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Chapter Ten

I let a huff of air escape my lungs as my narrowed eyes moved around my room. The Doctor hadn't wanted to let me out of his sight, with good reason, until we had that little talk. So I had sat in the console room for nearly an hour, waiting for the Doctor to say something or even for Rose to ask me where I had been, but no. Nothing. Just like old times, right? Though that really wasn't fair to them, we had all talked about where we wanted to go next among other things, but it still didn't change the fact that those two were acting like nothing had happened, like I hadn't been off traveling on my own for a year. And it bothered me. Once more I let air escape my body, sighing as I calmed myself down. Now what it comes down to, is do I want to stay? Do I even want to talk to the Doctor? Or do I want to run? Like I've been doing all my life. Ever since I became a Time Agent at least. My eyes narrowed at the door, someone was knocking. Decisions, decisions. I paused, my hand hesitating just above the doorknob, before I finally pulled the door open.

"Hello… Rose?" I paused for a moment, wondering what exactly she was doing outside my door instead of the Doctor.

"Hello Robin…" I watched the blonde fidget awkwardly outside my door, as if she wasn't really sure why she was standing there. Or maybe it was more like she had no clue to say, and why she was saying it. "Listen, the Doctor told me that you went, traveling. Wouldn't tell me why though, but I just… I wanted to apologize for my behavior towards you. I've been very rude, but it's just… Just a relationship with that man, it's so…" I watched her hesitate for a minute, trying to come up with the proper word for a relationship with the Doctor, and after a moment of watching her struggle I suggested,

"Intense? Impossible? Trust me dear, I understand. I really do, and I won't interfere with you two's relationship, I just want to see the stars." I observed Rose as her nervousness seemed to fade, and a smile took its place. I expected her to leave, not only because she didn't seem to be my biggest fan, but also because she must be exhausted. So much to my surprise, her expression changed to a confused look moments before she asked me,

"But isn't that what you were doing before you meet us?" My teeth gently bit my upper lip as I thought about it, wasn't that the truth? But it wasn't. It was… different.

"I guess so. But this," I paused to gesture around the TARDIS with a broad smile on my face, "this is just so different. So much better. I don't have to worry about where I'm going next. I'm not staying up for days on end because I'm running from something. I get to actually see the star, rather then rush by them. It might not make sense to you, I've never been good at explaining things, but this feels like home to me." My broad grin stayed in place, even when Rose didn't give me a response right away. She seemed to think over what I had said, something that hadn't occurred to me until it was escaping my mouth. The TARDIS felt so much like home, something I hadn't felt in the longest time.

"It doesn't make total sense to me, but you're right. The TARDIS feels like home. And I'm sorry that I tried to exclude you."

"It's okay, really, just… try not to do it from now on, okay?" I had to hold back my laughter when her face flushed, and she nodded her head; probably knowing how silly she had been acting. To me it was clear that she had an interest in the Doctor, and although I don't think it's fair to Mickey, I don't plan on doing anything to get in Rose's way. "Thank you for coming to talk to me Rose, but if you don't mind, I think I'm going to turn in for the night." Rose gave me a small nod, and while she turned around to go to her own room she told me,

"Night Rose." With another sigh I closed my door. It was now blaringly obvious to me that Rose was possessive of the Doctor, and maybe even a bit jealous of the fact I knew more then her due to my traveling for so. So in the end her attitude had very little to do with me as a person, and more to do with her own insecurities. I guess that was okay, and I guess I can stick around a little long. Maybe even long enough for me to talk with the Doctor. Who knows? All I know is that my bed is looking increasingly more comfortable looking; I suppose not sleeping for three days might do that. So without even changing out of my clothes, I flopped on my bed and fell asleep.

I let a soft groan escape my lips as I stared around the empty console room, had they really left without me? Just because I was running a little bit late? Besides, it wasn't my fault that the TARDIS refused to give me anything other then a dress. A Victorian style dress at that, which was really bizarre considering we had talked about going to 1979. But I suppose that TARDIS knows best. After giving an annoyed glance around the TARDIS, still a bit annoyed that she had refused to give me any other clothing, I made my way to the TARDIS door. As I opened the door I started to say,

"What, trying to leave without…." I paused for a moment, noticing all the men holding 1870 style guns at us. "me." What had happened while I was getting dressed?
"1879. Same difference." I glared at the Doctor, slapping his arm, while silently thanking the TARDIS.

