattered all around the battlefield, as the Emperor's own Wrath Hammer was lying end first on the ground, and out of reach to be used. Naruto didn't care though, as he was enjoying this fight, which was a rare thing to get in terms of length, and the opponent's own strength. Up until now, the fights with other Shinobi, and samurai were always short lived compared to now. Granted, Killer Bee was a Jinchuriki of the eight-tails, and had long since mastered the Biju's power.

Unfortunately for Killer Bee...Naruto had merged with his Biju and the power of the fox now belonged to him. It made Naruto stronger, faster, increased endurance, and the sheer power behind his body was greater then Killer Bee's own. Even with the eight-tailed Biju backing the rapping Kumo Shinobi, it wouldn't be enough to handle a battle hardened warrior like Naruto, and the Namikaze showed that in their fighting.

"Your strong Killer Bee. Kumo trained you well. With your brother being Raikage, I am not surprised your treatment there was better then mine," commented Naruto, as he kept up the assault, and saw the heavily panting Killer Bee nodding.

The man's shades had broken and fell off his face.

"You are as strong as they say. I am not surprised you can hold me at bay. But don't you dare underestimate me. For I am the great Killer Bee. You see?" rapped Killer Bee while Naruto chuckled after taking a high kick to the face and spat out some blood.

"I do indeed see. I also see you are standing on your last leg. I admire your strength and determination so I will give you this offer to surrender. I don't want to kill you as we are kindred spirits given what you hold and I once did in the past. I have no intention of killing everything in this country once I bring it into my Empire. I am uniting the world under my rule, bringing justice to places that need it, and punishing the corrupt like the ones in Lightning Country. Your brother sent three kunoichi to kill me not that long ago, which I took offense to, and one of the reasons I'm invading now. Another is the corrupt nobles Lightning Country possesses and the fact the Lightning Daimyo was bribed to allow certain places to suffer while being drained financially. Is that the kind of place you want to live in Killer Bee? A country filled with the corrupt? A country where the nobles bribe the ruler of the country to drain life and happiness from towns and villages that need such financial stability to get necessary supplies to live?" declared Naruto with Bee looking at him while silently hearing what was being told.

"Bro wouldn't do that. What you say is whack," said Killer Bee with Naruto smirking at him.

"Nii Yugito told me the plan when she, Karui, and Samui arrived at my home under the disguise of a peace offering. Karui and Samui were wearing concubine based clothing to make sure they could get close to me. Didn't you find it weird that they weren't in Kumo recently?" countered Naruto with Bee's eyes narrowing while not saying anything.

In truth, Killer Bee was told by his brother what had happened to the three, but he did not believe it until A produced their headbands, and the message from the Emperor himself. Bee had lost his temper and yelled at A for being an idiot, which was a rarity to happen, and even more when none of it involved rapping. As for a few of the nobles Lightning Country doing their corrupt thing, Killer Bee didn't care about that since there was always corruption, and believed the Lightning Daimyo would take care of it.

Though hearing the Lightning Daimyo had a hand in it made Killer Bee question whether this was a long time coming in terms of retribution via karma for past sins they had done in the past to the Uzumaki and Hyuuga Clan. Naruto had come to Lightning Country with a purpose and was hitting the mark dead on so far with Bee being pushed to the limit.

"My bro isn't going to take this lightly," remarked Bee with Naruto smirking at him.

"He shouldn't have tried to assassinate me. He shouldn't have tried to kidnap my Mother or Hinata-chan in the past. Those Lightning Country nobles shouldn't be oppressing their people and you shouldn't follow a brother of a Raikage who allows almost all these things to happen," replied Naruto while Bee shook his head since he didn't want to believe his brother was a bad guy.

Even if some of the decisions he made were just that. Bad.

"What do you want bro? Surely the fighting can stop if you say no?" questioned Bee with Naruto's smile leaving him and becoming deadly serious.

"You know what I want. You know what needs to be done. Lightning Country and Kumo will be absorbed into the Empire. A strong loyal regent of my choice will be put in place and if I wish it...A can still be the Raikage of Kumo should I deem him still worthy of it," explained Naruto with Bee looking at him dead in the eyes.

Before Bee could even respond, A appeared looking pissed off, and his army of Kumo Shinobi were behind him. Naruto turned his head to look at A and then looked at Bee with a smile on his masked face.

"You little shit! Did you really think I would let you get away with this? That I would not stop you with all the power in my body and every Kumo Shinobi under my command?!" bellowed A while focusing on Naruto.

