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Chapter One

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" I glanced up towards the stage, seeing the man who had just spoken. The first thing I noticed about the man on the stage was the thick leather jacket he was wearing, and his matching leather shoes. "Could I have everybody's attention just for a mo? Be very quick, eh... hello!" I watched the man as he gave a cheerful wave towards everyone in the bar, before I noticed his rather large ears. A chuckle escaped my lips as I noticed just how strange of an appearance this man had. "Eh... might seem like a stupid question, but has anything fallen from the sky recently?" I stared at the man, wondering if he was being serious while the room fell completely silent. It took mere seconds before everyone around me started to laugh at the ridiculous man, and who wouldn't? He seriously just asked if anything had fallen from the sky during the German air raid. I pulled my cup up to my lips to take a sip, when the confused man asked,

"Sorry, have I said something funny? It's just, there's this thing I need to find, would've fallen from the sky a couple of days ago." Things are falling from the sky all the time; I doubt he'll be able to find what he's looking for this way. My blue eyes shifted around the room, watching as everyone left in a panic upon hearing the siren that was signifying another air raid. I spun around on my chair; glass still in hand as I stared at the man in front of me, rather then the panicked crowd around me.

"Would've landed quite near here..." The man looked towards the ceiling, as if the siren was being emitted from there, even though it was much too loud to be coming from the ceiling. "With a very loud..." I continued to stare at the man, as he watched as everyone continued to panic, and hurriedly left the room. "Bang..." I watched the man close his eyes in what seemed to be despair, assuming that he hadn't even noticed me sitting here. I watched him for a moment before asking him, with my standard sarcasm,

"I suppose you finally figured out where you're at, eh?" I chuckled at the man, amused by how fast his eyes opened to stare at me. My hand moved to the side, setting my glass down on the bar top behind me, before I slid off my chair, and moved towards him. Maybe this man was a Time Agent?

"Who are you? And why 'aven't you left?"

"You know, normally people introduce themselves before asking for someone else's name." I paused, while smirking at him. "I'm Robin Williams, and I was wondering just how hard you hit your head?" While giving me a look that said he thought I was crazy he replied,

"Now why would you think I've hit my head?" With my smirk still in place, I walked closer to the man. And once I was a few feet away from him I stated,
"Well, it's the only logical reason I can think of for a time traveler to not know when and where they're at." I paused upon seeing the man raise his eyebrow at me, before I continued where I left off. "And you're no time agent, because you haven't got the watch, but you're defiantly a time traveler, there's no way you're from the year 1940. So let me ask you, who are you?"
"Clever, I like that. I'm the Doctor." I flashed the man a smile, following behind him as he walked into the alleyway.
"Nice to meet you Doctor." He gave me a brief nod, before calling out,

"Rose!" I assumed he was looking for a friend of his, and followed him around the corner. The first thing I noticed was a police-calling box, which clearly didn't belong here. I went to look at the box closer; curious as to what it really was, when the Doctor suddenly spoke up,

"You know... one day. Just one day, maybe... I'm gonna meet someone who gets the whole 'don't wander off' thing." At first I believed that the Doctor was talking to me, but when I looked up at him to respond, I noticed that he was holding a cat and was talking to the cat. I jumped when a phone suddenly started ringing, the ringing clearly coming from the blue box in front of me. "How can you be ringing? What's that about? Ringing?" I stepped forward, closer to the Doctor, upon seeing him pull out a sonic screwdriver. I guess that I was right, and this wasn't just an ordinary call box. "What am I supposed to do with a ringing phone?" I gave a sarcastic chuckle, before stating in a sarcastic tone,

"Answer it?"

"Don't answer it. It's not for you." The Doctor turned toward the girl questioningly, while I silently observed her. I noticed her brown hair was tied back in two braids that rested on the side of her head, and her dark eyes stared at the Doctor and I.

"And how do you know that?"

"'Cos I do. And I'm tellin' ya - don't answer it."

"Well, if you know so much, tell me this - how can it be ringing?" I moved closer to the call box, resting my hand on the blue wood, while the Doctor turned back to ringing phone. "It's not even a real phone. It's not CONNECTED, it's not—" I glanced away from the call box, curious as to why the Doctor had stopped speaking. I followed his eyes, briefly noticing that the girl had disappeared, as I watched him lift the phone to his ear; even though the girl had warned him not to.

"Hello? This is the Doctor speaking. How may I help you?" I listened into the Doctor's side of the conversation, silently observing how he paused between each of his statements for a moment as if waiting for an answer. That odd, skeptical, grin of the Doctor's rapidly faded from his face before he asked, "Who is this? Who's speaking?" I suppose the person on the other line answered, because the Doctor's tone became more forceful and irritated. "Who is this?" There was a pause before the Doctor asked, in an almost angry tone,

"How did you RING here? This isn't a real phone, it's not wired up to anything, it's—" I watched the Doctor as he slowly placed the phone back into its cradle, before I finally asked him what I had been wanting to since seeing the call box,

"So Doctor, this is your ship, right?" Upon seeing him nod in my direction, in a distracted way. "Then couldn't your companion Rose, I believe it was, be in there?" I watched the Doctor as peered into his ship, shouting out,