"You will explain your presence. And the nakedness of this girl." Rose and I both glanced down at her clothing, jean skirt overalls, tights, boots, and a pink t-shirt. Not exactly what I would describe as naked, but then again we are in 1879.

"Are we in Scotland?" My eyes narrowed in on the Doctor, thinking of how stupid that question sounded. Why the hell doesn't he check where we are before we get out of the box? Because then we could avoid looking like such idiots.

"How can you be ignorant of that?" I started, barely noticeably, when the Doctor spoke with a Scottish accent rather then his normal British accent. Shouldn't the TARDIS do that on her own? She's already translating, so why not change the accent too?

"Oh, I'm… I'm dazed and confused. I've been," I swatted the Doctor's arm, trying to remind him that I was also here, and not what they would call naked. "I mean, we've been chasing this… this wee naked child over hill and over dale. In't that right, ya... timorous beastis?"

"Ooch, aye! I've been oot and aboot." I barely covered the snort that was bubbling in my throat when I heard Rose's terrible fake Scottish accent.

"No, don't do that."

"Hoots mon!" I gently placed my hand on Rose's shoulder, still barely holding in my laughter, and softly told her,

"He's right, you'd best stick with your normal accent, love. Not like we're American's or anything." I gave her a wink, hoping that she would understand why I was putting on a British accent. It really wouldn't be as bad as my American one, sure the revolution ended nearly one hundred years ago, but you can never be too careful.

"Will you identify yourself, sir?"

"I'm Doctor James McCimmon. From the… Township of Balamory. Eh… I have my credentials, if I may…" The Doctor gestured towards his pocket, and the head guard nodded his head as if to say it was okay, and we all lowered our raised hands. I watched, not very interested, as the Doctor fumbled around in his pockets to find his piece of psychic paper. Someday it wasn't going to work, or he was going to accidentally leave it in the TARDIS, or give it to someone he was traveling with, and I was going to make so much fun of him. "As you can see, a Doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. I trained under Doctor Bell himself."

"Let them approach." My eyes wandered over to the carriage, wondering who exactly had spoken, after all if they had this much security then they much be rather important.

"I don't think that's wise, ma'am." It was probably a good sign that he was suspicious of us, meant he's a good guard.

"Let them approach." I exchanged a glance with the Doctor, grinning when he gestured towards the carriage, forcing the Captain to let us approach.

"You will approach the carriage. And show all due deference." My face quickly changed into an amused smirk as I gave the man a mock solute, something that I noticed the Doctor doing out of the corner of my eye. I continued to smirk as I followed Rose and the Doctor towards the carriage, a small gasp escaping my lips when one of the footmen opened the door, revealing that it was Queen Victoria.

"Rose, Robin, might I introduce her Majesty Queen Victoria. Empress of India and Defender of the Faith." The Queen's gaze traveled over the three of us, so I gave her a soft smile and curtseyed.

"I'm Robin Williams, it's a pleasure to meet you your Majesty." My eyes shifted towards Rose, as she followed my lead and curtseyed.

"And I'm Rose Tyler, Ma'am. And my apologies… for being so naked."

"I've had five daughters. It's nothing to me. But you, Doctor… show me these credentials." Great, even the Queen of England blows me off. That sure makes me feel better about my life. A scowl was certainly covering my face as I stared at the exchanging of psychic paper.

"Why didn't you say so immediately? It states clearly here that you have been appointed by the Lord Provost as my Protector."

"Does it? Yes, it does! Good! Good! Um... then let me ask, why is Your Majesty travelling by road when there's a train all the way to Aberdeen?" I nodded in agreement, but couldn't quite wipe the annoyance completely off my face.

"A tree on the line." What the Queen told us was enough to wipe the annoyance completely off my face, mostly because it was replaced by a complete sense of curiosity. Seriously how many trees fall onto the track? Even more so while the Queen was traveling.
"An accident?" I suppose that the Doctor was also extremely curious about this, though I wouldn't know entirely since I was being a bit childish and refusing to look at the Doctor.

"I am the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Everything around me tends to be planned." We were all staring at the Queen, and she was staring back at the three of us. Once she met my eyes, I opened my mouth to quietly ask her,

"An assassination attempt then?"
"What, seriously? There's people out to kill ya?" I very nearly snorted at Rose's comment, clearly she never paid much attention in History. If it was 1879, then there were approximately six attempts on her life.