"Of course not. You wouldn't be much of a Raikage if you just rolled over and died at the first sign of invasion," remarked Naruto with A moving with his Lightning Armor on and moving to take the other man's head off with one swing.

Only for Naruto to catch the fist and flinching slightly from the impact with the lightning attacking his body. Grinning further, Naruto let his power flow over him, causing a red demonic cloak to cover his body, the injuries he got from Bee were healing, and the aura fluxed wildly in a fiery like manner. Bee gapped like a fish while A snarled and felt his skin was being burned off despite his lightning armor protecting his body from harm. The two soon got into an all out taijutsu/grappling battle to the death, the need to use Jutsus, or weapons didn't even cross their minds. Around them, Kumo's forces were engaging Naruto's own Shinobi forces, and at first the Kumo Shinobi were holding their own.

Until the extra muscle came crashing into the conflict in the form of the ever fanatical Kaguya Kimimaro slicing through his enemies, Anko with her giant snake summons (Naruto had a long "talk" with Snake Boss Summons Manda after Anko summoned him a days following Orochimaru's death), and Nii Yugito using the Nibi's chakra. The last one surprised the Kumo Shinobi the most, as they didn't expect this at all, and to see the kunoichi now wearing the symbol of the Emperor on her headband instead of their own had a devastating hit on their moral.

As for Naruto and A, the two were now competing in a match of strength, their hands grabbing the other, trying to push their enemy back, and their powers clashing violently against them. Their faces were barely an inch from the other and felt the power from the opposition attack them with the lightning armor attacking Naruto while Naruto's demonic fire like aura covering his body attacked A. The ground splintered beneath them and their roars echoed throughout the battlefield with nothing else around them meaning anything in their minds.

"You won't win here! I won't let you!" exclaimed A, as he pushed Naruto back a step, and the young Emperor flared his power before pushing back with strength of his own.

"Fool! I've already won Raikage. The people here will not suffer under my rule. Your corrupt Daimyo will fall and you my distant kin on my Father's side will fall along with him!" exclaimed Naruto with A looking surprised at being called kin of the late Hokage of Konoha.

"What are you talking about boy?" demanded A, as he was being pushed back, and felt his strength weakening.

"So you don't know. You have the blood of a Namikaze in you. It explains your ability to move so fast like a God though in a different manner then my Father. Its why the two of you can move fast on an almost equal level. The Namikaze ancestral home is where Kumo is now and was taken from the clan during the formation of the Shinobi villages for the tactical advantages the natural defenses of the terrain provided," said Naruto before breaking the deadlock between them and began smashing his fists against the lightning armor.

"You lie! You're trying to get into my head!" challenged A, as he countered Naruto's hit to the face with one of his fists hitting the Emperor with enough force to send his helmet off his head.

"I found proof in my clan home. Your ancestor was Namikaze Daichi, who stayed in Kumo in secret, and started a new life in the village," replied Naruto before he head butting the man in the face.

"If what you say is true, then I'm entitled to know your Father's infamous Jutsus he created during the last war," replied A with Naruto smirking.

"True, IF I wished it, but as the Yondaime's only son, AND rightful Heir to both the clans...I say you will never get them to the end of time!"exclaimed Naruto before laughing at A, who looked livid, and realized that the younger man was right.

The two Jutsus the Raikage wanted were indeed Naruto's birthright and his to do with as he saw fit. Even now, the decree he just made about them basically banned A from ever having them in his possession, and learning them for his own use. Even if Naruto died, the way he phrased the ban itself had covered the issue so A couldn't have either with the Rasengan, or even the Hiraishin no Jutsu used to decimate Iwa years ago.

"DAMN YOU!" yelled A, as he tried to destroy Naruto, but the Emperor anticipated the move, and dodged the punch before unleashing a volley of his own.

And surprising everyone when the Raikage's Lightning Armor was destroyed after the repeated blows done to it. A stumbled back before being hit by one of Naruto's powerful shoulder tackles and struggled to get up off the ground.

"Bee! Help me! Stop him!" commanded A, as he saw Naruto walking towards him, and summoned the Wrath Hammer into his hand.

"This isn't a fight we can win bro. Our troops look like they are ready to run and go. We should seek terms for surrender, ya know?" suggested Bee with A looking shocked and then livid that he would suggest that to him.

"I am your Raikage and I gave you an order! Now do as you are told and OBEY ME!" commanded A with Bee frowning in front of him while Naruto waited to see what the Jinchuriki of the eight-tails would do next.