"Brilliant! Rose? Rose, are you in there?" In an instant I reacted, my body jumped and spun around, upon hearing a loud crashing noise behind the Doctor and I. The Doctor had a different reaction then myself, he closed the phone compartment, and ran off to follow the sound. I quickly found myself running after the Doctor, following him out of the alleyway and into the street. Upon reaching the garden fence, I heard a distinctly feminine voice shouting,

"The planes are coming. Can't you hear them? Into the shelter. None of your nonsense, not MOVE it!" I peered at the Doctor as he climbed on top of a dustbin, staring into the garden. I glanced around, only to see that the nearest dustpan, not including the one that the Doctor was currently standing on, was down the street. I contemplated going to grab it, before deciding that by the time I did the Doctor would probably be gone. So rather then walking to grab the dustbin, I leaned against the wall to listen to the scene that the Doctor was watching. Once more the feminine voice spoke up,

"Come on, come on, get in there. Arthur! Arthur! Will you hurry up? Didn't you hear the sirens?" I heard a door shut, before a male spoke in an irate tone,

"Middle of dinner, every night. Bloomin' Germans." The voice raised a few octaves, and I pictured the man to be yelling at the sky. "Don't you eat?" I noticed the Doctor's smile, with a smile on my own face, when the woman spoke up again,

"I can hear the planes!"
"Don't you eat?"

"Oh, keep your voice down, will ya? There's an air raid! Get in…" I could hear her voice starting to fade, rather it started to become muffled. "There's a war on."

"I know there is…" I figured since the man voice had stopped that the door was closed, and the family was inside their bomb shelter. I glanced up at the Doctor, assuming that we were going to leave any moment, before I saw a very curious look appear on his face. My mouth opened on it's own accord, about to ask the Doctor what he had seen, when he suddenly pulled on the fences and jumped over it. My open mouth opened even wider, before I quickly scrambled up the fence myself, not wanting to loose the Doctor.

"Doctor, where ya going?" The man paused to glance back at me momentarily, before asking,

"Oh, you're still here?"
"Naturally, after all it isn't often that I run into other time traveler… Well ones that aren't trying to con me that is." I paused when the Doctor turned around to raise an eyebrow at me. "Long story that one is, not really worth telling either. But my point is, you're not getting rid of me yet, because I think you're fascinating." It was then that he finally turned all the way around, his pale blue eyes staring into my own blue eyes. After a few moments the Doctor gave me a shrug, before stating,

"Fine, but you've got to do what I say. And please, do try to keep up." I mimicked his shrug back at him, not minding his rules, they seem simple enough to me. "Come on Robin, let's see what our new friend is up to." I couldn't stop the smile from stretching across my face as I followed the Doctor into the house. I continued to smile when I saw the girl from the alleyway standing in front of a turkey, preparing to cut it. There were several children sitting around the table, a few of them about to sit. Rather then follow the Doctor, who had gone to sit down at the table with the children somehow unnoticed, I stayed standing near the entryway with my back leaning against the frame of the room. Once the girl had started to carve the turkey, one of the boys spoke up,

"It's GOT to be black market. He couldn't get all this on coupons." The girl gave him a stern look while she told him,

"Ernie - how many times? We are guests in this house. We will not make comments of that kind. Washing up." I chuckled to myself, while the other boys laughed at the boy who had made the comment about the black market.

"Oh, Nancy!" So the girls name was Nancy? It fits her, clever little Nancy, eating people's food while they're hiding from bombs. It really wasn't a bad plan, if you didn't have the money to get food for yourself. I watched as Nancy look towards one of the boys, still carving the turkey, telling him,

"Haven't seen you at one of these before." The boy she talked to then nodded his head towards another little boy, answering with,

"He told me about it."

"Sleeping rough?"

"Yes, miss." I watched as Nancy picked up the plate with the turkey on it, before she responded,

"All right then." She passed the plate to the side, before she spoke up again, "One slice each, and I want to see everyone chewing properly." The children all thanked her, and so did the Doctor when the plate got to him, though unlike the children he had taken two pieces of turkey instead of one. I suppose nobody had noticed the Doctor until he spoke, because all of the children jumped away in shock; and one boy stared at the Doctor in shock, with a piece of the turkey hanging out of his mouth.

"Good here, innit? Who's got the salt?" I shook my head, did he have no manners?
"Geez Doctor, were you raised in a barn? Cause you need to work on your manners." The occupants in the room all turned to me in shock, even the Doctor seemed a tiny bit surprised that I had spoken up. "Hi Nancy, I'm Robin, mind if I join you all?" She observed me for a moment, probably taking in my curly reddish-brown hair, the big hole over the knee of my jeans, before she responded with a simple,

"That's fine. Now everyone back in your seats! He shouldn't be here either." I walked over towards the Doctor, pulling up a chair next to him, as he smiled and poured some of the sauce onto the meat.

"So, you lot... what's the story?" The Doctor really should work on those manners of his, or rather his lack of. One of the boys turned towards the Doctor in confusion, and asked him,

"What d'you mean?" The Doctor looked at the boy before he asked everyone else at the table,

"You're homeless, right? Living rough?" I was tempted to smack the Doctor on his arm for being rude, but decided that I was better off avoiding annoying the Doctor; and something tells me that smacking the man would certainly annoy him. I snapped out of my ponderings of smacking the Doctor's arm when one of the other children spoke up,
"Why d'you wanna know that? Are you a copper?" The boys question made me giggle to myself, after all the Doctor does own his very own police call box; regardless of if he was a police man or not.
"Of course I'm not a copper."
"Of course he's not a copper." I chuckled to myself after realizing that I had spoken in unison with the Doctor; only difference was that the Doctor kept talking and I didn't.

