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Chapter One: Who is this kid?

Agent Sarah Walker was the CIA's best. Bar none. She could handle a mission of any class, sort, and danger level. She could start a revolution with nothing but a fork. She could seduce you with a wink of her eyes. So what did SHE have to be jealous about? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That's what she kept reminding herself as she walked towards CIA Director; Langston Graham's office.

Heads turned as the blonde beauty made her way to Graham's; as she did millions of times before. Men looked up with lust, and women glanced with jealousy. Everyone within the agency knew her. Sarah Walker was not to be messed with. Not a single bad mark on any of her mission reports since she was recruited. Well, if you didn't count the one time she mouthed off to her instructors. She wasn't mean, either. Sarah was just…too professional. She had no fun, nothing mattered other than the job. So when another agent, who came out of the blue just showed up and tried to take her position away with the snap of his fingers, she'd be pissed.

And that's exactly what happened, through her eyes.

Charles Carmichael? Were they kidding her? The name sounded like a lame username for a stupid video game. As she strutted towards his office, she continued to criticize him in her mind. Granted, she'd never met him in person before. But he was probably ugly, douchey, and a complete jerk. He was probably stupid and ignorant. Sarah smirked as she pushed open Graham's door. There, she froze.

Sitting with Graham was a tall, lanky, slick looking man. He had the kindest smile, and chocolate eyes to die for. He had curly brown hair that took little animal shapes that made Sarah's knees come close to collapsing. As soon as she entered, he stood respectfully.

"Agent Walker, Hi." He smiled and held his hand out.

"Charles Carmichael…..This is such an honor." He smiled nervously.

Sarah smiled shyly as she shook his hand. "Pleasure, Charles." Was all she said, fearing her voice would betray her.

"The pleasure's all mine, believe me." He pulled out her seat for her politely. " And please, call me Chuck."

'Dammit….' Sarah thought to herself. He was perfect.

Graham smiled as he watched Sarah's eyes. He had a tell tale smirk. It said something like, 'I told you so'.

Clearing his throat, he broke the intense gaze that had settled between the two.

"Agents." He began. "Good to see you handled the introduction yourselves."

Chuck smiled sheepishly. He might've gotten a little carried away.

"Sorry sir."

Graham gave him a small smile. "Happens all the time, Carmichael."

Sarah blushed slightly, while Chuck raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"I called you two here because I have planned something for quite some time now." He explained, watching as the two's faces showed obvious surprise.

"What's that, Director?" She asked

"I've been observing your missions all along." He spoke to Sarah, and Chuck. "I've come to the conclusion that both of you have excellent tactics. You both think quickly on your feet, and it's kept you alive so far." The two Agents sat straighter at the praises.

"I've realized that both of you fight similarly, and I knew the minute I read your files, you'd be compatible."

Sarah frowned inwardly. She preferred to work alone.

Before she could protest, Graham cut her off. "Agent Walker, I know you prefer going solo. But, Carmichael here is nothing short of excellent."

Chuck was quite modest. "Sir, thank you, but if Agent Walker here doesn't want me as a partner…-"

Sarah interrupted him. "It's not that Agent Carmichael, it's just that I-"

Graham cut her off. "It's settled then. I'll send the two of you on a few simple missions to see how you do. If I see good results, we'll decide from there."

Sarah huffed slightly.

Chuck glanced down quickly.

"Yes sir." The two answered in unison.

Graham smiled triumphantly. "Good. Here is your first mission."

Reaching down into the manila folder on his desk, he slipped out a few papers, showing them to the two.

"This man is Ivan Andreev." He pointed to the picture of a man. "He's Russian, and he's said to possess some important information regarding the location of one of our weapon locations. All I want you to do is get the information out of him. See what he knows. Since you both are top agents, I expect nothing less. Therefore, I am allowing you to do it however you please." He informed them.

"He and his wife are attending a fake party we've thrown at a local hotel." He explained. " His wife is said to have loose lips for handsome men." He said, knowingly. Sarah raised her eyebrows.

"Carmichael, you are to take care of his wife, while Walker will get the information out of him. The party is formal, so be sure your attire is suitable. The party is in two days, and you will be staying at the hotel to familiarize yourself with your surroundings until the time arises."

The two agents glanced at each other. "I'd suggest getting to know each other as well." Graham added, shutting the folder.

"Talk to the secretary for further instruction. I'll contact you when necessary. Good day, agents." He dismissed the puzzled Agents with a wave of his hand and a nod, confirming that this whole fiasco was indeed going to take place.

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