"That's not cool A. I'm your bro not your slave," replied Bee with A now seeing red in his vision and not because of the blood flowing from his forehead down his face.

"I am the Raikage of Kumo. You are one of my Shinobi AND my Jinchuriki. You will obey or you will be destroyed! I have no use for disobedient Shinobi and even less use for defiant Jinchuriki!" exclaimed A with Bee looking like he was punched hard in the face by the all the Elder Gods.

"You would actually...kill me bro?" asked Bee while A struggling to get up again and it was clear the Raikage's anger was getting the better of him.

"Its bad enough Yugito spends her days whoring herself out to this man like a common slut, but for you to even question me, and consider Kumo surrenders to unforgiveable!" exclaimed A while his mind was already assuming that Bee had betrayed him for greener pastures in siding with Naruto and the Raikage suspected that maybe the Emperor had even Bee incentive with a high level position within the Empire.

"Don't talk about Yugito like that bro! She's strong and smart and knows when to follows her heart wherever it says to go!" countered Bee and was surprised when A moved at him and punched the would-be rapper for a Jinchuriki in the face.

"Shut up! Shut your damn mouth! I will not have you backtalk me anymore with your pointless and useless rapping!" exclaimed A, as his mind had clearly fallen into the realm of insanity, and his temper only made it worse.

Anything else he wished to say was silenced by Naruto swinging his hammer at A's head and sending the man flying before bouncing hard multiple times on the ground.

"Disgusting piece of filth!" exclaimed Naruto angrily before moving over to Bee and helped the man up.

"Damn! Bro has really lost his mind. He needs to get his head out of his behind," stated Bee with Naruto smirking at him.

"Ungrateful. You ungrateful brat. I embraced you as my brother. I protected you from those that hated you in Kumo. AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?! SIDING WITH THAT MONSTER?!" bellowed A with Bee shaking his head at him.

"You have to stop bro. Your mind is going wack and needs to be set back," said Bee with A going mad with rage at being called insane.

"Shut up! I see now it was foolish of me to even protect you or show you any kind of support on my end. To think I listened to the Yondaime Hokage about how Jinchuriki should be loved! Jinchuriki are just weapons. They should not be loved, they should all be controlled, restricted, and know there place in the world is at the feet of their Kage!" stated A while Bee closed his eyes in pain and anger at hearing that while Naruto himself looked downright pissed off.

"To think you are of my blood on my Father's side of the family. It makes me wonder why Daichi stayed in Kumo. No doubt he was a traitor to his family then as you are to Bee now," stated Naruto while walking toward A with anger on his face.

"What do you know?! You're just some wannabe Emperor wishing to rule this world with dreams of global conquest!" countered A with Naruto moving faster then his eyes could see and clothesline the Raikage right into the ground.

"And the world you know it is better? Its people weak? Divided? Filled with corrupt power hungry bakas for leaders? Leaders who let their people suffer and die so they can live a little bit better then everybody else? Or that of their supposed rivals? I will not allow such a world to exist any longer! My dawn as the ruler of this world is fast approaching and you Raikage of Kumo are not going to stop me from unifying the world under my banner. A banner that will be a symbol of hope, solidarity, unity, and strength to all who see it!" exclaimed Naruto with A trying to stand and punch Naruto, but the Emperor caught the fist, and broke the arms before kneeing the man in the gut.

"Monsters! All of you are monsters and all that follow you are monster lovers! Love has no place in the Shinobi world!" said A defiantly while glaring up at Naruto's helmetless face.

"Only in your version of the Shinobi world. Goodbye Raikage of Kumo. May your soul find understanding while in the Netherrealm," replied Naruto before bringing his Wrath Hammer down on A and crushing the man's skull.

"Sorry my bro went crazy. All the stress made his mind go hazy," said Bee with Naruto not saying anything for a moment and the battles around them had stopped when the site of A being killed was seen by all.

"There is no need to apologize Bee. As you are now the strongest Kumo Shinobi here, I'm placing you in charge of Kumo, and its Shinobi for a time," declared Naruto, as his power had rescinded into his body, and let out a tired sigh while Bee let out a pain filled chuckle.

"You heard my bro. Move your ass and go!" commanded Bee with the Kumo Shinobi around him and Naruto nodding before the headed back to Kumo to lick their wounds.

"Are you all right Naruto-sama?" asked Kimimaro while Naruto walked a bit sluggishly to his helmet and put it on.