"What's a copper gonna do with you lot anyway? Arrest you for starving?" All of the children laughed at his comment, seeming to warm up to the man. "I make it 1941, you lot shouldn't be in London. You should've been evacuated to the country by now." He sure know how to fit into the times, doesn't he? I'm seriously wondering how he can be a time traveler when he goes around throwing date, like he doesn't live in that time period.
"I was evacuated. They sent me to a farm." I turned to the boy with a small smile, wondering why he would come back to dropping bombs.
"And why come back to this?" I moved my hands around, gesturing to the dropping bombs outside.
"There was a man there..." My mouth formed the shape of an 'o'. So that's why. Another boy spoke up once the boy finished speaking,

"Yeah, same with Ernie. Two homes ago." The boy, who I assumed was named Ernie, spoke up after in annoyance,

"Shut up. It's better on the streets anyway. Better food."
"Yeah. Nancy always gets the best food for us." The boy from earlier spoke up again, and brought a smile to my face. It seems that Nancy is a very motherly person, if she's taking care of all these children. I'm not sure if the Doctor was sharing my sentiments or not, but he also smiled at the boys comment, before asking Nancy,

"So, that's what you do is it, Nancy?"

"What is?"
"As soon as the sirens go, you find a big fat family meal, still warm on the table with everyone down in the air raid shelter and - bingo! Feeding frenzy for the homeless kids of London Town. Puddings for all! As long as the bombs don't get you." But it's not like they had a shelter they could hide in, might as well eat while you can and risk being hit by a bomb, rather then starve to death. In fact I thought that she was amazing for even thinking of such a plan!
"Something wrong with that?" I frowned with Nancy, not sure if I was liking this Doctor's tone. It was long before the Doctor contradicted my thoughts by saying,
"Wrong with it? It's BRILLIANT. I'm not sure if it's Marxism in action or a West End musical." The children and I all looked at him in confusion; because while I know what Marxism is, I'm not so sure on the West End musical…. Must be a British thing.
"Why'd you two follow me? What d'you want?" I gave Nancy a quick smile, giving her the brief answer of,

"I was following him, for the fun of it."

"I want to know how a phone that isn't a phone gets a phone call. You seem to be the one to ask." So the Doctor just doesn't like that she knows something that he doesn't? Seems like a bad reason to follow someone that was breaking into a house.
"I did you a favour. I told you not to answer it, that's all I'm telling ya."
"Great, thanks. And I wanna find a blonde in a Union Jack. I mean a specific one, I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving." I bite my lips for moment, trying not to chuckle at the man, before realizing that he must be talking about his friend, Rose. I quickly took note of the fact that Nancy was the only other person not laughing, aside from the Doctor, actually Nancy looked fairly irritated.

"Anybody seen a girl like that?" While the children were still chuckling, Nancy stood up and took the Doctor's plate from him. Sounding quite indignant, the Doctor asked, "What've I done wrong?"
"You took two slices." The children at the table all laughed at the Doctor, and I fought the urge to stick my tongue out at the man. He really should have listened to Nancy in the first place, maybe then he wouldn't have gotten his food taken away. "No blondes - no flags. Anything else before you leave?"
"Yeah, there is actually. Thanks for asking. Something I've been looking for, would've fallen from the sky about a month ago, but not a bomb." So he's on about this again? Must be important if he hadn't checked the year before leaving his ship. I watched him pull out a small notebook from his pocket, he must have some pretty large pockets. "Not the usual kind anyway. Wouldn't have exploded. Would've just buried itself in the ground somewhere, and it would've looked something like..." The Doctor paused for a moment to sketch out what he was talking about."This." I glanced at his drawing as he showed it around the table, and tried not to chuckle at his badly drawn ship of some sort. A sudden knock on the window made me jump in shock, and look towards the window, and away from the drawing.
"Mummy? Are you in there, mummy?" I quickly followed the Doctor to the window, wondering why one of the children would still be outside after all this time had passed since the dinner had started. I watched the Doctor pull the curtain back, showing that it was a very young child with a gasmask covering his face. The child continued to knock, and once again asked, "Mummy?"
"Who was the last one in?" Upon hearing the fear, and urgency, in Nancy's voice, I whirled around not sure why she was so worried about the door being shut. I kept my attention on Nancy, but noticed that Ernie had nodded towards the Doctor and myself,


"Nah, they came round the back. Who came in the front?" In response to Nancy's almost terrified question, one of the little boys whispered out,
"Did you close the door?"
"Did you close the door?" I could feel my eyebrows furrow in confusion, what made Nancy so terrified of this small child? I just couldn't figure out why she would be so scared, after all she took care of all these other children, so what made this one different?
"Mummy? Mummy?" I could see, and hear, that he had left the window and was heading towards the front door, which seemed to make Nancy even more terrified as she ran towards the hallway as the little boy called out in question, "Muuuuum-my?" I watched Nancy bolt from the room, racing down the hallway; before slamming the door closed, nearly hitting the small boys hand, bolting the door shut, and leaning down and locking the door on the bottom. It all seemed a bit extreme for me, seeing as the boy could barely reach the door handle, but Nancy still seemed thoroughly terrified of the boy as she quickly backed away from the door, the boys shadow visible through the door. I glanced at the Doctor, seeing that he shared my look of concern, before he spoke up,

"What's this, then? It's never easy being the only child left out in the cold, you know."
"I suppose you'd know."
"I do actually, yes." The Doctor gave her a pleasant smile, while I gave him a frown, before turning to Nancy in order to ask her,

"Nancy, what about this child makes you so terrified?" The terrified look on her face barely shifted, though she was working on covering it, as she told the Doctor and I,

"It's not exactly a child." Nancy finally managed to make her expression normal, and pushed past the Doctor and I to rushed back into the dining room.
"Muuum-my?" I peered into the room Nancy had just rushed into, seeing that although Nancy had panicked about the small boy, none of the other children had and were all sitting around the table.