"I'm quite used to staring down the barrel of a gun."

"Sir Robert MacLeish lives but ten miles hence. We'll send word ahead, he'll shelter us for tonight, then we can reach Balmoral tomorrow." MacLeish? Why does that name sound vaguely familiar?

"This Doctor, Lady Robin, and their… timorous beastie will come with us." Though the Captain doesn't seem to be fond of the idea of us going with them, he responded to the Queen,

"Yes, Ma'am. We'd better get moving- it's almost nightfall."

"Indeed. And there are stories of wolves in these parts. Fanciful tales intended to scare the children. But good for the blood, I think. Drive on!" I perked up when I heard the Queen mention the stories about wolves, the fanciful tales. More often the not those tale turn out to be true, just not in the way that most other humans would think; after all stories have to start somewhere. When I finally left my own thoughts, mainly about the stories of wolves, I heard Rose telling the Doctor and myself,

"I want her to say," I raised an eyebrow at Rose when she put on a fake upper class accent, " 'we are not amused'. I bet you five quid I can make her say it." I rolled my eyes at Rose, already knowing this was going to end poorly.

"Well, if I gambled on that, it'd be an abuse of my privileges of traveler in time."

"…Ten quid?"
"Done." I quirked an eyebrow when the two of them turned to look at me, wondering if I was taking part in this bet.

"Seriously? No. Not happening. I can already see that this bet is going to end horridly. But have fun with it." My mouth curved into a smirk as I walked ahead of the two.

By the time we had reached the house that 'Sir Robert' lives in, I was slightly out of breath. I suppose there really was a lot more exercise when you traveled with the Doctor. After all I never got this tired on my own. Anyways, once we arrived one of the footmen opened the door of the carriage, and then helped Queen Victoria down. I watched with interest as a man, dressed in a nice suit, with short brown hair walked towards us; I assume that he is Sir Robert. The part that held my interest was the strange man following him. I say strange, though physically there wasn't anything strange about him. He was also wearing a suit, but he no longer held any hair on his head. In fact, I'm not sure why I found him to be strange; it was just something my gut was telling me. And if I've learned anything in my lifetime it's to trust my gut.

"Your Majesty." The man, Sir Roberts, gave the Queen a bow before the woman responded to him.

"Sir Robert. My apologies for the emergency. How is Lady Isobel?"

"She's… indisposed, I'm afraid- she's gone to Edinburg for the season. And she's taken the cook with her- the kitchens are barely stocked… I wouldn't blame your Majesty if you wanted to ride on." I couldn't help but narrow my eyes at the man. Clearly he wanted the Queen to keep moving, but why? It probably had something to do with the strange man, after all my gut hasn't lied to me in quite sometime.

"Oh, not at all! I've had quite enough carriage exercise. And this is… charming. If rustic. It's my first visit to this house. My late husband spoke of it often. The Torchwood Estate. Now, shall we go inside?" I tensed for a moment; thinking of Jack and his Torchwood team, before I pushed it to the back of my mind. I suppose it isn't all that important to figure out that connection, not at the moment at least. I then noticed something the Queen did not, that Sir Robert was extremely reluctant to let us stay. But who is he to say no to the Queen? "And please excuse the naked girl." I bit back a laugh, thinking of my own time and how mortified everyone here would be.


"She's a feral child. I," Once more I had to signal to the Doctor to include me in his speech patterns," I mean, my cousin and I bought her for sixpence in old London Town. It was her or the Elephant Man, so…"

"Thinks he's so funny, but I'm so not amused. What do you think, Ma'am?" Once more I raised an eyebrow at Rose, could she be anymore obvious?

"It hardly matters. Shall we proceed?" I turned my attention back to our host, and saw him nod before our large party made its way towards the house.

"Makerson and Ramsey, you will escort the Property. Hurry up." I glanced at the men out of the corner of my eyes as they both responded with a 'yes sir'. But my attention was fully on one of the soldiers when they pulled out a small wooden box from the carriage, and handled it with extreme care. It appears that the Doctor also noticed the box, because he asked the men,

"What's in there ,then?" Not one for tact, is he?

"Property of the Crown. You will dismiss any further thoughts, sir." I stuck my tongue out at the Doctor when he pulled a face towards Rose and myself. After all, you have to be much more subtle if you want answers from a man in a uniform. Unless that man is Jack, of course. "The rest of you go to the rear of the house. Assume your designated positions."