"Yes Kimimaro. I am fine. A bit drained, but nothing a meal, and rest cannot cure. Have our forces form a defensive position here for now and send some scouts out to ensure no potential threats linger," answered Naruto with Kimimaro nodding and left to carry out his orders while Yugito walked up to him wrapped her arms around his body.

"It hurt you to kill him," stated Yugito, as he nodded since killing family of any kind was something that made him feel as low as the Uchiha on the morality level.

"I didn't want to, but his heart was beyond redemption. He may have tried to protect you and Bee from being hated in Kumo, but deep down...the conviction A lived by were destroyed by his hatred of me changing the world. Before I began to change things, A was a man that could not be opposed without suffering heavy losses, and there was no reason to embrace change. But when it came down to changing things for the better, A chose to keep things the way they were because it was all he knew, and feared it because of his own fear of what it meant for Kumo under my rule. The man's hunger for power was also threatened and never left after his failed try to capture my Mother years ago or with kidnapping Hinata-chan when she was three. There was always a chance that even if A did join me, the man would have tried to do something I would despise, and make me regret ever sparing him," replied Naruto with Yugito gently rubbing up against him while purring.

"You push yourself too hard sometimes my Emperor. You need to relax more," stated Yugito in a sultry tone with Naruto letting out a chuckle before seeing Anko walking over to them and sitting on the opposite side of the blonde woman.

"And you would wish to help me relax I take it?" asked Naruto with Yugito rubbing her hands over his torso and Anko doing the same.

"Not just me. Samui, Karui, Sheeva, Anko, Shizune, Hinata, and the others know how hard you work to bring happiness to the world. You deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work put into it," replied Yugito while periodically kissing his body and moaning from the sensation of the contact she felt with his body.

She loved the feel of it so damn much!

"Then we must hurry. The sooner I complete what I'm doing here, the sooner I can get my...reward," remarked Naruto with Yugito purring loudly now looking at him with lust burning intensely in her eyes while Anko gave "Fuck yeah!" to the idea.

They were looking forward to giving him his reward too.

(Unknown Realm-Sometime Later)

"You have a lot of nerve speaking to me now Raiden Coming here to my prison you and the Elder Gods put me in. A prison which I am confined to unless humans summon me for their sealing's, and schemes like some pet!" replied Shinnok angrily while staring at the Elder God of Lightning in front of him.

"Be lucky you are allowed to live and keep some status as a God Shinnok. Besides, I am here because I am in need of your powers over the dead and need two souls currently in your possession," replied Raiden with Shinnok frowning at him.

"You need something from me? That's very interesting. Which two souls in particular do you need exactly?" asked Shinnok with Raiden's eyes narrowing slightly.

"The souls Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina," answered Raiden with Shinnok's eyes widening.

"Those two? Why would you need them unless...oh! I see now. So the boy knows of his heritage and the prophecy is being fulfilled. Only you want to stop him and the prophecy from occurring. I would think you would have learned your lesson last time when you used that amulet of yours to alter events to prevent Armageddon at the hands of Shao Kahn," commented Shinnok, as he had been unaffected by the events Raiden did when sending a message back in time, and why certain things had changed during Earthrealm's tenth Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Shinnok knew as Raiden did, that for Shao Kahn to be stopped, the Elder Gods would have to interfere in breaking the rules, and that only was possible during the invasion of Earthrealm. The problem was, the invasion had to be successful in order for the Elder Gods to step in, and since Raiden's force were able to repel Shao Kahn the first time around led to the events following it. So Shinnok's consciousness traveled farther back then the amulet did with Raiden with the warning from his future self and sent Quan Chi to assist in events from that tournament all the way up to Shao Kahn's illegal invasion.

The visions Raiden saw from his amulet were also seen by Shinnok, which allowed the events of the past to be changed in Shinnok's favor regardless of the Thunder God's feeble attempts to stop some of them from happening. If anything, the now Elder God in front of Shinnok had made things worse, and the fallen Elder God had been even closer to his victory over Raiden the second time around. Had it not been for various warriors being recruited by Raiden to fight for the forces of good, who had not fought during Shinnok's first attempt at taking the realm, then it would have been his to rule, and he would not be here in this state.

"I have their bodies. Both fully healed. All I need are their souls. Souls you possess," declared Raiden with Shinnok nodding and smiling now.

"Yes. I do possess their souls. But what do I get from giving them to you?" challenged Shinnok before being shocked by lightning.