"Right, everybody out, across the back garden and under the fence." It wasn't until Nancy talked again that the children even seemed to move, "Now! Go! Move!" It was then that all the children jumped out of their chair to put on their coat, all except one. Nancy seemed to notice this as she slid on her coat, "Come on, baby. You've got to go. Okay? It's just like a game. Just like chasing." The little girl jumped out of her chair at Nancy's words, and Nancy handed her coat telling her, "Take your coat, go on." The girl ran out after the other children, as Nancy shouted out, "Go!"
"Mummy?" I watched in silence as the Doctor took a step closer to the door, as if he was going to let the child in; which I was wasn't so sure if that was a good idea, because if the blitz bombing wasn't enough to terrified her, then there must be something different, something strange, about this child. "Please let me in, mummy." The little boy then stuck his hand through the door, making me notice the strange scar on the back of the hand. What an odd shape, I wonder how he managed to get to get the on the back of his hand. "Please let me in, mummy."
"Are you all right?"

"Please let me in." Something hit the wall with a loud smash, making me jump in my place and turn to look at Nancy, who had thrown something to the door; which made the child withdraw his hand.

"You mustn't let him touch ya!" Confusion colored the Doctor and my voices as we both asked,

"What happens if he touches me?"
"What happens if he touches us?"
"He'll make you like him." I barely managed to hold back a gulp, so I was right, there was something about this child that wasn't normal, wasn't safe.
"And what's he like?" Nancy backed away from the Doctor and I, a worried and panicked look coming to her face as she stared at the mail hole.
"Nancy, what's he like?" I glanced briefly at the Doctor, having spoken at the same time as him, wondering what exactly was wrong with this child. Nancy paused after our question, before responding with,

"He's empty." Empty? What the hell does that mean? My thoughts were broken by the ringing of a phone, who the hell would call someone up during a bombing threat. "It's him. He can make phones ring, he can. Just like with that police box you saw." I watched the Doctor glance at the child's shadow before picking up the phone.

"Are you my mummy?" I winced as Nancy yanked the phone away from the Doctor, slamming the phone back onto the receiver. Suddenly the radio started playing, with the child's voice over top of the music, "Mummy? Please let me in, mummy." The Doctor turned toward the radio, but stopped moving once the toy monkey in the room suddenly turned on with the child's voice as well, "Mummy? Muuum-my, muum-my..." The Doctor picked up the toy monkey, examining it; when Nancy suddenly told us,

"Stay if you want to." I watched in concern as Nancy ran out of the room, toward the back door. What exactly was this child? The monkey continued to speak for the child, and quite frankly it freaked me out. Those things were creepy enough without the child speaking through it. Once again the child stuck his hand through the door, through the mail slot, bringing a frown to my face.
"Mummy? Let me in please, mummy..." At that the Doctor kneeled in front of the door, staring at the child's hand in concern. I took a closer step, concerned for the child, but also a little worried that he was harmful in someway or another. "PLEASE let me in."
"Your mummy isn't here."
"Are you my mummy?"
"No mummies here. None be here but us chickens." He looked at the house, seeing it empty, and was about to speak again when he saw me standing next to him.
"Yep, still here Doctor."
"I'm scared." I frowned, I wonder if he's just a lost scared little boy who's looking for his mother? Or if Nancy had the right to be frightened by the boy?
"Why are those other child frightened of you?"
"Please let me in, mummy. I'm scared of the bombs." This made the Doctor pause, seeming to think it over. I bite my lip, still unsure of how safe this child was.
"Okay. I'm opening the door now." Once the child heard this, he withdrew his hand once more, and the Doctor unbolted the door and unlocked it before opening it. A gasp made it's way through my lips as I saw that the child was no longer at the door, in fact he wasn't anywhere in sight. I followed the Doctor down the path, looking up and down the street trying to find the child. I heaved a sigh of disappointment when we didn't find the child, briefly wondering where the child had gone. With my hands on my hips, I turned back to the Doctor, ready to ask him where he thought the child had gone; only to the Doctor walking down the street, away from where I was standing. I rushed after him, only slightly annoyed that he had left me behind without saying anything. Once I caught up with the Doctor I asked him,

"So where are we going, Doctor?" He gave me a large grin while telling me,

"We, aren't going anywhere. I'm going to go find Nancy."
"You aren't getting rid of me so easily Doctor, not only do I want to see that ship of yours, but I've become quite curious about this boy. And I'll have you know, that curiosity is a powerful thing. So there won't be any getting rid of me." The Doctor paused, seeming to observing me, before he finally stepped close and told me,

"Fine, but only til we find the child." I nodded at the Doctor, a small smile resting on my face.

