"W-Wait! Amu! I-I can explain!" Ikuto pleaded.


"I-Ikuto!" Sakura widened her eyes. "Ikuto! You're really here!" she hugged him.

"Sakura, get off." He said, between gritted teeth.

"B-But we haven't seen each other. Remember we are lovers!" she exclaimed.

"Were," Ikuto corrected. "Until you cheated on me."

"Iku-koi, I'm sorry. Start over?" she pleaded.

"I already have a girlfriend. You're choice. You're loss." He said, gently pushing her away.

"What? That pink haired ugly chick? I can give you more than she can! She has a flat chest!" Sakura pointed out.

"I don't care about that. I don't want to date another slut like you."

"Fine." She grumbled, then she grabbed his head and pressed her lips to his.

End of flash back

"Amu please, believe me!" Ikuto pleaded. Rima looked at Ikuto with shock.

"Amu. Just… stop right now. He can be forgiven." Rima pleaded.

"Amu. Don't stop. Hatred is the power." The dark side of her hissed.

"Don't listen, AMU!" Ikuto's voice rang through Amu.

"Stop! You'll regret this!" the dark side of her hissed again.

Amu's frail body dropped below, but Ikuto caught her.

"Silly girl." He mumbled.

"Ikuto?" she asked, sleepily.

"Yes?" he asked.

"PUT ME DOWN PERVERT!" she screamed. He smiled.

I know this is lame and rushed, but I really want to finish all my stories. :P Fast