"You heard the orders. Positions, sir." After that the Doctor nodded towards the door, and the three of us made our way into the house.

It was a little later that we were all in the Observatory, which held an enormous telescope. Or almost telescope. Either way it was rather impressive. But as impressive as the almost telescope was, it still didn't take my full attention away from the fact that the strange butler was in the room with us, along with two household staff members.

"This, I take it, is the famous Endeavour."

"All my father's work. Built by hand in his final years. Became something of an obsession- he spent his money on this rather than caring for the house or himself." I frowned thoughtfully up at the machine, thinking to myself that he must have been making it for a rather important reason.

"I wish I'd met him, I like him. That thing's beautiful- can I um…?" I watched, silently, as the Doctor vaguely gestured towards the machine.

"Help yourself." I closely followed Rose and the Doctor, wanting to get a closer look at the machine myself.

"What did he model it on?"

"I know nothing about it. To be honest, most of us though him a little… shall we say, eccentric. I wish now I'd spent more time with him. And listened to his stories."

"You never know what you have until it's gone." My mumblings went unnoticed as the Doctor rudely said,

"It's a bit many prisms has it got? Way too many. The magnification's gone tight over the top, that's stupid kind of a-" When the Doctor finally stopped insulting the mans dead father, I smacked his arm. After wincing the Doctor glanced between Rose and myself before asking, "am I being rude again?" I glanced towards Rose, the two of us trying to hid our amused smiles, before Rose responded to the Doctor's question,


"But it's pretty! It's very… Pretty." While Rose gave the Doctor a pat on the arm, I just shook my head at the man.

"And the imagination of it should be applauded." I smiled at the Queen, nodding my head to show my agreement with her statement. But unlike myself, Rose decided to take this opportunity to try to win her bet,

"Mm! Though you might disapprove, Your Majesty. Stargazing. Isn't that a bit fanciful?" I bit back a groan when the Queen gave Rose a blank stare, to which Rose felt a need to explain what she meant, "You could easily… not be amused, or something? No?"

"This device surveys the infinite work of God." I watched, from the corner of my eye, as the Doctor shook his head and sent a small smile towards Rose, as if he thought she were going about this the wrong way. Which she was. "What could be finer? Sir Robert's father was an example to us all. A polymath. Steeped in astronomy and sciences, yet equally well versed in folklore and faiytales."

"Stars and magic. I like him more and more." I grinned, peering at the almost telescope as I told the room,

"He sounds like quite the fantastic man." The Queen seemed to agree with the Doctor and myself as she went on to share with,

"Oh, my late husband enjoyed his company. Prince Albert himself was acquainted with many rural superstitions, coming as he did from Saxe Coburg." The Doctor leaned ever-so-slightly closer to Rose so that he could mutter something in her ear, possibly that Saxe Coburg was Bavaria to her knowledge. Not seeming to notice this, the Queen turned to look at Sir Robert, "When Albert was told about your local wolf, he was transported." My eyes glanced inquisitively towards Sir Robert as I asked him,

"Might I ask what this story is? About the wolf?"

"It's just a story." I continued to stare at the man, thinking that he had answered a bit to quickly. What was he nerves about?

"Then tell it."

"I agree with.." I hesitated for a second, trying to remember the cover name the Doctor had used, before continuing, "James. I would quite enjoy hearing this story." It didn't escape my notice that Sir Robert's gaze stopped on the butler in an uncomfortable manner, just for a brief second, before he hesitantly started to tell us the story,

"It's said that-"

"Excuse me, sir. Perhaps her Majesty's party could repair to their rooms. It's almost dark." Was it just me, or did that seem like a warning of some kind?

"Of course. Yes, of course." I gave the man a frown, wondering what the hell was going on in this house.

"And the supper. And… could we find some clothes for Miss Tyler? I'm tired of her nakedness."

"It's not amusing, is it?" Could she be anymore obvious about this? I watched as the Queen ignored Rose, and the Doctor muttered something to her to which Rose poked him. 'Sir Robert, your wife must've left some clothes. See to it. We shall dine at seven. And talk some more of this wolf. After all… there is a full moon tonight."

"So there is, Ma'am." Sir Roberts then bowed to the Queen, and she left the room. The rest of us quickly followed he lead, before the creepy butler led us all to separate room for the twenty or so minute wait.

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