I had followed the Doctor, as he seemed to know where Nancy had disappeared to, only to find that we were near the train tracks. The Doctor and I had seen Nancy walk into a small house, and had followed her over. I gave her an apologetic smile as she turned towards us, having started to pull food from her bag, knowing that we had probably startled her.

"How'd you follow me here?"

"I'm good at following, me. Got the nose for it."
"I just followed him, seemed to know where to go." Nancy seemed to be very suspicious of us, as she told the two of us,

"People can't usually follow me if I don't want them to."
"My nose has special powers."
"Yeah? That's why it's uh..." Large? I noticed that Nancy seemed to struggle for a word that wasn't bluntly rude, so she just trailed off.
"What?" Did he really not know what she was trying to say? Has he never looked in the mirror?

"What?" He really doesn't know what she's trying to say. Well… I suppose it is hard to admit, and realize, your own faults, physical or otherwise.
"Nothing! Do your ears have special powers too?" I nearly choked on my laughter, trying to hold it back, as I heard what Nancy said in order to tease the Doctor.

"What're you trying to say?" I swallowed my laughter, glad to know that the Doctor didn't seem offended too much by Nancy's comment, or my laughter.

"Goodnight, Mister." My laughter completely died as Nancy suddenly turned around.
"Nancy. There's something chasing you and the other kids. Looks like a boy and it isn't a boy, and it started about a month ago, right?" At the Doctor's word, Nancy turned around to look at him, recognition showing on her face. "The thing I'm looking for. The thing that fell from the sky, that's when it landed. And you know what I'm talking about, don't you?" I could see that Nancy knew exactly what he was talking about by the look on her face. I wonder what exactly was so important about this ship that the Doctor is looking for.
"There was a bomb. A bomb that wasn't a bomb. Fell the other end of Limehouse Green Station."
"Take me there." I slapped the Doctor's arm, allowing myself to correct him,

"Take us there." Nancy shook her head at us, clearly not enjoying the idea of taking us to the station.

"There's soldiers guarding it, barbed wire... you'll never get through."
"Try me!" Barbed wire doesn't seem like much of a challenge, and the soldiers can be tricked with a bit of psychic paper, or even just words.
"You sure you wanna know what's going on in there?"
"I really wanna know."
"We really want know."
"Then there's someone you need to talk to first." I gave Nancy a curious look, not entirely sure who we would need to talk to before we went to the station.
"And who's that Nancy?"
"And who might that be?" I really need to work on not talking at the same time as the Doctor, it was getting to be just a little ridiculous.
"The Doctor." I chuckled as I saw the Doctor's eyebrows furrow in confusion, a brief laughter escaping his lips, clearly not a joyful laugh more of an ironic kind of laughter.

In the end Nancy decided to take us to see the bombsite, and where we could meet the 'Doctor'. We were still pretty far away, the Doctor was using a pair of binoculars to see the site because we were that far away. Nancy and I were standing behind the Doctor, looking at the site.

"The bomb's under that tarpaulin. They put the fence up over night. See that building? The hospital." We both looked in the direction that Nancy was pointing, looking at the hospital where I assume the 'Doctor' is.
"What about it?"
"That's where the doctor is." I knew it! She wouldn't have brought us here if it wasn't to see this doctor, because she seems dead set against us going to the bombsite. "You should talk to him."

"For now, I'm more interested in getting in there." He was pointing at the bombsite, which I still don't think it would be that difficult to get into, it was just men guarding it after all. But I'm not the one looking at it up close, so I could be wrong.
"Talk to the doctor first." Personally I thought that we should go talk to the man, because Nancy was pretty serious about us doing so. And I suppose I could always go without the Doctor, but where's the fun in that?

"'Cos then maybe you won't wanna get inside." So, then maybe this doctor of hers knows something about the child that she doesn't want to tell us? It seems like the most logical reason to me. Why tell someone something you don't want to, if you can get someone else to do it for you? I listened to Nancy's as she started to go back up the steps, unsure of where she was going.
"Where're you going?" I guess the Doctor doesn't know where she's going either, and cared more about knowing then myself.

"There was a lot of food in that house. I've got mouths to feed. Should be safe enough now."

"Can I ask you a question? Who did you lose?" And there goes the Doctor, being rude again. It's not very polite to ask someone about their dead relations, even more so during the blitz because just about everyone is going to have lost someone at some point.
"What?" I figured that Nancy was thinking about whoever she lost, because she sounded a bit upset to me, but I could be overanalyzing things. She might just be confused by the Doctor's question. The Doctor finally lowered those binoculars, and turned to look at Nancy after she spoke again. He then explained his reason for asking her,
"The way you look after all those kids. It's 'cos you lost somebody, isn't it? You're doing all this to make up for it." I suppose that makes sense, but then my question is how long ago did she start taking care of these kids?
"My little brother. Jamie. One night I went out looking for food. Same night that thing fell. I told him not to follow me - told him it was dangerous, but he just... he just didn't like being on his own."

"What happened?" What the hell does he think happened? It is 1941 after all, and in the middle of the blitz without a home? Yeah, it's pretty obvious what happened.

"In the middle of an air raid? What do you THINK happened?" The Doctor nodded at Nancy, letting the two of us know that he had gotten the message before he smiled.


"What is?"