"Do not test me Shinnok! Do you really want Shao Kahn's descendant to take over the realm and begin his own conquest of others? Or a legal merging between Outworld and Earthrealm? It is possible that can happen without invasion should the boy or Shao Kahn figure it out," said Raiden with Shinnok letting out chuckle despite the pain.

"I am well aware of how that particular loophole Raiden. It was I who brought that point before the other Elder Gods many years when regarding the rules of allowing realms to merge," replied Shinnok with Raiden's eyes sparking more with lightning.

"Naruto has already married the Shokan Princess Sheeva, but she along with the rest of her people went into exodus from Outworld to prevent the tensions between them and the Centaurians from getting worse. However, it has become known to me that Milleena has in fact fallen for one Kaguya Kimimaro of Earthrealm with the blessing to court given by both parties they serve, and if the two were to wed...," said Raiden while leaving things unspoken with Shinnok nodding.

"Then Outworld and Earthrealm would in a sense be allied and could be merged into one realm without the interference of the Elder Gods. Namely you," concluded Shinnok with Raiden scowling at him.

"I cannot allow that to happen. One of Naruto's kin won't kill him so I need the souls of his parents under my command to do it instead," replied Raiden with Shinnok nodding since those two souls could be enough to weaken if not kill Naruto given their respected powers.

"Again, what do I get out of it in return? You must give in order to take," stated Shinnok with Raiden frowning.

"I will give you the soul of Uchiha Obito," stated Raiden with Shinnok looking at him in surprise.

"The last surviving student of Namikaze Minato. Oh that is rich! The student's soul for the teacher's I possess. How interesting. But in order to do that, you would have to kill the man in order to have soul to trade with, and I know for a fact given my position that he is NOT dead," said Shinnok with Raiden stomping his staff once and lightning shot from the sky to the ground to reveal a chained defeated figure of a soul looking around in surprise.

It was Uchiha Obito.

"What the Hell? Where am I? How did I get here?!" questioned Obito, as he tried to use his Sharingan to use the Kamui, but found it wouldn't work, and glared at the Elder God standing next to him.

"You are being made into a sacrifice mortal. You have become payment for the return of your sensei and his wife to live once again," answered Shinnok with a sense of glee in his voice.

"What?! No! Never! I won't be your pawn! My dream of reuniting with my Rin-chan will not be denied!" exclaimed Obito, as he tried to break out of the chains, but found them to strong, and could only glare at the two Gods.

"She's dead mortal. Nothing can change that. Accept it. Do we have a deal? said Raiden a tone that told Shinnok he did not care about this mortal's protests.

"Yes, but only for Namikaze Minato. Not for his wife Uzumaki Kushina. I need another soul, a female soul to be exact, and of equal value to trade," replied Shinnok with Raiden not looking pleased to hear that.

"Done," replied Raiden knowing he could get Kushina later should Minato fail since she was an even greater weapon to use against Naruto since her abilities actually surpassed her husband in certain areas.

"NO! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO USE ME LIKE THIS!" yelled Obito before his body was absorbed into Shinnok's body and the soul of Namikaze Minato with the other half of Kyuubi's chakra coming out with him.

"What? What's going on?" asked Minato before he saw his recently repaired body appear via a bolt of lightning striking the ground and found himself entering it.

"You have been chosen by myself to combat a great evil threatening your realm," replied Raiden with Minato looking at him in shock.

"What? What threat? Who? Who could be worse then the man responsible for causing the Kyuubi to attack Konoha?" asked Minato with Raiden looking him right in the eyes.

"Your son," answered Raiden with Minato's eyes widening.

"What? Naruto? Why? It makes no sense!" stated Minato, who was surprised to hear his son had become a threat to the world, and wondered what the Hell was going on since his death.

"I'll explain it to you before know that your soul belongs to me to command until you kill him," replied Raiden with Minato looking horrified at the thought.

"I can't and I won't. You are asking me to kill my own son and for reasons I have yet to be told by you," said Minato before he was suddenly struck by lightning by the Elder God and found lightning based chains wrap around his body.

"You will be told of your son's actions that have brought about my reasons for this, but to ensure you obey regardless of your opinion on the matter, these lightning chains will bind you to me, and the commands I give will be obeyed," stated Raiden before he vanished with Minato in a flash of lightning.

"Foolish move Raiden. Even after all these years and you have still learned nothing. Your actions will be your own undoing. If the Elder Gods do not punish you, then Shao Kahn's descendant will, and if he's anything like his will wish Armageddon had come to pass when it did," said Shinnok before letting out a cruel wicked laugh that could only be heard from within his confined prison.

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