"1941." Because that explains it to her so well, Doctor. It's not like she knows you're not from this time period, or that time travel is even possible. For all she knows the world is going to end during this war, what with all the bombs and everything. As if to prove my internal point, a bomb dropped a while away, and several other bombs exploded in the air.
"Right now, not very far from here, a German war machine is rolling up the map of Europe. Country after country, falling like dominoes. Nothing can stop it. Nothing. Until one, tiny, damp little island says 'no'. 'No'. Not here. A mouse in front of a lion." The Doctor gave Nancy a look before he continued to talk, "You're amazing, the lot of you. Dunno what you do to Hitler, but you frighten the hell out of me. Off you go then... do what you've gotta do. Save the world." Once the Doctor finished speaking, he started to walk down the rest of the stairs, and I followed him. It didn't take long until we were at the hospital, and found out that it was locked. This didn't seem to worry the Doctor as he pulled something out of his pocket, and pointed it at the lock. I heard a noise, a familiar one that made my hand tickle just slightly.
"Doctor… Is that… Is that a sonic device?" He glanced over at me, his eyebrow raised.

"Sonic Screwdriver." I giggled, thinking how different he was then a certain trigger happy friend of mine.
"I like it, much more useful then a gun." He gave me a grin, obviously pleased with my answer, as he removed the lock from the gate.

"Come on then!" I followed him into the hospital, only slightly creeped out by it. I never had liked hospitals, probably never will, and going into one wasn't very high on my list of things I want to do. Another reason I hadn't gone on without the Doctor earlier.

Once we were actually inside Albion Hospital, the Doctor went into a dark ward, which I hesitantly followed him into. I bite back a scream when I saw the rows and rows of people. They all had gas masks on, and were looking completely lifeless. I would be completely lying if I said this didn't freak me out. I followed quickly followed the Doctor out of the room, not liking the feeling the, possibly dead, people were giving me. I followed the man into a lighter corridor, and eventually we made it into a room that was much brighter then the rest of the rooms, but still had rows of people wearing gas masks. Upon hearing a noise behind the Doctor and myself, I spun around. I let out a deep sign when I saw that it was just an older man, a doctor no less.

"You'll find them everywhere. Every bed in every ward. Hundreds of them." And we had seen them, not all of them, but we had still seen them. And it still gave me the creeps.

"Yes, we saw. Why are they still wearing gas masks?" I gave a small, probably not very visible, smile of triumph. The Doctor had finally included me when he was speaking; so either I was growing on the man, or he had finally realized that he wasn't getting rid of me so easily.

"They're not. Who are you?"

"I'm Robin."

"I'm, uh... are you the doctor?" Smooth Doctor, very smooth. I feel like it'd be so much easier to give the man a fake name then to just avoid his question.

"Doctor Constantine. And you are?"

"Nancy sent us." Sent us? More like we bothered her until she finally had enough, and sent us here to get answers.

"Nancy? That means you must've been asking about the bomb."


"What do you know about it?"
"Nothing. Why I was asking. What do you know?" Does he really know nothing? Then why the hell was he looking for it? I wonder if my trigger happy friend has anything to do with it, after all he is the reason that I'm here in the first place.

"Only what it's done."

"And what has it done?" The Doctor's question overlapped with my own question,

"These people - were they all caught up in the blast?"

"None of them were." I watched the man closely as he started to laugh, probably ignoring my own question for the moment, but that laughter suddenly turned into violent coughing. While he was coughing, Doctor Constantine sat down in the chair behind him, and the Doctor told him,

"You're very sick."

"Dying, I should think - I just haven't been able to find the time. Are you a doctor?"

"I have my moments." And yet he goes by 'Doctor', seems a bit contradictory if he can't help people.

"I don't, so don't look at me." At my words both men turned to look at me briefly, before Doctor Constantine turned his attention back to the Doctor.

"Have you examined any of them, yet?" A shiver made it's way down my back, these people all freaked me out too much to get close to them. And something about them seemed rather familiar; I just couldn't put my fingers on why that was.


"Don't touch the flesh." Hadn't Nancy said something about not touching the child with the gas mask? Maybe not, but I still found this to be very strange; after all who leaves gas masks on their patients, bomb dropping or not.

"Which one?"
"Any ONE." I watched the Doctor raise his eyebrows and walk over towards the first bed, pulling out his sonic screwdriver, and I made absolutely no move to get closer to the patients. I figured I would just trust the Doctor on this, he seemed to know what he was doing as he ran his sonic screwdriver over the mask. "Conclusions?"

"Massive head trauma, mostly to the left side..." I watched him run his screwdriver over the patients chest, before he continued speaking, "Partial collapse of the chest cavity, mostly to the right. There's some scarring on the back of the hand and the gas mask seems to be fused to the flesh but I can't see any burns." For just 'having his moments' the Doctor sure does know a lot about medical stuff.

"Examine another one." The Doctor walked over to another patient, running his screwdriver over the person to scan their injuries. In shock the Doctor told Doctor Constantine and I,

"This isn't possible." What wasn't? I suppose I could get a closer look, it wasn't like they were going to attack me or anything…

"Examine another."

"This isn't possible!"


"They've all got the same injuries!" I slowly started to move my conversed feet closer to one of the patients, curious about what these injuries were.


"Exactly the same."

"Yes." I gasped out loud when I saw the back of the patient's hand, it was the same scar that the boy had! Down to the last detail…

"Identical, all of them. Right down to the scar on the back of the hand." So… then did this start with the child… The empty child? Because if these patients all have the same injuries, and the child had the same scar on his hand… But how the hell was the possible?
"How did this happen? How did it start?"

"When that bomb dropped, there was just one victim." One victim? Then how did it spread to this many people? And if the bomb hit them, then shouldn't they be dead?

"At first. His injuries were truly dreadful. By the following morning, every doctor and nurse who had treated him - who had touched him - had those exact same injuries. By the morning after that, every patient in the same ward had the exact same injuries. Within a week, the entire hospital. Physical injuries - as plague." At Doctor Constantine's word, I leaned away from the patient, and quickly walked towards the door in order to be as far away from the patients as possible. "Can you explain that? What would you say was the cause of death?"

"The head trauma."




"The collapse of the chest cavity—"

"No." I could see that the Doctor was getting frustrated, as he finally asked,

"All right. What was the cause of death?"

"There wasn't one." I looked at the man in mild confusion, I hadn't really assumed they were fully dead, but how can they be alive if they have head trauma, and a collapsed chest cavity? I might not have much medical knowledge, but even I know that normal people don't survive these injuries.

"They're not dead." Doctor Constantine then hit his walking stick against the metal tin bin, and suddenly all the patients in the room were sitting up. The Doctor looked alarmed, but I was barely able to contain the scream that was trying to release itself from my throat. "It's all right. They're harmless. They just... sort of, sit there. No heartbeat, no life signs of any kind. They just... don't die." I felt kinda numb, does that mean that these people are in constant pain, and can't die? If so that's horrible. Regardless of if they're in pain or not, not being able to die…

"That's horrible…"
"And they've just been left here? Nobody's DOING anything?" It seems that the Doctor's reaction was more anger then that numb-ish feeling that I had upon hearing that they just sit there, unable to die. It was then that the patients all laid back down, looking just like they had when the Doctor and I had entered the room.

"I try and make them comfortable, what else is there?" So all the staff had become like this? Or had they all just fled when they found out about the outbreak? Regardless, was it really just him?
"Just you?" I guess the Doctor and I were having similar thoughts because after I finished asking if it was only him here, the Doctor asked,
"You're the only one here?"

"Before this war began, I was a father and a grandfather. Now I am neither. But I am still a doctor."

"Yeah. Know the feeling." I glanced at the Doctor curiously, wondering just what he had been through in his life. It had to of been something terrible, given the way he acts.

"I suspect the plan is to blow up the hospital and blame it on a German bomb." I watched the Doctor look around before telling us,

"Probably too late." But if these people weren't dying, would a bomb be able to kill them?

"No. They are isolated cases, but... isolated cases breaking out all over London..." I bite my lip as Doctor Constantine started to cough, and his speech started to break up. I took a step forward, as the Doctor did, wanting to help this man in whatever way possible. "Stay back, stay back." The man coughed once more, seeming to struggle with speaking clearly. "Listen to me... top floor. Room 802, that's where they took the first victim - the one from the crash site. And you must find Nancy again."
"Nancy?" I echoed the Doctor's unspoken question, what does Nancy have to do with this?

"It was her brother." So that's how she's connected? The bomb that night fell on her brother? "She knows more than she's saying. She won't tell me, but she mi- mi—" He started to gag, and held onto his throat, unable to speak anymore. I sent him a worried look, not sure what was wrong with him. "Are... you... my... mum-my?" It was then that I noticed the scar on the back of his hand, and knew that this was something that I definitely did not want to see. I quickly turned away, my back now facing the man as I chewed on my lip.

"Hello?" Although the voice was distant, it was familiar to me, I couldn't place why I knew it at the moment, but I know that I knew the person who owned that voice.

"Hello?" Now this voice I didn't know, and it was distinctly feminine.

"Hello?" I waited until the Doctor was leaving to exit the room, not waiting to be alone in this place. It was then that I knew why the I knew that voice, it belongs to my trigger happy friend, Captain Jack Harkness.

"Good evening. Hope I'm not interrupting - Jack Harkness." I stayed to the side, knowing that Jack hadn't seen me yet, and I wanted to keep it that way for just a little longer. He shook the Doctor's hand, telling him, "I've been hearing all about you on the way over." The girl, a blonde in a union jack that I was assuming was his friend Rose, looked at the Doctor and spoke to him,

"He knows. I had to tell him about us being Time Agents." Time Agents? These two? No way. Jack must be going crazy because they don't even look like time agents. The Doctor gave Jack a nod, clearly going along with what Rose had told him.

"And it's a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. Spock." At that I raised an eyebrow, I had watched some Star Trek when my watch fizzed out in the 80's, so why choose a name that was so popular? Then again, Jack isn't exactly a 2000's type of man. Jack patted the Doctor on his shoulder, and started to walk off. Deciding that this was as good a time as any to go confront Jack, I followed him.

"Hey, trigger happy, over here!" That 'charming' smile covered his face as he turned to look at me, finally noticing I was here.

"Red, why are you here? Not that I'm not pleased to see you, but it isn't often that we run into each other by chance." I raised one of my eyebrows at him, disbelief covering my face. What a jackass?
"By chance? Yeah right, cut the bull shit. You sent me a message on my psychic paper, telling me the date and place that you wanted me to be here." I pulled out my psychic paper from my back right jean pocket, showing him the message that was on the paper.

"Robin, I didn't send that, it isn't even my hand writing."

"Really? It looks pretty close to me… But if you didn't send this, then who did?"

"I don't know, but while you're here…" In an instant my hand reached out and smacked the top of Jack's head, knowing where he was going with that statement; after all he's the man who flirts by just saying hello.

"No. Never." I'm not saying that Jack isn't attractive, he's quite attractive, but he's just too much of a player for me.

"Fine, then want to let me in on what's going on?" I sighed as I followed Jack into the room that I had just left with the Doctor.

"I'm not sure what's wrong... But it's probably your fault Jack." He started to protest, but I quickly cut him off. "No, I know you, and you always seem to bring some type of trouble with you every time I see you. So I feel that I'm entitled to blame you. I never did like you and your cons, too dangerous if you ask me." I noticed the Doctor and his friend, I assume, enter the room and told Jack,

"Just scan the bodies, it'll explain better then I ever could." I knew I was a little bitter, and probably shouldn't be blaming Jack for this, but I felt that it more then likely was his fault. So in the end Jack followed my advice and scanned the body before stating,

"This just isn't possible. How could this happen?"

"What kind of Chula ship landed here?" What had Jack done this time?


"He said it was a warship. He stole it. Parked it somewhere out there, somewhere a bomb's gonna fall on it - unless WE make him an offer."

"What kind of warship?" I knew that Jack was getting irritated, but I saw what the Doctor did, this wasn't just coincident.

"Does it matter? It's got nothing to do with this!" I scoffed at Jack's statement, knowing that he already knew my opinion on the matter. Besides there's an old earth saying, nothing is impossible, and the way I see it, nothing is impossible just unlikely.

"This started at the bomb site. It's got EVERYTHING to do with it. What kind of warship?" And now, the Doctor is angry at Jack, though I really don't blame him. Jack can be so aggravating sometimes.

"An ambulance! Look!" He then turned on his watch, showing us an image of the ambulance. Or rather, when I say image, I mean that he showed us a hologram of it. "That's what you chased through the Time Vortex. It's space junk. I wanted to kid you it was valuable. It's empty. I made sure of it. Nothing but a shell. I threw it at you. Saw your time travel vehicle - love the retro look, by the way, nice panels - threw you the bait—"

"Bait?" Jack had probably led this girl on… Who am I kidding he definitely led her on, it's Jack that I'm talking about.

"I wanted to sell it to you and then destroy it before you found out it was junk."
"So your usual scam? I told you it would backfire someday. You're just lucky it was with them and not anyone else."

"Not now Robin." I huffed in annoyance, I suppose I was telling Jack 'I told you so', but he never listens to me. If he did then maybe there wouldn't be an outbreak of gas mask people.

"You said it was a WARship." It seems that the girl was still upset with Jack, and wasn't enjoying the fact that he had been conning her. Not that many people would enjoy being conned….

"They have ambulances in wars." I watch, silently biting my tongue to stop myself from telling him, once again, 'I told you so'. "It was a con. I was conning you - that's what I am, I'm a con man. I thought you were Time Agents but you're not, are you?"
"Just a couple more free-lancers."
"Ahh... should've known. The way you guys are blending in with the local colour - I mean, Flag Girl was bad enough, but U-Boat Captain?" I gave a brief glare at Jack, he was obviously making the two feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah, Jack, you should have known. It's not like their ship is up to the Time Agency's standards either."

"It's not like you even know what their standards are anymore Robin. Anyway... whatever's happening here has got NOTHING to do with that ship."

"What IS happening here, Doctor?" I glanced up at him, curious as well. I might have more knowledge about this type of stuff then her, but that doesn't mean that I completely understand what was happening here.

"Human DNA's being rewritten... by an idiot."

"What d'you mean?" Well… That humans are all being changed into gas mask… things, and it's all Jack's fault. I was still biting my tongue, trying not to say anything too insulting to the girl. It wasn't her fault, it was clearly Jack's even if he can't see it at the moment.

"I dunno - some kind of virus. It's converting human beings into these things." Pausing for a brief second, the Doctor nodded towards the bodies. "But why? What's the point?" The girl walked over to one of the patients, and I yelled out,

"Careful not to touch them, if you do you'll be infected." And if she became infect there wouldn't be anything any of us could do to help. She nodded in my direction, letting me know she'd heard me. "I'm Robin by the way, it's nice to meet you… Given the circumstances."
"Rose." I gave a small smile, glad to finally know her name, and not just assuming she was Rose. I watched her carefully as she leaned over to observe the patient closer, when the person suddenly sat up; much like they had when Doctor Constantine had tapped the tin bin with his cane. And just like that time all of the patients sat up. Rose jumped backwards from the patient she had been looking at, and unlike the time before, all the patients started to say "Mummy?" the same way the child had.

"What's happening?"

"I don't know." I watched in mild horror as the gas mask patients all started climbing out of their beds, and walking towards us. It didn't take long until the patients, who were all chanting 'mummy', were nearing us, almost cornering us.

"Don't let them touch you." Rose asked the Doctor in alarm,

"What happens if they touch us?"
"You're looking at it." I winced as the gas mask people completely trapped us against the wall. If we move we become one of them, if we don't we become one of them. I'm just loving the odds that I'm going to be stuck in a hospital the rest of my life as a gas mask person. I knew there was a reason I hate hospitals. I'm going to die in one.

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